Dear Parents and Caregivers

Term 1, Week 9, 2 April, 2014
Dear Parents and Caregivers
How Far Did Bo Go?” 224 kilometres in 24 hours ….!! That’s how
far Bo went! Ninety of our Year 5 and 6 students helped propel
Bo around our 500m track in a very durable baby buggy 448
times. This was a great deal further than anticipated and
reflects the serious way in which our children took up the
challenge and performed at such a high level! There are too
many people to thank individually in our newsletter, but I do
want to acknowledge all who helped with the event, and all
who have sponsored the fund-raiser. I hope to have a total in
next week’s newsletter.
Our Year 5 and 6 students are all off to camp next week. The facilities, food, and
activities will all be first class, and a great time is expected for all. Any families who
haven’t yet paid must do so by tomorrow afternoon please. If you have any difficulty
with the finances, PLEASE come and chat with me.
The Year 2 Swimming demonstration last Thursday was a super occasion and the
children were able to show what great progress they have made during these past
summer months. Thanks to all the parents who came along.
Many Year 5 and 6 students are enjoying a water sport of a different kind this week,
having a go at sailing on Lake Manuwai. This is an optional programme which many
are taking advantage of, and enjoying immensely.
For the Children
Ken McLeay
Phone 4077277
P O Box 942 Kerikeri 0245
Mobile 0211077110
23 Riverview Road, Kerikeri
To be eligible for free travel on the school bus, the Ministry of Education’s rule is that Years 1-6 students must
live at least 3.2kms from the nearest appropriate school. This means that the eligibility apples only to the
child/ren’s normal home – school route, not to any other route. Please enquire at the school office to check
your child/ren’s eligibility.
Casual users are permitted on the ‘uptown’ bus (KK8A) only, at a cost of $2 per trip (10-trip
concession tickets can be purchased [$15] from the school office). Casual users are not permitted on any
other bus route.
Our bus service is operated by the Kerikeri Schools Transport Network (KSTN), which contracts
Clarks Coachlines to provide the service (apart from the Matauri Bay/Kaeo bus which is not
part of the KSTN). If you would like to make enquiries or long-term alterations to your child/
ren’s normal bus arrangements, please make contact with the school, not the bus company
or bus driver.
Parent-Teacher-Child Conferences
These conferences are scheduled for:
Tuesday 13 May 1.00 – 6.00pm, and
Wednesday 14 May 3.15 – 6.00pm
We are trialling a new online booking system for this. To book your 15-minute session for you and
your child, please do the following:
Go to
Enter the Event Code 97Q2V
This will open the booking for you; there are three easy steps. Follow the instructions, selecting one of the available times on:
Tuesday 13 May 1.00 – 6.00pm
Wednesday 14 May 3.15 – 6.00pm
You will then receive a confirmation email to the address which you have provided.
If you are unable to access the internet, please phone Alison (407 7277 extn. 708) and she
will make the booking for you and send home a confirmation.
Kerikeri & District Inter School Swimming Sport Results
8-year old boys 1st Oliver Boyd, 3rd Jamie Doubleday
8-year old girls 1st Juliette Wilkinson, 2nd Maia Williams, 3rd Tayla-Ann Edwards
9-year old boys 1st Harvey Williams
9-year old girls 1st Lucy Shepherd, 2nd Heidi Nicholls
10-year old boys 1st Kori Brown, 2nd Ari Leonard
10-year old girls 1st Isabella Doubleday, 2nd Cleo Boyd, 3rd Bella Kinnon
8-year old boys 1st Oliver Boyd , 2nd Max Smith, 3rd Jamie Doubleday
8-year old girls 1st Maia Williams, 2nd Silke Blechschmidt
9-year old boys 1st Harvey Williams
9-year old girls 2nd Lucy Shepherd
10-year old boys 1st Kori Brown, 3rd Ari Leonard
10-year old girls 1st Isabella Doubleday, 3rd Bella Kinnon
8-year old boys 1st Oliver Boyd, 2nd Oliver White
8-year old girls 1st Maia Williams, 2nd Juliette Wilkinson
9-year old boys 1st Harvey Williams, 3rd Daniel Rogers
9-year old girls 1st Eva Forrest-Chambers, 3rd Lucy Shepherd
10-year old boys 1st Kori Brown, 2nd Drew White, 3rd Ari Leonard
10-year old girls 1st Bella Kinnon , 2nd Isabella Doubleday
Please remember that children are not
allowed at school before 8am.
Mid-North Mobile Ear Clinic - Wednesday 2 April,
outside the Plunket Rooms, Wendywood Lane, 8.30am 3.30pm.
The Music Place, Hobson Avenue. Professional tuition
across the genres in guitar, bass, ukulele, vocals, piano,
cello, and drums to students of all ages, through from
learning your instrument to performance. Grade exams and
music theory also offered. For one-to-one, group tuition,
or band mentoring in a professional, encouraging, and fun
environment, contact Claire on 021 883 616 or 09
4071506. Please enquire about our sponsored lessons.
If you think you know everything there is to know about
listening, the ear, and the brain connection, and would like
to know what auditory processing disorder, dyslexia,
ADHD, and ASD have in common, please come and hear
an exciting talk about Listening, Well-being, & Learning on
Tuesday 15 April at 7pm at the Red Cross Hall, 14 Butler
Road, Kerikeri. Maria Moell will explain the Tomatis®
method and give you lots of tips that you can start using
straight away. Register at or
call Ingrid at 021 1495 924. Seating is limited so please
reserve your seat now!
