SDPHS 75th Anniversary Book

• 9˝ x 12˝ Hardbound
• Min. 120 pages
• Color dust jacket
• $84.00†(Leather Edition)
• $54.95†(Standard Edition)
he Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors is commemorating the
75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor with a new historical book.
This large 9 x 12 inch coffee table style publication will feature an overview
of the battle, a pictorial review from member photographs, a history section for
the SDPHS organization and finally a chapter for biographies of your father’s
or mother’s military service while at Pearl Harbor. These biographies can be
up to 150 words and one photograph free of charge. Additional wording and
pictures can be added for a nominal fee. A book purchase is not necessary to
include your loved one’s biography.
This book will have a minimum of 120 pages, on acid free paper and
quality library style binding. The more books sold during this special presale, will help the society produce a publication with more pages.
This title is being offered at a special pre-sale price while the SDPHS is
compiling the material. A deluxe standard edition will feature a printed hardcover
and dust jacket for $ 54.95 and a bonded leather cover edition is being offered for
$84.00. You may also have your book personalized for $7.00 (up to 24 spaces).
Submit your loved one’s biography and order your copy today! • 1-888-263-4702
Pre-order and Biography Submission Deadline - May 15, 2015
Be A Part of History!
Include your loved one’s military biography for free.
Who may be included in this book? Anyone who
What if I don’t write very well? Follow the sample
What does it cost? There is no cost to be included.
Will my photos be returned?
served at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Family members may send in material for any deceased
Just send in your 150 word or less biography and a
What must I do? Simply write a 150 word or less biography and send in a photo. Need additional words...
they are 15¢ each over the 150 word limit.
I don’t have much history to tell, why send in my
story? Everyone has a story to tell. If you or your loved
one served on this historic day you have a rich history to
pass on to children and grandchildren. Don’t miss this
chance to tell an eye-witness account of history.
guidelines of what to include on the backside of this
brochure and an editor at the publishing company
will compose your biography for you?
Yes, include a self addressed stamp envelope with
your biography and photo and the publisher will
return your photo once the book is completed.
How do I submit a biography and photo?
You may submit a typed hard copy and professional
reproduction or original photo or a CD with a typed
text file and photo image directly to M.T. Publishing, P.O Box 6802, Evansville, IN 47719-6802.
You also can submit online through M.T. Publishing Company’s website at:
Sample Biography
Joy W. Beezley, was the son
of a Nebraska farmer who enlisted in
the Navy in 1928. He spent his early
Navy years on the wrestling teams
aboard the USS Mississippi, USS
California, and the USS Richmond.
He won many wrestling honors, including two All Navy Championship
In 1933 he was transferred to the
USS Arizona where he spent six and
a half years as a member of her crew.
While on board he was assigned to
the second division and served as the ships’ wrestling team
trainer and coach. He married his sweetheart, Frieda H. Hahne,
in 1936 and they made their home in Long Beach, California.
In October 1939, he was transferred to the repair ship USS Medusa. In August of 1941, the home port of the USS Medusa was
changed from San Pedro to Pearl Harbor.
On the morning of December 7th, while reading the Sunday
paper and enjoying a cup of coffee, the attack began. Beezley
was in charge of the forward battery and the 51 caliber surface
gun. The officer with the keys for the magazine was ashore.
Since the magazine was locked, he gave the order to take the
fire ax to the lock. The USS Medusa was credited with sinking one midget sub and downing two planes. After the attack,
the USS Medusa went to work in her primary role as a repair
ship. Beezley was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer in
1943 and went on to serve in Bougainville, Guadalcanal, and
the Solomon Islands.
He retired in 1958 as a Lieutenant after a distinguished
military career. Submitted by daughter, Carol L. Gladys.
What to include in a veteran’s biography.
• Name
• Rank
• Birth/Death place and date
• Date enlisted
• Branch of military, classification, division
• Military locations, stations
• Memorable experiences
• Awards/Medals
• Date Discharged
• Family Data (spouse, children, marriage date, etc.)
Please send biographies and photos to M.T. Publishing
Company, Inc. Please do not send photocopies in place
of photos, because they cannot be reproduced for use in the
book. Any digital photos must be scanned at 300 dpi for
submission. Low resolution photos can not be used for the
book. If you have questions about scanning or submitting
digital files, please contact our publisher at [email protected] or by calling 1-888-263-4702. In submitting
photos, please include a caption on the back of the photo
with the date and an explanation of who or what is depicted.
To ensure that all material is returned after publication, write
your name, address, phone number on the back of each item
submitted. A book order is not required to submit material
for possible inclusion in the publication
Pre-order and Biography Submission Deadline - May 15, 2015
SDPHS History Book
Bonded Leather Edition
Deluxe Standard Edition
*Embossing - $7.00 per book
Biography Charge - 15¢ per word
over 150 words.
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or visit
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