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St. Pats Soccer!
By: Kelly McDermott
This year was a great season for both of our St.
Pat’s soccer teams. The girl’s record of winning games
wasn’t the best, but they improved very much over the
span of the season. They ended up only winning one
game against Boynton, 8 to 4. The girls were so happy
about their win that their coach and some of the parents
were nice enough to take them out for ice cream afterwards. In that game Kayli Keenan and Kelly McDermott both scored 3 goals. Also, Jessica Newey and
Emilie Larendeau scored their first goals. Other great
first goals of the season were scored by Geanna Silvar
and Caroline Bond. All that said it was a great season
for the girls!
I am sure most of you know that the boys St.
Pat’s soccer team had a great season. They made it all
the way to the final game in the playoffs, but lost a very
tough game to Derryfield. It is great that the team was
able to bring back the trophy for 2nd place in the TriCounty league Division 4. Many 8th graders were on
the team, including Jack Frey, Max Odryna, Aidan
Donaghey, Liam O’Connell, Zach DeBay, Theron
Zajchowski, and Aidan Caouette. What a great way for
them to end their last fall season at St. Pat’s. Congratulations to all the team members on an awesome season!
Guess Where!
By Allison Newey
Guess where this picture is around the school! Submit your entries
with your name an grade on the door of the Computer Lab!
Have fun!
Great Fall Movies
Wacky Holidays!
By: Ashley Pelletier
By: Stephanie Rossmeisl
Starring George Clooney
and Sandra Bullock/ rated PG-13
Gravity (in theaters October 4th) is a new science fiction movie starring George Clooney and
Sandra Bullock. The
story is about how a
medical engineer and an
astronaut work together
to survive after an accident leaves them stranded in space. I have not
seen this movie so I have
nothing to comment
about, but I’ve heard it’s
a really good movie. If
you like science fiction
and space adventures,
this may be the movie
for you!
Free Birds
Starring Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, and Amy Poehler/ rated PG
Free Birds (in theaters
November 1st) is an
upcoming movie starring Owen Wilson,
Woody Harrelson, and
Amy Poehler. It is
about how two turkeys with different
points of view put
aside their differences
to go back
in time and
take turkeys off the
Thanksgiving Day
menu. I would recommend this to the
younger kids reading
this because I have
seen the trailer, and it
is a bit corny. However, if you like the
kind of cuteness that
comes with animated
children’s movies, this
would probably be for
Top 5 Halloween Costumes Poll!
2nd- National Beheading Day
9th- Teddy Bear Day
13th- National Blame
Someone Else Day
16th- Collect Rocks Day
19th- International Talk Like
A Pirate Day
22nd- Elephant Appreciation
28th- Ask a Stupid Question
2nd- Name Your Car Day
4th- World Smile Day
7th- Bald and Free Day
9th- Leif Erikson Day
11th- Take Your Teddy Bear
to Work Day
14th- National Desert Day
18th- No Beard Day
21st- National Pumpkin
Cheesecake Day
24th - National Bologna Day
25th- Frankenstein Friday
28th- Plush Animal Lover Day
30th- National Mischief Day
31st- Halloween
31st- Carve a Pumpkin Day
31st-Increase Your
Psychic Powers Day
By: Elizabeth Burgess
1. Girl- Witch. Boy- Scary Movie Character
2. Superhero
3. Girl- Princess. Boy- Ninja
4. Movie Character
5. Girl- Vampire. Boy- Sports and Entertainment Celebrity
Battle of the
Gaming Systems
This is the battle that has been
raging in the world of gaming. There
are two systems in : Xbox 1 and the
Play Station 4. I have reviewed both
systems and saw copies of the systems. So here are the pros and cons of
the Xbox 1 and the Play Station 4.
Let’s start out with controllers. The
PS4 has a bulky controller but contains a touch screen for faster selection on the screen. The Xbox 1 has
gone in a different direction. Microsoft has chosen to internalize the
battery pack into the back of the con-
By: Max Beland
troller. The Xbox 1 has also incorporated quicker reaction times into the
left and right triggers. Finally the moment you’ve been waiting for the PS4
has a 3D enablement if you have a 3D
TV. It all comes down to the games.
