the Rental Agreement

Ann's Bridal & Etcetera
Rental Equipment Agreement
I understand that the rental for the date of ________ will be applied to my
balance; however, there is a mandatory 30-day cancellation notice. If I decide to
cancel any item after the notice date, I will be charged a nonrefundable fee of 20%
of the rental I have cancelled.
I have read and understand the above conditions.
Date of Event ___________________ Cancellation Deadline _______________
Signature _____________________________________ Date _______________
Check Acceptance Policy
I, the undersigned, agree to the Check Acceptance Policy of Ann's Bridal &
Etcetera stated below, when presenting payment via check for services rendered.
I agree that my account will be debited electronically by e.Money, Inc. for both
face amount plus a service charge if returned unpaid.
Signature _____________________________________ Date _______________