M           A    , P      F       S P  ’ H   S    
President’s Message
Peace of Christ!
Dear St Paul’s Alumni
and Friends,
Writing to the Romans, St Paul expresses the
marks of a true Christian.
Let love be genuine; hate what is evil,
hold fast to what is good; love one another
with mutual affection; outdo one another
in showing honour. Do not lag in zeal, be
ardent in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in
hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in
prayer. Contribute to the needs of the
saints; extend hospitality to strangers.
(Romans 12:9–13)
It seems appropriate for us to be reminded
of what our patron says in light of how our
community has been challenged since the last
issue of The Crusader. Often, when we hear the
word challenge we think of hardship or something negative. We know, however, that this is
not always the case.
Each year another class of grade 9 students is
challenged as they enter St Paul’s. Our returning
students are challenged to welcome all those
arriving at St Paul’s for the first time. This year,
they met the challenges of welcoming the new
students in September and especially during the
Freshman Retreat in December. In doing so,
our students carried out the Magis–the Jesuit
philosophy of doing the more, for the greater
glory of God, and therefore for others.
Complementary to what happens in the school
is what continues among our alumni. One could
not help but be inspired by the way Jim Tennant
’66, the 2007 Ignatian Challenge Award recipient,
outdid us all in showing honour when he gave
tribute to those who had a lasting impact on him
as a person. In receiving our Ignatian Challenge
Award, he challenged us to remember each day,
each gift that comes to us by virtue of the St
Paul’s community to which each of us belongs
as ‘just a blessing.’ That Jim sees each day as it
unfolds as a blessing in itself is a grace.
Along with Jim and his family, I would like to
express my thanks to Nick Laping ’61 and the
Advancement Office staff, along with Pierre
Campeau ’79 and Jeff Morton, and all those
who attended or contributed to the Dinner,
whose concerted efforts led to $107,500 going
directly to the Jim Tennant Family Bursary. This
fund, and others like it at St Paul’s, ensures that
qualified students who have the ability and desire
for a St Paul’s education and formation will not
be denied entrance due to financial constraints.
The challenge accepted by Jim Tennant and all
of the Tribute Dinner attendees and supporters
coincided this year with the loss of an admired
and talented grade 11 student at St Paul’s, Chris
Gyles. Holding these two events together was most
certainly a challenge for the St Paul’s community.
It was a sad moment in our history and yet also
a call to rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering,
and to persevere in prayer.
Deeply grateful for the care of extended to their
family, Mr and Mrs Gyles have established a
student award for a student from Chris’ class,
both this year and next, and a bursary in Chris’
St Paul’s is most grateful to the community of
St Ignatius Church which provided us with a
sacred space to mourn the loss of one of ours.
To Frs Boutilier and Mulvihill–thank you. Your
fast-moving planning of Chris’ funeral and the
homily attest to Ignatian zeal in the name of St
Paul’s High School. To the Gyles family: our
prayers are with you always.
Service is at the core of a St Paul’s education.
What motivates that service is love and at the
core of service, that very love, is Christ. Each of
us challenged to contemplate Christ, to allow
him to be part of what organizes our thoughts,
images and actions as we live and move and
have our being.
On December 17th, the school celebrated this
love and appeal to service with the unveiling and
blessing of Christ Rising, a Frederick Hart bronze
sculpture. It has been placed at the centre of the
school. My prayer for our community is that the
meaning of this statue goes far beyond a beautiful
piece of fine art and into the hearts and minds
of all who encounter it; that it becomes a source
of strength, inspiration and vision as we contemplate the moment in salvation history it depicts
–the resurrection.
At the request of the benefactors, whose names
are listed in this issue of The Crusader, Christ
Rising is dedicated to Fr Joseph (Jakie) Driscoll
SJ, former Rector of St Paul’s High School, and
to all the Jesuits who have worked at the School
since 1933.
Thank you to all for your own contributions in
meeting challenges as students, parents, faculty,
staff, alumni and friends of the community of
St Paul’s.
Fr Alan Fogarty SJ
Christ Rising
Placing Christ at the centre of the school–a work of
art arrives at St Paul’s depicting Christ’s Resurrection. At a
ceremony in December, the Frederick Hart bronze sculpture
was unveiled, blessed and then dedicated to Fr Joseph
‘Jakie’ Driscoll SJ and to all Jesuits who have served
St Paul’s since 1933.
Spiritual Exercises of
St Ignatius Loyola
Can a busy teenager take up to one hour per day in
prayer and reflection? Is it really something that high
school aged youth can benefit from or understand?
Most definitely yes, contends Mr Johnston Smith ’67,
who, five years ago, started a grade 12 course in the
Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola.
his issue of The
Crusader explores
the central foundations of our school.
The addition of
Frederick Hart’s
Christ Rising, as
the article describes,
places Christ at the
physical centre of the
school. The article on the Spiritual Exercises highlights an exciting and very challenging course that
is offered to our grade 12 students. This new course
in the Spiritual Exercises touches on the very foundations of the Jesuits and Ignatian Spirituality.
The Spiritual Exercises emerged from St Ignatius’
experiences at Montserrat and Manresa in 1522,
upon which he reflected during his pilgrimages to
Rome and Jerusalem and his studies in Barcelona
and Paris. The Exercises were ultimately incorporated into the founding principles of the Society of
Jesus and were approved by Pope Paul III in 1548.
St Paul’s emphasis on the development of the
whole person with a balance of academic, extracurricular and spiritual formation emerges from
the Spiritual Exercises and becomes the foundation
for all of the activities and events written about in
this issue.
“Just a Blessing”
Ignatian Challenge Award Tribute Dinner Honouree
Jim Tennant ’66 acknowledged the many Jesuits and
teachers of St Paul’s that have shaped his life as student,
alumnus, board member and parent. In a heartfelt presentation,
Mr Tennant looked back and touched on over
40 years of history at St Paul’s.
In this issue, we remember that the school’s spiritual
direction and foundation began when a wounded
soldier, Íñigo Oñaz López de Loyola, sat convalescing and reflecting on Christ and the lives of the
Saints, while considering the meaning of his life
almost 500 years ago.
Jason Brennan ’88
Crusader Sports:
Cross-Country, Volleyball,
Hockey and Wrestling
In the first half of this year, Crusader teams have
captured four Provincial Championships. The Crusader
JV Cross-Country team won St Paul’s first provincial title
of the year, followed by titles in volleyball, hockey and
wrestling. Read more in the Crusader Sports Report.
The Crusader is published twice a year by the
Advancement Office at St Paul’s High School.
St Paul’s High School, 2200 Grant Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, R3P 0P8 www.stpauls.mb.ca
Editor: Jason Brennan ’88
Design: Dawn Huck
All Class Reunion &
Homecoming Weekend
Photography: Dr George Balko ’75, Martin Lussier ’03,
Jennifer Nash, ryandavid Photography, Lisa Cadez,
Lawrence Prokopanko ’72, Jason Brennan ’88
Alumni from every generation gathered in Murray Hall last
September to renew old friendships and share memories with
teachers and fellow alumni. The next day the AAA and AA
Crusaders took on the Bulldogs and Clippers,
renewing decades-old rivalries.
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Mail Distribution: Dycom Direct Mail Services
Bob ’76 and Jeff Thiessen ’81
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please e-mail [email protected]
Christ Rising
The unveiling of a piece of fine art is always a moment of special drama and significance.
Christ Rising
The revelation of an artist’s creative vision and expression, the moment when all can see and
appreciate the true value of a work are tied to this dramatic moment. December 17, 2007 was no
exception to this with the unveiling of Frederick Hart’s Christ Rising during a liturgy in Murray Hall.
Contributed by Martin Lussier ’03
he purchase, arrival, and placement of the
work are no small coincidence, said Fr. Fogarty.
“As Jesuits working in any apostolate, it is imperative that we reflect theologically on what we’re
doing. This puts Christ at the centre of the school.”
bronze underneath. Following the ceremony,
many students stopped to examine Christ Rising
in greater detail, and throughout the week since
its installment, students have taken time to stop,
contemplate and examine the statue.
Indeed, the idea of Christ at the centre of the
school and school life becomes very apparent
when walking through the front doors of the
school. Standing more than seven feet tall on
its base and weighing almost 350 pounds, the
bronze sculpture’s dramatic
presence depicts the
moment of Christ’s
Resurrection. Its immediate impact is undeniable.
The addition of Christ Rising to the school’s
front entrance is only one of many initiatives
undertaken by Fr Fogarty to reinforce the concept of “Christ at the centre” of the school’s life,
ethos, mission, collective vision and community.
Recently, the seal of the
Society of Jesus was boldly
emblazoned on the front
entrance windows and
several office doors around
the school campus, marking
the presence of the Society
of Jesus at the school. Funding for those symbols was
provided by the donation
of the Class of 2007.
With like effect during the
unveiling, the statue was
placed at the very centre
of the assembled student
community, staff and
generous benefactors.
The unveiling ceremony,
presided over by St Paul’s
President Fr Alan Fogarty
SJ and Fr Michel Boutilier
SJ featured the resounding
voices of St Paul’s 85-strong
student choir led by Mrs
Jacqueline Jackson and
prayerful Litany of the
Saints offered by Fr
Boutilier. A sense of drama
and anticipation hung in
the air as the students,
staff and benefactors in
the audience awaited the pending reveal.
Fr Alan Fogarty SJ and Fr Michel Boutilier SJ receive
Christ Rising in early December.
Fr Fogarty described his thoughts upon seeing
Christ Rising for the first time, “when I first saw
Christ Rising about five years ago I remember
thinking it would be amazing to have this powerful work of art available to everyone who is
part of our school community.”
Reactions from students can certainly be
characterized as positive. During the unveiling,
students’ expressions reflected a sense of awe or
wonder as the cloth was removed to reveal the
The artist, Frederick Hart
(1943–1999), declared of
his work his intention to
draw people into an examination of the greater mysteries of life. Said Hart, “I
believe that art has a moral
responsibility, that is must
pursue something higher
than itself. Art must be a
part of life. It must exist
in the domain of the
common man.”
By placing Christ Rising
at the centre of the school, both spiritually and
literally, Fr Fogarty is inviting students and all
members of our community to consider Christ’s
presence in our lives. “My hope was, and remains,
that our students, staff and families, alumni and
friends would be so inspired that they began to
pray, to see this very public part of our school, a
place to reflect and find peace, and that all would
in some way, carry this image of Christ wherever
they go in life. The idea is to create a spiritual
environment so that as we go about our normal
business of the day, we see moments, we catch
Christ Rising
glimpses of Jesus throughout the day in the statue
which may draw us to His mystery, and to this
moment, the mystery of this moment which is
central to our faith,” Fr Fogarty said.
Fr Fogarty indicated that the acquisition of
Christ Rising would certainly not have been
possible without the gracious help of many
benefactors. “[These are] all people of deep faith
who together have agreed to dedicate, to make
possible the acquisition of this piece of fine art
for St Paul’s High School as an expression of
their gratitude to their dear friend, Fr Joseph
‘Jakie’ Driscoll SJ and all of the Jesuits who
taught at and cared for St Paul’s High School,”
Fr Fogarty said.
St Paul’s would like to thank Mrs Gladys Clary,
The Crowley Family, Graduates of St Paul’s High
School Class of 2007, The Jesuits in English
Canada, The Pazdor Family, The Sellors Family,
Ted and Claire Charne and Mrs Ninette Webster
for their generous contributions to the school
through this sacred work of art.
St Paul’s online community:
To view more photographs of the
December 17, 2007 unveiling, login to the
St Paul’s Online Community and search
“Christ Rising”
News & Events
e 20 Years of Fashions and Good Times
he Annual Parent Guild St Paul’s Fashion Show has
been building community among the parents and
friends of St Paul’s since 1986. Lifelong friendships
among St Paul’s alumni are often mirrored in friendships made between the parents of St Paul’s students.
Current parents, past parents and especially new St
Paul’s parents and their friends are invited to attend
this year’s event on Wednesday, April 16th at Canad
Inns Polo Park. Tickets are just $50 per person, which
covers the cost of the meal. Funds are raised through
voluntary participation in the various auctions run
throughout the evening.
A special highlight of this year’s event will be the
return of live musical entertainment presented by the
St Paul’s Senior Jazz Band.
Cocktail reception begins at 5:30 pm followed by
Dinner at 6:45 pm. Tickets and prize donor opportunities
(gifts in kind may be eligible for a tax receipt) are
available at the Reception Desk at the front of the
school. Please join us in making this event another
resounding success.
At last year’s All That Jazz Spring Fashion Show
Extravaganza, held at Canad Inns Polo Park, the
tickets sold out with more than 450 guests in attendance. Through the generous support of alumni
and friends of the school, the event’s rainbow, silent
and live auctions raised more than $18,000 in support
of annual student co-curricular and extra-curricular
Fashions were provided by: Holt Renfrew, Chestnut
Lane Boutique, Candie & Dolls, Danali’s, Mea’s,
Peepers, Scerbo Formals, St Paul’s Crusader Shoppe,
and Talbot. Liz Crawford of Swish Productions coordinated the models, music and fashions from the
retailers involved to compliment our Grade 12 St
Paul’s student models.
2007 Dinner Sponsors included: Platinum: Holt Renfrew Ltd Gold: Banville & Jones, Cole Castelane, Cornelia Bean, City Press Ltd. and Hilary Druxman. Silver: Canad Inns
Polo Park, Pro-Fitness, Ten Spa at the Fort Garry Hotel. St Paul’s is thankful to all of the parents who in the past 22 years have made the Fashion Show such a tremendous
community-building success and especially thankful for the continued leadership of this year’s chair Kathy Corbett and her volunteer committee.
Trip of aLifetime
Contributed by Mackenzie Acheson ’08,
Crusader Hockey Team Captain
he trip of a lifetime! That is what Coach
Harder described to us before the St Paul’s
hockey team embarked on a thirteen day trip to
Eastern Europe. We were set to travel to Austria,
Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and
Germany leaving on Boxing Day.
Led by Head Coach Andrew Harder ’93, Assistant
Coach Chad Horrill ’93, Manager Rolf Krebs, student
manager Scott Coubrough ’08 and Mr Hurton,
along with many of our parents, we arrived in
Vienna, Austria, following a full day of travel.
After three days of sightseeing in Vienna and
Budapest and two exhibition games, both victories, against teams from Stockerauer and another
Budapest (UTE Budapest), we travelled northwest
to Bratislava, Slovakia. The New Year celebration
in Bratislava was a party in the streets and set in
an unforgettable environment (a huge party zone
at the historical city centre) with live music and
shows, as well as a great fireworks show on the
bank of the Danube River.
On January 2nd, we left Bratislava and travelled
north into the Czech Republic, heading straight
to Pardubice for the World Junior quarter-final
game between Canada and Finland, which was
To see more Crusader Hockey in Europe photographs and read Mr Hurton’s travel blog search
“Europe” in the St Paul’s Online community.
really exciting. In the end, we were also able to
attend the semi-final and final games. Thanks
to Hockey Canada, we had great seats and everywhere you turned at the games you saw Canadian
jerseys. On January 5th, we got ready for the gold
medal game, which included drenching ourselves
in body paint and making signs, which made it on
TSN. The game was unbelievable and it was unreal
to seeCanada win.
Along the way, we played our third and most
challenging game against HC Sparta Praha, a great
team which moved the puck very well. After being
down 1–3 and 3–4, we came back and beat them
6–5 in a shootout where Pat Henderson sniped the
winner for us.
For our final game, we travelled west into Mitterteich, Germany where we played the EHC Stiftland
team. We were greeted on the ice by a five year old
mascot, dressed up in a dragon costume. After the
game, the host team provided a dinner for us. The
next morning, we drove to the Frankfurt airport,
which meant that we unfortunately had to go
This trip was an unbelievable experience. As we
toured these countries, it was really cool to see how
different they were from Canada. Most of the buildings were really old, tall, closely built together and
had a lot of historical significance attached to them.
During our two weeks we played five games,
watched three World Junior games, toured five
countries and more importantly got to know one
another better and really gelled as a team. It was
an unforgettable two weeks and proved to be the
trip of a lifetime!
