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Thursday, October 31st, 2002
Voters of NJ - Do
the Right Thing
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Villanova: Can I Kiss You?
Mike Domirtz Says Don’t Forget To Ask
By Greg Ebbecke
News Editor
Warm and Fuzzy
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Villanova, Pennsylvania
Is there anything more
intimidating, interesting, misleading, misled, confusing, or just plain
better than the opposite sex? With
so many adjectives with which you
could describe them, it is easy to
see why there is nothing quite like
the thrill of the chase, that crazy
quest we call dating. On the other
hand, when so many ideas and
emotions become involved, it is no
wonder that things can sometimes
get out of hand.
In an effort to enlighten
the student body here at Villanova,
the Department of Public Safety
and the Center for Health and
Wellness teamed up to organize a
presentation on the dangers of dating, how things can go wrong, and
some possible methods to prevent
the tragedy of sexual assault. The
combined efforts of Mrs. Cathy
Lovecchio, Mrs. Joanna Gallagher,
and Mr. Jim Conway brought Mr.
Mike Domirtz and his renowned
"Can I Kiss You?" program to the front rows of the room.
Villanova Room this past October Immediately thereafter, he point23, 2002. Mr. Domirtz is not just blankly asked the assembly what
another lecturer on the dangers of their dating techniques were.
sexual assault however; his life was Having stunned the audience, he
forever changed when his
continued by
own sister was raped in
asking what
1989. His own personal
the audience
struggles have given him a
was thinkcompletely different, and
ing his promuch more effective
gram's title
approach, to this act.
was about.
Through his Can I
The answers:
Kiss You? program, Mr.
sex, dating
etiquette, and,
spreads a
of course,
message of
from this he
and comquestioned
mon sense
through a
know when it is safe to
mixture of
his relationship seminar attempt "the
tive diskiss." After
cussion and a humorous atmos- h e a r i n g
phere. To open up the presen- responses, he asked, "What's
tation, Mr. Domirtz had all wrong with asking? Will it make
those gathered, around 200 you look like a dork? Are you
people, all squeeze up into the afraid of to be denied?" Picking a
volunteer from the audience, he
used role-play to present a possible
situation where he first tried the
smooth, "movie" approach, then
the awkward approach where he
asked for permission. While the
smooth approach received a laugh
from all gathered, asking for permission elicited an "Awwwe!"
from all the females in attendance.
He continued on with a
smooth retort if even asking did not
work, which led to his next topic,
miscommunications. While all the
guys saw his comment about "not
making her feel uncomfortable" as
a "player"-esque comeback, the
girls once again "Awwwed!" at his
apparent sincerity. Mr. Domirtz
also commented on how girls want
"cute" guys and guys want
assertive, "forward," girls. Both
sides have issues with those
images, as being "cute" can weaken
a guy's ego and being assertive can
make a girl seem like a slut. At the
same level, girls tend to throw that
term around more readily than
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Center for Peace and Justice Hosts
Anti-American Presentation on Iraq
Can a Discussion Only Have One Perspective?
A News Commentary By
Steven Bunn
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The Center for Peace and
Justice has hosted many events
speaking out about a variety of
issues, and some of their lectures
can only be described as extremist.
Some of them go so far as to bash
the United States. One such event
was the October 7th presentation
on the issue of sanctions on Iraq.
The mood was set when
some people set up a huge banner
reading "No War Against Iraq!"
Then, a few handouts were distributed, including a "Baghdad Epistle
From the Quaker Delegation to
Iraq." There were two speakers at
this event: Stephanie Schaudel of
Voices in the Wilderness and Peter
Lems of American Friends Service
After reading the handouts, the topic of the lectures was
not surprising. Both speakers
focused on the alleged damage to
Iraq caused by United Nations
sanctions. They quoted the oftreported figure of one million Iraqi
deaths caused by the sanctions.
Stephanie Schaudel summed it by
calling the sanctions an "economic
form of warfare."
Both speakers expressed
anger towards the U.S. government, which supports the United
Nations sanctions on Iraq.
Additional resentment comes from
the fact that they disapproved of the
military campaign in Afghanistan.
This anti-American attitude is so
extreme that Schaudel even com-
causing so much suffering in Iraq.
Emphasizing that he actually traveled to Iraq, Lems recalled what he
described as a "collective sense of
fatigue." Then, both speakers
offered to answer questions after
the lectures.
I had so many questions
that I could not possibly ask them
all. Before the lecture even began,
I wondered why the Center for
Peace and Justice, which claims to
"What Peace and Justice doesn't want you to know: The claim is that a
million Iraqis are killed by sanctions, but as the cover of this UNICEF
report shows, these numbers come from the Iraqi government's Ministry
of Health"
pared the Bush administration to
Nazi Germany. Her claim is that
both governments fabricated information in order to rally their people
for war.
