LSMGA 2015 calendar

Livonia Senior Men’s Golf Association
April 25, 2015
Roger Pattee
31127 Hillbrook St.
Livonia, MI 48152
(313) 737-1422
[email protected]
Tony Amadori
First Vice President
30619 Bobrich St.
Livonia, MI 48152
(734) 261-4718
[email protected]
Ben Matusz
Vice President
29197 Grandon
Livonia, MI 48150
(734) 425-1084
[email protected]
Paul Coleman
15472 Susanna Circle
Livonia, MI 48154
(734) 464-7431
[email protected]
2015 Calendar
April 25, 2015
April 27, 2015
May 31, 2015
June 8, 2015
Saturday, 8:30 AM
Monday, 8:00 AM
June 15, 2015
Aug. 5, 2015
Monday, 8:00 AM
Aug.10, 2015
Monday, 8:00 AM
Aug. 11, 2015
Aug. 12, 2015
Aug. 17, 2015
Tues., 8:00 AM
Weds., 8:00 AM
Monday 8:00 AM
Aug. 18, 2015
Tuesday 8:00 AM
Aug. 19, 2015
Aug. 20, 2015
Aug. 24, 2015
Thurs., 8:00 AM
Monday, 8:00 AM
Aug. 31, 2015
Sept. 4, 2015
Monday, 8:00 AM
Friday, 12:00 PM
8:00 AM
Registration & Business Meeting ~ Livonia Senior Center
2015 Season begins.
Deadline to Register.
Scramble at Whispering Willows. Four man teams chosen by
LSMGA from pool of entrants.$15 (pay cash at scramble)
includes cart & green fees. Cash prizes for top three teams.
Sign up by May 25t, 2015.
Scramble rain day.
Regular Season ends. .Last day to turn in score cards.
Members will have to declare if they will not participate
in the tournament by this date.
Tournament begins at Whispering Willows. Nine hole stroke
play round.
Tournament Play continues. Nine hole stroke play.
Rain day
Tournament Play continues as nine hole match play rounds
for low eight qualifiers.
Tournament Match Play continues for four qualifiers in each
Tournament Match Play concludes for surviving two
qualifiers in each flight.
Rain day.
Scramble at Fox Creek. Four man teams chosen by
LSMGA from pool of entrants. $15 (pay cash at scrambles)
Includes cart & green fees. Cash prizes for top three teams.
Last day to sign up is Aug. 10th
Rain Day for Scrambles.
Awards Banquet – 1 Under @ Idyl Wyld
Cash Bar:opens at 11:00 AM ; Lunch: 12:00 Noon;
Awards and 50/50 at 1:00 PM.
Play will be governed according to U.S.G.A. Rules, except for the following local rules:
1. Winter rules will be used throughout the year. You may improve your lie in the fairway, rough, or natural
heather (not marked as a hazard) with your club head, up to six inches in any direction. You may also clean your
2. Members, regardless of age, may play from the forward, center or back tees at WW and FC, and the forward or
center tees at Idyl Wyld. The selection of tee position must remain constant for Association handicap and
tournament play purposes.
3. Ball may be moved two club lengths from any split rail fence, either right or left to avoid the cart path, and
closer to the pin if the alternative is to place you on the cart path, and, if impeded by one of the perpendicular
split rail fences near several greens, may be moved closer to the pin if your ball is on the green side of the fence,
but away from the pin if you are under, or on the tee side of this fence. No out of bounds fence relief is granted
(see unplayable lie or lost ball)
4. If the ball is lifted out of an unplayable lie, in the rough, woods, under a tree, against a boundary fence, or
heather (not marked as hazard), drop in the adjacent fairway - not more than two club lengths from the nearest
first cut. There are some holes where this rule allows you to drop closer to the pin, such as hole 2 at Whispering
Willows; if your shot is in the woods to the right of the fairway, your only relief is dropping in the fairway closer
to the pin. In either case, you may not increase the distance the original shot traveled. If there is no fairway for
relief (your original shot went over the green and is lying against the boundary fence), your only relief is two
club lengths, which may be closer to the pin. PENALTY ONE STROKE.
5. Ball may be moved two club lengths left or right to avoid hitting newly planted, staked trees in your line of flight.
No other relief from young trees or bushes is granted.
6. Ball hit into a water hazard may be played from the greenside of the hazard, along the line of the ball flight. Ball
drop should be on a playable level lie (not muddy or wet), as close to the hazard as possible. You may, of course,
replay your shot from its original position. PENALTY ONE STROKE.
7. Ball out of bounds:
a. Ball hit out of bounds from the tee, re-tee and hit again from the same spot. PENALTY ONE STROKE.
b. Ball hit out of bounds from the fairway or rough, drop a ball in the same spot and hit again. PENALTY ONE
If you are not sure in either of the above examples if your shot went out of bounds, declare and hit a provisional
8. If you swing at the ball with the intention of hitting it, and you miss, IT COUNTS AS A STROKE. If
you are taking practice swings and inadvertently hit and move the ball, replace it and play on without a penalty.
9. Lost ball: Drop another ball along the ball flight line, up to the point you lost sight of it. You can theoretically
walk all the way back to where you originally hit the shot, if that affords you the best drop. You can also, in this
circumstance, declare and immediately hit a provisional ball, if it appears a good possibility the first ball will not
10. Members must turn in all qualified rounds played. By “qualified” we mean any round at any of the Livonia
Courses, and played from the same tee position that you will use in the tournament. FAILURE TO TURN IN A
2015 Tournament
1. Members must have at least ten recorded nine hole rounds to qualify for the tournament.
2. The Tournament will be played at Whispering Willows during the weeks of August 10 (Monday & Tuesday)., and
continuing during week of August 17 (Monday – Wednesday) with tee times beginning at 8:00 A.M each day.
Foursomes and tee times will be emailed and posted at each Livonia course.
3. Monday (August 10) and Tuesday (August 11) will be nine holes of Stroke Play.
4. Wednesday (August 12) will be rain day.
5. Monday (August 17) will be nine holes of Match Play with the lowest eight players from each flight participating.
6. Tuesday (August 18) will be nine holes of Match Play with the lowest four players from each flight participating.
7. Wednesday (August 19) will be nine holes of Match Play with the remaining two players from each flight
8. Thursday (August 20) will be rain day.
9. In the event of a tie(s) after the Stroke Play rounds, we will use the actual scores shot on randomly selected (not
par 3’s or highest handicap) holes to determine the qualifier(s) for the Match Play rounds.
10. If you advance, and your handicap calculation from the two play-in rounds is less than your beginning handicap,
then the play-in round’s handicap will be used for the remaining Match Play rounds. The final seeding for the
Match Play rounds will be made after these adjustments (if any) to the handicaps are made. Any ties for seeding
will use the previous actual scores on randomly selected holes.
11. Please note that in the first two rounds of Stroke Play, the ball must be putted into the hole. In the Match Play
rounds, USGA Match Play rules will be followed.
2015 Handicap Calculations
Minimum of 10 rounds to calculate a handicap.
LSMGA uses 35.5 strokes as the average for nine holes on the Livonia Courses.
10 to 19 rounds, average the lowest 50% of rounds; then subtract 35.5. If odd number of rounds, round
down; Example: if 19 rounds, use lowest 9 scores.
20 and above, average the lowest 10 of the latest 20 rounds played; then subtract 35.5.
Two play-in round scores used as handicap for qualifiers in match play rounds, if lower than original
seasonal handicap.
Only whole strokes will be used in tournament play, dropping the decimal point.