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Term 3 Week 4 2014
7th August 2014
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13th August
15th August
21st August
26th August
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Book Fair
Zone Athletics Lismore
Kindergarten 2015 Information
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P&C Meeting
School Concert
4/5/6 Senior Excursion
Anti-bullying plan
The review of the school's anti-bullying plan is now finalised and available on the school's website. A hard
copy has also been sent home to every family. Please take the time to read the plan and discuss with your
child/ren. This is a true reflection of staff, parents and students being involved collaboratively on a school
wide plan based on the NSW DEC policy. The new plan will come into effect from today, Thursday 7th
August 2014 and be due to be reviewed in 2017 in line with NSW DEC policy.
Please check your child‘s schoolbag today for a copy of the Tregeagle Public School Anti-bullying Plan.
I would like to clarify that page 2 of the plan is a mandatory inclusion that the Department of Education
require us to add, hence the year being (2011). The Tregeagle School Plan commences on page 3.
Junior Landcare News
Lismore’s Mayor, Jenny Dowell, Barbara Jensen from Rous Water and Danielle Hanigan from Lismore City
Council visited our school on Tuesday to present the school with a $500 cheque and a framed certificate for
the ‘Mayor’s Award’ for the Water Audit Movie. The mayor was so impressed with our Junior Landcare
entry that she decided to award a special mayoral award to a Tregeagle Public School. The money will be
used to help install new water saving taps to fill drink bottles near the school bubblers.
Tregeagle Public School Newsletter – Term 3 Week 4 2014
Congratulations to the M.A.D. water team for their fantastic
movie. The movie will be uploaded to our school website
This is another example of staff, students and parents
working together to the betterment of the students and
school of Tregeagle Public School. Once again, well done to
everyone involved in this project.
Japanese Visitors
Due to Ms Rowan teaching 5/6L and teaching Japanese to our students as well as teaching Japanese at
Kadina High School, we were fortunate to have seven Japanese students visit the school on Monday
afternoon. KS and 5/6L as well as some other students were taught origami and the older students were
able to say a few words in Japanese to the visitors. The Japanese students left us with a gift of origami
paper and booklets. Another great experience for our school.
Gift of origami, paper and booklets from
our Japanese visitors.
Major Excursion
I am trying to find another school with a small cohort of students to attend the excursion with us to reduce
the price but am yet to accomplish this. The cost of the excursion to our students has worked out at $590
per student. It is great to see so many parents paying off the excursion in regular instalments. Parents can
now pay for the excursion, including instalments, with our online payment facility. Just go to our website,
click on the $ Online Payment tab and follow the directions.
Natalie Lennon – Principal
Book Fair – Wednesday 13th August 2014
On Wednesday 13th August we will be holding our fantastic Book Fair.
8:30 – 9:20am. Book Fair open for parents who are unable to stay for the parade. Children may
accompany parents at this time.
9:20 – 9:45am. The book parade will commence in the COLA.
The Library will be closed at 9:20am so that children can participate in the parade.
Tregeagle Public School Newsletter – Term 3 Week 4 2014
9:45 – 11:00am. Book Fair will be open for parents and their children.
9:45 – 11:00am. All classes will visit the Book Fair so that children (who have money to spend)
may purchase books.
All books sold at the Book Fair benefit the library as we are able to take a percentage of the sales in free
books. Prices range from $3 upwards and students will have a chance to view the books next Tuesday with
their class and make a wish list. Please ensure your child comes with the correct money if possible in a
labelled envelope on Wednesday to make for a hassle free purchase.
Mrs Igoe
Premier’s Reading Challenge
Just a reminder to those participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge that the dead line is 22nd August.
Please hand in your completed reading logs to Mrs Igoe by that date.
Mrs Igoe / Library
Class Movies
Class movies can now be accessed from the school website.
Touch Football
Due to inclement weather the touch football has been rescheduled to next Monday 11th August. Notes to
those involved are going home today and need to be returned tomorrow so transport arrangements can
be organised.
Zone Athletics Lismore – Friday 15th August
Notes for students going to the Zone Athletics at Riverview Park in Lismore are going home today. Please
return notes as soon as possible. The $5 levy is covered by the P&C.
Clubs Last Week
Last Friday we had Clubs. The students were involved in painting the second water tank, making garden
decorations, planting seedlings (purchased with money raised from the sausage sizzle at Coles, organised
by Niki Roles). Students also commenced an experiment testing the biodegradability of materials.
Science Clubs
Our student scientists have commenced an experiment where they are testing the biodegradability of
materials contained in varying testing mediums. The mediums include water, soil and dry sand. The
materials chosen include mandarin, leaves, newspaper, biodegradable plastic products, copper, tin,
aluminium, hard plastic and standard plastic bag. The materials have been placed in the mediums so that
we can monitor and record the effects of any biodegrading taking place.