News & Events
iPOP: The Freshman Retreat
Contributed by Sean Stephensen ’11
Daniel Oberton ’10
Defends Chess Title
y successfully defending his St Paul’s Chess
championship against a tournament field of 30
players, grade 10 Daniel Oberton ’10 has proven that
his victory last year was more than just good fortune.
With back-to-back championships, Daniel has taken
the first two titles on the way to a possible 4-peat, a
rare achievement.
his year’s Freshman Retreat, to welcome the
new grade nine and ten students, was labelled
with the theme iPOP. For those who don’t know,
this stands for individual pieces one puzzle, and
symbolizes that the freshmen are individual pieces,
who will fit into the puzzle of the St Paul’s community. The Freshman Retreat, or TFR, has been in
place for seven years, and the purpose of it is to
bring new students closer together.
we are a special part of the unity. Spiritual growth
was a key theme throughout the retreat and freshmen learned to recognize God in more places.
Through various activities organised by the team
leaders and staff, there were many different ways
that students could develop. Students become
stronger in accepting people of different races,
religions, and other beliefs and values. TFR also
values the bond between members of the St Paul’s
community and encourages freshmen to participate as much as they can, so that they also feel
Special thanks to everyone that put so much effort
into organising the Freshman Retreat. All of the
staff, grounds crew, leaders and buddies, parent
volunteers, and Jesuit fathers: you were a key part
of the retreat, and it wouldn’t have been the same
without all the time you took to make sure we
would have a good time.
thanks to all th
“So awesome…
lped make it po
people who he
“Best retreat ever
Personally, I got a lot out of the retreat. I can honestly
say that I strengthened myself spiritually, made lots
of new friends,and became more confident. I learned
to open myself up more and had an amazing experience that I will remember all of my life.
Four straight titles were first accomplished at St Paul’s
by Patrick Morhun ’83. It was considered such a feat
that the St Paul’s Chess Tournament Trophy became
the Patrick Morhun Trophy in Patrick’s senior year
and only one other player, Ronaldo Opinga ’92, has
repeated the feat. Conrado Padilla, ’88 the only other
player with three titles, took the trophy in his grade
10, 11 and 12 years. Brothers Marko ’99 and David
Klaponski ’03 have three titles between them.
The final match pitted Oberton (above with chess
moderator Kevin Sterner) against another grade 9
upstart, Steven Cooper ’11, who was making his
own bid to take a run at the 4-peat. This year’s grade
level champions were (runner-up): Steven Cooper ’11
(Andrew Konopelny ’11), Daniel Oberton ’10 (Matthew
Burns ’10), Stephan Baluta ’09 (Carey Buss ’09), and
Luc Buhunicky ’08 (Ben Scoville ’08).
Crusader Senior Debaters Bring Home the Angus!
t was a bitterly cold February evening. It
was an evening that in and of itself would do
nothing to raise consciousness of the ominous
threat of global warming. That task would be
left to the evening’s debate resolution: Resolved
that Canada assume a global leadership role in
environmental stewardship.
The 8th Annual Angus Reid ’65 Debating
Tournament was held on February 12, 2008 with
seven Winnipeg high schools competing for the
Angus Reid Trophy. Crusader debaters included
Martyn Langstaff ’08, Ethan Chess ’10, Douglas
Feltham ’10, Alex Megyeri ’10, Sean Timlick ’10
and Alex Izydorczyk ’11.
Martyn Langstaff ’08 and Ethan Chess ’10 with
the Angus Reid ’65 Trophy
At the conclusion of the debate, Ethan Chess
was ranked 2nd in individual scoring and Martyn
Langstaff was ranked 6th and together this
Crusader duo of Langstaff and Chess were
awarded 1st place honours in doubles competition. This marks the first time Crusader debaters
have won our host tournament. Also, grade 9
Alex Izydorczyk placed a remarkable 9th in individual scoring. This was particularly impressive
considering the fact that Alex is actually a junior
debater invited to compete in the tournament
on very short notice.
The highlight of the evening was the success of
Langstaff and Chess in bringing home the Angus
Reid ’65 Trophy. Adding to this victory is the great
experience gained by a very young Crusader
Senior Debate team which bodes well for future
individual and team success.
From the Principal
being named the Athletics Manitoba High School
Coach of the Year (for Cross-Country and Track).
You can read more in the Crusader Sports report
(pages 12 and 13), but win or lose, I am very
proud of the hard work, dedication and fine play
exhibited by all of our school teams. With all
of the recent success it is easy to become complacent about the number of championships, but
each is a truly remarkable accomplishment; well
done Cru!
Faith and Justice
St Paul’s continues to seek “the Magis” or greater
good by deepening our student’s awareness of
the importance of a relationship with God and
providing them with experiences which challenge
them consider working for more just societal
Dear Alumni and Friends,
he school year has so far been filled with the
usual hum of classes, intramural sports, wonderful drama, brilliant debates, excellent retreats,
Crusader Raffle and mission fund drives punctuated with exciting sports victories, the December
dedication ceremony of the new “Christ Rising”
statue which featured our over 85 student strong
St Paul’s Choir. In November, the traditional
month for remembrance and honouring those
who have gone before us, St Paul’s experienced
the heartbreaking loss of one of our own. The
tragic death of Chris Gyles ’09, the gravity of his
loss to the Gyles family, including his brother Matt
Gyles ’04, to his closest friends and to the St
Paul’s community, poignantly demonstrated the
fragility of human life, but also strengthened the
entire community’s understanding of the importance of love, kinship, care and of community
Despite the tragic circumstances and the attendant grief, through the days following Chris’
untimely passing, up to and after his funeral
where Crusader colours were worn to honour
Chris, there was a palpable sense of community
connection, camaraderie, fellowship and hope
which comes from faith and trust in God and
one another.
That week fittingly ended with our annual
Remembrance Day service where through a fantastic combination of music from the St Paul’s
Band program, the choir, a cadet colour guard
and a visual display created by Zach van der
Hooft ’09. We honoured those who have given
their lives in pursuit of freedom and in service
to others.
Crusader Athletics
The St Paul’s athletic program continues to
excel. A special mention is deserved the JV Cross
Country team who won an unprecedented sixth
straight MHSAA Provincial Championship. Congratulations as well to Coach Jeff McMillan on
        
Mike Watson returns to St Paul’s this September
to take up the reins from Alan Carruthers ’88 in the
position of Vice-Principal Students. This past year,
Mike had taken a one-year sabbatical, which included winning a CIS national football championship as
Defensive Line Coach with the University of Manitoba
Bisons. Mike returns this fall for his tenth year at St
Paul’s. Mike, his wife Leslie (SMA ’88) and daughters
Sarah and Kate will once again be welcome voices
in the halls of St Paul’s.
In addition to the already well established
Christian Service and Christian Life Community
Programs and the very successful Freshman (Gr
9) and Kairos retreat Programs, we have implemented a new Grade 10 retreat this year. We are
continuing to coordinate a day program where
Grade 9 students visit the worship places of other
faiths such as a synagogue, a Hindu temple, a
mosque, and an Ukrainian Orthodox church. We
have implemented a Grade 11 Religion course on
Social Justice for First Term and World Religions
in Second Term.
The St Paul’s Human Rights Group has been
involved in a letter writing and petition campaign
opposing the death sentence of Donald Smith to
which the Governor of Montana recently sent them
a negative reply. Nevertheless, their efforts have
helped to raise consciousness of important issues.
The Maroon and White Society has led Mission
Weeks in which they have raised $2,160 for the
Braveheart Foundation (story on page 17), over
$700 for Fire Relief at St Ignatius School, over
$1,000 in support of relief for spinal cord injury
victims, and helped organize twenty-three hampers for Christmas Cheer Board. The Student
Council also donated over $7,500 in support of
Guardian Angels for Breast Cancer Research
through the 30th edition of the Walkathon.
The Arts
The Band Program achieved very high marks at
the Optimist Festival earning three invitations to
the National Festival. The Art and Band Programs
are going to Chicago for a cultural trip where they
will visit various galleries, attend various concerts,
perform for local schools, and collaborate with
Loyola (Jesuit) Academy.
The St Paul’s Choir gave a well-received Valentine’s
Day Concert at St Mary’s Academy and they have
significantly contributed to our liturgies. The
Crusader News has produced several very high
quality editions of the paper. The St Paul’s
Dramatic Society put on a fabulous production
of The Werewolf’s Curse in December and the St
Paul’s Debating Society won, for the first time,
the seventh annual Angus Reid ’65 Debate
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to
thank Mr Alan Carruthers ’88, our Vice-Principal
Students whose term in that office comes to an
end in June. Mr Carruthers will have given 8
years of yeoman service to St Paul’s in this role.
Although the school will thank him more formally
in June, I would like to acknowledge the great
work he has done in helping to maintain a safe
and respectful school climate, and in providing
me with invaluable advice, assistance and support.
He will remain at St Paul’s as a teacher in the
coming year.
We are very fortunate that Mr Mike Watson, who
is on a one year leave of absence, has decided to
return to St Paul’s to take up the role of VPS. Mr
Watson has large shoes to fill, but I believe he has
the necessary gifts and talents to thrive in the
position and to help maintain the excellent school
climate and discipline the St Paul’s community
has come to expect.
Tom Lussier,
Spiritual Exercises
Called to Love, Called to Serve
Six years of the Spiritual Exercises at St Paul’s
Can a busy teenager take
up to one hour per day
in prayer and reflection?
Contributed by Martin Lussier ’03
s it really something that high school aged
youth can benefit from or understand? Most
definitely yes, contends Mr Johnston Smith ’67,
who, five years ago, started a grade 12 course in
the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola.
“It works in different ways for different people.
How open they are to growth is one of the key
factors. If they come into this program with a
view that they want to get closer to Jesus, know
him better, and they are willing to be formed, they
profit enormously, and they do the full exercises.
People move at different rates,” Smith said.
The Exercises have been present, at least in adapted
forms, for many years in student life at the school.
Kairos, a 4-day retreat program offered to grade 11
and 12 students is an adaptation of the ideas and
themes of the Exercises. Given the success of the
Kairos program, which began in 2000, why was it
important to bring the full Exercises to the school?
“The Jesuit Province of English Canada several
years ago did study of where they wanted to go,
and they prioritized themselves. Their number
one priority is the promotion of the Spiritual
Exercises.” Smith said. “The Exercises proper, as
we are doing with our students, are fundamental
to understanding Ignatius, and I think of a certain
kind of spirituality–Ignatian Spirituality.”
The Exercises in their usual form are made up of
a four “week” retreat where participants come to a
deeper and greater understanding of God, prayer,
and ultimately of themselves and their mission.
Students at the school “make” the Exercises over
the course of the school year, allowing for experiential learning and extended reflection—not
to mention a busy schedule. This follows the
“Annotation 19” approach that St Ignatius envisioned when he originally established the Exercises almost 500 years ago. The Exercises were
officially approved by Pope Paul III in 1548.
The course itself has four main objectives: to
gain greater self-awareness and to become a more
fully integrated person; to provide a framework
for sorting out conflicting values and desires; to
help make major decisions; and, to deepen the
retreatant’s relationship with God through learning to know Jesus more fully, love him more
completely and follow him more closely.
Students making the Exercises meet with a spiritual
director once per school cycle, or roughly once
a week. Students are also expected to commit to
pray, every day. The Exercises program also has
a group meeting aspect, where retreatants share
their experiences with one another and their
progress through the Exercises.
capable of at that point in time.” The school
makes a significant commitment to the program
with Mr Smith, Fr Con Mulvihill SJ and Mr Ray
Comeault all directing students this year.
Eventually, they are praying an hour a day, or
more, Smith indicated. “People move at different
rates. You sort of have to ease them into it, because
they don’t think they’ll have time … Some of
them are outstandingly advanced … others are
at a rudimentary stage. That is why we have individual directors who can tailor the experience
to what the particular retreatant needs and is
“The [group] meetings really helped
me open up and share what was on
my mind and how I felt about certain
experiences I had.”
Students share their thoughts:
“ I think the group meetings really
helped change my ideas about
prayer, God and Jesus.”
“I really didn’t pray much at all prior
to this. Now I pray, and prayer is
really an emotional experience.”
“Prayer has become a very integral
part of my life.”
“Most meaningful to me was my life’s
mission statement. I have a clear cut
goal of who I want to be and how I
want to live.”
“[It has brought] me close to everyone around me.”
“ I have grown profoundly in
knowledge of myself and Christ.”
Tribute Dinner
Just a Blessing
Ignatian Challenge Award
Tribute Dinner Sponsors
St Paul’s High School expresses its
deepest gratitude to Mr Tennant ’66 for
accepting the 2007 Ignatian Challenge
Award. We thank our many dinner sponsors
and patrons who helped make the evening
possible. By attending the Tribute Dinner and
contributing to its success you have accepted the
challenge and made a difference in the lives
of the students of St Paul’s High School.
For this we are tremendously thankful.
Circle of Leadership
Gardewine North
Jesuits of Winnipeg
Neptune Properties
Paul’s Hauling Ltd
Piston Ring Service
Jim Tennant ’66 and Family
John Tennant ’69 and Family
Affinia Canada Corp
Birchwood Automotive Group/National Leasing
Dayco Canada Corp
Maroon & White
Affinia Canada Corp/Blue Streak
Boes Ltd
Booth Dennehy LLP
Duboff Edwards Haight & Schachter LLP
Duha Color Services
East India Company
Fillmore Riley LLP
G.J. Vis Enterprises Inc
Guertin Equipment Ltd
Intagra Inc
James Richardson & Sons, Ltd
Johnson Waste Management
Mr & Mrs Kevin and Els Kavanagh
King Transportation Limited
MacDon Industries Ltd
Maple Leaf Construction
Mayberry Fine Art
McDiarmid Lumber
Meyers Norris Penny
Monarch Industries
Mr John O’Neill ’45
Pitblado LLP
RBC Financial Group
Royal Canadian Properties Ltd
Structural Glass Ltd
Wellington West Financial Services Inc
Robert Bosch Inc
National Sales/Cardone Inc
Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson LLP
The Ignatian Challenge Award is presented to those who embrace
the ideals of St Ignatius Loyola and reflect the characteristics and
qualities inherent in a Jesuit education at St Paul’s High School.
n accepting the 2007 Ignatian
Challenge Award, Mr Jim Tennant
’66 acknowledged the Jesuits and lay
leaders of St Paul’s who shaped his experiences as a student, alumnus, board chair,
and parent at St Paul’s High School.
In a superbly crafted and prepared speaking and
video presentation, Jim described each of these
experiences as gifts that he has received through
his involvement in the St Paul’s community. Photographs and memories flowed from his heartfelt
presentation as he recalled his own former teachers
and mentors, Jesuit Fathers Toppings, Joe Murray,
John Murray, John Pungente, St Clair Monaghan
and Father John Holland; past school Directors,
Jesuit Fathers Jakie Driscoll, David Creamer, Eric
MacLean and Paul Crouch; former teacher and
counsellor Fr Earl Smith and the school’s first lay
principal, Mr Larry Franz and business manager,
Mr Paul Leatherdale.
Jim began his remarks by expressing his gratitude
to his wife Jan and brother John ’69 for their patience and support and dedicating his award “to all
the wonderful people of the St Paul’s community
who over the years have been there to Sheppard
me back on course as I so often needed.”
Recalling his first day as a St Paul’s student, Jim
described the certain trepidation he felt going to a
school where he knew nary a sole.
were an allusion to Jim’s first experience of the
Catholic Liturgy.
“At different times in my life I return to that first
day in the old Chapel. I can still see and smell the
“I was dropped off in my spanking new Eaton’s suit, candles, the smooth worn wood, and hear the
canting of the priests and now as then, when I
white shirt and clip on tie at the corner of Ellice
approach the altar I bow my head cross my arms
and Vaughn knowing literally no one. Within
minutes I had joined a scrum football game on the and say ‘Father, just a blessing’.”
freshly spread cinder field. The knee in my pants
In tribute to Mr Tennant ’66 and in celebration
was torn open, my clip on tie was merrily being
of the broader St Paul’s High School community
passed around. St Paul’s was looking good.”
