Henry'S FAvOurITeS £7.95 |

Henry's Favourites | £7.95 each
For the first time we have combined the talents of each of our bartenders around
the country to bring you a range of exciting additions to our cocktail range.
From classics with a twist to exciting new inventions, each of our ‘Favourites’ provide
you with the opportunity to try DRINKS THAT ARE new and exclusive to our bars.
Spice of Covent Garden
Piazza Passion
(Created by the Bartenders at Henry’s Covent Garden)
Covent Garden’s very own blackberry and rum Caipirinha,
tastes just like a spiced blackberry crumble. Sailor Jerry
Spiced Rum, Crème de Mure and fresh limes built over
crushed ice and garnished with ground cinnamon.
(Created by the Bartenders at Henry’s Covent Garden)
Covent Garden’s twist on a classic Margarita,
combining Tequila, Cointreau, orange juice, fresh
passion fruit, lime and sugar.
Henry’s Whisky Sours
(Created by the Bartenders at Henry’s Cardiff)
The king of whisky based cocktails is back!
Buffalo Trace Bourbon simply shaken with lemon juice
and Syrup de Gomme, strained over crushed ice and
served with a lemon twist garnish.
Green Park Breeze
(Created by the Bartenders at Henry’s Piccadilly)
A very refreshing cocktail bringing an exotic breeze into
the heart of Mayfair! A blend of tropical coconut flavours
from Malibu and the Italian finesse of Disaronno
Amaretto. Shaken with orange juice, pineapple juice
and grenadine syrup.
Henry’s Chocolate Orange
(Created by the Bartenders at Henry’s Bromley)
Literally the crème de la crème of creamy cocktails!
The smooth flavours of Absolut ® Vanilla Vodka,
Cointreau and Baileys, blended with milk and cream
make this chocolatini extra special.
£7.95 each
Henry’s Mojito
Raspberry & Vanilla Mojito
An original Cuban mix of fresh mint, homemade
demerara gomme and fresh lime, together with a
generous helping of Havana Club Especial Rum, the
original premium aged gold rum, created in 1862. Served
over crushed ice to create a perfectly balanced cocktail.
All the depth of flavour of our own Mojito,
sweetened with vanilla pod infused sugar
and fresh, plump raspberries.
Bison Berry Mojito
Upgrade to a 7 year old Mojito, made with Havana
Club 7 year old for an extra £1
A Polish twist on the usual Mojito fare, bringing together
fresh strawberries, mint and lime with plenty of
Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka and
a splash of soda.
Hendrick’s Mojito
More unusual than the original, adding blackberry
liqueur and replacing rum with gin and soda water
with apple juice. A refreshing change to this
already great drink.
Spiced Mojito
The same classic Mojito but with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
and a ginger ale top.
£7.95 each
Henry’s Mai Tai
White Russian
Mai Tai means ‘the best’ in Tahitian, and our own
flamboyant recipe certainly is. Myers’s Dark Rum, almond
syrup, Cointreau, orange and pineapple juices and
freshly squeezed lime juice are topped with a floating
island of flamed Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum.
A retro classic of Absolut ® Vodka, Kahlúa, milk and
cream, simply built up in the glass for you.
Raspberry Tatanka
A simple mix of fresh raspberries, Zubrowka Bison Grass
Vodka, fresh lime and apple juice served long and cool.
Bloody Mary
Our unique recipe for this brunch in a glass, mixes chilli
infused Absolut ® Vodka, just a splash of sherry and
tomato juice, with all of the usual spices and trimmings
to your liking, as well as a spoonful of wasabi.
Key West Cooler
A tropical fruity-sweet combination of Midori melon
liqueur, Archers Peach Schnapps, Malibu and orange
juice, topped off with a layer of cranberry juice and
Absolut ® Vodka.
Dark & Stormy
The Dark & Stormy embodies great tastes of the tropics.
A variation on the original recipe, ours uses Myers’s Rum,
with a simple mix of ginger beer and a twist of freshly
squeezed lime.
The Bramble
Bombay Sapphire® Gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup
with Crème de Mure poured slowly over fresh
crushed ice.
Raspberry Fizz
A refreshing mix of Martell VS Cognac, lemon juice and
sugar syrup, lightly muddled with raspberries, topped
with lemonade.
