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In touch
October-December 2012
iPhone 5
with Vodafone
Talk and text as much
as you want and get a
landline on your mobile
with Vodafone Red
Business on iPhone 5
Vodafone Smart Data
Share your smartphone’s
internet with up to two
other mobile devices
octoBER-DECember 2012
business briefing
03 news and views from vodafone
plans and services
h elping you build a bet ter business
06 NEW! Vodafone RED BUSINESS price pl ans
09 NEW! Vodafone DATA SHARER
10 using your mobile abroad
11 mobile broadband
12 i Phone 5
O ur top phone picks
W hy Vodafone?
Ho w a Vodafone partner can help you
22 c ustomer focus – think drinks
Help and advice
e ssential business apps
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02 Vodafone In Touch
the latest business news from vodafone
One Net
a better
Finding better ways to
build your business can
be key to success. That’s
why we’ve designed our
price plans to be flexible
and to give you easier,
faster, better ways to
communicate with your
customers. See page 4.
social media
help small
42% of UK SMEs
are successfully
using business
social networks
to find new
Source: Regus,
June 2011
87.3% of UK
sometimes or
always read
reviews before
Source: Reevoo,
June 2011
Social networks
increase traffic
sent to online
retailers by 13%.
Source: Hitwise,
October 2010
65% of UK SMEs
believe marketing
must now use
social networks,
in addition to
techniques, to
be successful.
Source: Regus,
June 2011
Vodafone One Net
Express is really
flexible – it’s the
obvious choice for
small businesses
tom collins,
think drinks
Vodafone One Net Express can help
revolutionise the way your business
works. Tom Collins of Think Drinks
explains how it allows his people
to work better. See page 22.
Working in europe
If you travel to Europe for
business, we’ve got some
great news for you. You
can now take your UK price
plan away with you. It costs
just £2.50 (ex. VAT) a day to
use your UK minutes and
text and internet allowances
while you’re travelling in
our Europe Zone. It’s that
simple. See page 10.
Standard Pay monthly business price plans
only. Does not apply to corporate or public
sector price plans. Terms apply.
Vodafone Data sharer
48% of UK SMEs
are actively using
business social
networks to
interact with, and
inform, existing
Source: Regus,
June 2011
Running a business in the current
financial climate is harder than ever.
So, naturally, you want to get the best
value for money from your smartphone’s
price plan. That’s why we’ve introduced
Vodafone Data Sharer, a new plan that lets
you share internet on your smartphone
with up to two other devices and use
them all at the same time. It’s clever,
easy and affordable. See page 9.
October-December 2012 03
flexible working
stay in touch
when you’re
on the move
When you’re busy running a small business, good communication can save you time
and money, allowing you to focus on delivering great customer service. Vodafone plans
can give you an easier, faster, better way to communicate with whoever you need to
04 Vodafone In Touch
Why Vodafone?
Lower your cos ts
Be more fle xible
be more compe titive
Simplifying how you work can
help you save on travel, paper and
communications costs. Also an
office-based employee costs on
average £9,000 a year more than
a mobile one, while using cloud
IT services could save the average
small business 30% on IT costs.
Many businesses also find flexible
working helps them perform better
and improves their bottom line.
Having the freedom to decide when
and where you work – and how you
communicate – allows you to make
better use of your time. More than
half of small business owners in the UK
say that flexible working has enabled
them to improve their productivity.
For employees, it has been shown that
flexible working boosts job satisfaction,
and half of sole traders say they’re
motivated by freedom rather than profit.
When your employees
interact with your customers
quickly and efficiently, it
can give you an important
edge over your competitors.
More than a quarter of UK
businesses say that they
expect their suppliers to
respond to calls within an
hour or they will take their
business elsewhere.
get the right plan for your business
We want to help your business to stay competitive, and our flexible plans can help do that.
Our Business Sharer plans give you inclusive minutes and texts to share between colleagues, plus an
individual data allowance for each user. Simply add more handsets, minutes, texts and data if you need
them. And with our new Red Business plans you can talk and text as much as you like with unlimited
UK minutes for calls to UK mobiles and landlines (starting 01, 02, 03) and unlimited standard UK texts.