750 patrons attended this year’s dinner. Greetings
were offered from His Honour the Honourable
Jim’s presentation alternated between the video
presentation and his own spoken words in a chapter John Harvard, Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba,
Mr Tennant’s classmate and Premier of Manitoba,
-like presentation. The end of each chapter, and
the beginning of each video segment, was signified Premier Gary Doer ’66, Mayor Sam Katz, Fr
Richard Arsenault, Chancellor of the Archdiocese
by the remark ‘Just a Blessing.’ As a young Protof Winnipeg, Fr Jean-Marc Laporte SJ, Provincial
estant student at a Catholic school, these remarks
Superior of the Jesuits in English Canada, and St
Paul’s High School President, Fr Alan Fogarty, SJ.
Mr Tennant ’66 was introduced by Mr Charles
Scott ’66, a long-time friend of the family and an
executive with the Tennant family business, Piston
Ring Service. Mr Justice Alan MacInnes ’60 served
as Master of ceremonies for the evening.
From left, Premier Gary Doer ’66, his wife Ginny Devine,
Jan Tennant, Mayor Sam Katz and Jim Tennant ’66
Tribute Dinner
Altar Boy; he added that he knew pretty much everything. He explained
to me that even the ‘guys in skirts’ knew the Latin was all mumble jumble
and that SJ stood for ‘soft job’. Little did I realize that many years later as
Premier, Gary Doer would perform his duties in a similar way, calm and
in control with a most definite self confident smirk and swagger at his
own soft job.”
On Frs Pungente and John Murray
“ Four years of plays and productions…taught me much about getting
it done creatively, on budget and on time…They were both producers
extraordinaire and taught all of us to use the resources and talents given
to us and simply to make the best of it. No whining allowed.”
Selected excerpts
from Jim Tennant’s acknowledgement:
On Fr Toppings:
“The bell rang. I headed for 9A, Fr James Toppings, ‘the doorknob’, and
to meet my new classmates … Some twenty years later, I shared with Fr
Eric McLean the impact that Fr Topping’s teachings had had on me and
how I still had his recipe card with the Latin proverb that he gave me
the last day of grade nine. Shortly after that ‘Old Jimmie’ as he called
himself was in Winnipeg visiting the school and old friends…Jan made
‘Old Jimmie’ a simple cheese sandwich as he charmed and captivated
my children. It was time to go when he said, “I understand you still have
your card.” I pulled it from my desk drawer … with a quiet self assurance and a knowing smile. He remembered my proverb. Once again he
gave me my direction.”
On Fr St Clair Monaghan:
“ Four years of Latin! Grade 12 Latin was being taught by the famous
Fr St Clair Monaghan, affectionately known as ‘The Slink’. Classes took
place in his office, which I saw far too much of as he was also Principal
and the ultimate source of discipline in the school.”
On fellow alumnus, Gary Doer ’66
“I was one of four non-Catholics in the entire school and most definitely
at a loss as we headed for the Chapel where Mass would be served in
Latin. A kid with a toothy grin advised me that he was an experienced
On Fr Jake Driscoll, St Paul’s Director 1966–1972
“ The school was losing a very lucrative funding program and the move
to Tuxedo had not been without some difficulties. The Booster Club,
and then the Provincial Sweepstakes had culminated in a lottery. The
first one in 1971, netting nearly $50,000 dollars for St Pauls … A miracle
had happened back then. Some years later, it came to an end. ‘Jakie’
would just smile and suggest that all we needed was another ‘little
miracle’. I doubt that anyone in public or private life could work a
room like Fr Jake Driscoll.”
On Fr Dave Creamer, St Paul’s Director 1982–1988
“ Fr Dave Creamer, as many of you know has the gift of gab, coupled
with his high energy and continuous enthusiasm; he was able to oversee
the creation of a miracle on Grosvenor Street for the Jesuits … The
Monaghan wing was completed with a music room and the beginnings
of a computer department … When I would challenge Father Creamer
on the practical or pragmatic aspect of something, I immediately found
the conversation drifting somewhere else and Dave concluding, that I
had agreed with him all along.”
On Fr Earl Smith, counselor for son Trevor ’91
“ November 10th, 1995, a horrific accident happened taking two recent
St Paul’s graduates away from this world. I stood and watched, filled
with anger and frustration, friends of our children, children of our
friends. Trevor Acheson ’93 and Richard Cadieux ’95 were gone. Everywhere I looked, all I could see was grief and pain … Fr Smith once
again emerged as a calming influence. His attention to the families and
the community at large never varied. He was strong and compassionate,
yet somehow he kept the focus on how lucky we were to have had our
lives touched by these special young men.”
Tribute Dinner
2008 Ignatian Challenge Award Recipient
Hubert T. Kleysen
t Paul’s High School is pleased to
announce that Mr Hubert Kleysen, entrepreneur, philanthropist, dedicated family
man and long time friend of St Paul’s, will be
accepting the 2008 Ignatian Challenge Award
at the 2008 Ignatian Challenge Award Tribute
Dinner on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008.
Although Mr Kleysen did not attend St
Paul’s himself, both his sons, Tom ’76 and
Rob ’88, attended and were involved in many
school activities. Hubert was actively involved
with St Paul’s as he chaired one of the major
fundraising campaigns for the school, and
believes in the philosophy of the school. The
Paths of Discovery Campaign provided significant upgrades to the school’s science and
computer labs and established the Father
Holland SJ Learning Centre.
In 1956, Hubert married Bernice Vanderstelt,
and together they built their first home in St
Vital. Later they moved to Ft Garry and still live in that vicinity today. Bernice and Hubert have
three children–Brenda, Tom and Rob, and five wonderful grandchildren–Karl, Max, Alex, Shannon
and Stephen. Family, community and friends have always been the root of Hubert and Bernice’s
home, their business and daily life. They attend church regularly and support their Parish. Bernice
was also an active volunteer at St Paul’s High School while their sons, Tom and Rob, attended.
The Crusader Raffle
The Crusader Raffle held this fall was a
resounding fundraising success for St Paul’s,
contributing $40,000 to support student extracurricular and co-curricular activities and making
a significant contribution of $34,000 to launch
the first Crusader Raffle Bursary for the students
of the future. As you may be aware, an initial
gift of $5,000 will name a bursary at St Paul’s,
$120,000 will fully endow it at the present tuition
level. This first Crusader Raffle is already well
on its way to being a fully endowed bursary
within the next one or two years.
Another added benefit of the new raffle was
the increase in student participation and ownership of their efforts and the raffle results. At $2
per ticket, students could have a reasonable
expectation to sell tickets not only to family and
friends, but with a little effort and courage, the
chance to sell many more tickets to others. In
the end, the students sold more than 45,000
tickets, with remaining ticket sales coming from
the corporate support of Birchwood Automotive
and Horizon Insurance and the raffle partner
support of schools like Immaculate Heart
of Mary.
Hubert is truly honoured to be chosen by St Paul’s as the 18th Recipient of the Ignatian Challenge
Award. Not seeking recognition of the things that he has done, Mr Kleysen hopes to recognize and
create an awareness of the wonderful place that is the St Paul’s community. Mr Kleysen describes
his life philosophy as striving to care for and nurture those who need help, and he feels that St
Paul’s mirrors that philosophy with the type of community that it has developed.
To read the full biography of Mr Hubert Kleysen, 2008 Ignatian Challenge Award Recipient, or to
offer your corporate or personal support for the 2008 Ignatian Challenge Award Tribute Dinner
visit the St Paul’s High School website: www.stpauls.mb.ca/alumni/tribute_dinner
Seventeen students distinguished themselves
and were instrumental in leading the student
body in the 2007 Crusader Raffle. They joined
the President’s Club and were invited to dine and
take in a Moose game with Fr Alan Fogarty SJ,
President, in recognition of their generous effort.
On average, the 2007 President’s Club Members
sold 206 tickets each. Members (listed in order
of ticket sales) were: Nicholas Deluca-Taronnno,
Travis Braschuk, Justin Lopes, Ariel Leyson,
Paul Kraemer, Samuel Guertin, Andrew Hannon,
Matthew Borody, Chris Voth, Chistopher Paprocki,
William Bazan, Matthew Meunier, Kurt Anos, Jon
Stephansson, Tanner Twerdun, Stephen Spikula,
Wajih Zeid.
The Paths of Discovery Campaign (1991) is commemorated at the school in the form of an oak tree with individual donors on each acorn of the tree.
For this fall’s 2008 Crusader Raffle, we invite you
and your place of business to be a point of sale
for the raffle tickets. Please help us sell tickets
to your colleagues, customers, suppliers at your
place of business. For more information on this
excellent opportunity to support the school,
please contact the 2008 Crusader Raffle Chair,
Mr. Greg Leipsic ’86 at 988-4883.
Thank you to all our 2007 Crusader Challenge donors.
Your generosity is much appreciated!
Jesuit Fathers of Upper Canada Mr and Mrs Robert G. Puchniak ’65
Estate of Louis & Mrs Mireille Marrin ’40 The Paul Albrechtsen Foundation Inc
$4,000.00 +
Dr & Mrs D Wayne Acheson ’67
Aqueduct Foundation
Mr & Mrs Ken Bailey
Mr & Mrs Ed Balcewich
Mrs Elaine Baril
Birchwood Automotive Group Ltd.
Dr Tim Blight
Mr & Mrs Pierre L. Campeau ’79
Mrs Claire Charne
Mr Stephen Chipman ’68
Mr G M. Dennehy ’58
Miss Helen Dennehy
$1,000.00 +
Affinia Canada Corp–AB
Aikins, MacAulay and Thorvaldson LLP
Dr John J. Alevizos ’85
Archdiocese of Winnipeg
Mr Jeff A. Baigrie ’81
Dr George V. Balko ’75
Dr Paul M. Barchet ’78
Mr Ron Belanger
Boes Ltd
Booth Dennehy LLP
Mrs Helen Borody
Mr Gregory M. Bozyk ’78
Ms Janice P. Burke
Mr & Mrs Raymond Cadieux
Mr Gerald M. Caron ’72
Mr & Mrs Cole Castelane
Catholic Foundation of Manitoba
Mr & Mrs James B. Chess ’78
Mr & Mrs Timothy Chimuk
Mr Arthur U. Chipman
Mr Mark J. Chipman ’78
Mr & Mrs Rod B. Corbett ’75
Cornelia Bean Ltd
Mr and Mrs Andrew Corner
Mr & Mrs Michael R D’angelo
Dayco Canada Corp
Mr Chris C. Douglas ’78
Dr Glen R. Drobot ’88
Duboff Edwards Haight and Schachter
East India Company Pub and Eatery
Mr Michael L. Evans ’75
Fillmore Riley LLP
Mr David C. Filmon ’84
Mr & Mrs Keith Findlay
Mr Louis G. Furlan ’68
Mr F Dickson Gould ’77
Guertin Equipment Ltd
Mr and Mrs Gregg Hanson ’69
Dr Brian W. Hardy ’76
Mr & Mrs Emeric J. Duha ’78
Miss Eileen English
G J Vis Enterprises
Gardewine North
Girton Management Ltd
Kevin & Els Kavanagh
Mr Eric E. Moscarella ’48
Neptune Management Limited
On Course Capital Inc
Paul’s Hauling Ltd
Piston Ring Service
Mr Tom Pownall ’85
Dr & Mrs Frank Hechter
Mr and Mrs A’ Russell Holmes ’68
Mr Gordon A. Horne
Intagra Inc
James Richardson and Sons, Limited
and Affiliated Companies
Johnson Waste Management
K9 Storm Incorporated
Dr and Mrs Christopher W. Kiazyk ’70
King Transportation Limited
Dr John Klaponski
Mr Jeffrey H. Knight ’59
Mr & Mrs Kerry Knudsen ’78
Mr Gestur Kristjansson ’86
Mrs Joan E. La Rue Van Es
Mr Matthew D. Lamb ’93
Mr Patrick LaMonica ’72
Mr & Mrs Nicholas H. Laping ’61
Mr Gregory E. Leipsic ’86
Liason Freight Services Ltd
Mr & Mrs Mike Linton
Mrs Margaret Ludlow
MacDon Industries Ltd
Dr & Mrs Peter B. MacDonald ’76
Mr and Mrs Alan D. MacInnes ’60
Mr & Mrs Paul A. Mahon ’81
Maple Leaf Construction
Mayberry Fine Art Gallery
Mr Kevin McCulloch ’62
McDiarmid Lumber
Mevotech Inc
Meyers Norris Penny LLP
Dr and Mrs Barry J. Mills
Monarch Industries Ltd.