Raspberry Caipirinha
Sagatiba Premium Cachaça muddled with fresh limes,
fresh raspberries and sugar, laced with Chambord
raspberry liqueur to make this Brazilian refresher. Ask
your bartender for a classic Caipirinha without the
£7.95 each
We can of course make you a classic Martini, but why not experiment with our
alternative drinks, served in the classic Martini cocktail glass.
French Martini
Grand Margarita
Gallic elegance meets Swedish refinement in this
cocktail of Chambord raspberry liqueur, Absolut ® Vodka,
fresh raspberries and frothy pineapple juice.
A good measure of oak rested Jose Cuervo Tequila
combined with Grand-Marnier barrel-aged orange
liqueur and fresh lime juice. Pure class!
Lychee Sparkle
Lychee purée, apple juice, Absolut ® Vodka and sugar,
shaken and served straight up with a Prosecco float
and raspberry garnish.
A citrussy sweet-sour unison of Absolut ® Citron Vodka,
Cointreau orange liqueur, fresh lime and cranberry
juices finished with a flamed orange zest.
Iced teas
£7.95 each
Long Island Iced Tea
Tokyo Iced Tea
The original quintet of Absolut ® Vodka,
Havana Club Especial Rum, Bombay Sapphire® Gin,
Cointreau, Jose Cuervo Tequila, lemon juice,
sugar syrup and coke.
Absolut® Vodka, Havana Club Especial Rum,
Bombay Sapphire® Gin, Cointreau, Midori Melon
liqueur, lemon juice and sugar syrup, topped with
a splash of lemonade.
£7.95 each
The Daiquiri was said to have been created by an engineer named Jennings Cox in an
iron mine called Daiquiri near Santiago. While entertaining guests he ran out of his
favourite spirit, gin, so he reached for the rum.
Mixed with fresh lime, sugar, fresh fruit and Havana Club Especial Rum, all blended with ice to make a holiday in a glass.
Docklands Daiquiri
(Created by the Bartenders at Henry’s West India Quay)
A totally tropical experience! Mount Gay Barbados Rum, blended mango and banana, Syrup de Gomme and lime juice,
served in a Martini glass and finished with a crushed pistachio garnish.
£7.95 each
Hedgerow Collins
The Collins returns to its British roots here with a handful of fresh blueberries, elderflower cordial, Bombay Sapphire®
Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and a spritz of soda water. Alternatively you could try raspberry or peach in your Collins.
Cocktails With Fizz
£8.95 each
We are proud to offer you an exciting range of cocktails with a fizz, using the
increasingly popular Prosecco (A dry sparkling wine from the Veneto region of Italy).
We hope you enjoy!
The “Original” Bellini
Martini Royale
Sweet white peach purée and a squeeze of fresh lemon
juice, topped up with Prosecco to give a refreshing
alternative to a classic Champagne cocktail.
MARTINI Bianco and the crisp notes of Prosecco sparkling
wine. Served Italian style in a large wine glass with a
fresh raspberry.
Champagne Cocktails | £9.95 each
The Classic
Champagne Cocktail
Brown sugar, Angostura Bitters
and Champagne, finished with
Martell VS Cognac.
Kir Royale
Raspberry Beret
A simple, uncomplicated cocktail
of Crème de Cassis blackcurrant
liqueur, topped with Champagne.
Chambord raspberry liqueur topped
with Champagne.
Cullinan View Chenin Blanc 250ml* Bottle
– £15.95
(Robertson, South Africa)
Youthful, fruity character and a fresh, zesty acidity.
Very well balanced.
Mill Cellars Chardonnay £15.45
(South-Eastern Australia)
A fruit-filled ‘Aussie’ Chardonnay. Fresh, citrussy
flavours on the nose and palate backed by crisp
acidity on the finish.
Luis Felipe Edwards Lot 35 Chardonnay £4.70 £6.40 £15.95
(Rapel Valley, Chile)
A youthful and vibrant, unoaked Chardonnay displaying
melon, stone fruit and pineapple flavours, with a
zippy, citrus structure.
Durbanville Hills Chardonnay –
£4.55 £6.20 £15.45
(Durbanville, South Africa)
Dried peach, apricot, citrus and vanilla notes on
the nose, with hints of butterscotch and toffee
that carry on through the palate.
