Why Do Cats Purr?

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Why Do Cats Purr?
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by C.D. Mroczkowski
birth and kittens purr while nursing and
of Sussex in England believes that a cats’
kneading. Queens, or mother cats, often
purring is manipulative towards people.
Warren Johnson of the National Cancer
purr in response to their kittens’ nursing.
She tested various purring
forms and
Date _______________
Institute discovered that
the modern-day
frequencies and found that cats can vary
domestic cat has DNA roots in a Middle
“It is typically a sign of contentment
the pitch of their purr, depending on
Eastern wildcat from 11 million years ago.
and relaxation,” said Herron. She said
their sense of urgency when soliciting
Johnson claims that all cats – big, small,
that some experts propose that cats will
something from a human.
wild and domestic – are descendants of
purr to appease another cat perceived as
the same Fertile Crescent ancestors and
dominant or as a means to ward off an
Other research and clinical experience
that the domestic6”
cat is the most closely
attack. “This may be why as veterinarians,
show that sounds with the same frequency
related to the wildcats of Africa, Europe
we sometimes hear cats purr when they
as purring can help repair bones and reand China.
are clearly stressed in the exam room.
duce inflammation, so cats may purr to
Johnson’s research connects all types
They are trying to say, ‘I’m not a threat,
help themselves heal. Purring is associated
of cats, but other studies classify cats
please don’t hurt me!’”
with the release of pain-killing endorphins
by size and their ability to roar or purr.
Herron said that in most cases purring is
in the brain, which may add another reaSome animal experts
son why cats purr when injured or sick.
or greater cats, such as lions and jaguars,
research suggests that sometimes cats purr
Cathealth.com writes that observation
cannot purr. Others believe these felines
to solicit attention, food or other forms
has shown that cats will maintain purring
do purr, but only when exhaling and not
of pleasure or entertainment from their
vigils for ill companion animals, including
continuously, like a house cat.
human companions.
dogs and rabbits, and that some people
Cats classified as small or lesser, includDr. Karen McComb at the University
credit purring with healing humans. ∞
ing mountain lions, cheetahs, bobcats,
lynxes and house cats, can purr but do
not roar. Debate remains on why.
Dr. Meghan Herron, assistant professor of behavioral medicine at The Ohio
State University College of Veterinary
Medicine, explained how cats purr. “The
purr is produced 3”
during inhalation and
New Fairlawn Location!
exhalation with only brief pauses,” said
• 2011 Fox 8 Hotlist - 1st Place,
Herron. “The sound is generated by a
2011 Beacon’s Best - 3rd Place
sudden build up2.5”
and release of pressure
2010 Beacon’s Best - 4th Place
as the glottis is closed and then opened,
• Rabies Vaccine only $7 w/$15 visit
resulting in a sudden separation of the
• Now offering feline & canine spay/
vocal folds, which are what actually
neuter services!
generate the sound. The muscles of the
throat which move the glottis are driven
• Heartworm Tests $20 w/$15 visit
by a neuro-circuit that generates a cycle
• Affordable Flea/Tick/Heartworm
of muscle contraction-release every 30 to
Preventatives available
40 milliseconds.”
M, W: 11-2 & 3-7 • T, Th, F: 11-2 & 3-5:30 • Sat. 10-2
Why cats purr is a separate debate and
studies continue. “Purring is a form of
No Appointment Necessary
communication between cats, as well as
330-576-6876 • 3009 Smith Rd #500 • Fairlawn, OH 44333
cats to humans,” said Herron, “but the
330-968-6570 • 3661 Fishcreek Rd • Stow, OH 44224
exact reason why cats purr is not fully
[email protected]
• www.primarypetcare.net
understood.” She said that cats purr from
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spring bulbs are toxic, as is Tylenol or a
ad you
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of: inocuous but are found in most
Dangers lurk in the most loving homes
households. “Cats cannot eat onion
human anti-inflammatory such as IbuMagazine
Today it produces a Sagamore
for pets. According
to Dr. Gretchen
flavoring, because
profen orVoice
of Bartel’s Pet Hospital in Brecksville,
serious kind of anemia,” she said. “Any
Dr. Julia Grossman of Apple Hill Aniharm dogs
and cats
houseplant thatBath
is in Country
the Lilly Journal
family and
mal Hospital
Broadview Heights added
imes many items thatHinckley
Hudson in
that cooked food can have a significant
impact on its toxicity. “Garlic and onion
are not good for dogs and cats, but cooked
form and fax it back to us at 330-659-9488 or email your approval to: [email protected] has a worse effect than raw does,” she
Practice Limited to
said. “If a little piece falls on the ground
nt as shown unless you contact us before deadline.