Mr Gregory Morhun ’75
Dr & Mrs Pol Morton
National Leasing Group
National Sales Inc/Cardone Inc
Mr & Mrs Edward V. Nieroda
Mr John J. O’Neill ’45
Richardson Foundation Inc
Mr Mark R. Schlingerman ’61
Mr R. Michael Sellors ’66
St Joseph’s Parish
St Paul’s High School Parent Guild
Mr Barry Talbot
Mr James Tennant ’66
Mr John O. Tennant ’69
Mr John P. Whyte ’43
Mr Dan P. O’Rourke ’72
Mr & Mrs Silvano Paletta
Partyworks Interactive Games
Mr John G. Patterson ’42
Mr Charles Pazdor ’69
Mrs Frances Pazdor
Mr Robert Pitt
Mr Tom E. Pundyk ’71
Mr Michael P. Pura ’78
RBC Financial Group–Regional Office
Robert Bosch Inc
Royal Canadian Properties Limited
Mr E’ I. Sarna ’75
Mr & Mrs Charles P. Scerbo ’76
Dr & Mrs Brian J. Schmidt ’74
Mr Stephen Schwarz ’85
Mr Derrick M. Sigmar ’78
Mr Troy Spurrill ’89
St Mary’s Academy
St Paul’s College
Mr and Mrs A. Stanley
Static Electric Ltd
Structural Glass Ltd
Mr Jeffrey W. Swystun ’83
Mr Daniel F. Taylor ’79
Tenneco Inc
Mr and Mrs Arnold Ternowski
The Winnipeg Foundation
Dr. J’ M. Trainor ’47
Dr & Mrs Dominic Tsang
Mr Thomas Turner ’78
W. D. Valve Boxes Ltd
Mr Douglas Whaley ’67
Mr and Mrs Robert White
Dr H. R. Wightman ’78
Winnipeg Free Press
1 Anonymous
$300.00 +
Dr Lorne Acheson
Mr & Mrs Mark A. Adams ’75
Mr & Mrs Charles Aiello
Mr Shawn A. Alwis ’00
Arpin Meyer Construction Services Ltd
Asphaltec Paving Ltd
Autoline Products Ltd
Mr and Mrs Allan B. Baker
Dr Jerry Baluta
Mr & Mrs David A. Beeston ’76
Mr Larry J. Beeston ’72
Mr Guy A. Belot ’91
Mr Terry Berntt
Elizabeth & Bill Bilton
Mr Ken Bishop
Bison Transport
Mr & Mrs Leo Blankstein
Mr & Mrs John Blower
Blue Streak Motor Products
Bockstael Construction (1979) Ltd
Mr Michael S. Boehm ’92
Mr and Mrs Donald Boulet
Dr Elizabeth M. Boustcha
Mr James A. Brennan ’67
Dr and Mrs Jan Brown
Mr James Buchok ’75
Dr Darryl N. Burke ’83
Mr and Mrs Patrick L. Burke ’70
Mr Tony Butt
Mr & Mrs Robert Cameron
Mrs Barbara Campbell
Dr and Mrs Dennis Caners
Mr & Mrs Tony N. Catanese ’79
CBF Software Technologies Inc
Mr David A. Chipman ’95
Mr Jeoffrey R. Chipman ’71
City Press Limited
Mr & Mrs Dennis Clarkson
Mr Kevin G. Cleghorn ’76
Mr William L. Cleghorn ’71
Mr & Mrs Blaine Coates
Mr Gary Coleman
Mr and Mrs Raymond Comeault
Congregation des Filles De La Croix
Mr Andrew Connor
Mr Joseph W. Constant ’71
D’Arcy and Deacon LLP
Mr & Mrs Bob Davison
Mr & Mrs George Dawson ’61
Mr & Mrs Art & Leona DeFehr
Desilets Insurance Brokers Ltd
Mr David Devere
Mr Gerald S. Diamond ’83
Douglas Financial Ltd
Dr & Mrs A Craig Downs ’80
Mr William A. Doyle ’37
Dr Carmine Scarpino Dental Corporation
Mr Peter E. Druxerman ’71
Mr & Mrs Willard Ducharme
Dycom Direct Mail
Mr & Mrs Terry Edgeworth
Mr & Mrs Tim Edginton
Mr Daniel J. Erickson ’76
Mr Bruce G. Evans ’79
Mr and Mrs Lorne Evans
Mr & Mrs Michael Falk
Federal-Mogul Canada Ltd
Mr Jurgen W. Feldschmid ’84
Mr Jeff W. Frank
Mr & Mrs Roger A. Fraser ’73
Mr & Mrs David Friesen
Dr Stephen J. Fuzy ’53
Gates Canada Inc
Mr Alan Good
Mr & Mrs Chris Good
Gopher Motor Rebuilding Inc
Gorlick Law Corporation
Mr Allan Grant
Hobbs and Associates
Mr Bernard W. Hoeschen ’57
Mr Scott D. Holden ’92
Mr and Mrs John Holtmann ’68
Mr Andrew Horosko
Jesuits of Winnipeg
Jet Equipment & Tools (Canada) Foundation
Jim Gauthier Pontiac-Buick-GMC
Mr Derek Johannson
K.N.R. Paving Ltd
Mr Anthony Kauenhowen
The Hon and Mrs Daniel P. Kennedy ’57
Mr John V. Kennedy ’46
Mr & Mrs Donald Kilimnik
Mr Dwaine P. King ’69
Mr and Mrs Hubert T. Kleysen
Knights of Columbus St Ignatius of Loyola
Mr & Mrs Denis Kolly
Mr & Mrs Dan Koshowski
Mr Reg W. Kowalchuk ’59
Mr & Mrs Rolf Krebs
Mr Mark Kucher ’78
Mr & Mrs Robert Lafreniere
Mr & Mrs David Lalama
Mr & Mrs John Langstaff
Mr Robert LaRue ’54
Mr & Mrs Jeffrey Leech
Mr Michael Leipsic ’58
Drs. C. & Z. Lekic
Mr & Mrs Bruce Leslie
Mr & Mrs Aproniano Leyson
Mr Brian Lim ’86
Mr Douglas Lochhead
Ms Gail Loewen
Mr Michael Ludwick ’88
Mr and Mrs Tom Lussier
Mr Quentin M. MacCharles ’80
Mr and Mrs Peter J. MacDonald
Dr Norman A. MacEachern ’74
Mr and Mrs Dale Magnus
Mr Christopher Mainella ’86
Mr & Mrs Tom Malkiewicz
Manitoba Hydro
Man-Shield Construction Inc
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Mr William McCance ’61
Mr & Mrs Ken McDowell
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Mr & Mrs Robert McPike
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Mr and Mrs Hubert J. Mesman ’62
Mr and Mrs James G. Miln ’52
Mr Robert J. Miln ’88
Mrs Sherratt Moffatt
Dr and Mrs Stanley Moroz
Mr Kenneth E. Morrison
Dr Scott Morrow ’81
Mr & Mrs Carlos Mota
Mr & Mrs Richard Naujoks
Mr and Mrs William Norrie
Mr Shannon O’Brien ’86
Mr Andrew Ogaranko
Orion Chevrolet Ltd
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Mr Gerald Ouellette ’88
Mrs Susanne Parent-Pulak
Parks Distributing Co Ltd
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Mr & Mrs Calvin S. Polet ’93
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Mr L. Rehaluk & Dr K. Picard
Mr Trpimir Renic ’88
Mr John Restall
Mr Stephen Rosenfield ’72
Mr Patrick Rowan ’68
Mr and Mrs William Ryall ’59
Mr Colin Ryan
Mr & Mrs Felix Sandron ’74
Mr & Mrs John Schriemer
Mr & Mrs Joel Scott
Mr & Mrs Serge Scrafield
Mr & Mrs Ian Shannon ’79
Mr Charles A. Sherbo ’69
Mr Ken Shiffman
Mr Clark F. Sinnott ’67
Mr Andrew Sirski
Dr & Mrs Jeffrey Sisler
Mr and Mrs Len Sitter ’61
Mr & Mrs Jim Slater
Mr Johnston C. Smith ’67
Mr & Mrs Donald Solman
Dr Gene Solmundson
Mr & Mrs Paul Soubry, Jr ’80
Mr & Mrs Karl H. Sproll
Stonehaven Group
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The Serbian Society “KOLO” Inc
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Mr & Mrs Larry Vickar
Mr & Mrs Brad Vollrath
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Mr James E. Weselake ’57
Mr & Mrs Doug Wilkie
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Dr Gregory Wilson ’87
Winnipeg Building and Decorating Ltd
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Mr Paul R J. Beaudry ’86
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Dr & Mrs Charles Bernstein
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Mr Kyle W. Braid ’84
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Business Council of Manitoba
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Mrs Gina Calesso
Mr & Mrs Angus J. Campbell
Mr Tom Carson
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Mr & Mrs Andrea Corsaro
Mr Daniel J. Coughlin ’46
Mr Douglas A. Crabb ’88
Craig & Ross Chartered Accountants
Mr Lanfranco C. Crivici ’62
Mr Robert A. Crowley ’71
Mr Arthur P. Cunningham ’40
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Datum Builders (1998) Ltd
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East Penn Canada
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Mr William M. Finlay ’48
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Mr Ted Flood ’69
Dr H Donald Forbes ’58
Mr Gabriel J. Forest FCA ’47
Mr & Mrs Don Frame
Mr and Mrs Larry Franz
Mr William R. French ’75
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Mr Mike Garlinski ’80
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Mr & Mrs Alexander Gillies-Podgorecki
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Mr Geoffrey J. Harrison ’68
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Mr & Mrs Brad P. Havixbeck ’89
Dr Adrian Hawaleshka ’87
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Mr Shahid I. Hosain ’90
Mr John P. Hulecki ’70
Dr and Mrs Stephen Husarewycz
Mr & Mrs Wadood Ibrahim
Integrity Design Drafting Services
Mr Joseph Keenan ’61
Mr & Mrs Daniel Kelsch
Mrs Mary Kiernan
Mr John W. Kinahan ’38
Mr Gary T. Kincaid
Mrs Irene Kirouac
Mr Glenn P. Kolt ’82
Mr Thomas J. D. Kormylo ’71
Mr Michael R. Krebs ’04
Mr Donald N. Kruk ’70
Mr & Mrs Gregory Krzyszczyk
Ms Jody Langhan
Mr Russell Lavitt ’87
Mr Wade C. Lawrence ’86
Mr and Mrs R Paul Leatherdale
Mr Stephen Lysch ’85
Mr Miles A. Macdonell ’90
Mr Mark MacDuff
Mr Scott MacKenzie
Mr J. A. Macrae ’41
Dr & Mrs Doug Maguire
Mr James V. Mahon ’49
Mr Thomas D. Malone '81
Mr Eric J. Mann ’74
Mr Christopher W. Mattern ’97
Prof. Daniel J. McDonald ’74
Mr Blaine McKillip ’80
Dr & Mrs John McPherson
Mr and Mrs Gerald Mercier ’59
Mr. Robert J. Merello ’89
Mr Mel P. Michener ’47
Mr Kevin T. Mitchell ’04
Mr Larry Mitchell
Mortgage Logic
Mr & Mrs Jeffrey Morton
Mr Garth M. Nemy ’78
Dr Nicholas M. Newman ’72
Dr & Mrs Robert J. Nickel
Oakview Investments Ltd
Mr Eric P. Orellana ’98
Mr & Mrs Ernest H. Ostermann ’57
Mr and Mrs David J. Owczar
Pan Am Clinic Foundation Inc
Mr Richard W. Pelda ’69
Mme Jeanne Perreault
Dr Ronald W. Peterson ’65
Mr & Mrs Paul Phaneuf
Polaris Leasing
Poulin's Professional Pest Control Services
Mr & Mrs Lawrence Prendiville ’72
Mr and Mrs Mel Proskurniak
Mr & Mrs John Pundyk ’68
Mr & Mrs Thomas R. Rathwell ’69
Mr Warren C. Remple ’71
Mr Patrick Rivard ’83
Mr & Mrs Dan Robert
Robin Electric Co Ltd
Mr and Mrs Peter Robinson
Mr & Mrs Murray Ross
Roynat Capital
Mr and Mrs Vince Ryz
Mr Edward Sarna ’48
Mrs Inger Schnerch
Mr & Mrs Dennis Schultz
Mr J. C. Scott ’69
Mr & Mrs Bill Scurfield
Mr & Mrs Thomas Setka
Mr and Mrs William Shelest ’61
Mr James Sherrett
Mr & Mrs Jon Sigurdson
Sigurdson McFadden & Associates Ltd
Mr Terrance A. Silverthorne ’48
Mr Theodore E. Sinnott ’47
Mr Erwin S. Sison ’91
Miss Anne K. Sitter
Mr & Mrs Dennis Smith
Mr & Mrs Richard Soenen ’82
Mr Greg Soprovich ’81
Fr Michael Allan Stack
Mr & Mrs L. David Stamm
Mr & Mrs Jim Steep
Mr and Mrs Wayne Stewart
Mr & Mrs Kenneth Stone
Lawrence & Fay Stuart ’68
Mr & Mrs Jeff Sveinson
Mr & Mrs Richard Tebinka
Mr Donald Thiry ’50
Mr & Mrs Scott Thomson
Mr Dan Torbiak
Mr & Mrs Francis Tsang
University of Winnipeg
VacuFlo Manitoba
Dr Gregory Van de Mosselaer ’85
Mr & Mrs Ron Van Walleghem ’81
Mr William Vis ’83
Mr & Mrs Lloyd Voth
Mr Darren Wallace ’89
Mr and Mrs Ian Wallace
Mrs Frances Weiss
Mrs Angela Wierzbicki
Zirino’s Truck & Fleet Centre
13 Anonymous
Up to $149.00
Mr & Mrs Pardeep Abbi
Dr and Mrs Paul V. Adams ’37
Mr Nicolas H. Ahrens-Townsend ’03
Aldo Formal Wear & Tailors
Mr & Mrs Douglas Alexander
Mr David C. Allery ’60
Mr & Mrs Peter Anandranistakis
Mr & Mrs Kevin Anderson
Mr & Mrs David Angus
Mrs Alice Anhalt
Mr & Mrs Melchor Anos
Mr and Mrs Robert Anseeuw
Mr & Mrs Doug Armstrong
Mr and Mrs George Arndt
Artistic Impressions
Austin O’Brien Dental Corporation
Mr John H. Bachmann ’66
Mr Jules E. Baert ’47
Mr Sean S. Baker ’01
Mr Stewart Baker
Ms Lorraine Balcaen
Mrs Natalie Balko
Mr & Mrs Stephen Ball
Mr and Mrs G. M. Ballance
Mr Michael J. Banias ’04
Mrs Jacqueline Bannatyne
Ms Nancy Barkwell
Rev Mr Wilfrid J. Barre ’49
Mr & Mrs Ronald Bartmanovich
Mr Cody O. Bator ’05
Mr & Mrs Lyle Bauer
Mr Douglas Baxter
Rev Robert A. Baxter ’43
Mr & Mrs Daniel Beaudoin
Mr and Mrs Ruben Bello
Mr & Mrs Palmer A. Benavidez ’90
Mr & Mrs Gerald Benger
Mr Michael R. Benson ’05
Mr & Mrs Hannes Berger
Mr Rudy Beyer
Mr & Mrs Daniel Bezna
Mr Matthew Bialy ’04
Mrs Naomi Bilan
Mr and Mrs Terry Bilyk
Mr & Mrs John Birch
Mr C. E. Blackman ’50
Mr David P. Blackwood ’05
Mr and Mrs Don Blackwood
Mr Aaron P. Blouw ’99
Mr Kellen R. Blower ’04
Mr Jonathan D. Blumberg ’06
Bobbycon Inc
Mr & Mrs Andreas Boersch
Mr & Mrs Wayne Bohn
Dr & Mrs Bruce Bohunicky
Mr Gerry M. Bolin ’58
Mr Gerald E. Bonin ’49
Mrs Larisa Borisenko
Mr and Mrs Stan Borys
Mr Philippe R. Bourbonnais ’48
Father Michel Boutilier, SJ
Mr Justin B. Bova ’97
Ms Leora Bowen
Mr & Mrs Sandy Boyd
Mr and Mrs Alexander Boyle
Mrs Margaret M Boyle
Mrs Balwinder Brar
Mr Thomas J. Breen ’65
Mr Christopher E. Brett ’94
Mr Daniel J. G. Brick ’04
Mr & Mrs Gerry Brick
Brier Estates Memorials
Mr Craig S. Brown ’95
Mr and Mrs William Bulham
Mr & Mrs Doug Bunting
Mr & Mrs Garin Burbank
Mr Jordan C. Burg ’80
Mrs Catherine Burke
Mr Timothy R. Burke ’05
Mr & Mrs Stephen Bushell
Mr Herbert J. Butcher ’45
Mr & Mrs Zdzislaw Bzura
Mr & Mrs Jose Caceres
Ms Lisa Cadez
Mr & Mrs Renato Calesso
Mrs Franca Caligiuri
Mr & Mrs Pat Caligiuri
Mr Sean D. Campbell ’05
Mr Danyel L. Campeau ’06
Mr Jean-Claude Campeau ’08
Mr Dominic Cantafio ’76
Mr & Mrs Greg Cappello
Mr Brian M. Carey ’56
Mr Daniel L. Caron ’92
Mr George M. Carter ’44
Mr & Mrs Les Carvell
Mr Stephen C. Casey ’43
Mr and Mrs B G. Challes
Mr & Mrs William Chambers
Mr Lionel J. Charron ’53
Mr Jeff L. Chartrand ’66
Mr Brian F. Chaze ’97
Mr Edgar A. Chaze
Mr Graham D. Chaze ’02
Mrs Alexandra Chemodanov
Ms Judi Cherniak
Mr & Mrs Amrit Chhina
Mr and Mrs Paul E. Cholakis ’46
Mr Bruce A. Christie ’69
Mr Robert W. Christie ’84
Dr & Mrs George Chuchman ’63
Dr Walter V. Cicha ’80
Mr Rodney W. Classen ’77
Mr Rod J. Colpitts ’50
Mr David P. Conroy’83
Mr Anthony D. Conte ’97
Mr Michael G. Coodin ’97
Mr and Mrs Walter Copp
Mr Carlos P. Cordeiro ’93
Mr Tyler A. Corner ’05
Mr & Mrs Kelly Coubrough
Mr and Mrs Guy Coughlin
Counterpoint Consulting Corp
Ms Ruth Cowan
Mrs Donna J. Crabb
Mr Thomas A. Crew ’74
Mr & Mrs James Cristall
Mr Kelly J. Crossman ’70
Ms Maria L. Custodio
Mr Leo E. Da Dalt ’47
Mr and Mrs Marcel Daeninck
Mr & Mrs Stacy A. Dainard ’88
Mr & Mrs Glen Daman
Mr Mark Dangerfield ’75
Mr and Mrs James Danylishin
David J Kressock Architect Inc
Mr Mark R. Dawybida ’94
Dean R Jenkyns, Chartered Accountant Ltd
Mr & Mrs Les Deezar
Mr and Mrs David S. Deighton
Mr & Mrs Steve Del Vecchio
Mr Blair P. Delveaux ’85
Mr Brent M. Delveaux ’86
Mrs Maureen Den
Mr and Mrs Robert Deniset
Mr and Mrs Brian Denysuik
Mr Robert N. Depoe ’71
Mr George L. Depres ’46
Mr Mark D M. Derksen ’94
Mr Lionel Desilets
Mr and Mrs Richard Desjardins
Mr & Mrs Andre Dion
Mrs Rosy Dizon
Mr Timothy J. Dizon ’03
Mr John E. Doody ’48
Mr Thomas P. Dooley, Sr.