Arium Airén Blanco Albali (Valdepeñas, Spain)
Peachy and very soft with notes of lychee and
pineapple, dry finish.
Picpoul de Pinet –
– £18.25
£5.10 £7.00 £17.45
(Domaine SaintE-Anne, France)
Bright and fresh with aromas of citrus fruits –
particularly good with seafood.
La Campagne Viognier (Pays d’OC, France)
This Northern Rhône variety is becoming increasingly
popular and is now firmly established in the
South of France. Shows a classic peachy-apricot flavour.
Pinot Grigio di Pavia Collezione Marchesini
A crisp, dry wine, cool-fermented for maximum
fruit and acidity retention – delicious.
Zinck Portrait Riesling 250ml* Bottle
£6.15 £8.40 £20.95
Lively and refreshing, light-bodied, and dry; the finish
offers notes of lemon zest and menthol. Very good.
Luis Felipe Edwards
Reserva Gewürztraminer
– £23.95
– £26.45
(Rapel Valley, Chile)
Classic varietal characteristics; Turkish delight,
orange blossom, lychee, violet and rose petal
are all present on a lightly oaked palate.
Flagstone Free Run Sauvignon Blanc (South Africa)
Refreshingly herbaceous with zesty green pepper,
passion fruit, fig and lime flavours.
Sancerre, Les Collinettes, Joseph Mellot
Stylish and racy, with the classic blackcurrant aroma
and gooseberry character.
Chablis, Paul Deloux (France)
The driest white Burgundy; fermented and matured
without oak to preserve the characteristic flinty style.
Berri Estates Unoaked Chardonnay £4.80 £6.60 £16.45
£5.70 £7.80 £19.45
(South-Eastern Australia)
The grapes for this fresh, lemony Chardonnay are
fermented and matured in stainless steel to retain
the fresh varietal fruit, crisp, ripe acidity.
Callia Reservado Torrontés San Juan (Argentina)
Very floral and dry with restrained tropical fruit
on the mid-palate leading into a finish dominated
by spice and lychee notes. The 2010 won the best
Torrontés Trophy at the Argentina Wine Awards in 2011.
Brancott Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand)
An excellent Sauvignon Blanc, exhibiting intense
fresh gooseberry and capsicum flavours;
ripe tropical notes and zingy acidity.
Cullinan View Pinotage 250ml* Bottle
– £15.95
(Robertson, South Africa)
A crossing of Pinot Noir and Cinsault. Lovely fruit,
smokey character and soft rounded tannins.
Arium Tempranillo-Garnacha Tinto Albali
£4.55 £6.20 £15.45
£5.35 £7.30 £18.25
(Valdepeñas, Spain)
Cherry-red, very smooth with blackberry and plum fruit;
the tannins are light and finish soft, medium bodied.
Callia Reservado Malbec (San Juan, Argentina)
Plenty of ripe, soft berry fruit flavours with the usual
pinch of spice associated with the Malbec grape,
as well as cinnamon and vanilla oak-spice style.
Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon £4.95 £6.80 £16.95
(Central Valley, Chile)
This is the flagship Casillero wine; rich and concentrated.
Blackcurrant, black cherry and plum married together
with toasty-oak.
Chateau Lyonnat, Lussac Saint-Émilion –
– £25.45
Red fruit character; powerful, yet supple; with vanilla
aromas on the finish.
Pinot Noir del Veneto, Munro £4.55 £6.20 £15.45
Ripe cherry and red berry flavours underpinned
with some plummy fruit, this unoaked Pinot Noir shows
savoury hints and represents excellent value.
Côtes du Rhône, La Dentelière (France)
Soft and peppery with an attractive blend of Grenache,
sourced mainly from the Vaucluse and Gard districts,
to give a typically warm, ripe-flavoured wine.
Rare Vineyards Carignan Vieilles Vignes, Pays d’Herault
A complex juice that comes from grapes grown
on old vines, with a richness of fruit and depth
of flavour backed with herbaceous notes.
Flagstone Longitude Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz Malbec
250ml* Bottle
– £20.95
(South Africa)
Wonderful rich, concentrated red with bright blackcurrant
and mint aromas. Delicious concentrated black fruit with
a whisper of vanilla oak and minty spice.