For plans that give you a better way of working, speak to your local Vodafone Partner
Statistical information from: Vodafone 2011, Cisco 2011, Circle Research 2011, Sole Trading Month, Critical Times Index 2010
October-December 2012 05
Introducing Red Business
You can talk and text as much as you want
with a landline number on your mobile
Red Data
Red Business
Red Business Data
UK minutes
for calls to UK
mobiles and
landlines (starting
01, 02, 03)
Standard UK texts
Vodafone One Net
UK internet
One Net Express
• Add a landline number to your mobile
ne simple bill with no separate
landline or call divert charges
• Be available and ready to take calls
Terms apply. Subject to credit check. All prices are excluding VAT.
06 Vodafone In Touch
Plans and services
Business sharer plans
If your staff require their own mobiles, our multiple user
business plan can give you inclusive UK minutes and texts to
share, a per-user allowance, plus Vodafone One Net Express
Your mobile can be
your l andline, too
Customers like being able to call
a local business. Vodafone One Net
Express gives you a geographic
landline number, so you can
advertise outside of your local
area, improving your business
reach. Also, you can add extra
landlines to your plan when you’re
ready to expand your business.
contract (ex. VAT)
UK Minutes to share
(ex. VAT)
a month
Get l andline calls
on your mobile
With Vodafone One Net Express
you get call-handling features
such as Multi-user Hunt Groups,
which forwards calls to a chosen
group of people until someone
free to answer is found, and Auto
Attendant, which gives you a
voice-prompt menu so customers
can easily find who they want.
£45 (ex. VAT)
a month
£85 (ex. VAT)
a month
Inclusive calls
within companies
When you choose a multipleuser business plan, all mobile
calls to users in the same group
are included in your monthly
price, so you can call colleagues
as often as you need to without
worrying about how much it
will cost your business.
(Subject to fair usage.)
£190 (ex. VAT)
£370 (ex. VAT)
a month
a month
For an extra £20 (ex. VAT) per main user and £2.50 (ex. VAT) per additional
user you get a Multi-user Hunt Group, one geographic landline (additional
landlines available for £10 (ex. VAT) each), and one Auto Attendant
As left, for £35
(ex. VAT); £2.50 (ex.
VAT) per extra user
of users
Standard UK
texts to share
2 000
• 3,000 UK landline
minutes per user
• Free voicemail
• 3,000 UK landline
minutes per user
• Free voicemail
• 3,000 UK landline
minutes per user
• Free voicemail
• 3,000 UK landline
minutes per user
• Free voicemail
• 3,000 UK landline
minutes per user
• Free voicemail
for calls to UK mobiles and
landlines (starting 01, 02, 03)
Inclusive UK mobile
internet per user
Each additional
or choose a
£20 (ex. VAT) including 500MB UK mobile internet per user
Your business may not need virtual landlines and call-handling features
at the moment so our multiple user business plans are available without
the main-and additional-user charges for Vodafone One Net Express
Terms apply. Subject to credit check. All prices are excluding VAT.
October-December 2012 07
Plans and services
DATA sharer?
It’s clever
Our Data Sharer SIM cards
speak to each other so you
and your employees use just
one single plan’s allowance.
You’ll also receive real-time
text messages to your (or
a nominated user’s) mobile
phone to let you know when
80% and 100% of your
allowance has been used.
It’s easy
Everything is on one plan –
your phones, tablets and Wi-Fi
modem – so you have one
contract, one bill, one direct
debit and less paperwork. At
last, say goodbye to juggling
multiple phone bills at the
end of the month.
It’s affordable
Being able to share one
internet plan between
lots of mobile devices
(and people if you’re on
a sharer plan) lets you get
the most from your plan.
It also saves you having to
set up separate contracts,
which can be expensive.
Get the edge in a
competitive market
with mobile internet.
Get Vodafone Data Sharer.