Mr Thomas J. Downey ’81
Dr F P. Doyle ’40
Mr James E. Doyle
Mr Leonard E. Doyle ’45
Mr Brent Dreger ’87
Mr and Mrs F. Angel Duna
Mrs Patricia Duncan
Mr & Mrs Ron Duncan
Mr & Mrs Albert Dyck
Mr Bernard B. Dyma ’46
Mr Zbigniew P. Dziachan ’96
Mr Warren Eaton
Mr and Mrs Kelwyn L. Eklund
Mr & Mrs Gordon Elvers
Mr Brett A. Emek ’06
Mr & Mrs Werner H. Endl
Mr & Mrs Terry J. Ewacha
Ms Diane Eyford
Mr Paul J. Fagan ’59
Mr & Mrs Brad Fainman
Mr Daniel J. Falloon ’05
Mr and Mrs James Falloon
Mr Adam R. Fanset ’03
Mr Ernest L. Feher ’38
Mr & Mrs Glenn Feltham
Ms Colleen Ferrier-Reiman
Mr Brant W. Field ’01
Mr and Mrs Agostino Fiorentino
Mr and Mrs Agostino S. Fiorino ’67
Mr & Mrs Martin Fisher
Mr and Mrs Michael Fisher
Mr & Mrs H. Alex Fleming ’80
Mr John Flood ’53
Mr and Mrs A Ford
Fort Garry Lions Football Club Inc
Mr Denis G. Fortier ’48
Mr and Mrs Ken Foubert
Mr and Mrs John Fox
Mr & Mrs Peter Franczuk
Mr Norman C. Frankemolle ’80
Mr & Mrs Evald R. Frederiksen
Ms Maria Fritschij
Mr and Mrs Don Fuchs
Mr Marco M. Furlan ’57
Mr and Mrs Mike Gagne
Mr James R. Gallagher ’65
Mr Louis M. Gallagher ’47
Mr Ryan J. Galley ’96
Mr Damien M. Gallop ’73
Mr Christopher G. Gamby ’00
Mr and Mrs Jose Garcia
Mr Rene Gasmen
Dr Shaun W. Gauthier ’93
Mr Jeremy W. Gawryluk ’99
Mr and Mrs Ray Gawryluk
Mr and Mrs M. J. Gayowski
Mr & Mrs Don George
Mr and Mrs Julien Gerard
Mr Joseph A. Gervais ’44
Mr Ernest R. Giardino ’59
Mr Andrew G. Gilarski ’06
Mr Jeffrey M. Gilbert ’97
Mr Lawrence F. Gillis ’41
Mr Richard G. Gilmour ’68
Mr Robert D. Girouard
Mr Arnold Glass
Mr Matthew J. Glavin ’00
Mr and Mrs Bert Glesby
Mr & Mrs Neil Gobelle
Ms Ronna Goldberg
Mr Eli I. Goldenberg ’92
Mr H. B. Gordon ’61
Mr Michael W. Gould ’06
Mr William D. Gould ’06
Mr & Mrs George R. D. Goulet ’51
Mr Joseph L. Goulet ’57
Mr Jeffrey R. Graham ’03
Mr and Mrs Robert Graham
Mr James N. Grassby ’34
Mr Robert L. Grassby ’37
Ms Shiona Green
Mr Dana W. D. Gregoire ’01
Mr & Mrs Davinder Grewal
Mr Larry M. Grift ’61
Mr & Mrs Michael T. Guertin ’76
Mr John A. Gunn ’71
Mr & Mrs Cedric G. Gyles
Mr Mike Gyles
Mr Lee Haber ’05
Dr Steve Haber
Mr Paul L. Hack ’44
Ms Gail Haines
Mr Simon P. Hakim ’97
Mr & Mrs Carl Hall
Mr Kenneth D. Hallgrimson ’85
Mr Ronald J. Hannon
Mr & Mrs Andrew D. Harder ’93
Mr Blake G. Harley ’96
Mr and Mrs James G. Harley
Mr Ralph N. Harling ’62
Mr Malcolm J. Harwood ’73
Mr & Mrs Amer Hassan
Mr and Mrs Don Henderson
Mr and Mrs Gordon Henke
Mrs Maria Heron
Mr Paul A. Herriot ’49
Mr and Mrs Raymond M. Hignell ’71
Mr & Mrs Ireneo Hipolito
Mr & Mrs Brian Hodge
Mr and Mrs Nelson Hoe
Mr Michael I. Hoffer ’71
Mr John Hong ’97
Mr Daniel A. Hoorne ’50
Mr & Mrs Raymond Hope
Mr Lindsay G. Horne ’92
Mr and Mrs Richard Horocholyn
Mrs Marilyn Howlett
Mr Donn H. Hrycak ’63
Mr Christopher W. Hrynkow ’95
Mr and Mrs William Hrynkow
Mr & Mrs Mark Humphrey
Mr & Mrs Richard Hurd
Mr Kenneth M. Huyghe ’63
Mr Thomas Ireton ’40
Mr & Mrs Henry Isaak
Mr & Mrs Tom Ivory
Mr Christopher Jacyk ’86
Mr Terrence W. James ’01
Jamison Food Store
Mr Jeffrey E. Jauch ’79
Mr Dean R. Jenkyns ’83
Mr & Mrs Kumarasurier Jeyanthan
JLC Electronics
Mr Scott T. Johnson ’94
Ms Dani Jones
Mr and Mrs Dennis Jones
Mr Matthew D. Jones ’01
Mr Raed A. Joundi ’04
Mr Lloyd Judd
Mr Gurinderjit (Sunny) S. Kaila ’01
Mr & Mrs Richard Kakoske
Mr Erhard F. Kasper ’69
Mr Martin F. Katz ’79
Mr Gordon G. Kaufman ’84
Mr James Kavanagh ’87
Mr and Mrs Donald Keatch
Mr Michael J. Keatch ’98
Mr Glenn A. Kehrer ’84
Mr & Mrs Brian Kelsch
Mr Brent R. Kendall ’04
Mr & Mrs Rick Kendall
Mr William T. Kennedy ’42
Mr Ralph F. Kerr ’46
Mr & Mrs Brent Kerslake
Mr and Mrs David C. King
Mr Gregory Kingdon '85
Mr Kirk R P. Kirby '70
Mr and Mrs Jozef Kiska
Mrs Teresa Kitschke
Mr Adam M. Klaponski '04
Ms Jennifer Klemens
Mr and Mrs Rodger Klopak
Knudsen Enterprises Ltd
Mr Jonathan C A. Kobes '04
Mr Brian Kobylak ’62
Mr Wojciech Kobylinski ’97
Mr Bill Kolansky ’75
Ms Mary Kolynchuk
Mr & Mrs James R. Komishon ’76
Mr Jason Kopytko ’88
Mr and Mrs Leonard Kopytko
Mr Theodore P. Kosowan ’65
Dr and Mrs Ivan Kowalchuk
Mr Alan W. Kowalec ’68
Mr Roger Krawzuk ’63
Mr & Mrs Greg Krisko
Mr & Mrs Joe Krolik
Mr Kenneth Kronson
Mr and Mrs Ronald Krulicki
Mr Glen Krush ’85
Mr & Mrs Richard Kuffel
Mr & Mrs Les Kulasza
Mr and Mrs Joseph D. Kulyk
Mr Kanwal K. Kumar ’97
Mr Leo Kurdydyk ’63
Mr Danny L. Kustra ’05
Mr & Mrs Gregg Kwasny
Mr Brian P. La Fleur ’70
Mr J. B. Adrian Lachance ’46
Mr James D. Ladd ’65
Mr Mathieu R. Lafreniere ’06
Mr & Mrs Drago Lambeta
Mr & Mrs Darryl Landygo
Mr Joseph M. Langan ’95
Mr & Mrs Bob Langdon
Ms Darlene Lanning
Mr and Mrs Reynaldo Lantano
Mr James R. LaPage ’04
Mr & Mrs Jeffery A. Laping ’89
Mrs Reta D. Lapointe
Mr & Mrs Ronald Latter
Mr Roger J. Laurendeau ’87
Mr Lionel Laviolette ’54
Mrs Renee Lavitt
Mr Devin S. Lawlor ’01
Mr Jeffrey C. LeBane ’68
Mr and Mrs Edward Lechman ’49
Mr Justin I. Lee ’99
Mr and Mrs John Leitch
Mr Robert Lewin
Mr Roley J. Leyson ’06
Mr and Mrs Henry Light
Mrs Phyllis Lippmann
Mr Christopher D. Little ’89
Mr and Mrs Peter Little
Mr James E. Llewellyn ’58
Mr John B. Lonergan ’42
Ms Dorothy Lother
Mr Nicholas Louizos ’97
Mr William T. H. Lovatt ’02
Ms Cathy Lovegrove
Mr Daniel T. Lussier ’00
Mr Richard J. Lussier ’70
Mr & Mrs Ha Luu
Mr Richard Lyles ’79
Mr C Michael Macaraeg ’99
Mr and Mrs Cristino Macaraeg
Mr and Mrs Kenneth MacCharles
Mr Geoffrey W. Macdonell ’92
Mr Alexander J. MacIver ’65
Mr and Mrs William MacKay
Mr & Mrs Brent Mackie
Mr John K. MacKinnon ’74
Mr Neil G. Macphee QC ’35
Mr John R. Macpherson
Mr and Mrs Enrique Magat
Mr & Mrs Dave Magnuson-Ford
Mr Roger F. Maguet ’89
Mr Jose C. Maia ’97
Mr Miles R. Majcher ’98
Dr Paul A. Major ’66
Mr Eric Malzer ’02
Mr Edward G. Mann ’49
Mr Antonio Marques
Mr J. Lindsay Marrin ’49
Mr Larry D. Martell ’58
Mr & Mrs Gerardo Martin
Mr and Mrs John Mascarenhas
Mr Rohith C. Mascarenhas ’05
Mr & Mrs Tomas Masi
Mrs Marcella Mathewson
Mr Gregory A. Matthew ’72
Mr Frank Mayda ’54
Mr Andrew B. Mazor ’49
Mr Frank A. Mazur ’49
Mr Shaun D. McCaffrey ’78
Mr and Mrs Keith McDowell
Mrs Rosemary McDowell
Mr & Mrs Patrick T. McGarry ’73
Mr Robert J. McGregor ’37
Mrs Bea McGurran
Mr & Mrs Brian McIntyre
Dr and Mrs W. B. McKillop
Mr & Mrs Guy McKim
Mr & Mrs Ian McKinnon
Mr Kenneth McLaren ’91
Mrs Janice L. McManes
Mr & Mrs Patrick H. J. McManus ’91
Mr and Mrs David McNeil
MCW Consultants Ltd
Mr Donald S. Meilleur ’93
Mr and Mrs Jorge Mendes
Dr & Mrs Irwin Micflikier
Mr and Mrs J. Middagh
Mr and Mrs Cameron Miller
Mr Andrew Mills ’76
Mr Brian C. Miln ’90
Mr & Mrs Kyoung Mog Min
Misericordia Health Centre Foundation Inc
Mr Ryan C. Mitchell ’00
MMC Matching Gifts to Education Program
Mr Ian T. Moffat ’97
Mr and Mrs Maurice Morissette
Mr Gerald W. Morris ’71
Mr John Morris
Rev Conlin Mulvihill, SJ
Mr Frank J. Murphy ’44
Prof George J. Murphy ’47
Mr & Mrs Craig Murray
Mr and Mrs Glenn W. Neufeld
Mr & Mrs Howard Neufeld
Mr and Mrs John Neufeld
NexInnovations Inc
Niakwa Place School
Mr Ken Nieman ’59
Ms Meghan Nieman
Mr Jay B. Nolet ’95
Mr and Mrs Heinrich Nolting
Mr Raymond B. Normandeau ’61
Ms Sheila Norrie
Mr and Mrs Michael Norris
Mr and Mrs Ronald Novotny
Mr Richard A. Nowell ’61
Mr David Oberding ’61
Mr & Mrs Brian Oberton
Mr J. J. G. P. O’Connor ’38
Dr and Mrs Gene Oczkowski
Mr Michael O’Driscoll ’48
Ms Jane O’Leary
Mr and Mrs Peter Ostash
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Council
Mrs Maree Owens
Mr John Packer ’78
Mr Rodel Padua ’89
Mr Antonio D. Paletta ’08
Mr & Mrs Kerry Papko
Mrs Jadwiga Paprocki
Mr & Mrs Jan Paprocki
Mr & Mrs Dinu Paraschiv
Mr & Mrs Kibang Park
Mr & Mrs Craig Parker
Mr Andrew S. Parkes ’03
Mr Kerry Pashak ’62
Mr & Mrs Raman Patel
Mr Timothy G. Paul ’72
Mr & Mrs Marijan Paulic
Mr & Mrs Myron Pawlowsky
Mr Michael Pawluk ’06
Mr Kerry Pedrick
Mr Dennis Perko ’72
Mr and Mrs J. W. Pestrak
Mr James M. Pestrak ’04
Mrs Olga Petty
Mr & Mrs Viet Pham
Mr & Mrs D’Arcy Phillips
Mr & Mrs Richard Phillips ’74
Mr Roderick Phillips ’79
Dr Kathleen Pickard
Mr & Mrs Robert Pierce
Ms Caroline Pilat
Mr & Mrs Dennis Pohl
Ms Flora Poirier
Mr & Mrs Chris Polakoff
Mr and Mrs Pat Potenza
Mr Donald W. Potvin ’56
Mr Lawrence G. Potvin ’53
Mr Simone Povoledo ’85
Mr Paul Prenovault ’79
Mr Frank Price
Mrs Jean Pronozuk
Ms Therese Prud’Homme
Mr & Mrs P. George Pugh
Mr & Mrs Peter P. Pura ’86
Mr Jonathan M. Quaglia ’82
Mr Bryan Queau
Mr Daniel J. P. Quesnel ’96
Mr and Mrs Guillermo Quinonez
Mr Elswood C. Radcliffe ’54
Mr W. J. Rae
Mr and Mrs James Raftis
Mr Cal Ramberran
Mr & Mrs Kris Ramchandar
Mr Stephen J. Ramchandar ’02
Ms Joanne Ramjug
Mr & Mrs David Ramsay
Mr and Mrs Bert Rebeiro
Mr and Mrs Leslie D. Recksiedler
Mr Robert Regan ’49
Mr Mark A. Rehaluk ’02
Mr Kerry Renaud
Mr J. Albert Rheaume ’40
Mr E. Ahren Richmond ’03
Mr Michael K. Riese ’75
Mr & Mrs Antonio Rinella
Mr and Mrs Joseph Ringaert
Mrs Joanne Rivard
Mr Mathieu M. Rivard ’06
Mr & Mrs Rene Rivard
Mr and Mrs Alan Roberts
Mrs Lou Anna Roberts
Mr John F. Robertson ’50
Ms Lorianne Robertson
Mr Thomas B. Robertson ’03
Mr and Mrs Wallace Robertson
Mr and Mrs Tony Rodrigues
Mr Albert Ronceray ’37
Mr & Mrs D. P. W. Rose
Mr & Mrs Roger Rosenberg
Mr & Mrs Frank Rossi
Mr & Mrs Jeffrey Rous
Mr Anthony Rowan ’78
Mr & Mrs Rod Roy
Mr & Mrs David Rubel
Mr and Mrs Juanito Rubio
Mr and Mrs Emor Ruday
Ms Sandy Russell
Mr and Mrs Robert Sabourin
Mrs Halina Sadowski
Mr and Mrs John Saj
Mr Matthew W. W. Saj ’05
Mr and Mrs Danilo Salonga
Ms Letizia Sandron
Dr Martin Scanlon
Mr John Schimnowski ’85
Mr Stefan E. Schimnowski ’91
Mr Gregory J. Schmidt ’06
Mr Marius L. Scott ’02
Mr Andrijko R. Semaniuk ’06
Ms Irene Semaniuk
Mr and Mrs A A. Seredynski ’63
Mr Len Seredynski ’59
Ms Esperia Serreti-Toews
Drs S & M Sethi
Mr Sandy J. Sethi ’01
Mr John J A. Sheehan ’37
Mr and Mrs Rodger Sheldon
Mr Thomas A. Sheldon ’99
Mr and Mrs Harry Shelest
Mr Martin M. Shelest ’00
Mr & Mrs Reg Sherren
Mr & Mrs Hyundae Shin
Mr and Mrs George Siamandas
Mr David R. Siddall ’03
Mr & Mrs Alan Simoens
Mr Alexander J. Singbeil ’99
Mr Patrick Singbeil ’86
Mr Jack F. Sinnott ’39
Mr Wally R. Skakun ’90
Mr & Mrs Peter Skrinski
Mr Peter M. Slivinski ’05
Mr and Mrs Gary D. Smith
Mr Sebastian J. Snidal ’03
Ms Roberta Snowaert
Mr Peter Somers ’79
Mr & Mrs Blair Sonnichsen
Mr and Mrs George Sotiriadis
Mr Jarrod T. Stadnyk ’00
Mr and Mrs Tom Stadnyk
Mr Joseph C. Stangl, K S G
Mr & Mrs Arthur Stannard
Mr Stanley J. Stanson ’46
Mr George J. Steciuk ’55
Dr & Mrs Neil Stedman
Mr and Mrs Utho Steidle
Mr and Mrs Heinz Steininger
Dr & Mrs Michael Stephensen
Mr Andrew R. Stevens ’97
Mr and Mrs David Stewart
Mr Clarke M. Stockton ’05
Mr. Lawrence Stockton
Mr & Mrs Brian Strike
Mr & Mrs David Swanson
Mr Paul Szun ’85
Taco Time
Mr Matthew Takoski ’79
Mr Michael Talgoy ’71
Mr Cale A. Tanguay ’99
Mr and Mrs Norbert Tanguay
Mr Peter Tataryn ’88
Mrs Valerie Taylor
Mr & Mrs J. Mario Tcheon
Mr Edward Tellier ’53
Mr and Mrs Rodney G. Tester
Mr William Thiessen & Mrs Garlicki
Mr Brad Thiessen ’76
Mr James Thiessen ’74
Mr Chad E. Thompson ’00
Mr & Mrs Randy Thompson
Thor Manufacturing Ltd
Dr Ian Thorlakson ’84
Mr & Mrs Douglas Tkach
Mr James P. Todd ’42
Mr Robert J. Todd ’68
Mr & Mrs Ricardo Tolosa
Dr & Mrs Wayne Tomlinson
Mrs Basia Truman
Mr and Mrs Derek Tuba
Mr Brennan D. Turner ’05
Mr George C. Turnley ’46
Ms Helena Twerdun
Mr & Mrs Robert Unger
Mr Michael C. Urban ’01
V & S Management
Mr Aaron P. Van Dam ’02
Henri & Jane Van Dam
Mr and Mrs Harry Van de Mosselaer
Mr & Mrs Ron van der Hooft
Mr and Mrs Gus Van Ginkel
Mr Peter J. Van Ginkel ’80
Mr and Mrs Eric Van Schie
Mr Brian Van Walleghem ’71
Mr Paul G. Van Walleghem ’89
Mr and Mrs Robert Van Walleghem ’63
Mr and Mrs Randy Vandean
Mr and Mrs Claro Venzon
Mr Hank N. Verry
Mr Eric M. A. Vincent ’06
Mr and Mrs Marcel Vincent
Mr David P. Voss ’97
Mr and Mrs Denis J. Voyer
Mr & Mrs Jagmohan Wadhawan
Mr Jason Wagner ’89
Mr Jacek A. Walczak ’97
Mr Douglas S. Waldron ’78
Mr Michael E. Walkey ’97
Dr Bruce W. Warner ’73
Mr and Mrs Michael Wasylin
Mr & Mrs Jack Watkin
Mr and Mrs Warren Weldon ’56
Mr Wayne Wentzloff ’72
Westland Construction Ltd
Mr Craig D. White ’00
Mr Donovan Wiebe ’94
Mr and Mrs Paul Wiegner
Mr & Mrs Ted Wierzbicki
Mr Charles Wilcox
Mr and Mrs Garry Wilkes
Mr Joel R. Wilkie ’97
Mr. Michael D. Willcock ’06
Mr & Mrs Martin Williams
Mr and Mrs S. K. Windsor
Mr and Mrs Barry Wolfe
Mr Carl Wolkenstein ’75
Mr & Mrs Frank Wright
Mr Roman Wtorek
Mr Mario A. Xec Sop ’97
Mr Michael Yaschuk ’40
Mr and Mrs Frank Yong