Brancott Pinot Noir (South Island, New Zealand)
This Pinot Noir has a rich, sweet approach, displaying ripe,
dark berry fruits, subtle oak spice, velvety tannins and a long,
concentrated finish.
Ravenswood Vintners Blend Zinfandel
(California, USA)
Matured in French oak for up to 12 months before
bottling to add greater complexity to the natural
black pepper and spicy character of the wine.
Campo Viejo RIOJA Reserva £6.30 £8.60 £21.45
Notes of red fruit, cherry and blackberry, clove, liquorice
and vanilla with a smooth and lingering finish.
Errázuriz Pinot Noir Wild Ferment –
– £22.45
– £29.45
(Casablanca Valley, Chile)
Matured in French oak barrels for nine months;
this is a wine with the potential to develop the
many complex flavours of great Pinot Noirs.
ChÂteauneuf-du -Pape Les Bartavelles, Jean-Luc Colombo
Full-bodied and concentrated, this classic wine from the
Southern Rhône valley is a rich blend of Grenache, Syrah and
Mourvèdre grapes. Full, ripe forest fruits with a hint of
pepper and spice-delicious.
Luis Felipe Edwards Lot 40 Cabernet Sauvignon
(Rapel Valley, Chile)
Essence of Cabernet with cassis, bramble, a touch
of mint and green pepper; well-structured but with
the juicy fruit coming forward on the finish.
La Campagne de Cinsault
250ml* Bottle
£4.80 £6.60 £16.45
£4.70 £6.40 £15.95
(Pays d’Oc, France)
Delicious deep-coloured rosé. Cool-fermented in stainless
steel tanks and bottled early to capture all the fresh
summer-fruit flavours.
Blossom Hill White Zinfandel (California, USA)
Light, medium-sweet, with strawberry and
watermelon aromas.
Pinot Grigio Rosato del Veneto, Collezione Marchesini
Just off-dry with delicious peach and strawberry flavours;
a fashionable combination of colour and grape.
Tavel Rosé, La RouviÈre
A wine with a majestic salmon-pink colour, dry yet fruity
palate, with flavours of red fruit and peach.
CordornÍu ClÁsico 1872 Rosado Brut ml*
£5.25 £22.45
(Catalunya, Spain)
A blend of Monastrell, Pinot Noir, Macabeo, Xorel.lo and Parellada
matured to allow the lovely toasty flavours from ageing to develop.
Pale pink in colour with vibrant, fruity aromas and ripe,
summer-fruit flavours.
Echo Falls Sparkling White Zinfandel – £23.45
(California, USA)
A floral, fruity effervescent rosé with a fresh strawberry
bouquet and more than a hint of sweetness.
Sant’Orsola Pinot Cuvée Rosé Brut – £23.95
A fashionable pink sparkling version of Italy’s most
popular white grape; light, dry and refreshing.
Sant’Orsola Prosecco (Italy)
Fine, persistent, soft fizz surrounds the typical fruit
spectrum of apple & pear with a hint of peach.
£5.95 £25.45
Louis Dornier et Fils Brut ml*
– £34.45
A light, fresh, vigorously youthful Champagne with
a fine, elegant, slightly lemony nose, lively mousse
and long, crisp palate.
Lanson Black Label Brut £9.25 £39.45
A fresh, very crisp and lemony style. Only grapes from
Premier and Grand Cru vineyards are now used
in this blend.
Lanson Brut Rosé £10.40 £44.45
Pale pink with orange highlights, aromas of honey,
flowers and fresh berries on the nose with elegant,
restrained creamy fruit on the palate.
Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial –
A well known blend of old and young wines, to ensure
consistency. With flowery aromas and warm biscuity hints.
VeUve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut – £54.45
A black grape dominated blend, using Pinot Noir
and Meunier together with Chardonnay; well-known
for both its full-bodied and biscuity style.
Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut –
Its full-bodied style results from the Pinot-dominated
blend, the majority of which uses grapes from the
Grand Cru village of Aÿ.
Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut
Pinot Noir grapes from Grand Cru villages. The grapes
are allowed only three days brief contact with the skins
to give the wine that glorious pink colour.
*125ml glasses of wine are available. Please ask for today's selection.
– £64.45