THE LION’S ROAR Volume 22 Issue 1 Dec. 9, 2011

Volume 22 Issue 1 Dec. 9, 2011
THE LION’S ROAR December 9, 2011
Kardashian Marriage:
For Love or Publicity?
“This is probably the
hardest thing I’ve ever had to
write” blogs Kim Kardashian,
“I’m sorry if I have hurt anyone, but my dad always told me
to follow my heart and I believe
now that I really am.” Kim
posted this well-anticipated
statement on her personal blog
after rumors concerning her
divorce were dominating the
tabloids. Unfortunately though,
the rumors were completely
true as Kim filed for divorce
just 72 days after her wedding day to Kris Humphries.
According to TMZ,
the couple first attempted to
file for an annulment instead
of going through such a public
and rough divorce. They were
declined for an annulment because they didn’t qualify for
any of the categories, so divorce
was their only option for ending
the marriage. According to The
Richest People, Kim is worth an
estimated 35 million while Kris
is only worth about 8 million.
Lucky for Kim though, Kris
signed a prenuptial before the
wedding. TMZ claims that the
only way Kris could get money from the marriage is to sue
Kim for emotional distress. It
hasn’t been confirmed that Kris
will take it that far yet though.
Neither Kim, or Kris
has came out and said exactly
why they decided to get a divorce, but after watching the
season premiere of Kim and
Kourtney Take New York, the
reasons seemed to become more
evident. Kim and Kris were
constantly arguing because
they had never lived together
prior to the marriage and they
didn’t see eye-to-eye on how to
live. Kris did not want to live
with Kim’s sister Kourtney and
her boyfriend Scott and toddler Mason. Kim is a neat freak
and can’t stand the way Kris
was so messy. Now obviously
these reasons wouldn’t cause a
divorce, but they definitely do
give the public an inside look
at why they didn’t get along.
When the divorce
hit front page of all the popular tabloids, a lot of fans were
claiming that this divorce was
a total fake. Fans claimed that
the extravagant wedding and
filming it for television was just
one big publicity stunt for both
Kardashian and Humphries.
BHS senior, Jenna Pfeiffer has
her own theory on why the
couple divorced, she says “Kim
got married just for the ring,
which happens to have more
carats than she has IQ points.”
In the end, everyone
is going to believe what they
want and what is printed in the
tabloid magazines, but Kim
still attempted to fight the false
claims by posting “I am trying not to read all the different
media reports but it’s hard not
to see all the negative ones.
First and foremost, I married
for love. I can’t believe I even
have to defend this. I would
not have spent so much time on
something just for a TV show!”
------------------------------Morgan Myers
Staff Writer
Rumor Has It:
Miley Smokes.
It seems like Miley
Cyrus cannot stay away from
drugs. According to Yahoo!
News her birthday party at
Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angles
her friends bought her a birthday cake that was shaped like
a marijuana leaf. This is now
causing an uproar in the entertainment community because
of the video that was shown to
the world a year ago. The video
was of the singer/actress smoking from a bong. The singer
defended herself by saying that
she was smoking salvia, which
is a legal drug if you’re eighteen years old in California.
Ever since that video was posted her friends have been calling her ‘Bob Miley’ as a joke.
After the cake was brought out
Miley Cyrus was quoted saying “You know you’re a stoner
when your friends make you a
Bob Marley cake. You know
you smoke way too much
weed.” Friends who were at the
birthday party said that Miley
said it in a joking way and the
singer was trying to be funny.
how to take a joke. Kelly Osborne also tweeted about the issue. She asked the world how a
person, who works around the
clock on filming, touring, and
recording, could possibly be a
stoner. Ever since this incident
Kelly has been stressing that the
cake, and calling Miley “Bob
Miley” is an inside-joke, and
no one should take it seriously.
Miley’s reps have also defended the singer by saying that the
whole thing was “taken out of
context” and “the whole thing
was meant to be sarcastic.”
