Travelport Consultancy Services Be proactive about the future of your

Travelport Consultancy Services
Be proactive about the future of your
travel agency business
Enhance the performance of your staff,
technology and operations with guidance from
dedicated industry experts
What does it take for today’s
travel agencies to succeed?
The travel industry is a highly technology-driven business
environment. Advances are constant, providing travel agencies
better, faster and easier ways to operate and prosper. Is your agency
operating at maximum efficiency in today’s competitive business
climate? If hidden inefficiencies are holding you back, exceptional
tools and seasoned professionals are available to help you to isolate,
divide and conquer those challenges.
Travelport Consultancy Services can help take
your business where you want to go
A specialised organisation at Travelport was created to help your staff
master proven technologies and greatly improve business processes.
Travelport Consultancy Services exists to help you gain a crystal clear
picture of how your unique organisation works today, where you
want to go, and how to proactively use technology to get there.
Our consultants are travel and information technology experts. They
can apply their vast knowledge and skills to expand your use of
existing and new automation tools, and improve business processes.
They’re dedicated to helping you reach three critical goals:
1.Maximise your technology investment: The right tools used to
their highest potential can mean a surprising breakthrough in
efficiency and higher profits for your business.
2.Lower your operating costs: When your business and staff
perform at their best, every booking and all daily business
processes hum along with utmost efficiency.
3.Stay ahead of the technology curve – and your competition, too:
Our consultants give you valuable recommendations and on-
point tactics to implement now and over time. This keeps your
business at the forefront of the industry.
Fine-tune your business for higher levels
of performance
A deficiency in any part of your operation can adversely affect
the performance of your entire organisation. A dedicated team of
professionals will work with you to identify problem areas, and assist
you in turning them into new strengths and opportunities.
Their expertise and guidance can sharpen your core agency
business functions:
•Analyse and enhance your whole operation, especially
day-to-day workflows
•Improve the power and effectiveness of your travel
agency automation
•Increase your route and speed to conducting business in the
•Energise your front office with solutions customised to your business
and clientele
erve customers with travel counsellors who are trained, proficient
and in command of your global distribution system (GDS)
Get a fresh perspective and
the support you need to
make strategic changes
Travelport Consultancy Services offers a comprehensive program that
allows us to customise our approach to your needs. Whether you have
already identified areas that need improvement, or you’re looking to
rejuvenate all agency processes, we’ll provide recommendations and
a tailored road map for maximum impact.
Systems Assessment*
•Our consultants examine your operations to clearly assess your
systems efficiency
•Valuable feedback offers insights into your competencies in the
most vital processes
•Your managers have the opportunity to obtain constructive,
unbiased feedback
•Detailed critiques help you become more resourceful in your use of
agency personnel and GDS automation
•Our in-depth Performance Improvement Recommendation
exposes any of a variety of issues that are negatively affecting
your operations
online channel
* Available in the Americas region only
Workflow Analysis, Efficiencies
and Automation
onsultants can evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of your
agency workflows, and recommend changes to give you a
demonstrable return on your investment
roblem areas in your organisation’s use of critical functionalities
can be identified and eliminated, giving your counsellors more time
to generate sales and serve customers
“For agencies considering hiring a Travelport consultant, I
Business Systems Integration
• I f your agency is transitioning to a Travelport GDS, you are aided and
supported by a team of experts possessing extensive knowledge of
your chosen solutions
•Travelport specialists can proficiently transfer your customer
records and information
•Your existing software applications can be merged to ensure your
existing and new solutions work in harmony to maximise return on
your technology investment
Immediate Care Evaluation*
would say that we have found it a very worthwhile investment
•In-person consulting helps you identify a problem area and work
toward improvement
sales agents and consistency in our back-office accounting.”
•Same-day evaluation and recommendations are provided
that has helped us achieve greater efficiencies for our front-line
Valerie Crotty, Blue Ribbon Travel
Edina, Minnesota, USA
•Recommendations can be implemented to help resolve weaknesses
in your automation, reservation and ticketing tools so you can focus
on generating more revenue
•API Technical and Solution Consultants offer expertise in the latest
Customised Technical and Solution
Training Services
•Certified specialists take time to provide insider tips and tricks on
•Personalised training expands the capabilities of your travel
counsellors toward the delivery of higher productivity and excellent
customer service
API Consultancy
application programming interface technology developments
how you can cut operational costs
• Our API experts help your developers create specific workflows that
focus on your local auto-ticketing, discounts and special fares needs
• We know the Travelport Universal APITM best, ensuring your
applications are developed in compliance with the latest
industry standards
•More than 160 Travelport professionals proactively work with travel
counsellors to build the skills they need for more effective handling
of daily tasks
* Available in the Americas region only
Productivity Appraisal*
Database Build Support
•Consultants remotely conduct an analysis of your agency’s use of
•Travelport’s certified specialists save you time and money by
•An in-depth Summary Report outlines solid, recommended
•Consultants perform a range of services to keep your systems current
automation, reservation and ticketing tools
changes that can lead to savings and greatly increase your
customer service levels
•Helpful recommendations point you to strategic technologies
that complement your unique business strategy and improve
staff productivity
*Available in the Americas region only
building and modifying your most valuable tools and information
•Valuable services include writing new scripts or modifying existing
ones, loading your airline contracts, PNR edits, profile updates and
much more
Grow your business through
the most intelligent and
efficient operations
Knowledgeable travel counsellors: Increase your counsellors’ skills
and experience a jump in productivity and processing speed. Greater
knowledge is a cost-effective way to improve your sales capabilities
and see an immediate return on your investment.
Smarter workflows: Use a snapshot of your work processes to find
ways to improve efficiency. Build an action plan for revamping
procedures with the solid advice of experts.
Greater focus on key issues: A close examination from an objective
outside perspective may be all you need to quickly fix a critical
workflow problem. Resolve problem areas now and take your
business to the next level.
Travelport is a proactive partner that collaborates with you to
make your business more efficient and derive the most out of your
technology. Consultancy Services is part of a group of offerings
within Travelport Customer Service and Support that delivers
training, technical expertise and support customised to support
your unique business needs.
Get the guidance you need to move your
business forward
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