Ask your local Vodafone
Partner for more details
Data Sharer
Vodafone Data Sharer has been designed with your business
in mind. It lets you share your internet allowance between
mobile devices (and people) all at the same time. It’s clever,
easy-to-use and affordable. Now you can put the internet
in your hands and really make it work for your business,
whether you’re a one-man band or a growing company
For single users
Share the internet allowance on your
smartphone with up to two other devices,
and get a larger combined allowance.
Available from only £5 per month.
for multiple users
Make internet-on-the-go available to your
whole workforce with a single internet plan
that everyone can share and use at the same
time (sharing up to 20,000 mobile devices).
Terms apply. Subject to credit check.
October-December 2012 09
Plans and services
working in europe
take your UK price
plan to Europe
Vodafone Eurotraveller
If your business takes you into our Europe Zone
you can now save money by opting into Vodafone
EuroTraveller. For only £2.50 (ex. VAT) a day, you
can use your inclusive UK price plan minutes, texts
and internet (excluding Extras) in our Europe Zone
– just like being in the UK.
Scan the QR code above
for more information on
Vodafone EuroTraveller
Our Europe Zone includes:
Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canary Islands,
Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey), Croatia, Cyprus (excluding
Northern Cyprus), Czech Republic, Denmark (including Faroe
Islands), Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece,
Hungary, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy (including San Marino and Vatican
City), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta,
Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland,
Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
For full details see
Vodafone world
If you choose not to opt into Vodafone EuroTraveller, you will automatically be on Vodafone World.
For price information and a list of countries, visit
Standard Pay monthly business price plans only. Does not apply to corporate or public sector price plans. Standard rates apply for UK calls. Terms apply.
10 Vodafone In Touch
Plans and services
t wo different
ways to ge t online
mobile broadband
Being in touch while out of the office is essential for any business and we have
a range of simple plans for laptops and tablets to keep everyone online while
on the move. Find out more at
As well as giving you
mobile broadband
coverage, our plans give
you access to 4,000 BT
Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots
so you can get online
when you’re out and
about in the UK
BUSINESS standby
business constant
How much does it cost?
You can get online for £3 (ex. VAT) per month, then you
simply pay for what you use. It’s just 5p (ex. VAT) per
MB within the UK for mobile broadband on this plan.
How long is the contract?
You can choose a 3-, 12- or 24-month contract.
How much does it cost?
Prices are from £19 (ex. VAT) per month for 5GB of UK
internet access and 2GB of BT Openzone Wi-Fi UK access.
Then it’s 5p (ex. VAT) per MB within the UK over that limit.
How long is the contract?
You can choose a 3-, 12- or 24-month contract.
business casual
Business continental
How much does it cost?
Get online for £5 (ex. VAT) per month, then pay for what
you use for just 5p (ex. VAT) per MB in the UK. We’ll also
give you 1GB of BT Openzone Wi-Fi UK access free.
How long is the contract?
You can choose a 3-, 12- or 24-month contract.
How much does it cost?
For £36.50 (ex. VAT) per month you’ll get 5GB of UK
internet access and 1GB of access in selected European
countries (see Over
that limit it’s 5p (ex. VAT) per MB in the UK or £6.67
(ex. VAT) per day in Europe for 100MB.
How long is the contract? 12 months.
business connected
Business world
How much does it cost?
Prices start from £12.50 (ex. VAT) per month for 2GB
of UK internet access plus 2GB of BT Openzone Wi-Fi
UK access. Then it’s just 5p (ex. VAT) per MB within
the UK if you go over that limit.
How long is the contract?
You can choose a 3-, 12- or 24-month contract.
How much does it cost?
For £95 (ex. VAT) per month you’ll get 5GB of UK internet
access and 200MB of access in selected countries across
the world (see Over that
limit it’s 5p (ex. VAT) per MB in the UK or £25 (ex. VAT) per
day in the rest of the world for 100MB.
How long is the contract? 12 months.
For those moments when you urgently
need two minutes online or your office
or home broadband breaks down.
A low-cost mobile broadband plan
that gets you online and out of a fix.
You’re a bit ‘off and on’ with mobile
broadband. You send two emails one
day, then download a whole ream
of documents the next. This price
plan covers you either way.