Miss Braddon
Healthy Eating Club
In clubs last week students looked at the Australian guide to healthy eating food model. We discussed
portion sizes, sometimes foods and how to maintain a balanced diet. Students were then required to use
their knowledge of the food model to create a healthy lunch box using pictures from magazines and
Miss Woolfe
Tregeagle Public School Newsletter – Term 3 Week 4 2014
Happenings at Tregeagle this week
Japanese Visitors
Here are some photos of our visitors from Lismore’s sister city in Japan teaching origami to Tregeagle
Japanese Visitors
On Tuesday, the 5th of August, 2014, six Japanese students came and visited Tregeagle Public School. They
were coming to teach some of our students origami skills. At eating time the Japanese students set up in
the Library, where anyone could come in and participate. After recess, the Japanese students devoted their
time to the Kindergarten class, who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Next up, it was 5/6L’s turn. The
Japanese students were very friendly, and we all learnt different origami skills. We were taught how to
make boxes, paper cranes, ninja stars and chatterboxes. The Japanese visitors even made some special
origami objects, such as a dolphin and a giant ninja star to give away. All of the T.P.S students that
participated really enjoyed the visit, and the 5/6L class gave a special thank you: arigato gozaimashite!
By Lachlan Robertson
Junior Landcare Stir Fry Lunch
Students and teachers enjoyed a delicious chicken and vegetable stir fry cooked by Sarah Troy in the school
canteen on Wednesday. The vegetables were supplied by the Junior Landcare Group who grew them in the
school gardens. What a wonderful experience to grow and then eat their own produce.
If there are any parents who would like to help out with Junior Landcare during Clubs (fortnightly on Friday
afternoons at 2pm) please contact Kirsty Spence. Come along and enjoy the fun. No experience necessary!
Tregeagle Public School Newsletter – Term 3 Week 4 2014
Centenary Celebrations for the Australian Macadamia Society
Our school is taking part in the Centenary celebrations for the Australian Macadamia Society (A.M.S.). The
students will be participating in a colouring-in competition and learn about our local macadamia nut
industry in their classes. Next Friday afternoon at 2pm we
will be planting a special macadamia tree donated to our
school by the A.M.S.
Hugh Harris will be assisting Junior Landcare to plant and
showing them how to care for our tree. Representatives
from A.M.S. and local growers will also be in attendance.
Parents are invited to attend.
Will H, Chloe A, Solomon H and
Josie H with macadamia tree
Byron Bay Writers’ Festival – Ballina RSL Club
Here is another story from Poppy O’R in 4/5M who attended this wonderful day –
Writer’s Festival
On Wednesday the 30th of July 2014 years 4, 5 and 6 were invited to go to the Byron Bay Writer’s Festival at
Ballina RSL Club. We got to meet Sally Rippin who wrote the books Hey Jake and Billie B Brown. Sally told us
how she started writing children’s books. She was very nice. We also got to meet Andy Griffiths who told us
all about his books. He also told us some funny jokes. After that we got to take our books to the authors so
they could get signed. Our school bought some books for our school library.
By Poppy O’Reilly
The Great Wave off Kanagawa
5/6 L started painting a picture of the great wave off
Kanagawa in Term 2. It took about 5 lessons to finish.
Firstly, we drew numbers out of a hat to determine what
part of the picture we would be working on.
Then 5/6L drew the outline of the picture part they got.
After that we each got a piece of paper and some paint. 5/6
tried to find the colour that we needed for our piece.
Finally, when we found the right colours, we got to paint our
piece. We were not allowed to use a colour on its own. You
had to mix the colours.
When we had almost finished our paintings we got someone else’s painting to complete. When we
finished each-others we put it up on the wall. This is our finished product.
By Max Pitman
Thomas C
Tregeagle Public School Newsletter – Term 3 Week 4 2014
P&C Raffle
About two thirds of our body is water
It carries food around our body
It carries away waste
It keeps our temperature steady
Drink plenty of clean, plain water: it is
Win a family holiday at the world renowned
Sea World Resort and Water Park on the Gold
Coast for 2 adults and 2 children.
Please support your P&C by selling tickets.
Please return raffle books and money to
school. For any enquiries please contact
Sherilee Matthews. Extra books are available
at the school office.
THE thirst quencher!
Tregeagle Tennis
Due to an increase in numbers for Tregeagle
tennis I will be running an extra day. It will also be
run on Tuesdays for new students as well as the
normal Thursday for existing students.
To view “P&C news and
Canteen Roster” go to
Tregeagle Public School
website –
and click on the P&C Tab
For more information please contact Brendan Lee
on 0402 642 967
Tregeagle Junior Touch Football
Team Contacts for Tregeagle School teams for
Lismore Junior Touch Football season are:
Under 8’s Kindergarten- Sonya Laverty
Under 8’s Year 1- Darren Ryan
Under 8’s Year 2 - Jason Coram
Under 10’s- Brad Johnson
Under 12’s- We are looking for a team contact/ coach
for under 12’s. Please contact Tim Laverty if you are
interested on 0428636175.
Do look at information on our Facebook Page- Lismore
Junior Touch Football for more information or contact
Tim Laverty.