Dogs and Cats.
and the animal eats it, it’s not a big deal,
but a large cooked piece is much worse
than raw. Spaghetti sauces, pizzas, meats
Date ______________________________
cooked in powdered French onion soup,
and other things have those in them.”
As for other harmful edible substances,
vets put chocolate at the top of the
list. “It contains a compound that starts
seizures and excitability,” said Zarle.
However, Christine McCoy, owner of
Christine Dresser, D.V.M.
the Natural Pet Store in North Royalton,
had a different insight about chocolate.
3850 Brecksville Road
“Dark chocolate is very dangerous; milk
chocolate is less dangerous, but needs to
Suite 100
be watched.”
Richfield, OH 44286
Both vets put grapes and raisins on the
list. “They have a compound in their skins
that can affect the kidneys,” said Zarle.
Grossman concurred, “We still don’t
have a clue what the toxic principle is but
both grapes and raisins have been shown
to cause kidney failure.”
McCoy described a couple of other
items that were dangerous and suggested
alternatives. “Cooked chicken bones are
most dangerous for dogs, because they
Macaws, Cockatoos, Conures,
are hard and can splinter very easily when
Greys & More!
chewed – if pet owners are having chicken
Wild bird food and supplies!
wings, they should throw the bones away
Cages, perches, treats and misc.
so that the dog cannot get at them. Howmust have bird items!
ever, raw chicken bones are safe for dogs
Grooming and boarding
to chew on. Houseplants are dangerous
services by appointment.
for cats to chew on, because they can be
Friendly, knowledgeable service.
toxic. Planting some wheat grass in a little
pot for the cat is a safe alternative.”
The artificial sweetener Xylitol is incredibly toxic to the kidneys according
to Zarle. Grossman commented that it
Purchase of $25 or more!
One Grooming for One Bird
can be in foods that pet owners think are
Offer Expires 8/15/12
Limit one per customer/household. Offer Expires 8/15/12
harmless. “It is in gum, pop, candies, ice
creams and yogurts,” she said. “Yogurt is
7916 Broadview Road • Broadview Hts., OH 44147 • 440 627 6477
the worst for Xylitol, because people don’t
www.inapickleparrots.com • [email protected]
Killed by a Grape: Foods That Harm Cats and Dogs
(330) 659-0712
In A Pickle Parrot Shop
Large Selection of Hand Fed Baby Birds
Half Off
Pets Supplement Section, 2012
2012 Pet Supplement
realize it’s an ingredient and they’ll give
some to their pet. If the pet is taking an
antibiotic, Xylitol can kill them; even if
they survive, they can develop liver failure
later on.”
Another highly dangerous substance
both vets warned against is antifreeze. “It
can cause profound kidney failure that is8”
untreatable,” said Zarle. “Dogs tend to
lick it because it is sweet.” Garage anti-
freeze can be found in Sterno. “I hadn’t
realized that until we had a case where
a dog was brought in with antifreeze
poisoning who had chewed on a Sterno
container,” Grossman said.
It is usually recommended to make the
pet vomit the poison substance, and this
can often be accomplished by giving the
pet a couple of teaspoons of hyudrogen
peroxide. If a half-hour has elapsed since
they swallowed the substance, vomiting
won’t help them and professional help
should be sought. Some items can burn
the pet's esophagus when vomiting and
the Animal Poison Hotline can be called
for advice. 888-426-4435.” ∞
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the construction of our new facility!