You like to be kept in the loop.
And that means checking in with
the office regularly – from the
plane, train, taxi or restaurant table.
If your typical working day includes
reading lots of emails and
downloading attachments while
on the move, then this is the
mobile broadband package for you.
Travel essentials: passport, boarding
pass, mobile broadband connection.
If you spend time doing business on
the continent, this is the one for you.
Spend more time at the check-in desk
than your office desk? Then you’ll
probably need this plan. It keeps you
connected when you’re working abroad.
Terms apply. Subject to credit check.
October-December 2012 11
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12 Vodafone In Touch
iPhone 5
new smartphone
iPhone 5
with Vodafone
iPhone 5 features a 4-inch Retina display, the powerful A6 chip, an
8-megapixel iSight camera with panorama, ultrafast wireless, iOS 6,
and iCloud. Yet it’s the thinnest, lightest iPhone ever
Vodafone Business Sharer plans
Our Business Sharer plans give you inclusive minutes
and texts to share between colleagues, plus an individual
data allowance for each user. Simply add more handsets,
minutes, texts and data if you need them. See page 7.
Vodafone Red Business plans
Vodafone Red Business plans are our best ever value
plans. You get unlimited UK minutes, unlimited UK texts,
up to 2GB of internet, plus Vodafone One Net Express.
You can also personalise your plan by adding Extras
such as Vodafone Data Sharer. See page 6.
Vodafone One Net E xpress
Vodafone One Net Express gives you a landline number
on your mobile. Calls are seamlessly routed from your
landline to your mobile, with no call divert charges, so
you’ll never miss another business call again. And when
you get more than two mobiles you can also enjoy
professional calling handling features such as Multi-user
Hunt Groups and Auto Attendant. See page 7.
October-December 2012 13
Our top
Mobiles are essential for any business. But with
so many available, it can be difficult to choose
the best one for you. We’ve selected our best
phones, based on their greatest strengths
new phones
Galaxy note II
The Samsung Galaxy Note II has
a 5.5-inch HD touchscreen with a
16:9 screen ratio, which is great for
reading documents. It also boasts
the latest version of Android and a
1.6 GHz quad-core processor, which
makes multitasking a breeze. The
Note II also has a 8MP main camera
and a 1.9MP front-facing camera,
which is great for video-calling.
xperia t
The Xperia T is arguably Sony’s
most advanced HD smartphone
ever. It has a huge 4.6-inch HD
touchscreen – perfect for reading
emails and documents on the go.
The new Xperia T also has a 1.5GHz
dual-core processor, and the 13MP
fast-capture camera goes from
idle to taking photos in just over
a second with a single key press.
curve™ 9320
The BlackBerry Curve 9320 is built
for messaging and makes it so
simple for you to stay in contact
with your clients and colleagues.
You can get real-time alerts from
your social networks, use the
dedicated BBM key to respond
to messages quickly, create your
own Wi-Fi hotspot and use 3G
for improved web browsing.
Desire X
If you want a class-leading phone
with built-in productivity and
security features, the new Desire X
is ideal. View and edit Microsoft
Office documents and PDFs on the
impressive 4-inch touchscreen,
and multitask with ease thanks to
the 1GHz dual-core processor.
The Desire X has 25GB of storage
with Dropbox included, too.
Terms apply. Subject to credit check. For Pay monthly price plans see page 8.
14 Vodafone In Touch
one s
our top picks
The new HTC One X has a stunning
4.7-inch HD touchscreen and
powerful quad-core processor, plus
advanced productivity and security
features make it ideal for business.
Sync email, calendars and contacts,
and take documents with you thanks
to 25GB free Dropbox cloud storage.
Wireless HDMI also lets you display
presentations on TVs and projectors.
If your job demands a practical and
robust phone, the Samsung C3350
is the mobile for you. It’s water-,
dust- and shock-proof, and you can
even use the keypad while wearing
protective gloves. So you’ll be able
to stay in contact with customers
and colleagues whatever you’re
doing. The C3350 also has a 2MP
camera, web browser and email.