A video was planned for
the event, but technical difficulties
prevented this. When Schaudel
was finished speaking, Peter Lems
began his lecture. Lems' focus was
on the claim that sanctions are
be rooted in Catholic tradition,
hosted an event that distributed a
Quaker letter. Why are they promoting Quaker pacifism?
Schaudel spoke about the
military campaign in Afghanistan
saying "Afghanistan…What for?"
Some people in the audience shook
their heads wondering the same
thing. This caused me to wonder
whether or not these people ever
watch the news. Did they not see
the people of Afghanistan dancing
in the streets of Kabul after we
freed them from the Taliban? How
come they did not hear about all of
the terrorist camps and facilities we
destroyed to enhance our safety?
After the speakers continued to bash America with the help
of some audience members, I was
finally able to ask a couple questions. First, I questioned the accuracy of their statistics on the sanctions. It turns out that the statistic
of one million Iraqi deaths being
caused by the sanctions comes
from the Iraqi government itself.
Saddam Hussein does not allow
humanitarian organizations to gather information to verify their
claims, so organizations like
UNICEF simply adopted Iraq's
admitted this saying, "That's probably true." She then adjusted the
statistic saying, "We can squabble
over numbers; I stick with hundreds of thousands." Both speakers
stuck by their argument saying that
people are still suffering because of
the sanctions.
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Alcohol By The Numbers
Volume 3, Issue 4
Editors in Chief:
Steven Bunn
Matt Lineberger
News Editor:
Greg Ebbecke
Politics Editor:
James Davis
Opinion Editor:
Jeanne Marie Hoffman
Good Times Editor:
Joseph Gribbin
Arts & Life Editor:
Brian Golden
Editor: Will Felcon
Assistant Editor: Elliott Fullmer
Chief Financial Officer:
Steven Bunn
By Greg Ebbecke
News Editor
If life were like the
movies, college would be a
never-ending party. On the
same note, everyone here would
be on the road to alcoholism. In
Hollywood's world, alcohol is
everywhere, and everyone is
drinking. In today's world, if the
T.V. tells us so, it must be true,
right? The Center For Health
and Wellness wants to show us
that life is not that way at all.
With the launch of the
Know Your Numbers campaign,
the Center hopes to spread the
real facts about collegiate drinking. "There is a misperception
that everyone here on campus
drinks," says Mrs. Cathy
Lovecchio, director of the
Center, "I don't think anyone,
most notably freshman, should
feel pressured by the crowds."
The campaign's main goal is to
encourage students to feel confident enough to make healthy
Beginning October 25
and continuing until December
2, the Center will post a new fact
across campus each week, like
the yellow yield signs that have
dotted the landscape the past
few days. As each fact is
revealed, students are encouraged to take note. After all the
facts have been revealed, a questionnaire will be collected (see
bottom of Page 2).
All correct entries will be
entered into a drawing for a
$500, $300, or $100 gift certificate to the campus bookstore.
Winners will be announced during the Christmas Bazaar. In the
event you miss any of the clues,
traveling displays will be around
campus near the end of the cam-
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This Oct. 31-Nov 2 catch Tommy
Lee Jones and Will Smith in the summer blockbuster Men in Black II. On
Thursday, celebrate Halloween with
the CAT Films Committee watch
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Health and Wellness Entry Form
Find the answers to these questions around campus. When
completed drop in the boxes located at the Student Life
office, Student Development office, Connelly Center, the
Center for Health and Wellness, Health Services, or the
Greek Life Office.
Name:___________________________ Phone:________
1. What percentage of ‘Nova students will tell a friend to stop
drinking? ___________
2. What percentage of ‘Nova students avoid alcohol if they are
taking medications? ____________
3. What percentage of all college students choose not to drink
and drive? ______________
4. What percentage of ‘Nova students do not agree with drinking 21 shots to celebrate their 21st birthday? __________
5. What percentage of ‘Nova students set limits on their alcohol consumption? _____________
6. What percentage of ‘Nova students NEVER fail to complete
an assignment because of alcohol? ____________
For more info call 9-7401
2 Thursday, October 31st, 2002
guys, and if a guy sees one girl calling another a
slut, he may likely assume it to be true.
Continuing on, he pointed out how "no" can often
motivate a guy to continue trying more and more
ingenious ways to get what he wants, or to retreat
to situations he knows the girl will be comfortable
with. On the other hand, a girl, who is well aware
that the guy is bigger, stronger, etc., may become
intimidated by the repeated advances and say yes
unwillingly. Both situations will lead to problems.