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to accommodate your pet’s medical needs.
Our facility will also welcome
DogPaws at Play Doggie Daycare
to the building thus allowing your pet to spend
the night and play during the day!
We are accepting new patients now and
new playmates for the daycare!
Call 440-237-7691 for more information.
We look forward to bringing you and your family
a new veterinary experience this fall!
and Grooming
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Cleveland (330) 656-2823
Akron (330) 650-1198
C anine
H otel:
A lways
*Every dog
L oved- gets its
Boarding or E ach owntag.name
Grooming T agged*
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or significantShare
in design
Petor Stories
a baby. When he first arrived, he
Is a ordered
Parrot With
Lot ofinLove
s the ad
you have
to beaplaced
the nexthold
Sammy, my 27-year-old Yellow Nape
was kept in an aquarium with a heating
lle Magazine
Amazon Parrot helped
me healVoice
pad and fed Bath
cereal with
a turkey
dealing with my mother’s passing in 2010.
baster three times a day. We took the place
ew Journal
Life with us quickSammy was raised inRichfield
the familyTimes
houseof his parents so
he bonded
dence Today
Hinckley Record
Twinsburg Tribune
Your pets deserve
the best care.
ly. He learned many words and phrases;
his favorite is “What does mommy say
to you? I love you.” It feels like Mom is
speaking to me through Sammy.
Kevin C. Kuehls
Greenwood Parkway, Sagamore Hills
Trigger Warms Pet Parents’ Hearts
this form and fax it back to us at 330-659-9488 or email your approval to: [email protected] has surprised, laugh and healed
ll print as shown unless you contact us before deadline.
us. He was a 5-month-old Jack Russell
Spitz mix rescue from Tennessee, attached
to a cement block with no food or water.
Date ______________________________
We healed him as he healed us, as we
had lost our other dog after more than
17 years. Trigger does laundry, does the
mail and learns very fast to do any project
that we give him. He is a smart aleck. He
has given us so much joy and in return
we give him the same.
Metro and Linda Sinko
Elmarge Dr., Independence
Central Bark offers grooming
five days a week - no hassles,
no worries!
Give us a call to book your appointment and have your pooch looking like The Top Dog.
Day Care
Canine Cab
Expires 9/30/12
Dry • Canned • Treats
Expires 9/30/12
3001 Towpath Rd. Broadview Hts., OH 44147 • [email protected]
Spanky Brought Joy to Each Day
We were looking for a red female dachshund, fell in love with a darling dapple
dachshund and on a July day excitedly
brought home two dachshunds. Spanky
stole our hearts, and brought joy to every
day. He was gentle, loveable, laid back,
and devoted. He made us laugh or smile
each day. Spanky suffered a spinal injury
in 2009 and with our love and devotion
learned to walk again and continued to
be part of our family. We got an extra year
with him, and he never waivered in his
love and devotion to us.
Jeanne Travaglianti
Highland Dr., Brecksville
Baxter the Cockatiel Heals
Baxter, a gray and white cockatiel,
came into our lives eight years ago and
made himself right at home. Recently
my husband and I each had two surgeries
followed by chemotherapy. Baxter sensed
something and now gives us special attention. He only sings to Bob. He snuggles
close to my neck as if to say, “It’ll be OK,
mom.” His eyes close when I rub his
neck and ears, relaxing. He reminds us
that laughter is a good healer. Little did
we know how much we would need him.
Ruth Barnes
Winesap Drive, Broadview Heights
Pets Supplement Section, 2012
2012 Pet Supplement
Home Alone: Training, New Products Can Ease Dog’s Separation Anxiety
by Judy Stringer
Separation anxiety is one of the most
common problems dog owners encounter,
according to dog behavior specialist Karen
Arnoff of the Dog-Owner Connection in
Solon. When separated from their owners
some dogs with separation
anxiety chew
on door frames or window sills, dig at
doorways or destroy household objects
when left alone. Others may whine, bark
or howl, driving the neighbors crazy, or
they may urinate or defecate in the home.
7”never has to be alone.