The HTC One S has a fantastic
4.3-inch HD touchscreen and
a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, which
give you an amazing web-browsing
experience. It also has an 8MP
camera with a zero-wait shutter,
instant autofocus and image
correction. It’s an ideal phone
for staying connected when
you’re out of the office.
Galaxy S III
The new Galaxy S III is designed
for humans. It sees, listens and
responds to your needs and is
packed with intelligent features
that let the phone adapt to you,
making your everyday working
life easy. The Galaxy S III also has
a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD
touchscreen, an 8MP camera
and HD video recording.
lumia 610
The new Nokia Lumia 610 phone
uses the Windows Phone 7.5
operating system. It has a
customisable homescreen so you
can have the features you use
most during your working day just
a touch away. It offers an excellent
web-browsing experience using
Internet Explorer 9, and images
from the 5MP camera look great.
Terms apply. Subject to credit check. For Pay monthly price plans see page 8.
October-December 2012 15
did you know ?
our top picks
For £2.50 (ex. VAT)
per day, you can now
take your UK minutes,
texts and internet
allowance (excluding
Extras) with you
when you travel in
our Europe Zone.
See page 10
bold™ 9790
The BlackBerry Bold 9790 is a great
work tool. Combining a responsive
touchscreen and iconic QWERTY
keypad, it’s brilliant for typing
quick messages, browsing the web
and working on documents. The
BlackBerry Bold 9790 has a 1GHz
processor, 8GB of internal memory
(expandable by up to 32GB with a
MicroSD card) and a 5MP camera.
curve™ 9360
The BlackBerry Curve 9360 is
an ideal smartphone for business
users. It runs the latest BlackBerry 7
operating system, which gives you
BBM, BlackBerry Protect, integrated
GPS, maps and more. Plus a raft of
handy business apps, email and the
iconic, easy-to-use QWERTY keypad
make staying in touch with your
customers and colleagues simple.
galaxy s II
The Samsung Galaxy S II has a
4.27-inch Super AMOLED Plus
screen, 1.2GHz dual-core processor
and lots of advanced features. It
runs Android 4.0, so you get the full
suite of Google mobile applications,
and Samsung Hubs – a clever group
of apps that can help you manage
your time better by putting all your
communications in a single place.
lumia 800
The Nokia Lumia 800 Windows
7.5 phone has a stunning 3.7-inch
AMOLED screen with Gorilla Glass
so it’s tough enough for everyday
work use. It also has an 8MP
camera with autofocus and can
record in HD. You also get 16GB
of built-in storage and access to
25GB of online space with SkyDrive
for storing important documents.
xperia miro
The new Xperia miro is stylish, light
and portable and a great way to
keep in touch with colleagues
and customers. It has a 3.5-inch
touchscreen, 5MP camera and runs
the clever Android 4.0 operating
system. The front-facing camera
is great for video calling. The
illuminating alert lets you know
when you receive a call or message.
Terms apply. Subject to credit check. For Pay monthly price plans see page 8.
16 Vodafone In Touch
Help and advice
mobile apps
work on
the move
Work doesn’t have to stop when you’re out of the off ice. Apps can help
you stay on top of any task – here’s our pick of free apps for smartphones
expensif y
Log your mileage, file expense
reports, upload receipts using
your phone’s camera, and take the
hassle out of doing your expenses.
Save time and use your phone to
hail a licensed London taxi. Get an
estimated arrival time, then pay
by cash or card with no extra fees.
documents to go
Forgotten a file? No problem.
This cloud-based service lets you
store and share essential files
and photos as you create them.
Open and edit Microsoft
Off ice documents in the
palm of your hand for simple
on-the-go mobile working.
To Go
print direct
This clever app lets you print to
virtually any wireless printer within
range from your phone, without
installing any additional software.
This virtual assistant uses voice
recognition to help you with
simple tasks. Speak emails and
texts, search the web and more.
dragon dictation
Print Direct
This works like a personal audio
typist – just dictate your emails,
texts and notes, and see them
appear on your phone’s screen.
