Newsletter 12th May 2015

Tuesday 12th May 2015
Crudgington Primary School
12th May 2015
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CONGRATULATIONS to the Year 5/6 football team who won the Small Schools final against SS Peter and Paul
Catholic School on Thursday 7th May at the Bucks Head stadium. Please see the accounts of the match below by
Jason and Jack and the second one by Callum and Riley
The Big Match !!!!!!!!
The day finally arrived for our team to entertain the crowds at the Bucks Head in Telford and bring home
the small school trophy. Our team slowly walked out of the tunnel. Crudgington Primary School v’s St Peter and
St Pauls.
As the whistle was blown the crowd cheered as lowed as a stamped of elephants. St Peter and St Pauls
kicked the ball around until Jason (from Crudgington Primary School) intercepted and skilfully played it over the
defender into a large space leaving Callum one on one with the keeper. Callum prodded the ball towards the net,
but unfortunately the keeper made a beautiful save and kept the opposing team in the game.
A corner was taken by Riley, it was whipped in low to the front post, but the other team intercepted the
ball and booted it up the pitch. Then Jason won it and shot just out of the box. The ball flew into the air and just
tipped over the bar- all of the crowd started to cheer.
St Peters and St Pauls goal keeper toe poked it up the pitch up to their striker and caught us on the attack.
Their sticker was as fast as a cheater- he got past Callum and Riley had to get over to the other side of the pitch to
tackle the striker, but he didn’t want to leave his man. He instructed Jason to mark him so Jason did, and was
successful. Riley tried to tackle him but the striker for St Peter & St Pauls crossed it over to their right winger
and Jason intercepted it. Unfortunately it bounced of Jason and Dylan, the keeper, caught it. As soon as Dylan
kicked the ball the whistle for half time blew and the teams went into a huddle. We had 2 minutes to get back on
the pitch and get back into our positions.
The whistle went and we began to play. We started the second half with a bang. We tackled the
opposition and Jason started running up the right wing. As soon as he got near enough he had a smashing shot at
goal, but unfortunately the keeper saved it. After the deflection Callum jumped towards the ball and kicked it into
the back of the net. GOOOALLLLLLL- 1-0 !!!!!!!!!!!!
After that amazing goal the opposition lost their drive. After 15 minutes, the other won back theirs and
got on the attack. Their sticker skilfully dodged our defence and was faced with a one- on- one with the keeper,
but luckily Dylan saved it with an amazing leap. There was 2 minutes until the end of the match and once again,
they were on the attack. Our defenders were on it, so there was no chance of the other team scoring.
As the final whistle blew, Crudgington cheered and ran to awaiting crowd.
We lifted the trophy and celebrated our success in bringing home the trophy for winning the small school
Tuesday 12th May 2015
Tuesday 12th May 2015
Nervous, but excited we walked out the tunnel! The big day had arrived on the seventh of May at the Bucks
Head in Telford. As the players walked on to the pitch, they lined up in front of the proud parents. The players were
introduced to the crowd- Crudgington where playing in white and blue, St Peter and St Paul where playing in blue
and yellow.
When the opposing team kicked off the crowd went wild. We won possession as soon as they passed the
ball. Callum had a shot in the opening minute, and the keeper made an outstanding save, which went out for a
corner. The corner was whipped in low by Riley to the near post, and Callum knocked it in the confident keeper’s
hands. The keeper played it long to the supporting striker, they had a shot, but it was straight at Dylan. Dylan did a
huge kick past the half way line, and landed the ball right at Callum’s feet to feed a crucial through ball to Jason. This
led to a brilliant shot which dipped into the top corner just for the keeper to tip it over the bar. For the corner this
time Riley played it high just for it to go out of play.
It was goal kick to the opposing side, and then the goal keeper’s toe poked it up field to their striker who
played a strong through ball pass towards goal. Dylan come out of goal and whacked the ball up field which fell
nicely for Tom, who plays it well over to Jason who had a strong shot at goal. The keeper dived and saved it pushing
the ball away which then fell to Callum it was an unmissable chance for Callum - 1:0 up Crudgington have scored a
great GOAL!! Now all Crudgington players worked hard to defend our goals and win the ball. Some good passing
between players on the opposing team meant that the pressure was on. Riley did a humungous half volley to clear it
and the time had come the full time whistle. Crudgington were champions after breaking the 2 year on a trot
winning streak from the other team.
Who is the S.S.S?
The Super Safeguarding Squad (S.S.S.) is a team of students that have been set up to help your child/children
feel safe at school and help them to understand how to keep safe out of school.
We will be carrying out a range of projects such as organising workshops to help children understand about
dangers and what they can do to keep themselves safe.
The people in S.S.S. are: Ellis (Chair), Xavier (Vice Chair), Charlotte, Alice, Lola, Martha, Alice, Jason and Jack.
We can help you with any problems/concerns about your child/children. We can always sort things out, and
remember, your child/children are super safe with us!!
Gardening Club
Thank you to Mrs Flanders for claiming some free
Ms Britt, Mrs Denton, Mrs Cledwyn-Davies and the
children at Gardening club would like to say a big
Thank You to everyone who has generously donated
items to the club.
Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers on our behalf. The
vouchers arrived in the post today.
Tuesday 12th May 2015
Tuesday 12th May 2015
Shining Stars
If anyone wishes to purchase replacement Shining Stars badges they are £1 each. Please see Mrs Anderson.
AFC Telford United will be hosting free Girls open training sessions for the following age groups ahead of the
2015/16 season
U10 (current school years 4 & 5) ·
U12 (current school years 6 & 7)
U14 (current school years 8 & 9) ·
U16 (current school years 10 & 11)
U18 (current school years 11 & 12, 13)
The sessions will take place at: Telford College Arts & Technology Haybridge Road Telford Shropshire TF1 2NP
Players will be required to attend the dates for their age group.
U10’s & U12’s - Tuesday 9thJune 2015 6pm – 7pm
U14’s, U16’s & U18’s - Thursday 11th June 2015 – 7pm – 8pm
Saturday 13th June – All Ages
The dress code is: sportswear, shin pads covered with socks, trainers or moulded studs.
All players wishing to train, MUST fill in the application form to register
For more information please email [email protected] or call 01952 567546
Friends Association
Please see the attached letter re the Summer Fayre, (all the children have been given an envelope today with raffle
tickets in), and the Friends Update for May 2015.
Congratulations to Matthias for designing the winning Summer Fayre picture to be printed on this year’s Summer
Farye Programme.
Just a reminder too about the Fashion Show next week. Monday 18th 6:30pm at The Charlton, tickets £4, friends and
family welcome.
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5
Congratulations to Class 2, 3 and 4 all reaching 100%
What’s on at Crudgington Wraparound - Direct Line (01952 386914 from 3pm to 6 pm)
Tuesday 12th May
Wednesday 13th May
Thursday 14th May
Friday 15th May
Structured Activity
Collage of the Sun
Sun word search
Make a poster – Be safe in
the sun
Handprint sun pictures
Hot Dogs
Rice pudding
Beef burgers in baps
Jelly and fruit
Sausage, chips & spaghetti
Fresh fruit
Pasta bake
Bananas & custard
Tuesday 12th May 2015
Free Play