Change Your World…One action at a time

Change Your World…One action at a time
Support or lead local environmental movements and mark Earth Day on
your calendar. Make a commitment to adopt a new habit every Earth Day.
The United Nations celebrates Earth Day each year on the March equinox.
Learn to draw a Hands On Monkey!
 Step One - Start with the face. Draw a horizontal oval for the nose. Draw two
half ovals for eyes with smaller half ovals inside for pupils above the nose. Below the
nose, draw a crescent shape to create the mouth. Create the outline of the face by
making a circle following the shape of the eyes and the mouth.
 Step Two - Make a small half circle with a smaller half circle inside on right
side of face for one ear. Extend large crescent shape from right
to left to create head. Add small zig zags to create hair texture.
Draw second ear on left side of head using small half circle with
inner half circle. Extend a small line down from left ear to
connect head to body.
 Step Three - To create arms, start at outer sides of face and extend two long crescent shapes
downward. At bottom make zig zag lines inward for hair and extend crescent shape back upward just
short of the tops of arms. Draw a circle at base of each arm for hands with three half ovals at base
to create fingers.
 Step Four - Halfway down the arms, extend a half oval angled
outward to base of hands on each side of body to create legs. Place zig
zags at base of legs to create leg hair. Make horizontal ovals at bottom
of each leg for feet. Draw three half ovals at base of feet for toes.
 Step Five - Draw a long question mark shape upward from top of
left leg and back to create tail.
Bonus Lesson!
Rubbing leaves is easy!
• Peel a crayon
• Place a leaf under the paper
• Rub over leaf using the crayon flat on the paper
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