Hargrave completes N.C. Next Generation Superintendents

Hargrave completes N.C. Next Generation
Superintendents Development Program
LAURINBURG, N.C. (March 25, 2015) – Scotland County Schools’ Superintendent Dr. Ron Hargrave
was among 21 superintendents from across the state to graduate from the North Carolina Next
Generation Superintendents Development Program Cohort II. The program is designed to support the
growth, expansion, and enhancement of superintendents using the North Carolina Superintendents
Standards, through a formative process that advances the stated purposes of the North Carolina
Evaluation process, noted Jack Hoke, program coordinator and the executive director of the North
Carolina School Superintendents’ Association.
The year-long program was comprised of eight face-to-face sessions that guided superintendents as
they reflected on and improved their effectiveness as district leaders; focused on their personal
leadership goals and linked personal goals with district and state goals; and guided and facilitated the
professional development of superintendents toward advanced levels of executive leadership as
defined by the North Carolina Standards for Superintendents.
Hoke said of Hargrave, “Dr. Ron Hargrave developed a great network of superintendents to consult with
while in the program and he contributed to the discussions on emerging issues that school districts are
facing and he shared innovative practices occurring in the Scotland County Schools.”
Hargrave reflected, “The North Carolina Next Generation Superintendents Development Program
afforded me the opportunity to connect and network with superintendents from across the state. The
professional development opportunities that were an integral part of the program are not only
beneficial to me as a new superintendent, but ultimately and most importantly, the connections made
and the things learned will continue to strengthen our district.”