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CLD Credit Rating Project – 1 year on
SCQF Case Study – B.L.E.S. Training
Background to the organisation
BLES Training is a voluntary charitable organisation based in Bathgate. We deliver a
dedicated training programme for 16-24 year olds in West Lothian. We provide
support/training in core, personal, life, employability and occupational skills, with the
opportunity to gain a qualification. We have a clear commitment to help progress all young
people to access occupational skills and a job. As a charitable organisation, we rely on
funding, and our main funder is Skills Development Scotland (SDS), delivering the
Employability Fund programme. We currently have 7 employees, and all staff hold the
relevant training qualifications for their role with personal development plans in place and
training progression discussed at individual 1:1s.
Background to the project
With funding made available by the Scottish Government, the SCQF Partnership established
a project to support learning programmes delivered using a community learning and
development approach, by having them credit rated on to the SCQF. 2013/14 was the
second of a three-year project aimed at supporting the credit rating of up to 30 programmes.
The Learning Programme
The Development of Personal, Employability and Work Skills programme, which was credit
rated by Edinburgh Napier University in January 2014, focuses on providing young people
with the occupational skills to help them secure employment. The programme is modular
and was credit rated as follows:
Health and Safety
Personal Development
Construction Skills
Painting and Decorating
Business Administration
Employability Skills
SCQF Level
Number of credits
Why did you decide to apply to participate in the SCQF CLD Credit Rating Project?
The criteria for the training programme, funded by SDS, changed in April 2013 when it
became a requirement that the young people we train be working towards a recognised
qualification/SCQF credit points. With our background in training, we decided that we would
be able to provide this facility ourselves using the training methods already implemented in
BLES. Therefore by formalising and structuring our delivery to meet SCQF criteria, our
young people would be able to access, and achieve, a recognised qualification during their
time at BLES. This, coupled with the work experience and placement opportunities offered
as part of the training, would greatly aid them when applying for that all important job.
How has having your learning programme SCQF credit rated benefited your learners
and your organisation?
We are delighted to have a credit rated course to offer to learners and interested
organisations. Having an SCQF level and credit points for our course demonstrates our
ability to develop a course which meets the standards of a nationally recognised framework
and awarding body. Learners now have a wider range of learning opportunities.
We are now a year down the line as we have been delivering this programme since April
2014, and it has been a fantastic addition to the BLES curriculum. The formalising of our inhouse training programme to become SCQF credit rated has given a focus to both the
trainers and staff but ultimately, provides a superb opportunity for the young learners to gain
a qualification.
We have achieved huge successes throughout the year and have also identified areas for
improvement. As a result of how the programme has developed, we have introduced the
role of mentor to support new learners. This has not only proved to be a success for the
new learners, but also helped to build the confidence of the person promoted to mentor
giving them a feeling of self-worth and pride. The mentors not only provide help with the
practical skills but also assist with the written assessments e.g. help with spelling.
The whole experience, for everyone involved, has been very positive. The evidence
produced by the paperwork and practical work provides a physical record of the work
completed and the learner has a clear view of how much work they have completed. The
course also allows flexibility for each learner to complete the course in his or her own
timescale which is very important for our clientele who have a varied academic ability.
The young people have shown a great interest and desire to complete the course which
demonstrates that the design and content are aimed at the correct level for our learners.
In the last year, 35 young learners have completed a range of the modules, varying in the
number of modules per learner, with Construction Skills and Health and Safety proving to be
most popular. But don’t just take our word for how great the programme is! Some examples
of feedback received from our learners are:
“Training was great, I enjoyed it all.”
“I think BLES is a great training scheme for young people.”
“I learned a lot of knowledge and skills.”
“I have enjoyed the programme. It is a thorough and well put together course
which I encourage people to attend.”
“I had no problem doing any of the work and had a good time doing it.”
For more information on the benefits of having your learning programmes credit rated,
contact the SCQF Partnership on 0845 270 7371 or at [email protected]