Step by step guide coach
Step by step instructions for coaches
1. Coaches are the only ones who will register at Click “Register” and fill in your details. You can also click on the lock-icon and reach the registration there. 2. After a coach has registered, the next step will be for the coach to invite students.
Click on the “Coach”-tab in the purple header, and then go to “Students”.
3. After the coach has submitted the students’ email addresses, an invitation email will be sent to all the students that you invite.
4. Students will then register by clicking the button contained in the invitation email. Once a student registers through this process, s/he will be available to be added to a group.
Note: Students who have registered will be moved from “Pending invitations” to “Your students” . 5. Now create the group under the “Groups” tab. Click “Add group”
Note: A coach can have several groups, while a student can only be in one group. 6. When a group is created, add members from your invited students by clicking “Members”, then ”Add members”. The students who have accepted your invitation will be shown here.
7. You can now follow the progress of each of your groups under the tab “Coach”. To see the members, courses and stories of each group; click that group’s profile picture. There you can add and remove members, send messages to your group and follow their progress. 8. After all students have registered, they may begin taking courses. The courses may be taken in any order. Thank you for participating!
This is a pilot, so please leave your feedback and let us know if you have examples on how to improve We hope to see you at the World Scout Jamboree in Japan!