Mr Jason F. Yong ’02
Ms Anne M. Young
Mr and Mrs Ben Yue
3473750 Manitoba Ltd
36 Anonymous
From the Advancement Office
The Giving Leadership Team
        
Tim Chimuk
Greg Leipsic ’86
Retiring from St Paul's this spring is Sandy
Russell, whom many of you know as the friendly
voice in the Advancement Office. Sandy joined
St Paul’s in 1999. She has been responsible for
ensuring that the invaluable gifts of alumni and
friends of St Paul’s get to the right places in
order to meet the intended needs and purposes
of the school. During her time at St Paul’s, the
annual Ignatian Challenge Tribute Dinner has
continued to grow and become an important
annual celebration of our community and our
honourees. Sandy has played a large part in
that success and we are thankful for her many
St Paul’s is pleased to welcome Mr Peter
Gulka, Manager Giving and Alumni
Relations, to the staff of the Advancement Office
beginning this March. Peter and his wife and
three children will be moving to Winnipeg from
Edmonton. Peter is an acknowledged leader in
database management in a fundraising environment, bringing a considerable depth of skill with
The Raiser’s Edge, the database used by the
Advancement Office. Peter is very much looking
forward to moving to Winnipeg, working with us
and becoming a part of our community.
New Backboards
In December, new square backboards were
installed in the Eddie Cass Gymnasium. Many
thanks to the generous donors led by point man
Mike Linton along with the support of Roynat
Capital, Michael Falk, Jody Langhan, Sheila
Norrie and Dr Charles Bernstein.
75 Anniversary Crusader Football
Limited edition prints are still available of
Crusader Spirit, the Glenn Hayes painting
celebrating 75 years of Crusader Football. The
original now hangs proudly in the school. Stop
by and see the original and visit the Advancement
Office to purchase your own print at a cost of
$50. Also, a limited number of 75th Anniversary
Crusader jerseys still remain. If you are interested in purchasing one of the remaining jerseys
please contact Nick Laping at 831–2325.
Michael Casey ’71
Jeffrey Morton
Pierre Campeau ’79 & Shawn Alwis ’00
E. Wells Peever
Matthew Legge ’00
Nick Laping ’61
The Alumni Leadership Team is charged with the
responsibility of keeping our alumni and friends
connected with the school.
The Alumni Leadership Team
Dear Alumni and Friends,
Jurgen Feldschmid ’82
Much has happened since the Fall 2007 edition of
The Crusader. The most significant development
without doubt has been the creation of our new
and improved St Paul ’s website.
Rob Miln ’88
Matthew Legge ’00
Kevin McCulloch ’62
All members of the St Paul’s Community, alumni,
parents, past parents and friends, are invited to
join the online community. The benefits of being
connected will become clear. I encourage you to
take some time to visit the site and particularly to
have a look at our Giving and Alumni sections.
Our thanks go out to Rob Merello ’89, Bob Lewin
and Paulo Fernandes for their tireless efforts in
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Nicholas Louizos ’97
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The website also encourages your volunteer commitment on either the Giving Leadership Team
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Jason Kopytko ’88
Pierre Campeau ’79 & Shawn Alwis ’00
Sean Kavanagh ’82
Also, you will notice changes in our giving
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2. The school will now recognize Cumulative
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3. We will ask you but “once a year” for your
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Fr Fogarty’s Annual Giving Campaign letter
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Our goals for 2008 are to raise $1,065,000, to sell
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Thank you for your continued support!
Nick Laping ’61
Director Advancement & Alumni Relations
Crusader Sports
Crusaders-Buckeyes Meet Again
Contributed by Daniel Rossi ’09
Daniel Rossi reports on the rematch of last year’s AAAA Provincial
Final. Last year, it was the second rank Crusaders who managed a
stunning upset against the high-powered Miles Mac Buckeyes. This
year it was the Crusaders who were favoured to win.
The first set was anything but pretty for the Crusaders. The Buckeyes
who entered as the sixth seed, were able to jump out a big lead and
took the first set 25–19. In the second set, the experience of the St
Paul’s roster shone, as several returning players stepped up their
game. Chris Voth ’08 displayed his talented arsenal of hits, many of
which got the Crusader fans on their feet. After Miles Mac played
more defensively towards Voth, Stefan Balko ’08 and Adam Riese ’08
raised their game again. The Crusaders won the set 25–20 to tie
the match.
The third set was the
closest, with the Crusaders
displaying their deep roster.
Chris Komishon ’09 and
Pawel Gacon ’09 also played
very well for the ‘Cru’. Miles
Mac had moments of success,
but could not sustain that for
the entire set, as the score was
25–22 in favour of St Paul’s.
XC: Quest for Banners Starts Early
Each school year, the MHSAA Cross-Country Provincial Championships
are among the first high school sports to declare champions and for
the past six years that has meant a Provincial Championship for the
JV Crusaders.
The JV Crusaders were led by the running of Riley MacCharles ’11 who
finished 4th overall in the Open Championship and 1st in the Team competition. Also scoring for the Crusaders in the team competition were
Dallas McDougall ’10, Chris Schmidt ’11, Bryce Pfrimmer ’10, and Andrew
Dick ’11 who scored 5th, 10th, 13th and 16th in the team competition which
combined with MacCharles’ score, gave the team an overall score of 45
compared to the second place team score of 85! Riley Slater ’10, Cameron
Krisko ’10, Daniel Popel ’11 and Daniel Kulas ’10 also ran very well for
the Crusaders.
The Varsity team, running against very strong competition, won Bronze
medals for St Paul’s. Alex Pulak ’08 led the team with an 11th place finish
in the team competition. Also scoring for the Crusaders were Travis
Proskurniak ’08 (18th), Jim McDonald ’09 (25th), Jeff Slater ’08 (27th), and
Chris Voth ’08 (32nd) for a team score of 113. Cam Norrie ’09 and Rob
Krasny ’09 also ran well for the team.
The ‘Cru’ continued their
excellent play into the fourth
set. With a multi-faceted
attack, Miles Mac was unable
to defend with success. Tom
Elvers ’08, Noah Kosowski
’08, Derek Nieroda ’08 and
Jeff Slater ’08 all played well.
The Crusaders would win the set 25–20, and record a 3–1 win after
a final Chris Voth smash.
AAA Football
After the last point, the Crusader fans raced onto the court to
celebrate with the champions. The boisterous crowd filled up the
Investors Group Athletic Centre with plenty of noise. Komishon
and Balko were named All-Stars for the tournament, and Chris Voth
took MVP honours. It was a great moment for the athletes, and they
deserved every minute of the celebration.
AAA Crusaders Raided on Final Drive
The AAA Crusaders presented team awards at the December team banquet:
The 2007 AAA season came to a close in semi-final action with a tough,
hard-fought loss to the Oak Park Raiders. The game was a played at a
high level as both teams were very familiar with one another seeing
that this was their third meeting in the 2007 season.
Fr C.J. Kelly SJ Players Award: David Anderson ’08
Cholakis Brothers Outstanding Down Lineman: Benjamin Downs ’08
Most Improved Player: Cameron Wilkie ’08
Eddie Cass Award: Antonio Paletta ’08
Fr Jobin SJ Crusader Spirit Award: Joel Erlendson ’08 and Matthew Ryz ’08
Rookie of the Year: Christian Hansen ’10
While the season did not end the way in which we would have preferred,
there is much to be proud of. Not the least of which is an undefeated
regular season for the third year in a row. Congratulations to all players
and coaches for a truly outstanding effort in this the 76th anniversary
of Crusader football.
Special congratulations go out to some players for the individual
honours they received from the league. League coaches selected Kevin
Kwasny ’08 as the Elite Performance Center Defensive Player of the
Year. League coaches also selected David Anderson ’08 as the Elite
Performance Center Offensive Player of the Year.
Crusader Sports
Wrestling Champions
Defending the Titles
Congratulations to the Crusader Wrestling team as they won another
Provincial Wrestling Championship. The victory was a team effort
and the result of hard work by Coach Krawetz, the assistant coaches
Matt Tripple, Dan Gange ’02 and Nathan Polakoff ’04, and all the
athletes. Special thanks to Ms Kirkpatrick for her dedication and
help with wrestling this year especially after a long volleyball season.
With only 7 returning players there would be questions and uncertainty
to go along with the added pressure that comes from being perceived as
the team to beat. Still, the expectations of Crusader Hockey coaches and
players were to realize a repeat of last year’s success. In the end, the
Crusaders retained all of the banners and trophies won last year, ending
the season with a 41–1 league, exhibition and playoff record.
This year’s championship is especially well-deserved as the vast
majority of the athletes were first time wrestlers, a testament to their
efforts to overcome uncertainty and the coaches efforts to instruct
and inspire the athletes through their own efforts (Coach Matt Tripple
took Gold 84kg and Coach Dan Gange ’02 took Bronze 84kg in the
Adult Competition).
Wrestling moderator Alan Curruthers ’88 reported that Shaun
Ewacha ’08 and Martyn Langstaff ’08 were each engaged in epic
struggles that could have gone either way. Ultimately their veteran
leadership of this young team carried the day and a 94 to 92 point
team victory for the Crusaders over the second place Grant Park team.
The City and Provincial Finals were both played against Oak Park. The
Crusaders won the City title at the MTS Centre with a 3–0 victory and
then the Provincial title in Dauphin with a commanding 13–0 victory
against the same Raiders team.
The Junior Varsity Team
AA Football
Junior Boys Results:
Daniel Meyers Gold 42kg
Robert Maclennan Gold 84kg
David Dy Silver 54kg
Steve Stone Bronze 50kg
Michael Cowap Bronze 63kg
Senior Boys Results:
Travis Proskurniak Gold 54kg
Derrick Kolly Gold 63kg
Martyn Langstaff Gold 76kg
Sean Ewacha Silver 76kg
Warren Peabody Bronze 115kg
One factor in the team’s success has been the ability to attract top players to high school hockey. Whether it is the pull toward wearing the P and
representing St Paul’s or the more balanced family and study schedule,
each year St Paul’s students are choosing to play Crusader hockey.
The Crusaders top line of Derek Nieroda ’08, Pat Henderson ’08 and team
captain Mackenzie Acheson ’08 dominated in the playoffs with Nieroda
earning Provincial tournament MVP honours, while Jordan Davies ’08 led
all Crusader point-getters in the City playoffs.
AA Crusaders Score Big
The AA Crusader Football Team defied all odds this
season of Crusader Football and played to a 5–2 season
record in the second division, the Kas Vidruk Division
capturing third place in the standings in a week 7
victory versus Sturgeon Heights. The highlight of the
game was Matthew Kulas’ game-winning 40 yard field
goal through the wind, rain and cold to secure a heroic
3–2 win and third place.
A championship game appearance for AA football was
a real possibility. Unfortunately their efforts fell short
in a close but heartbreaking game against the Kildonan
East Kodiaks. Despite the fact that they did not make
an appearance in the championship game, they
showed that they were not only capable of playing at
a higher level, but also competing and winning at a
higher level.
The AA Crusaders presented team awards at the
December team banquet:
Coaches Award: Matthew Kulas ’09
Rookie of the Year: Eric Fong ’11
Defensive MVP: Mark Papko ’09
Offensive MVP: Nicholas Cobb ’09
Homecoming 2007
All Class Reunion 2007
undreds of Alumni from every generation gathered on Homecoming Weekend to celebrate
the first annual All Class Reunion. It didn’t matter if you graduated in the 1940s or the
1980s, the buzz in Murray Hall grew louder and louder as old friends were reunited and alumni
of different years came together to share stories of their shared experiences.
