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Wednesday 22 April 2015
 Principal
Mr Aleksandr Taylor-Gough
 Head of Curriculum
Mrs Chantelle Bauer
 Office Admin Staff
Mrs Lisa Maslen
Mrs Christine Jones
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Drayton State School
55 Brisbane Street,
DRAYTON. Q 4350.
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Principal News
Welcome Back
As we enter into an important term, I would
like to welcome those new to our school
community, as well as reminding everyone of
the values we share at Drayton State School.
With the commemorations of the 100th
landing of ANZAC at the end of this week, it
is important that we take time to reflect on
how our Drayton Dragon Rules are
interpreted throughout our school
environment (both within and outside the
school gate) and the similarities between
how our society has developed over the past
ANZAC century.
Rule 1 – Act Safely
This includes student behaviour on the way
to, within, and on the way home from school.
We should be ever mindful of our role to
model safe practices, which includes the
expression doing unto others the way in which
we would have them do unto us. At Drayton
SS, we have a focus on keeping our hands
and feet to ourselves, along with walking in
certain areas. In addition to this, it is pivotal
that we all act safely on the roads outside the
school fence, and in accordance with the
Rule 2 – Give your Best Effort
This is a major focus at Drayton SS, and
something that I am passionate about leading.
Whilst not everyone will be a Straight “A”
Student (not that it isn’t an achievable target),
I expect all students are trying hard in every
subject area. Improvement is something that
we can all show and I love nothing more than
seeing students putting in their best efforts
when they come to the office. Praise and
encouragement is pivotal and I thank
everyone for the ways in which you assist in
this process.
Rule 3 – Show Respect
This should be the most basic and easy of
rules for all students to follow. Respect
starts from the way students are dressed. I
expect to see students in School Uniform on
a daily basis. It is not just my expectation,
but the expectation of everyone connected
to our school as it shows that student
respect their own self. Once they have this
sorted, then it is just as easy to respect our
friends (and sometimes, our not-so friends)
for trying to look neat and tidy. Much
research has been produced that states once
we promote and achieve self-respect, our on
-task performance increases which means,
our results in the classroom will rise as we
are taking care of the one thing that we have
full control over – ourselves.
Rule 4 – Take Pride
A natural extension to showing respect,
taking pride relates to how we conduct
ourselves at all stages. It involves ruling our
book up neatly, whilst being excited and
engaged in the learning right up until 3:00pm.
Taking pride is something that relates well to
what students are learning about in terms of
the ANZAC Story, as big things can be
achieved when we place importance on ‘us’
doing the right thing.
Rule 5 – Act Self-responsibly
Of course, as students, their behaviour is
ultimately up to them. We can have all the
support structures in place, but actually
acting in a self-responsive manner can only be
achieved by each individual child. Our goal at
Drayton SS is to work in such a way that
promotes this through our explicit teaching
of behaviour, along with modelling these
behaviours ourselves.
Your support as parents and caregivers in
this arena is pivotal, as children come to
school straight from the home environment.
If we can all work together to promote and
focus our attention this term on our Drayton
Dragon Rules, I believe we will continually be
working in the right direction to strive for
exceptional behaviour on a daily basis.
School ANZAC Commemorations
All parents and family members are cordially
invited to our Drayton State School ANZAC
Commemorative Service and Opening of our
Memorial Gardens. The Service commences
at 9:00am this coming Friday 24th April in our
Hall. You will be welcome to stay for
Wednesday 22 April 2015
Morning Tea which will immediately follow the service
(approximately 10:00am). Due to our modified bells on
Friday for our ANZAC Commemorative Service, there
will be no tuckshop on Friday. Tuckshop for Term 2 will
recommence next Friday 1st May.
ANZAC Badges
Also please note that we are selling a range of ANZAC
Badges, Stickers Tattoos and Ribbons ranging from 50c
to $5.00. Please promote this to students to bring their
money in on Thursday to purchase. The products can be
worn on Friday 24th April here at School, and of course,
can be worn on ANZAC Day on Saturday 25th April,
especially though the Drayton March.
