BABY SHOWER - Lorraine Lea

Please join us for a Lorraine Lea Linen
You’re invited to a linen Baby Shower,
just look below, as we’ve named the hour.
Don’t fret about gifts or paper or string,
as a gift of money is just the thing.
On the day a gift box you’ll find,
just pop in your money and a gift card – sign.
The Mum-To-Be will have fun as she spends
the money collected on nursery linen from her friends.
A perfect start for the brand new bub,
to keep them snug as a bug in a rug!
Below we’ve marked the special date, don’t miss the fun... don’t be late!
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All money collected will be added to the usual Lorraine Lea Linen party credits – 10% of total guest sales plus $10 for each
party booking. If you’re unable to attend, you’re welcome to place an order or book your own party as all sales and party
bookings will earn the Guest of Honour more FREE linen.
Lorraine Lea is Australia and New Zealand’s largest specialist linen and manchester party plan company that’s been operating
for over 26 years – a true testament to their quality, price and service.
Check out their latest catalogues online, or view their full range.
Warm wishes,
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