Chef Alberto Costa of the Manitoba Club, along with his sous
chef, served Malpeque Oysters through the evening and alumni
helped themselves to a steady stream of ales and lagers supplied
by Catfish Cream Ale and Ft Garry Brewing. Special thanks to
Mike Dennehy ’86 of Independent Fish and Joseph Constant ’71
of Catfish Cream Ale for all their efforts in making the event
a success.
Members of the Class of 1987 made a special effort to attend in
celebration of 20 years since their graduation and there were
nearly as many alumni whose memories are of Ellice and
Vaughan as of Grant and Shaftesbury.
Larry Franz, Ernie Ostermann ’57, John Pundyk ’68, Fr Alan
Fogarty SJ, Fr Con Mulvihill SJ, Fr Michel Boutillier SJ, and Nick
Laping ’61 were among the many retired and current teachers on hand to reminisce and catch up
the latest news and events.
The first event was a great success. The 2nd Annual All Class Reunion will take place Saturday,
September 27th, immediately following the second Crusader Football game, featuring the AAA
Crusaders and a return Homecoming Day visit from the Churchill Bulldogs. Kick-off is at 3:00
pm and the All Class Reunions begins right after the final whistle.
Alumni Basketball: Brar Boys Unstoppable
ith their repeat victory
at the 2007 Alumni
Basketball Tournament they
have etched their name on the
Bruce Russell ’77 Memorial
Trophy for the fourth time in
the eleven years the trophy
has been contested. Challengers have come and
gone, new challengers have
emerged from the ranks of
recent graduates, but none
have been able to stop
them the last two years.
This past year’s Alumni
Basketball Tournament again
saw 75–80 players competing.
In a new twist, the tournament was held on the Friday
and Saturday of Homecoming Weekend. The tournament’s final game came to a close just as the AAA
Crusaders were kicking off to the Churchill Bulldogs.
The twinning of these events was very well received and will be repeated again at Homecoming
2008. The players enjoyed the larger atmosphere and opportunity to see teachers and fellow alumni.
The player’s families and friends, who come out each year to watch them play in another alumni tournament, were excited to be a part of a much larger event complete with bouncing apparatus and
children’s play areas.
Stay connected to the St Paul’s Online Community for registration information for the 12th Annual
Alumni Basketball Tournament in September.
Homecoming 2007
H 2007
ore than 2,000 students, parents, alumni and
friends gathered to celebrate Home-coming 2007
and watch our Crusader Football teams
take on old rivals the Kelvin Clippers and
Churchill Bulldogs. The southerly winds were
strong and the temperatures continued to climb
all afternoon, settling in at an atypical, end-ofSeptember 27 degrees. Alumni and their families
filled the children’s play areas and the sideline
stands, while alumni and friends managed a steady
flow of traffic in the beer garden, the concessions
and Crusader Shoppe areas.
In the day’s first game, the 2–1 AA Crusaders
took on the 3–0 Kelvin Clippers. The Crusaders
could not stop the Clipper running game and the
Clippers managed a 31–14 victory on their way
to a 6–1 season and eventual Winnipeg Free Press
Bowl Vidruk Division Championship.
The day’s second game was billed as a possible
preview of the Potter Division ANAVETS Bowl
final game, with the defending champion AAA
Crusaders facing a young, up-and-coming
Bulldogs squad. On this day, both teams would
look to establish the run and secure positive field
position, but it was the Crusaders who carried the
momentum of the previous weeks’ hard fought
victory at Sisler with another all-round effort.
Offence, defence and special teams all contributed
to a 31–2 victory, helping the Crusaders move to
4 wins and 0 losses.
2007). Kick-off on Connolly Field is at 1:00 pm.
Last year, in the final week of the regular season,
the Crusaders and Huskies played an important
game for the final standings. The Crusaders managed to win and secure 3rd place in the standings
after a heroic 3–2 win with a 40 yard field goal in
the rain and wind by Matt Kulas, sealing the win
with 19.7 seconds remaining. The Crusaders had
trailed 2–0 for much on the game.
As for the final game match-up preview theory,
well it didn’t quite work out that way for either
team this season, but stay tuned for Homecoming
2008 when the Bulldogs will return to face the
Crusaders again. Game time on Saturday,
September 27th is 3:00 pm.
It is the field that Fr. Connolly seeded, fertilized, watered,
cut and nurtured for almost 15 years. The alumni, parents
and friends in the photograph below were among a group
of people who contributed financially to the extensive field
renovations and the newly installed lighting and ground
sprinkler systems. Fr. Connolly would surely have been
proud of their efforts. In 2006, the field was rededicated in
his name and this fall a new field sign was installed to
honour Fr. Connolly and all those who contributed to the
renovation project.
Homecoming 2008 on Saturday, September 27th
will also feature the AA Crusaders (5–2 in 2007)
against the Sturgeon Heights Huskies (also 5–2 in
The Carnival has arrived! Carey Buss,
impresario, and his troupe.
Curse of the B-Horror Movie
Contributed by Peyton Veitch ’11
he Werewolf ’s Curse is the comedic tale of
the misadventures of Harry Pate (Alexander
Pulak ’08), an American student at the University of Lipsync, in Romania. While on a field tip,
Pate is bitten by a werewolf cub which transforms him into a semi-werewolf with an incessant craving for roast beef. Pate, along with his
fiancé Etna (Andie Jackson SMA ’09), head off
to visit the reclusive Dr Frank Einstein (Stephen
Shannon ’08) who they believe can cure him of
his unnatural tendencies.
During his stay in the home of Dr Einstein,
Pate and Etna are visited by a hilarious carnival
troupe lead by Professor Wonder (Carey Buss
’09). The troupe includes a diminutive strongman
(Gabriel Thiessen ’10), a geek (Paul McCulloch
’10), a Gypsy fortune teller whose abilities are
questionable (Alex Pawlowsky ’10), a juicedrinking vampire (Kurtis Hodge ’09), a mummy
(Petey Nawrocki ’11) and a belly dancer (Emily
Ashley SMA ’09). Along with the antics of the
carnival troupe, Pate and Etna also become
embroiled in a sinister plot that is perpetrated
by the secretly evil Dr Einstein. Pate and Etna
along with their newfound friends, must work
together in order to foil it
scientist. Dr Einstein’s butler Frederick Doppelganger was played to great effect by Jake Simoens
’10; with his zombie-like movement and signature
drawl, “Yes, Doctor Einsteiiiin,” Simoens never
failed to grab the attention of the audience and
throw them into hysterics.
The band played uniformly well throughout the
play, capturing the mood and kept the audience
interested during the scene changes. The set was
nothing short of spectacular. The Stage Crew was
directed by Mr Kolton and led by the efforts of
Robert Schmidt ’09 who spent over 100 hours on
the set. The interior of Dr Einstein’s castle was an
especially ambitious work, including a staircase
and multiple exits which added a level of depth
and substance.
The audience was unflagging in their attentiveness
and appreciation for all facets of the play. The
actors, set, lighting and the band all delivered in
giving the audience a spectacle suitable for a wide
range of tastes and ages. Directors Ms Lussier and
Mr Comeault should certainly receive a sizeable
amount of credit for their creative decisions which
made the play such a success.
Above: Fr Murray would have been impressed with the
efforts of this year’s Stage Crew.
Allison Hall serves up some juice for Baron Biteronderneck played by Kurtis Hodge.
Alexander Pulak’s enthusiastic portrayal of Harry
Pate fit in perfectly with the comedic, upbeat
theme of the play. Stephen Shannon’s portrayal
of main antagonist Dr Frank Einstein offered a
humorous caricature of an archetypical mad16
From mddle top: Alexander Pulak and his onstage fiancé
Andie Jackson take time to dream a little, not knowing the
adventures they have in store; Stephen Shannon takes
time out for a conversation; Daniel Tompkins plays Castle
Cook to Alex Pawlowsky’s Gypsy Fortune Teller; Tim
Sandron as Harriet the Bearded Lady and the Strong
Man Gabriel Thiessen.
Alumni Overseas
Into Africa
Sierra Leone
hile working as a representative for an international humanitarian organization in Koidu,
Sierra Leone, Jason Dudek ’99 was struck by the
urgent need to care for large numbers of children
left to fend for themselves on the harsh streets of
Large photo above: Beninese
boys. Above: Jason Dudek ’99,
with children at SOS Canada
House. Below: Beninese children
Together with
Richard Damianopoulos, and Fr
Fred Olds of St
Bernadette Parish
in Winnipeg, Jason
founded the Braveheart Youth Foundation in 2005.
Money was raised
to construct a large
center to be used as
a drop-in for street
youths in Koidu.
S.O.S. Canada
House was completed in April 2007. This home
provides shelter, food, education and beds to
roughly 30 needy children left homeless in the
chaotic wake of the recent civil war. The house also
serves as a drop in centre for nearly 100 kids, providing food, games, counseling, and medical care
to those who would normally go without.
For the last two years, the Maroon and White
Society and Moderator Mr David Chaze have
facilitated Mission Week drives in support of the
Foundation. This fall, St Paul’s students raised
Jason is currently working toward a Masters’
Degree in Development Management at the
London School of Economics. On reflection, he
attributes the success of the project to the focus on
supporting, listening to and working with the local
community. This bottom-up approach and its
success has led the Foundation to expand its mandate to be able to support further organizations
and initiatives in the future.
St Paul’s alumni Jason Dudek ’99
and Jonathan Ventura ’07 have each
made conscious decisions in their
lives to dedicate themselves to the
service of those in need.
They are at different stages of their
own personal journeys, but their
drive to serve those most in need
establishes them both as
exemplary role models as
Men for Others.
On the sign outside S.O.S. Canada House in the
list of donors is the name of St Paul’s High School.
S.O.S. Canada House and the children in Koidu
still require ongoing financial support to secure the
future of the quality programming being offered.
and became part of a family. The work I did varied, from planting palm trees with my bare hands
on a farm, to working with mentally and physically
challenged children.
All these experiences helped me understand a
very different culture, and a country struggling to
develop many of the things that we take for granted.
In the Beninese culture showing emotion is rare;
you are not allowed to show affection or cry when
anyone is around. The culture is largely based on
a structure of smaller communities, in some ways
internally self-sufficient communities. For these
communities, solidarity and showing no weakness
is necessary.
For more information and to contribute to its
ongoing success, please visit the Foundation
website at www.braveheartyouth.ca.
—by Jonathan Ventura ’07
eople often say it’s a small world. While this
may be true, we often never really understand
the differences between us. Often times we are
stuck in our own small world and unable to experience other people’s view of this world, and how
they live, feel and deal with situations.
I recently experienced 5 months of living like a
Beninese, African; I was even given a new name,
Codjo. I ate boiled and hardened corn flour
every night, which tastes as it sounds, lived with
Jonathan Ventura ’07 with his
Beninese host family
Yet, within these
communities is a
unique level of
generosity. When
giving a gift it is
customary to give
a personal item of
significant value.
This is done
regardless of
whether the recipient will like the
item itself. It is not
what you give, but
what you give up.
Coming back to Canada, I sincerely appreciate
what I have; we are indeed very fortunate. I also
am able to recognize the individualistic nature
of our society. We have experienced stability and
growth as a result, but at times we are stuck in
our own world. For future development, we
must achieve a balance between the individualist
and communal aspect of ourselves and society,
both locally and globally.
I would recommend the Canada World Youth
program to those looking for a challenging and
rewarding experience. For more information on
the program, visit www.cwy-jcm.org.
Fr Holland’s Corner
After 7 years, 73 drafts of 14 versions and 244,000
words arranged on 628 pages, Gary McKeehan has
published his second novel, The Angels. After selling his combined bookstore, bike store, espresso
bar in Val Morin, QC, in 2003, Gary set out to
devote his time to writing novels and this second
novel is described as “an intricate thriller of greed,
vengeance, passion and redemption, this surprising and unpredictable novel dives deeply into the
world of the Hells Angels ... and beyond.” Gary
has recently settled in Qingdao, China, happily
married and teaching at the WECL College
(English and ESL) in the city. Qingdao will host
the sailing events for the Olympics next August, so
they are excited to have the world coming to town.
This past August, Chris Ford was elected President
of Toastmasters International. He is the top officer
of the world’s leading organization devoted to
teaching skills in communication and leadership.
An active Toastmaster for over 25 years, Chris,
who lives in Casselman, ON, is a retired Canadian
Forces brigadier-general. He is currently employed
as the Director General of Alternative Dispute
Resolution for the Canadian Department of
National Defence, where he makes good use of
the communication and leadership skills he has
honed in Toastmasters. He says most people
underestimate their skills and potential for
growth, but when armed with honesty and determination, there is no limit on the extent to which
people can “shape” themselves. In Toastmasters,
overcoming a fear of public speaking often leads
to increased self-confidence, which in turn spur
members on to face other challenges.
“Toastmasters International is full of people who
have achieved results beyond their wildest dreams,
Russell Holmes, a CA with Deloitte Touche LLP,
had the recent pleasure of introducing his son
Michael ’98 into the family of chartered accountants at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of
most recently ran the Minneapolis Marathon in
October 2007, finishing in the top 40%.
Kenneth Kram recently wrote to Fr Holland’s
Corner from his home in Singapore where he
works for the Department of Education. After
graduating from St Paul‘s, he went on to get a BA
from the University of Winnipeg and later became
a Special Education Teacher in BC. He eventually
completed his MEd and became an Educational
Psychologist. Most of his teaching career was in
Delta and Langley, BC .
Ken has spent the last six years in Singapore as
an educational psychologist, working with their
Ministry of Education providing service to schools
and supporting and promoting special needs education. He will be returning in June 2008, likely
to settle on Vancouver Island .
Father Holland’s
James Ladd,
father of Aedan
Ladd ’10 and
Head Coach
1993–97, has
launched his
new website,
www.coachladd.com. The
site presents
his services
as a Life and
Coach Ladd ’65
Coach. For as
long as he can
remember, as he shares in his online story, he has
been a coach and through an experiential learning
approach Jim offers services like one-on-one
coaching, group workshops and self-study guides
as well as speaking engagements at luncheons,
office management and executive meetings. Jim
publishes a popular email newsletter, the Personal
Coach Bulletin, which shares ‘Coaching Points’
on a broad range of life topics.
and who are making a real difference in their
world,” says Ford. “We help people gain the skills
and confidence to be the best they can be in
whatever they choose to do.”
Manitoba 2008 Convocation ceremony. The ceremony welcomes CA candidates who were successful
in the profession’s uniform evaluation exam and
have earned the CA designation. Elder son Russell
’96, an Assistant Professor at the Department of
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at
the University of Minnesota, and younger son
Thomas ’01, who is also pursuing his CA designation, were able to attend the event as well. Also
receiving his CA designation at the CA convocation was Michael’s classmate Travis Giavedoni ’98.
Ken has two daughters. The oldest one is a
French Immersion teacher for the Kelowna School
District and the younger one works for Southeby’s
Realty in Vancouver. “They both spent time going
to school and working in Brunei or Singapore
while I have been employed overseas.”
Ken shared his thoughts on his time at St Paul’s,
“I enjoyed my years at St Paul’s, even though I
was not much of an academic student. I mostly
enjoyed the sports programs and participated
where I could. We always seem to remember one
teacher and Father Frank McGee was the teacher
I remember most as he was always supportive
and understanding. He was a great guy.”
David A. Johns serves as Vice President of Winpak
Ltd. and as President of Winpak Division of
Winpak Ltd. Winpak Ltd. manufactures and
distributes high-quality packaging materials and
related packaging machines.
Alumni from 1973 to 1976 will remember Fr
Michael Kolarcik SJ. Fr Kolarcik serves as the
Director of the Master of Arts in Ministry and
Spirituality Program at Regis College in Toronto .
He is also an Associate Professor, Old Testament.
Through the years Fr Kolarcik has kept up with
alumni and has great memories of his time at
St Paul’s.
Thomas ’01, Russell ’68, Michael ’98 and Russell Holmes ’96
celebrating Michael’s CA convocation this February.
Charly Pazdor, son of Edmund Pazdor ’36 and
Frances Pazdor (St Paul’s staff ’69–’84), and father
of Adam ’07 and Simon ’11, completed 3 full
marathons in a 16-month period in 2006/2007.