“In the wild, a dog
However, this is not true in domestication. Therefore, you must teach your dog
to tolerate separation and confinement
rather than just expecting him to quietly
endure it,” Arnoff said.
He advised owners to start small by
putting up a gate and sitting on the other
side or putting your new puppy in a crate
and sitting nearby. Reward the dog once
he settles down. Gradually increase your
distance, rewarding the dog when he relaxes, until you are outside. Next, work
on increasing your time out of the home,
beginning with 30 seconds and gradually
stretching the away time.
Pheromone products can be useful in
calming a dog left alone, said Kristin
Branagan, director of animal behavior
and adoption services for Twinsburgbased Pawsibilities, the Humane Society
of Greater Akron. Created to mimic their
mother’s pheromones, Branagan said
she has seen “remarkable results” with
products like D.A.P.-based sprays and
diffusers. She also likes Thundershirt, a
garment that fits snuggly around a dog
akin to swaddling a baby.
Interior Design and
Supplement Coming
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Publishing’s Interior Design and
Remodeling Supplement in all nine
of the October magazines.
The deadline for advertising is
Aug. 31. Call 330-659-0303 for
more information.
A Publication of ScripType Inc.
Branagan said to watch for cues you,
often unintentionally, send to your dog.
Do not make a big deal about leaving,
for example, and ignore the dog for a few
minutes upon arriving home. “When you
come home and greet the dog and get
excited, you are affirming the idea that
he should be excited and happy when you
are home,” she said.
If you suspect boredom is to blame,
there are a number of enrichment toys
designed to keep dogs distracted. After
the dog has had the toy for a few hours,
however, take it away for two or three
days and reintroduce it or you may find
the toy loses its charm, Branagan said. ∞
The Veterinary Center of Hudson is American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited.
Owner, Dr. Daniel Bestic, has more than 10 years of experience
focusing both on animals and owner’s needs.
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Pets Are Costly, but Return on Investment Is Priceless
ad you
to be placed in the next issue
of: cats, 78 million dogs and 8 milbyhave
lion horses.
Sixty-two percent of U.S. households
Bath Country
An American
Society Journal
for the Prevention
(72.9 million homes)
own pets,
and they
Richfield Times
Hudson Life (ASPCA) website
chart gives the average annual cost to keep
these pets and lists fish at $35, cats at
$670, small dogs at $580, medium-sized
dogs at $695 and big dogs at $875.
The above figures do not include initial
investment expenses, what the ASPCA
e Today
Hinckley Record
Twinsburg Tribune
calls capital costs, like spaying, neutering,
collars, leashes, cages, carriers, crates, litter
form and fax it back to us at 330-659-9488
your approvalNewly
to: [email protected]
Full Serviceor email
boxes, scratching posts, aquariums, equipnt as shown unless you contactVeterinary
us before deadline.
Acupuncture Air-Conditioned
ment and training. Capital costs increase
first-year expenses by hundreds of dollars.
As an example, with the purchase of a new
Date ______________________________
aquarium, the first-year cost of keeping
fish jumps from $35 to $200.
Gretchen S. Zarle, DVM
The ASPCA does not list horse care
Laura Pixton, DVM &
on the chart, but the organization
Veterinary Acupuncturist
dedicated to the care of specific
Barb Akl, DVM
pets, including horses, at aspca.org. Horse
ownership costs depend on where it lives,
Professional Pet
on the owner’s property or at a boarding
Grooming Services
facility, and on how much time the owner
are available for
all breeds of cats
can spare for its care.
and dogs.
The University of Main Cooperative Extension writes that a 1,100-pound horse
Follow Us on
7051 Mill Rd, • Brecksville, OH 44141
stabled at home costs around $4,100 to
Clinic Hours: Mon. & Th., 8-7
keep and one at a boarding stable costs a
Tues., Wed., Fri. 8-6 • Sat. 8-2
little over $5,100. While a boarding facility can add thousands to the cost, horse
owners will save on some home-stabled
costs, like pasture mowing, fencing and
increased utilities.