Paihia School Gala – Saturday 12 April – 10am to 3pm.
Fantastic White Elephant Stall, plenty of fun with good old
fashioned gala games, bouncy castle, jeeps, face painting,
cakes, quick fire raffle, and lots of food stalls. To pre
book at hangi, please call 402 7133 by April 8 cost
Measles Update
If you suspect your child of has measles, please
contact your GP and take advice from them.
Please be aware that, if your child has not been
immunised for measles and an outbreak occurs,
they will not be able to attend school for two
weeks. This applies to all schools right across the
Parent parking before and after school
Please do not park on the island in the bus bay
as it is dangerous both for the traffic and for
children crossing to and from cars.
Please also do not park in the Staff car park; we
have parents with disabled children who need
wheelchair access, and we also have vehicles
arriving and leaving with staff, deliveries, and
official visitors – they all require access and
parking. There is angle parking past the hall.
Parents are also strongly
encouraged to use the 2-minute
“Drop off / Pick up” roundabout
by the hall.
No Assembly on Friday 11 April. It will be
held on Monday 14 April at 2.15pm.
There will also be an assembly on
Thursday 17 April at 2.10pm.
Stripes and Spots Day
Thursday 8 May
Wear stripes and spots and give a
gold coin donation.
We are raising money for the
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
Riverview Student Councillors
Riverview School photos will be taken on
Wednesday 16 April, with Thursday 17 April being an
extra time slot if all photos are not taken.
Family or sibling photos can be taken. Please collect an
envelope from the school office to complete and return to
school with payment BEFORE Photo Day if you wish to
have siblings photographed together. Siblings all at
Riverview will have photos taken at the same time as class
photos. Outside sibling photo appointments start at
8.30am. They will be in 5-minute slots. Please
contact Judith or Jo to make an appointment.
Riverview School photographs will be available for you to
view and order OnLine with PhotoLife Studios.
Your son or daughter will bring home an OnLine slip with
their unique Shoot Key detailed on it early in Term 2. This
Shoot Key will display all the photographs of your child. It
is then an easy process for you to shop on-line and
purchase the photographs that you want.
If you place your order within three weeks of receiving your
Shoot Key, you will receive free delivery of your photo
orders. PhotoLife has agreed to despatch all the orders
back to the school, and your child will bring their
photographs home.
Any orders placed after this three week period will be sent
directly to your specified delivery address and will incur a
$5.00 Postage & Packing charge. You will see this
message when you go online to view and order your
If parents/guardians don’t have access to a computer,
contact the school office for an Order Envelope.
Parent Forum: Practical Ideas to Help Your
Child When They Start School
An invitation to parents of children starting
in Term 2 to attend a forum of practical
ideas that will help and support your child.
We look forward to seeing you on
Wednesday 9 April from 3.15 – 4.00pm in
Room 2. Please let the school office know
whether you require childcare (it is free).
On Friday and Saturday, some senior students were
going to take Bo, our office dog for a run around the
field because we were trying to make money for the
school to get more computers. On Monday morning,
when we did handwriting, we saw that Bo had run
224kms! “Wow!” I said to myself. We don’t know how
much money we’ve made but I’m sure we have made
a lot.
by Ariella Ripohau Room 9 Year 4
I saw Bo running so, so fast that the ground
shook. And, while the ground was shaking, it
was booming too. I really wanted to be
pushing the pram.
by Rowan Adams Room 8 Year 2
We watched Bo go round the field. It was fun
waving the pom poms. Bo is just a pretend dog.
Lit Quiz
On Tuesday 25 March we went to an
awesome Lit Quiz! A Lit Quiz is a fun thing
in which you test your knowledge about
books that the director Wayne Mills has
read. Also, you can choose a place for
your team’s joker and we choose Brothers
and Sisters but what does the joker do?
Well, the joker is like a double up so, if you
had 8 points and it was on your joker,
your team would get 16 points. At the
end, we thanked Mrs Ross-Taylor for
reading the book Holes because there
were two questions about it. Also, we
thanked Mrs Murdoch for preparing us
with some Lit questions. We got 44/100
and had a wonderful literary time.
Left to right: Savannah Hancock, Georgia
Doherty, Matthew White, Summer Curran,
James King.
by Emma-Rose Nunn Room 7 Year 2
Two Curriculum Shows in Term 2 - Total $11.00
Rhythm Interactive Show
The ‘Rhythm Interactive Show’ has fun-filled activities designed for students and teachers. The most
relevant and frequently drawn parallel from the show is "Action speaks louder than words".
Wednesday 4 June
The cost is $5.25 per child. Please send this money along to the school office and place in the
yellow box, with the tear-off slip below, by Wednesday 28 May.
World of Maths Show
The ‘World of Maths Roadshow’ is an ideal opportunity for students to see how Maths is applied to
some real-life situations. Students will gain insights into problem solving, working in teams, and also
various Maths principles which are part of the curriculum.
Thursday 19 and Friday 20 June
The cost is $5.75 per child. Please send this money along to the school office and place in the
yellow box, with the tear-off slip below, by Wednesday 28 May.
My child/ren …..…………………………………...……....Room/s ...……………... would like to attend the
‘Rhythm Interactive Show’ and the ‘World of Maths Roadshow’. $11.00 is enclosed.
If you wish to pay via internet banking, our details are: 12-3091-0132140-00. Please place your child’s
surname & classroom as reference.
…………………………………… Parent signature