BSHAA Customer Charter April 2015

Organisations that
may help you
British Society of
Hearing Aid Audiologists
City Wharf
Davidson Road
WS14 9DZ
[email protected]
Telephone: 01543 442155
Health & Care Professions Council
Park House
184 Kennington Park Road
London SE11 4BU
Freephone: 0800 328 4218
Freephone: 0800 626 427
Email: [email protected]
Scrivens House, 60 Islington Row Middleway,
Birmingham B15 1PH
At Scrivens Hearing Care, we are rightly proud of our
reputation for excellent customer care. We welcome
all feedback, good and bad, from our customers to
help us improve further. In the unlikely event that you
experience a problem with your hearing aid, or our
service, we want you to tell us so that we can help
resolve it quickly and efficiently.
Your hearing aid has been selected and specified to
suit your individual requirements following a thorough
examination by our Hearing Aid Dispenser. It may take
a little time for you to adjust to using your hearing
aid but, working in partnership with our Hearing Aid
Dispenser, we are confident you will achieve a positive
outcome. Practice, Patience and a Positive attitude are
the keys to success.
Our lifetime of aftercare service means we will keep
in contact with you regularly so we can monitor your
progress and ensure that you continue to receive
maximum benefit from your hearing aid.
However, we know that things can occasionally go
wrong and, if they do, we want to be able to put
matters right quickly and effectively. You can contact
our Hearing Aid Dispenser through your local branch
or alternatively contact our Customer Care Team via the
following routes:
Customer Care Team
Scrivens Hearing Care
Scrivens House
60 Islington Row Middleway,
Birmingham B15 1PH
Freephone 0800 626 427
[email protected]
We want you to be more than just satisfied with our service
Step 1
Step 3
Tell us what happened.
If you are not happy after the Conciliation Officer has
tried to help, you can ask BSHAA for access to binding
Independent Arbitration. This will be free of charge.
We need to know from you:
• Your name, address and telephone number
• Information about what went wrong and when
and where it happened.
The above process is designed to offer you a
comprehensive process for finding a positive
outcome to your complaint.
We will contact you within two working days of receiving
your complaint.
Nothing in this leaflet affects your statutory rights.
We will investigate your complaint and you will receive
a response and/or explanation as soon as possible and
certainly no later than 20 working days after we receive it.
If further investigation is required we will let you know and
we will advise you when an outcome can be expected.
What if I’m still not happy?
Step 2
Scrivens Hearing Care conforms with the BSHAA
(British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists)
Customer Care Scheme which ensures that our
prime responsibility is to act at all times in the best
interests of the customer. However, if you feel that
we have not resolved your complaint to your satisfaction
you can contact the BSHAA.
BSHAA’s Conciliation Officer will then work to resolve
the problem.
To start this process you can complete a Complaint Form
online at or get in touch with BSHAA
using the details on the Contact Page overleaf.
Who else could help me?
You may contact the Health Professions Council. The
Council’s duties include ensuring adequate standards
in Hearing Aid Dispensers’ conduct and competence.
You can contact them using the details overleaf.