Gail Shumaker, owner of Tamberlane
Farms in Richfield, has her own horses
and boards horses for $350 a month for
full care, including feed and time outside
for the horse every day. Shumaker said
that she has local veterinarians she can
call if a horse needs attention before the
owner can get to her farm.
Veterinary care is one of the top two
costs of keeping a pet (food is the other).
“We had a man who brought in a cat
he got for free,” said Janet Wiggins, office manager at Bartels Pet Hospital in
Brecksville. “When he got the bill for the
vaccination he said, ‘This was a free cat!’
First & Main Shopping District
There’s no such thing.” Wiggins said that
Sponsored By
pet care is directed by the animal’s lifestyle
Friday 4 - 9pm
and that care recommendations will vary
Saturday 1 - 9pm
Net proceeds
Fine wines, craft beers,music & art benefit
Dr. Gretchen Zarle at Bartles said that
everything is size-dependent because
many medications are based on weight.
We treat your pet as our own!
“Beagles Nest” Doggie Daycare & Playtime
JULY 20 & 21
Pets Supplement Section, 2012
Dogs need a few more recommended
preventative measures and generally cost
more than cats, although when it comes
to illnesses, the expenses are similar.
Zarle said that pet insurance has become
more popular because some policies now
cover wellness checkups in addition to
major medical expenses. She recommends
that healthy pets visit a veterinarian once
a year. “They need a physical once a year
because one year
in the animal’s life is
three to seven years in human life.”
Despite the expense, six in 10 Americans own pets, and
7”a Gallup poll shows
that people believe pets are good for them.
A WebMD feature by Jeanie Lerche Davis
states that pet ownership can lower blood
pressure, lessen anxiety and boost immunity. Animals can ease people out of social
isolation or shyness.
Alzheimer’s patients with an animal in
the home have fewer anxious outbursts,
and their caregivers often feel less burdened when there is a pet present, particularly a less care-dependent pet, like a cat.
Walking a dog exercises the human, too,
and playing with a dog may elevate serotonin and dopamine, nerve transmitters
with pleasurable and calming properties.
Since the 1980s, studies have shown
keeping an aquarium helps people relax
and improves mental and physical health.
Reports show that watching fish swim can
help calm hyperactive children and that
patients waiting for dental appointments
in areas with an aquarium required less
pain medication than those who waited
in rooms without aquariums.
Most pet owners do not need Gallup
to tell them why they own their pets.
“Sparkie brings a lot of joy to our lives,”
said pet-owner Michelle Gauthier. “When
you come home in a bad mood, she comes
running up to you like she hasn’t seen
you for ages. She is so excited, and it just
makes you happy. She is worth the cost.”
Sparkie is a Jack Russell terrier (a small
dog), and Gauthier pays about $4.50 a
week to feed her and give her treats.
Two-year-old schnauzer Jackie Ruth is a
small dog, too. Her human, Jim McKay,
said that he pays $25 a month for food
and about $40 every six weeks for her
“beauty parlor” visits. “Yes, pet care is
expensive,” said McKay, “but Jackie is a
A Publication of ScripType Inc.
2012 Pet Supplement
member of the family. She brightens our
days. She is well worth the cost as she gives
back lots of love.”
Craig Tallman said that his cats, Stanley,
Gyzmo and guest cat, Lola, are part of
the family and must consider themselves
the homeowners based on the way they
carry on around the house. He added that
their food is expensive because of Gyzmo’s
allergies, but as far as costs go, Tallman
considers himself lucky because the cats
are healthy.
Animal care experts offer a few tips to
cut pet care expenses. The most recommended are: get annual wellness checkups
to head off more costly treatments, invest
in the proper food for the pet’s specific
needs to cut health issues, home groom,
make healthy pet treats at home and
consider buying pet health insurance. ∞
Gregg Lozanoff, D.V.M. • Jeffrey Janzig, D.V.M. • Stacy Lozanoff, D.V.M.
Jeremy Hersh, D.V.M. • Rachael Lozanoff, D.V.M.
