Cub Scout Bubble Maker Program

This program is a great introduction to the world of Scuba for Cubs and family members alike. Experience the wonders of weightlessness and breathing underwater. Whocantaketheprogram:
Cubs Scouts and families ProgramCost:
$50.00 + HST Whatyouwilllearn:
 Aquatic life  Care for the environment  Hand Signals  Using scuba equipment, including o Putting on an adjusting equipment o Breathing underwater o Clear mask o Swimming underwater Whatwillbeprovidedforparticipants:
 Poolside briefing  1 hour pool session  PADI certified instructors  All required scuba equipment  Post dive debriefing  Group Photo Whateachparticipantisresponsiblefor:
 Medical waiver forms  Transportation of gear to and from the pool What’snext:
Seal Team Program
Sections are advised this is a Category 3 activity. Required forms will be completed following normal Scouts procedures. (Retained by Section/Group Leaders) 
A brief medical questionnaire must be completed, if answering yes to any questions an questions on the form it must be signed by a physician. 396 Oxford St. E. London, ON N6A 1V7 (519) 645‐8820 [email protected] Facebook: Cross Current Divers For more information on the London Area Scuba Venturers contact [email protected]