Based on his finishing time in the June 2006
Manitoba Marathon, Charly qualified for and
completed the April 2007 Boston Marathon. He
Right: Charly Pazdor ’69 completes the Boston Marathon in 2007
Between Christmas and New Years, Fr Kolarcik
met up with Kevin Cleghorn in Thunder Bay .
They were both attending the championship
game of the TBayTel Varsity Cup Ice Hockey
Fr Holland’s Corner
tournament. The final game saw the U of M
Bisons down the host Lakehead Thundercats 7–6
in overtime. Kevin, a former Crusader quarterback
and also a Bison alumnus, would have been conflicted about the outcome as he is a Sessional
provides all authorized personnel with easy access
to data and eliminates the need for the 500,000
paper records that had previously occupied an
entire floor of the 12-story Clinic.
Congratulations to Alex Herriot and his wife
Chantal on their adoption of Jonathon Jack. Alex
is the son of Paul Herriot ’49 and brother of
Matthew ’76.
Kevin Cleghorn ’76 and Fr Michael Kolarcik SJ watching
university hockey in Thunder Bay
Lecturer at Lakehead and also serves as the vicechair of the Lakehead University Board of
Fr Kolarcik also shared with Fr Holland’s Corner
that he crossed paths with Michael Mahon ’77,
Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and
Recreation at the University of Alberta , on a visit
last spring to Toronto. During a bit of free time
in Michael’s visit they visited the Royal Ontario
Chris Pybus is in Ottawa working at NDHQ
(National Defence Headquarters). He is the
Operations Officer for the Canadian Material
Support Group, responsible for the planning and
coordination of tasks for all of the ammunitions
and material depots in relation to overseas operations and exercises. In addition to his work, Chris
is pursuing his MEd through University of New
Brunswick . He hopes to retire in the next couple
of years, which as he tells us, seems to be a good
way to return to his first love, teaching!
Former Eddie Cass Trophy recipient, John Bieber
is an electrical engineer by profession and has in
recent months been serving in a civilian capacity
in support of the Joint Task Force Afghanistan. In
a Winnipeg Free Press article last fall, John admitted to “significant trepidation” prior to his first
trip to Afghanistan, but that he felt more confident the second time around. “It’s difficult to
say no if you believe the work you’re doing
can save lives.”
Tom Malone has served for several years as the
CEO of the Winnipeg Clinic. Last fall the Clinic
was recognized at The Canadian Information
Productivity Awards (CIPA) with a Gold Award,
Organizational Transformation Category.
The Winnipeg Clinic was recognized for implementing an electronic medical records system that
Jeff Swystun is Director of Global Communications for DDB Worldwide, the 4th largest advertising and marketing network globally. Jeff leads
internal and external communications, business
development, knowledge management, DDB
University, and intellectual capital. A prolific
speaker and writer, Jeff has spoken at over 80
conferences in over 25 countries. He is the editor
of The Brand Glossary, has authored reports including The Brand Marketers Report, Best Canadian
Brands, and Best Chinese Brands, wrote numerous
papers including Catalysts for Branding, Global
Branding, and ‘What Makes Brands Great’, and has
written columns in respected marketing journals.
Jeff has appeared in over 250 publications including The Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age,
BusinessWeek, Forbes, theWashington Post and
several more. Jeff appears on CNBC’s “Squawk
Box” and “On the Money” along with other
appearances on television and radio. CNBC refers
to him as a ‘marketing maven’ and the Business
News Network calls Jeff a ‘branding guru’. A
Nightly Business Report series on China featuring
Jeff as a branding expert received an Emmy.
Jeff lives with his wife, Lois and her children
Jean, Melisande, and Elyse in Stittsville, Ontario.
He spends fifteen days in New York a month.
He looks forward to a food fight at the class of
1983’s 25th year reunion and will also take that
time to celebrate the fact he finally completed
serving all of his outstanding JUGS.
a PhD in philosophy in
2004, eventually heading
to McGill’s Faculty of
Law with a post-doctoral
fellowship, and in 2005,
the appointment to the
Evan is especially excited
to be teaching a new law
course in Spanish this
year—a first at McGill
—on the human rights
jurisprudence of the
Evan Fox-Decent ’85
Inter-American Court
based in San José, Costa
Rica. Evan returns home to Winnipeg frequently.
The one-time Crusader Football MIP and Rugby
Ironman award winner is an avid follower of
Crusader teams and is thrilled to see how well
the Crusaders have been doing in recent years, in
football of course, but in so many other sports
as well.
Congratulations to Larry Strachan and his wife
Heulwen Jones on the birth of their first child, a
son Jericho Jones Strachan.
Scott Sanders is currently residing in Kimhae,
South Korea where he teaches English and a
few film studies classes at Inje University. He is
engaged to Hye-Ryoung Kim from Ulsan, South
Korea. The wedding is set for the spring of 2008.
Ron Cantiveros put on his reporter’s hat and
made the trip to Pardubice, Czech Republic to
watch the Canadian Juniors win gold. Reporting
for the Filipino Journal, Ron joined 4,000 plus
Canadians in the stands and managed to capture
a few great photos like this one with Stefan Legein
after the gold medal game.
In 2005, Evan Fox-Decent was appointed a member of the Faculty at McGill University’s Faculty
of Law where he teaches and writes in the areas of
aboriginal peoples and the law, immigration and
refugee law, administrative law, legal theory and
human rights. It was a long and winding road
that Evan followed to his current position, with
each step on the path leading to some aspect of
his current work.
After earning a BA and MA in philosophy at the
University of Manitoba, Evan found himself in
the joint JD/PhD (philosophy) programme at the
University of Toronto in 1994. After two years,
in the summer of 1996, Evan went to Guatemala
on a human rights internship, to volunteer as
an intern at the UN’s ad hoc “Mission for the
Verification of Human Rights in Guatemala”
(known by its Spanish acronym as MINUGUA).
Evan really enjoyed the work, so much that he
applied for a job with MINUGUA, got it, and left
law school and graduate school for three years to
work for MINUGUA. Evan eventually returned to
law school in 1999, completed a JD in 2000, and
Ron Cantiveros ’91 with Team Canada’s Stefan Legein.
After spending his 20s playing music and planting
trees across Canada, Cian McMahon returned to
Ireland where he earned an MA in history from
University College Dublin before moving to the
United States in 2003. He currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he is working on a
Fr Holland’s Corner
Interview with Alan Carruthers: Stepping down after 8 years as VPS
Contributed by Martin Lussier ’03
a relationship with this school that’s been
intensely powerful in my own formation since
1984. I’d like to stay in Jesuit education, in
any case.”
What sort of impact do you think you have had?
“I don’t know if I’m really the best person to judge
that. It’s sort of like parenting. You don’t know until
20, 25 years later if you were a decent parent or
not. This job, in some ways, is very much like that.”
Editor’s Note: Alan will be staying on as a teacher
at St Paul’s this fall, continuing a tradition of St
Paul’s administrators returning to the classrooms
of St Paul’s.
Do you miss the classroom?
“Very much so. What I really like is the classroom
and I love my CLC’s. CLC for me has been a very
good way of connecting very positively with small
groups of students.”
At the centre of the St Paul’s are the Jesuits and
Ignatian values. How much of a role has that played
in your life?
I’ve heard you challenge the boys to be ‘gentlemen of
courage’ quite often. What does that mean to you?
“I think that we challenge the guys to be men for
others, but I think that’s a goal. What I do, I think,
is to try and cover the process. In order to be
a man for others, you have to be gentlemanly,
which means you have manners, you are considerate of other people … So that’s the gentleman
side. I think the other thing is courageousness.
There is the need to reflect internally to reflect
on what is right and what is wrong in your heart,
and be courageous enough to do that.”
PhD in Irish history at Carnegie Mellon University
and is happily married to an American gal named
Deirdre. He still believes that Ulster is Irish.
This January, Mark Sitter and Priscilla Solis were
married at St John the Baptist parish in Toronto .
Mark and Priscilla had met while working in Costa
Rica. Fr Charles Sitter SJ ’44, Mark’s great-uncle,
presided over their marriage. Len Sitter ’61 and
his wife Carole, made the trip from their home
in Calgary .
Where do you see going from here?
“I think that it’s just time, I think it’s also good
for the school to have leadership change occasionally, it’s also good for me to have life change,
and so where do I go after this? I don’t know. I
mean I love this school, it’s my school, I’ve had
Jonathon Cziffra was among the six St Paul’s
alumni to earn CA designations at the recent
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba
2008 Convocation ceremony. He was joined in
this achievement by his brother Bela Cziffra ’94
who also earned his CA designation.
Adam ’99 and Gregg Hanson ’69
Oberammergau where the Passion Play takes
place. The Passion Play has been performed by the
residents of the town every ten years since 1634,
upholding a tradition that originated in a sacred
promise of the townspeople to perform the play
each decade if God would spare the town from the
ravages of the bubonic plague. Ryan is pictured
here on his recent trip to Germany. You can find
Ryan in the St Paul’s Online Community Business
Directory or visit www.collettevacations.ca.
Craig White married Sarah Leslie SMA ’00 on
August 4th, 2007. Craig’s groomsmen were St Paul’s
Alumni, Grant White ’02, Todd Zerbin ’00, and
Best Man, Scott Gregoire ’00. Also in attendance
were Craig’s cousins Kevin White ’09, Brandt Butt
’08, and Nick Giesbrecht ’10 as well as many other
St Paul’s Alumni.
Blake Harley graduated from Osgoode Hall Law
School in Toronto in June, 2007 and is currently
articling with Stikeman Elliott LLP—Toronto .
Adam Hanson was one of six St Paul’s alumni
receiving their CA designation at the recent
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba
2008 Convocation ceremony. Adam begins his
new career just as his father Gregg Hanson ’69
recently retired after many years as CEO of
Wawanesa. Also, receiving his CA designation
at the CA convocation was classmate Chris Alto.
“The biggest and most powerful mentors in
my life were Jesuits. Fr Crouch in particular
was and is probably the biggest reason why
I’m a teacher. Fr Tom Pesci at Rockhurst was
the reason why I had my first job and was
very instrumental in how I saw you run a school
efficiently and effectively. I can just go on, Jesuit
after Jesuit, young Jesuits and older Jesuits
both, who have impacted my life over and
over again.”
Ryan Mikucki in the German town of Oberammergau
In June of 2007, Craig completed his articling
year and was called to the Manitoba Bar. Craig
is currently practicing law at Fillmore Riley LLP
in Winnipeg, specializing in Tax, Securities, and
general Commercial Law.
Ryan Mikucki recently graduated from the
University of Manitoba with a Bachelor’s degree
in Recreation Management & Community Devel-opment. Soon after he found himself the perfect job with a travel company called Collette
Vacations. Collette Vacations is celebrating its
90th anniversary in providing fully escorted land
tours all over the world. Ryan would be very
pleased to offer his services in coordinating
alumni and other groups.
In November 2007, Ryan traveled to Austria
and Germany with his company. He was on a
river cruise for 5 nights that went to Vienna,
Passau, Regensburg and Nuremberg. The next
two nights were spent in a small village called
Craig White ’00 and Sarah White SMA ’00
Fr Holland’s Corner
Thursday, June 5th
Maroon and White
Alumni Golf Tournament
Carman Golf Club
Thursday, June 5th to Saturday June 7th
25th Anniversary Reunion
Class of 1983
Friday/Saturday September 26th & 27th
Alumni Basketball Tournament
Friday, September 26th
50th Anniversary Reunion
Class of 1958
Congratulations to Raed Joundi who was recently
awarded the Robert Charles Armatage Award
given annually by the University of Manitoba
Students’ Union to a student who is exceptionally
involved in student affairs and university governance. Raed graduated with his science degree in
the spring and is currently enrolled at Queen’s
University School of Medicine. During his time at
the University of Manitoba, Raed served on the St
Paul’s College Students’ Association, the board of
the University of Manitoba Students’ Union, the
university Senate committee for instruction and
evaluation, and served as the child rights director
of the local Amnesty International chapter and
with the World University Services of Canada.
Fellow 2006 alumni, Chris Hayes and Nick Sirski
found themselves on opposite sides of the football
field last fall, as Chris’ McGill Redmen met the
Sirski’s Golden Gaels of Queen’s University in an
OUA/Quebec inter-conference exhibition game.
Saturday, September 27th
Homecoming Day & All Class Reunion
Tuesday, November 4th
Ignation Challenge Award
Tribute Dinner
Nick Sirski ’06 (Queens University) and Chris Hayes ’06
(McGill University)
Visit www.stpauls.mb.ca to register and
for more information.
In Memory of
Robert Grassby ’37
Kevin Madden ’44
George Depres ’46
Gordon Horan ’48
Ray Gariepy ’51
Henry Rousseau ’51
Jules Arnal ’58
Jeffrey Heintz ’00
Garreth McDonald ’03
Christopher Gyles ’09
Tim Hower ’83 (Matthew Hower)
Reis Pagtakhan ’87 (Isaac Pagtakhan)
Bernie Toni ’60 (Stephen Toni)
Conrad Toni ’61 (Stephen Toni)
Stephen Toni ’68 (Stephen Toni)
Michael Guertin ’76 (Edmond Guertin)
Jan Pedersen ’76 (Carl Pedersen)
Nathan Golas ’77 (Matthew Golas)
Jim Darcel ’79 (Peter Darcel)
John Ferguson ’85 (John Ferguson, Sr)
Jeffrey Liba ’86 (The Honourable Peter Liba)
Christopher Liba ’90 (The Honourable Peter Liba)
Peter Scouras ’01 (John Scouras)
David Jandrisch ’57 (Fay Jandrisch)
Larry Williams ’66 (Kay Williams)
Cliff Packer ’69 (Ellen Packer)
Jim Fabro ’76 (Anne Marie Fabro)
Kevin Booth ’78 (Colleen Booth)
John Packer ’78 (Ellen Packer)
Joe Zirino ’82 (Angela Zirino)
Ronald Cantiveros ’91 (Linda Cantiveros)
John Cantiveros ’95 (Linda Cantiveros)
Peter Pura ’86 (Marie Danyluk)
Christian Peterson ’05 (Anne James)
James Grassby ’34 (Robert Grassby ’37)
Norman Rousseau ’45 (Henry Rousseau ’51)
Francis Madden ’46 (Kevin Madden ’44)
Fred Rousseau ’46 (Henry Rousseau ’51)
Michael Madden ’49 (Kevin Madden ’44)
Patrick Madden ’51 (Kevin Madden ’44)
Vincent Arnal ’53 (Jules Arnal ’58)
Leo Madden ’55 (Kevin Madden ’44)
Richard Arnal ’60 (Jules Arnal ’58)
Grant McDonald ’06 (Garreth McDonald ’03)
Fr Daniel Phelan SJ
(St Paul’s High School 1969–1971)
Ron Peterson ’65 (Anne James)
Jurgen Feldschmid ’84 (Colleen Booth)
Jean-Paul Hoe ’98 (George Depres ’46)
Marc Hoe ’01 (George Depres ’46)
William Toni ’06 (Stephen Toni)
Samuel Guertin ’11 ( Edmond Guertin)
Thomas Toni ’11 (Stephen Toni)
Joseph Jandrisch ’82 (Fay Jandrisch)
Michael Legge ’98 (Barbara Legge)
Matthew Legge ’00 (Barbara Legge)
Michael Zirino ’05 (Angela Zirino)
Nicolas Loewen ’08 (Winelda Gardner)
Carmine Militano ’76 (Angela Zirino)
Opening Day 2007
For the first time in many years, the St Paul’s School
Flags decorated the front columns on the opening day of
school. Adding to the presentation were the 17 newlyrefurbished and remounted letters that make up the
school name. Thank you to Jim Brennan ’67 at Letterall
Signs; hopefully these letters will last at least as long as
the 40-plus years the previous letters stood up. Thank
you also to Gregory Schmidt ’07 for this photograph and
other photographs taken to mark the occasion.
Return undeliverable addresses to:
St Paul’s High School
2200 Grant Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, R3P 0P8
Canadian Publication agreement #40063737
On the Cover
Photographed by Martin Lussier ’03 in the early morning hours of a day in mid-December, Christ Rising
offers a dramatic and triumphant representation of Christ’s Resurrection.