If trouble were to happen, Mr. Domirtz
pointed out that our parents would give their typical "in my day" speeches on chivalry and proper
actions. Once again this leads to mixed interpretation. On one hand the girl thinks the guy may
just be being nice, while he may well have ulterior motives. On the same note it promotes a
"woman can't fend for herself" image, which
thanks to mace and a good old knee to the crotch
is hardly true at all.
Neither side is completely to blame
though, as girls can often be just as responsible as
guys. Before any date, both men and women will
often encourage and "plan" the events of the
evening in what appears to be only a "dating
game." Those same comments, however can
come back to haunt later, when one or all of those
words lead to misguided expectations and interpretations. It is not just before the date that damage is done. Locker room talk can be just as hazardous, and girls are much worse in this case than
guys. Guys will be happy with a simple yes or no,
while girls need to hear every single detail of the
events. This can lead to a feeling of inadequacy
when an account does not live up to certain "standards," or just isn't as entertaining. When the
answers to the questions are more than one word,
making up a story can get complicated, and the
pressure can lead to regrettable actions later.
Center for Peace Continued From
Page 1
This led me to my second question. I asked
them why Northern Iraq, controlled by the
Kurds instead of Saddam, has improved under
the sanctions after Saddam destroyed 86% of
their villages. The Kurds were in a worse situation than the rest of Iraq, and yet they pray
that the sanctions are not removed. The evidence suggests that the sanctions are not to
blame; the cause of the suffering is Saddam
Hussein's dictatorship. Allowing Saddam to
control these people even more by lifting the
sanctions would be a worse situation.
Lems could not counter the question.
The best he could do was to say that the situation in Northern Iraq is "not so rosy."
My question was the only one that questioned
the speakers' point of view. It seemed that the
With the new Health
Services Building having just
opened, the campaign is just the
kickoff to a whole new year of
programs aimed at helping the
student body. The "Let's Party"
program, aimed at freshman,
will begin at St. Mary's and continue to the rest of the class next
semester. The purpose is to simulate a party and some likely situations, and to practice some
possible reactions.
The Center is also
looking to add to the ranks of its
peer alcohol and drug counseling groups. In addition, a sexual assault counseling program is
being organized. Any students
interested are encouraged to volunteer for the inaugural staff.
Training will take place later in
the year at Camelback Ski
Resort. For more info contact
the Center at 9-7407.
One of the biggest contributors to sexual
assault is the so-called "rape drugs." Aside from
GHB, "Rufies," "X," and other intentional drugs,
by far the most common, and often unintentional,
is alcohol. The lack of mental control from inebriation is a serious factor in any decision, let
alone sexual ones. Mr. Domirtz's advice is to wait.
Guys especially, if she really wants you, she still
will when she is sober. If you are both drunk, he
still advises you to wait, after all, you will both
remember it better.
He closed with a reminder that it all
comes down to common sense. If someone told
you that you could have their new car while they
were drunk, that would never hold up. If someone
just came by and took ten dollars from you, you
would be pissed. Taking advantage of someone is
no different.
Following Mr. Domirtz's discussion, a
brief panel featuring the head of Public Safety,
Mrs. Lovecchio, Mrs. Gallagher, and Dean Pugh
answered any questions regarding Villanova policy on these matters. In the event that you think
you are sexually assaulted, you have two main
options. For anonymous assistance, there is an
online form at
that you can use to determine if you have been
assaulted. For more immediate help, you can call
Public Safety or go to your R.A. In this event, an
officer will be sent to get a quick overview before
they hand it over to Mrs. Gallagher. Although
they have limited interaction in these situations,
each officer takes a bi-yearly course on post-rape
intervention, which has helped separate them from
the rather disrespectful approaches of the local
police. In any case, the decision to proceed is
completely up to the victim.
For more information on this topic you
can visit, Public
Safety's website, or the Center for Health and
people at this event were surprised by this.
The speakers seemed uncomfortable and
unprepared to talk about the other side of the
issue because they started to whisper amongst
themselves while I was in the middle of asking my questions. One student in the audience even started clapping sarcastically after
my question. This kind of atmosphere is definitely not conducive to the debate of a serious issue. This only proves that the Center
for Peace and Justice lectures cannot be taken
seriously because they are one-sided and have
not withstood any scrutiny.
If anyone from the Center of Peace
and Justice or any Villanova faculty wants a
chance to prove me wrong, then contact me
about setting up a forum on Iraq that
includes speakers from both sides of the
debate. Villanova students should hear both
sides of the issue - that is the American way.
The Villanova Times