We Are Pleased to Announce
Dr. Rachael Lozanoff will be joining our practice this summer. She
has been helping and working with her family at the practice since
she was a child. Rachael graduated with a bachelor’s degree from
Grove City College in 2008 and earned her Doctorate of Veterinary
Medicine from The Ohio State University in 2012. She has two
French Bulldogs, one cat, and just recently adopted an English Bulldog in need of rescue. Rachael’s professional interests include
preventative medicine, physical rehabilitation and behavior. Outside
of the clinic, she enjoys cooking and the outdoors, especially taking
her dogs to the beach.
Call Today to Reserve Your Pet’s Room
For Summer Boarding
[email protected]
8803 Ravenna Rd. • Twinsburg, OH 44087 •
P 330.425.4226 • F 330.425.4227 • www.TwinsburgVet.com
330 659-0303 • Fax 330 659-9488
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Taking a Bite Out of Potential Injury
Schoolhouse and Store in Bath,
ad you
to be placed in the next issueTraining,
Every year in the United States, 4.7
dog bites can be avoided by understandagazine
million people are
bitten byVoice
man’s best
ing canine
and by knowing
friends. According to Patty Vesalo, trainer
what to do when a dog begins showing
ournaland owner of CleverPup101Family
Richfield Times Dog
signs ofHudson
stress. Responsible
e Today
Hinckley Record
Twinsburg Tribune
and proper training can curb potential
dog bites.
“Very few dog bites happen because the
dog is aggressive in nature,” said VesaSupplement
lo. “Instead, most bites happen when the
dog’s stress or fear level exceeds threshold.
A huge mistake humans make is correcting
a dog for giving signals they are stressed.
form and fax it back to us at 330-659-9488 or email your approval to: [email protected] That sets the stage for a dog that bites
nt as shown unless you contact us before deadline.
without warning.”
Experts recommend not leaving small
children alone with a dog, even if it is the
Date ______________________________
family pet. Children should be taught not
to disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating or
drinking; to ask permission from an owner
before petting an unfamiliar dog; and to
respect any dog’s space and property. ∞
Quick Clean
Mobile Grooming
Professional Pet Grooming
in our van - in your driveway.
No hassle or travel for you or your pet!
Dr. Ault is available to
come speak at your local
dog or horse club.
Signs That Your Animal May Need Care:
- Limited Performance - Reluctance to move
- Undefined Lameness or slow gait
- Diagnosed Arthritis
Office: 330.342.0755
Mobile: 330.518.2999
Dr. Rebecca J. Ault
Certified Animal Chiropractor
[email protected]
Pet Supplement
Business Directory
• The Chalet, 1556 Prospect Street,
Hudson. 330-656-2823, 330-650-1198.
• Bartels Pet Hospital, 7051 Mill
R d. B re c k s v i l l e. 4 4 0 - 5 2 6 - 4 8 1 8 .
• Bath Veterinary Clinic, 1735 N.
Cleveland-Massillon Road, Bath.
330-666-0018. bathvetclinic.com
• Central Bark Doggy Day Care,
3001 Towpath Road, Broadview Hts.
440-526-2276. centralbarkusa.com
• Cuyahoga Valley Vet Clinic, 3850
Brecksville Road, Richfield. 330-659-0712
• Hudson Wine Festival, First & Main,
Hudson. hudsonwinefestival.com
• In a Pickle Parrot, 7916 Broadview
Road, Broadview Hts. 440-627-6477.
• Ohio Animal Chiropractic, 130 W.
Streetsboro Road, Hudson. 330-3420755. [email protected]
• Primary Pet Care, 3661 Fishcreek Road, Stow. 330-968-6570.
• Quick Clean Mobile Grooming.
330-858-8650. quickcleanmobile.com
• North Royalton Animal Hospital
and Boarding Facility. 440-237-7691.
• Twinsburg Veterinary Hospital &
Pet Lodge, 8803 Ravenna Road, Twinsburg. 330-425-4226. twinsburgvet.com
• Veterinary Center of Hudson, 234380-8624. vetcenterofhudson.com
Pets Supplement Section, 2012