Here are the games being released at
the launch: Dead Rising 3, Titan Fall,
Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag, God
of War, Call of Duty Ghost, along
with many other games. So that’s it
for this month!
Harvest Feast!
By: Allison Newey
This month, on October 23rd,
St. Patrick did their annual
Harvest Feast. The 2nd
Grade played Pilgrims and 3rd Graders dressed as
their Indian friends. The Indians canoed down
Beaver Brook and met the Pilgrims in the woods
near the field. Siblings and family members attended the celebration and came afterwards for the
feast. The recently introduced Pilgrims and Native
Americans gathered in the clubhouse for a Thanksgiving Feast that consisted of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce. Next year, the
Harvest Feast will commence again and the 2nd
graders will be the Native Americans and the current 1st Graders will be Pilgrims. This celebration
is important for all students, because it teaches us
the celebration and history of Thanksgiving.
Photos by: Sidney Bavin
And Olivia O’Toole
Halloween Story
Once upon a time, a
long time ago, before Halloween
was about candy and fun, it was
just about the scaring. There
were two friends, a boy named
Charlie and a girl named Lori.
They went out for a walk on Halloween night. Charlie was tired
of walking so he thought, “Why
not take the shortcut?”
“Are you sure it’s safe on
Halloween night?” asked Lori.
“Of course! Why not?”
Charlie said with a big smile on
his face. They went off into the
“Are you sure this is
safe? It’s really spooky and there
are a lot of dark scary shadows,”
Lori said.
All of a sudden Charlie
jumped up and yelled, “BOO!
Ha, ha – got you! Now, let’s go
home before something really
happens,” Charlie said. So the
two friends ran home. THE END
Dancing With
The Stars
By: Sidney Bavin
Dancing with the Stars is
a program that pairs professional
ballroom dancers with famous celebrities of TV, Movies, music, and
sports. Each week the pairs of
dancers compete against one another with routines choreographed
by the professional ballroom dancer for the type of dance chosen for
the week.
The professional ballroom
dance judges score the dancers
based on their technique and performance ability. During the show
the home viewing audience can
call in to vote for their favorite pair
of dancers.
Dancing with the Stars is
not just Ballroom dance; it is many
different types of dance including
Jazz, Hip-Hop, and sometimes
even Acrobatics and Tap. The
competitions get fierce and emotional, especially when the dancers get voted off the show.
This year, some of the contestants include Leah Remini, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Bill Engvall,
and Corbin Bleu. This is a show
that can be exciting for all ages
[even kids], so turn your TV to
channel 5 at 8 pm on Mondays to
watch Dancing with the Stars!!
Celebrity Birthdays
By: Kelly McDermott
1st – Zendaya Coleman
3rd – Shaun White
4th – Beyoce
8th – Pink
9th – Adam Sandler, Michael Buble
10th – Arnold Palmer
12th – Jennifer Hudson
13th – Niall Horan
14th – Logan Henderson
16th – Nick Jonas
17th – Mia Talerico
20th – Phillip Phillips
21st – Jason Derulo, Abby Lee Miller
22nd – Tom Felton
23rd – Bruce Springsteen
25th – Will Smith
26th – Serena Williams
29th – Kevin Durant
1st – Julie Andews
2nd – Kelly Ripa
4th – Derrick Rose
7th – Simon Cowell
8th – Bella Thorne, Bruno Mars
10th – Brett Farve
12th – Josh Hucherson
13th – Paul Pierce
14th - Usher
18th – Zac Efron
20th – Snoop Dogg
25th – Katy Perry
26th – Keith Urban
28th – Julia Roberts, Bill Gates
31st – Willow Smith
Fall Fun Page
By: Danielle
Enter the coloring contest to try and win!
Submit your entry with name and grade to the bin on the Computer Lab door