Get on-the-go access to your
professional network. Stay in touch
with your groups, read the latest
industry news and share content.
October-December 2012 17
Help and advice
Help and advice
expert help
Attracting and
retaining the best
Our Perspective thought-leadership series gives you insight and expert opinion on the topics currently
affecting UK businesses. The latest instalment explores the recent shift in employee expectations
Employees are among the most important assets
of any business – a point acknowledged by 84%
of employers, who say that having the best staff is
critical to their business’s success. But how do you
find and keep the best talent? 75% of employees
say that flexible working would increase their job
satisfaction. But is it right for your business? In our
Perspective report we surveyed 1,366 employers
and employees to find out what they really want
from their job and how you can provide it.
To download the full report and to find out more,
The two perspectives
on flexible working
They want it
Employers experience
demand from employees
for flexible working
Many have it
Fear productivity would decline
Concern teamwork would suffer
Worry about blurring home/work boundary
Organisations now
equip the majority of
employees with remote
working solutions
They love it
Employees say it
boosts their job
Employees report that
it improves their
work-life balance
Reaping the
Expect lower costs due to reduced
office space
Anticipate a more productive organisation
Predict a boost in employee satisfaction
Say it makes them
more productive
It’s worth it
Flexible working: a win-win scenario for both employer and employee. For
employees, boosting job satisfaction and providing a better work-life balance
are key benefits. For employers, cost reduction and productivity are improved.
18 Vodafone In Touch
Of employers with flexible working solutions
deployed, find them beneficial
Help and advice
using your mobile device
secure your data
Many businesses take advantage of the freedom that mobile devices give them – but that means
they could hold sensitive information that needs protecting. Here’s our advice on how to keep it safe
Be security conscious
A strong password is a simple but effective way to protect your device
• Passwords should ideally contain a mix of at least six characters made up
of letters and numbers, avoiding repeated or sequential digits
• Don’t use screen swipe codes – a greasy fingerprint could reveal your code
• Create a SIM lock code to protect information held on your device
• If your device is lost or stolen, report it to us as soon as possible
• Make use of manufacturers’ remote-lock-and-wipe services
Remember your responsibilities
It’s not just your data and personal information that you need to protect
• A lax approach to security could put the personal information of your
customers, clients and suppliers at risk
• Protecting data on a mobile device isn’t just good business practice –
under the Data Protection Act, failure to securely protect personal and
customer information could result in criminal charges
• Call into your local Vodafone store for help setting up security features
Be aware outside of work too
It is vital you protect your device from both intentional and unintentional misuse
• In terms of security, you should regard your device in the same way you would
your bank card and PIN or a bank statement
• If you also use your business device for personal use at home, take steps to
prevent inadvertent misuse by young children. They may not fully understand
how to use the device, and may incur charges or divulge information that could
harm your business without realising it
For further help… Vodafone AppSelect for Android offers apps that are quality-assured by Vodafone
October-December 2012 19
Why Vodafone?
We created and launched the first mobile network in the UK
27 years ago. Since then, with huge investment and improvement
over time, our network has been optimised for speed, reliability
and consistency. To see what we do, take a look at these facts
90 million calls
80 million texts
45,000GB of data
On an
day we
Over 500,000 of our
customers benefit from
Vodafone Sure Signal
50% of FTSE 100
companies choose
to use Vodafone
51% of UK SMEs market their
business on Facebook. Each month,
an average of 1.8 million people
use Vodafone to connect with each
other on Facebook
Get a better
Whether you work in
the middle of nowhere
or live in a basement
flat, we have a simple
solution that helps you
get an improved signal
What you need
• Vodafone Sure Signal box
• 3G mobile phone on
• Broadband connection
with a speed of at least
Easy to set up
• Connect the box to
your broadband line
• Register online
• Your mobile signal in the
office or at home will be
improved for calls and
internet on your phone
• Eight calls can be made
at the same time
• Register up to 32 mobiles
or 3G-enabled tablets
Why Vodafone? Because our network is…
Most of the UK’s emergency
services – fire, ambulance
and police – rely on the Vodafone
network, so you know that you
can trust us to keep you
connected when you need it, too.