Since this is the second
incident within a year dealing
with Miley and drugs, people are
wondering if the singer/actress
really does smoke. Ever since
her parents announced their
divorce in December if 2010
(which was called off in March
2011) the singer has been going
wild, getting tattoo, dressing
scandalous and now possibly
smoking marijuana. She’s deffinitly doing all the other things,
but by the looks of it she’s
only smoking salvia for now.
Kelly Osborne, a
friend of Miley Cyrus, has
jumped to Miley’s defense saying that she is not a smoker and
that the world needs to learn
------------------------------Shannan Miller
Staff Writer
------------------------------Page 1
Student Life
Lauren Pokuta’s
As many of you know,
earlier this year our school conducted a few successful fundraisers for a New Prairie senior,
Lauren Pokuta. Lauren was involved in a serious car accident
at the end of this past summer.
The accident caused her to suffer a brain injury leaving her
in a vegetative state, a broken
cheekbone, clavicle, pelvis,
and a collapsed lung. Thirteen
days after her accident, she
was still in coma. On the thirteenth day she was supposed to
be happy, healthy, and attending her first day of her senior
year as President of the swing
choir. “It is truly amazing the
things we take for granted in
life. The simple things that we
just expect will always be there.
This tragedy really puts everything in perspective,” says
Lauren’s father on her website journal where he continuously posts updates on Lauren.
Most of you are wondering though, how is Lauren
doing now or how much has
she progressed since the accident. So here’s the scoop. After
the accident she went through
many surgeries fixing her broken bones. On August 18, 16
days after the accident, Lauren
had an MRI on her brain. The
results confirmed that she suffered from a brain stem injury.
Until she wakes up though, they
couldn’t tell the extent. On the
28th, Lauren was moved from
South Bend Memorial hospital
to the Rehabilitation Institute
of Chicago (RIC), the #1 rated
Page 2
facility in this area for what she
needs. While in rehab, Lauren
had to relearn how to do simple
things such as swallow again.
On the 15th of September, Lauren was able to start making
noises and was communicating with her therapist by blinking once for yes and twice for
no. Unfortunately, on the 23rd
Lauren was moved back to
Memorial due to the Pokuta’s
insurance not allowing them to
stay at RIC. A few days later
Lauren was able to move back
home under 24/7 care! Before
retuning home though, a lot of
remodeling took place to make
their home more accessible for
Lauren and her medical needs.
Moving into November, Lauren was able to start lifting her
legs and moving her fingers. Lauren still has a long
road ahead and her parents are
asking for prayers! If you want
to continue to follow her recovery process you can visit her
CaringBridge account where
her dad journals on how she is
doing. Saving the best news for
last though, Lauren has recently learned how to smile again.
------------------------------Morgan Myers
Staff Writer
THE LION’S ROAR December 9, 2011
A Spin Around the
If you thought our
small-town high school went
nuts over the new kid at school,
you should have seen us when
we got the new desks. Everyone flocked to see them.
Everyone begged their teachers to know when they were
getting to try them. And everyone, from the bully to the
nerd, had to sit down for a spin.
But now that the newness has worn off a bit, what
does our high school really
think about these not-so-new
trial desks?
Junior Bobby
Cornett loves the desks. “I
like being able to walk around
class without ever having to get out of my chair.”
Mrs. Monesmith also
liked them. “I liked the ease of
mobility in the classroom to transition between different activities. It’s so nice that in one single class period I can use rows,
a large circle, or small groups.”
Not everyone is in
love with the desks though.
When polled, only two out
of every ten kids liked them.
Aimie Deleon and Shannon
Jordan shared their opinions of
the desks. “I hate them.” Says
Aimie. “I mean, they’re comfy,
but totally distracting.” Shannon differed slightly on her reason of not liking them. “I think
they’d be cool if they didn’t
have the wheels on the bottom. I don’t think they would
be as distracting after everyone
gets over the newness of them.”
Teacher’s shared simi
lar reactions to students. The
majority of them agreed that
they were just too unorganized. Senora Kaseweter said,
“I wasn’t impressed. I have a
short attention span, and so do
my students. As soon as they
sat down, they wanted to spin.