ANZAC Community Service and March
The Drayton Community Service and March will
commence from 7:20am on Saturday 25th April. All
students are invited to proudly march in School Uniform
with our school. We will gather on the school side of
the Drayton Memorial Hall from 6:45am-7:00am, in
preparation for a prompt 7:20am march commencement.
It would be lovely to see our students show the Drayton
Dragon Rules in an ANZAC Spirit and March as one on
Saturday. I hope to see as many students and family
members as possible attend. The morning will conclude
by around 8:30am at the Drayton Memorial and you will
be invited to stay for a BBQ morning tea.
Drayton SS Memorial Gardens
Over the holidays, we have a number of staff and family
members donate their time to prepare the ANZAC
Gardens. The area near the historic Bell Tower will
become a focus this year as we work to make this our
special place of remembrance. I would like to extend a
thanks to all those who gave their time and effort to
make this area look special, along with the following
people and organisations for donating materials:
Bluey Gordon
Beatrice Giamo
Superior Landscaping Supplies, Drayton
Bunnings Warehouse Toowoomba
The sandstone stone and plaque will be permanently
concreted in the coming weeks, finishing off what has
been a great transformation that will ultimately start a
renewal of a focus on our gardens around the school.
We look forward to officially ‘opening’ this area on
Friday as a dedication to those who lost their lives for
our freedom.
Cross Country
A reminder that the Cambooya District Cross Country
will be held this coming Tuesday from 12:00pm. Selected
students (from today’s Cross Country) will be notified
and letters sent home as per usual.
School Photos
School photos will be held progressively from this
coming Tuesday 28th April as well. Older classes will be
photographed first (due to the District Cross Country).
Please ensure students are dressed appropriately and in
full school uniform.
Parent Teacher Interviews
A quick reminder that these forms have gone home in
readiness for Interviews from 3:30pm – 6:30pm on
Tuesday 5th May (Week 3). I would ask that you give
maximum priority to assigning a couple of suitable
timeslots for teachers to schedule, as they will be
extremely busy on the afternoon. These are due back to
school ASAP. As a school, this is an extremely positive
way in which to receive feedback on the teaching and
learning processes within classrooms.
Classroom Volunteers
With the start of the new term here, we would like to
invite any parent/caregiver or family members with a few
spare hours in their week, to consider volunteering in
the classroom. It is an extremely insightful and
opportune way to contribute to the positive tone of the
school and classrooms. Feel free to contact your teacher
for more information. Activities including reading, sight
words, literacy rotations and numeracy are often ways in
which parent volunteers assist. However, if you have a
specific interest or skill, please let us know as there may
be a way to integrate this into the class or school
Pre-Service Teachers and USQ
Upon starting at Drayton SS, I mentioned my goal to
further our community partnerships with the University of
Southern Queensland (USQ). To this end, I am pleased to
note that over the coming 10 weeks, we will see a
number of Pre-Service Teachers placed in a great many
of our classrooms. Pre-Service Teachers are the ‘next
generation’ of staff who will be responsible for the
education of students in the coming years. Some will be
involved in general observations (and assistance duties)
whilst others will combine observations with teaching of
some lessons, with the support of the class teacher.
Having a strong academic record is of course important.
However, having the opportunity to work hand in hand
with class teachers, students and school staff is vital for
teaching success. I ask that should you get the
opportunity to interact with a Pre-Service Teacher this
term, you assist in promoting how wonderful it is to be
involved in a great State School such as ours, here at
Drayton. As Principal, but also as the Placement
Supervisor, I look forward to welcoming these University
Students into our school throughout Term 2.