Some networks spread their
coverage over wide areas – like a
thin and crispy pizza. Our network
is built for ‘deep pan’ coverage,
to give greater signal strength
(coverage may vary by location).
Continually tested
We’ve built our network to meet
the demanding needs of our
business customers, who
require speed and reliability.
This approach has provided huge
benefits for all our customers.
What it costs
• Contact your Vodafone
Partner for details
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20 Vodafone In Touch
Joining Vodafone
We’ve created a Partner Programme, which
supports our Vodafone Partners who resell
Vodafone products on our behalf.
The Programme creates extra value for
our Partners and their customers. And it
brings us together in an open, long-term,
two-way relationship.
As part of the Programme, our Partners
undergo regular training and accreditation
on our latest products and solutions. This
ensures you receive the high level of service
your business deserves.
My local
Vodafone Partner
helps my
business by
giving me access
to exclusive offers
that are only
available in the
Vodafone Partner
james, company director, kent
When you choose a local Vodafone Partner,
they will take the time to understand your
business and identify the right solution for you.
You’ll also gain access to exclusive offers that are
frequently available from our approved Partners.
October-December 2012 21
Customer focus
Draft soft drinks manufacturer Think Drinks is a small
business that’s growing fast. Managing director Tom
Collins, explains how Vodafone One Net Express has
helped him reduce costs and improve customer service
Somerset-based Think
Drinks began producing
and installing draft soft
drink systems in 2005, and
since then the company
has expanded nationally,
providing high-quality
syrups and technical
support to breweries.
With nine staff – six of
whom are regionally
based – staying in touch
is business-critical.
“We provide contract cellar
services across most of the
UK on behalf of Budvar and
several other prominent
breweries in the south and
south west of England. The
work is postcode-specific, so
we operate in certain areas,
covering all the breweries’
pubs. We also offer our own
soft drinks, and are gradually
covering the whole of the UK.
“As our business grows, the
number of calls we receive is
increasing – orders, enquiries,
suppliers – and using fixed
lines was proving to be both
restrictive and expensive. Our
head office is based in a rural
area, so using broadband for
calls was totally unreliable,
and fixed lines are affected if
there’s a power cut. But with
Vodafone One Net Express
we can pick up multiple calls
at the same time, and power
outages are no longer an
issue for us. It’s also really
easy to add extra phones.
“A key part of our business
is making sure our customers
are happy. We prefer our
customers to speak to a real
person and get dealt with
immediately rather than
having to leave messages or
call us back. So features such
as Hunt Groups are useful.
“Our engineers are on call
365 days of the year and are
spread around the country, so
we need a reliable way to
communicate with each other.
With the added benefit of
Microsoft® Office 365, we can
access each other’s diaries,
but the real winner is that all
our contacts are centralised
so engineers can see who’s
calling and be prepared to
deal with their queries quickly
and easily. Similarly, if they do
miss a call, they know exactly
who to call back.
“Even the desk phones
work like mobiles, so office
staff can take phones out with
them, and transferring calls
within the office or out to our
engineers is incredibly simple.
And, of course, it doesn’t cost
us a penny to call each other.
“For a small, expanding
company trying to keep costs
down, Vodafone One Net
Express is really flexible –
it’s the obvious answer for
small businesses.”
See page 7 for more about
Vodafone One Net Express
or call 08080 044 499.
small-business owner
Tom collins, uses
Vodafone One Net Express
22 Vodafone In Touch
Help & advice
my checklist
Use this space to make a note of the phones that catch your eye, plans and services that suit
your needs and anything else that springs to mind. Speak to your local Vodafone Partner who
will take the time to understand your business and help identify the right solution for you
Phones to think about
plans that might be right for me
services to bear in mind
don’t forget
my local vodafone partner is
October-December 2012 23
Contact us
When you choose a local Vodafone
Partner, they will take the time to
understand your business and
identify the right solution to suit
your needs. You’ll also gain access
to exclusive offers that are frequently
available from our approved Partners.