Wednesday 22 April 2015
Grammar and punctuation, Years 3-6
As mentioned in the last newsletter, from Tuesday 12th
May – Thursday 14th May, students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9
will take part in the National Assessment Program –
Literacy and Numeracy, or NAPLAN, as it is commonly
known. Skills that will be tested include: reading, writing,
spelling, grammar and punctuation, and numeracy. It is
important for you and your child to know that NAPLAN
is not a pass/fail test. It simply looks at what level
students are achieving in literacy and numeracy against
National Standards and compared with student peers
throughout Australia.
Vocabulary, Years 3-6
Should you not wish for your child to participate in
NAPLAN this year, please contact me on (07) 4637 7444.
There are withdrawal options that parents can discuss
with the school, should you like to choose this option.
We do, however, have to have such forms completed
ASAP. If you would like to withdraw your child, could
you please contact me by Friday 1st May (Week 2).
In Summary – Attendance and Priorities
With a major focus on School Attendance throughout
2015, I am pleased to note that we officially achieved our
target of 95% Whole School Attendance in Term 1. The
Rate appears below and that is a credit to everyone
involved. Let’s try and repeat this target this term, and
strive for even greater attendance. Remember, every day
Science, Years 3-6
Finally, we welcome back Alice Gegg who is currently
replacing Loretta Stark in Prep S whilst she is on leave
for Weeks 1-2. I wish everyone a great couple of weeks
and I look forward to seeing as many people as possible
at our School ANZAC Commemorative Service on
Friday, and at the Drayton Community March and
Service on Saturday. In memory of those who fought for
our freedom, Lest We Forget.
Kind Regards,
Aleksandr Taylor-Gough.
Curriculum News
Nothing is more important to academic achievement
than being a good reader. Parents know their
children best and can provide the one-on-one time
and attention that will lead them to success in
reading. Here is a list of ways to help your children
become more effective readers.
Set aside a regular time to read to your
children every day.
Studies show that regularly reading out loud to
children will produce significant gains in reading
comprehension, vocabulary, and the decoding of
words. Whether your children are in Prep or Year 6,
it will increase their desire to read independently.
Surround your children with reading
Children with a large array of reading materials in
their homes score higher on standardized tests.
Tempt your kids to read by having a large supply of
appealing books and magazines at their reading
level. Put the reading materials in cars, bathrooms,
bedrooms, family rooms, and even by the TV.
Our priorities this term remain firmly in place. However,
we will see a renewed focus on Writing, with some
classes working through the Seven Steps to Writing Success
programme. In addition to this, we will be focusing on
reading, spelling and numeracy. We will begin whole
school diagnostic testing through the PAT (Progressive
Achievements Tests) series in the next fortnight, looking
Comprehension, Years 1-6
Mathematics (Numeracy), Years 1-6
Have a family reading time.
Establish a daily 15 to 30 minute time when
everyone in the family reads together silently. Seeing
you read will inspire your children to read. Just 15
minutes of daily practice is sufficient to increase
their reading fluency.
Encourage a wide variety of reading
Make reading an integral part of your children's
lives. Have them read menus, roadside signs, game
Wednesday 22 April 2015
directions, weather reports, movie time listings,
information from websites and other practical
everyday information. Also, make sure they always
have something to read in their spare time when they
could be waiting for appointments or travelling in a
We were very thankful to begin our day to the sound of
the bagpipes as a cohort from McGrath Highland Dancing
Studio enchanted all ages with their dancing in the
traditional kilt and Aboyne costumes of Scotland.
Chantelle Bauer
Acting Head of Curriculum
CHEAPEST ‘Around the World’
tickets for Drayton students!
On Thursday 2 April, Drayton State School celebrated
Harmony Day. Beauty in diversity.
A parade was then conducted to determine the most
accurate of costumes according to our well-travelled
panel of judges.
The day began with a whole school gathering where one
and all had arrived dressed in costumes from around the
world. There were Mexicans, Germans, South Africans,
Kiwis (NZ), cowboys from the USA, children from Alaska,
a Congolese lady with a babe strapped to her back and
even the Statue of Liberty itself!
Following the whole school assembly, classes began their
trek around the globe where one classroom/country
offered Lindt and Toblerone chocolates while making
miniature snow skiers from Switzerland, another taught
the children the basics of Chinese character writing along
with a history of modern China while sampling dim sims,
another echoed the pounding of African drums while
learning tribal painting techniques and tasting authentic
tennis biscuits from South Africa, and so the experiences
went on.
Wednesday 22 April 2015
Our ‘You Can Do It!’ program exists in every
classroom & aims to build the capabilities of every
student with positive messages & lessons in each
class about being:
- Organised - Confident - Persistent - Resilient Able to get along with others
This past fortnight has once again seen many of our
students earning certificates for their efforts. They
are as follows:
Each country was amazing in its own way. What a
wonderfully cultural day as children went from country
to country learning and appreciating the many peoples of
the world.
A number of students were asked what they thought of
Harmony Day at D.S.S. and their responses were as
Week ending 27 March: Miley S, Malachi B, Talon
P, Pyper M, Angus C, Jared K, Drew N, Porsche L,
Justin M, Jarrah D, Zoe B, Rhyce S, Maggie B.
Sorry no photo
Congratulations to our award winners!!!!
“I really enjoyed today … could we please do this again
next year?” (William – Year 5)
“I loved having chocolates with Mrs
Nicholson!” (Annabelle – Year 3)
“My favourite thing was making kimono dolls with Ms
“I loved doing Germany and making their flag!” (Jessika –
Year 1)
Cross Country 2015
“In Canada, they’re cool people!” (Jake – Year 2)
“I loved it all!” (Loren – Year 6)
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Wednesday 22 April 2015
Thank you to those parents who made the time to
attend our last meeting at the end of Term One –
it’s great to see parents interested and involved in
the decisions that are directly effecting our
Drayton students.
The P & C would like to invite interested persons
to apply for the positions of Tuckshop Convenor
and Relief Tuckshop Convenor at our school. The
roles require a time commitment of 9 set hours
per fortnight and 1 volunteer hour per fortnight.
There may be additional hours required for
different occasions and these hours will be
negotiated with the P & C executive.
Please forward a letter expressing your interest in
this position to P & C President Will Curthoys [email protected] on or before 29th April.
ANZAC Day BBQ and Bake Sale
Winter uniform (available all year):
Spray Jackets*
Polar Fleece Jackets* $30.00
Polar Fleece Vests*
(*all embroidered with school emblem)
Sloppy Joes/Fleecy Pullovers
$22.00 (screen
Fleecy Trackpants
Microfibre Trackpants $23.00
If you have any questions at all or suggestions,
please SMS or call Trisha on 0400 210377.
Trisha Ott - Convenor
Due to our ANZAC service on Friday morning at
9.00 and altered break times, the tuckshop will not
open as usual.
Please consider volunteering some time in our
tuckshop – we need helpers on Friday mornings,
every second Friday afternoon and on special
occasions. Kids love seeing their family members
helping out school so if you can spare some time
please contact Kirsty on 0417076249
Don’t forget to come along to the march and
service this Saturday morning to support both our
ANZACS and our school. Stay for a sausage after
the service and try to help with this fundraising
venture if you can.
It’s TREAT DAY again this Friday 3.00-3.15 – so
bring your spare change to treat your kids to a little
something to reward them for working hard all
week at school.
Upcoming Dates
Setting up for the stall will begin on Wednesday
May 6th. Please contact Tracey Jensen ([email protected]) if you could volunteer
some time to help with setting up and/or serving
on any of these days.
Remember that treat day falls every second Friday.
 Next P & C Meeting Wed 06 May 6:30pm in the Staff
 ANZAC Day Sausage Sizzle 25 April
 Mother’s Day Stall Thursday 07 & Friday 08 May
Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 12th
of May 6.30pm in the Administration building at
the school. If you have any items you would like
added to our agenda for discussion please email
[email protected]
Diana Ruhle
P & C Secretary