It about made me seasick!”
The desks do have
many advantages.
If Bremen goes one-to-one, they
are built specifically for laptops. They also have versatility that stationary desks do not.
But many issues have
been raised concerning these
desks. For one, they are not very
sturdy. They also are, as many
students shared, somewhat distracting. An unforeseen problem with the desks was brought
up by Kailyn Weiss. “I’m lefthanded. When I try to write,
they move.” The main problem most people have with the
desks is the inability to organize
them. Many teachers are not
happy without their rows. This,
however, is the key feature
that the teachers who support
the desks find most appealing.
The ultimate question that remains then is- do
the positives outweigh the
negatives? We will have to
stay tuned to find out the fate
of these spinning desks, but
for now, the trial continues.
------------------------------LaurieAnne Wickens
Staff Writer
Student Life
Striking Out The
Bremen High School
hosts a variety of clubs, sports,
and other extracurricular activities. It is obvious to anyone involved with Bremen that the student body is actively involved
with the numerous things that
the school has to offer. Many
students have packed schedules from the time their alarm
clock goes off in the morning,
until they can finally crash into
bed. The members of Bremen’s
Bowling Club are certainly no
With thirteen students
ready to compete, the bowling
club recently kicked off its season. To get a better understanding of the bowling club, I talked
to first-time member Matt Kertai – a self-proclaimed beginner
at bowling. When asked about
the most challenging part about
the club, he stated, “Hitting
my mark consistently--I don’t
know,” he laughed, “I just do
what I’m told.” When I asked
him his favorite part about the
club, his answer came quickly.
“It is not straining like a sport,
but it is competitive like one,”
Kertai stated, “It is just a fun
noons. Competitions consist of
two rounds. The boys and girls
teams compete separately, with
five members from each team
bowling per round. After the
first round, there is a break. It
is during this time that teams
can sub in new bowlers before
the second round begins. At
the end of each competition,
the team’s scores are counted.
The team with the highest
score wins.
The team dedicates
about four hours a week to
practicing. The practices occur
on Thursdays right after school,
as well as on Sunday after
------------------------------Chelsea Anglin
Staff Writer
Here at Bremen, our
girls team consists of six members, including: Ali Mishler,
Tyler Flory, Ashley Lent, Alissa Gregory, Kristen Ahlenius,
and Lacey Miller while the
boys team is made up of Austin Gall, Mike Peverelle, Chris
Blakely, Jack Jordan, Brandon Sporner, Zach Compton,
and Matt Kertai. As a growing
team, the club welcomes anyone interested to consider joining the team next year.
All in all, the bowling
club is one of many opportunities to get involved here at the
school. However, joining the
club is not the only way to get
involved. The bowling club
also welcomes spectators. So,
with the next bowling match
coming up on the 13th, let’s
cheer on the team as they strike
down another competitor.
THE LION’S ROAR December 9, 2011
A Step Above the RestA Recap of the Marching Band Season
The Friday night
lights shine bright. The crowd
screams as the buzzer goes off.
Their serious faces glow with
pride in their uniforms. They
march onto the field, at perfect attention, instruments held
with precision. That’s right
folks; this isn’t the football
team, but the marching band.
Every home game as soon as
the half-time clock starts rolling, the marching band goes
out onto the field and performs their show. However,
many people are not aware that
there is much more to marching band than half-time shows.
Every Saturday starting in September and ending in
November, the marching band
travels to competitions across
the state. Much like sports,
marching band has regular
season competitions, and then
“playoffs,” starting with districts. All bands that receive a
gold rating at districts move on
to a regional competition, from
which the top ten bands move
on to Semi-state and then the
top ten from that competition
move on to state. This year,
the Bremen Marching Band
not only advanced to Regional’s, but received a gold rating
there- a first for Bremen since
the band program was restarted
four years ago. Unfortunately,
even with a gold rating, the
band was not in the top ten and
was unable compete further.
The band put in a huge
amount of time, effort, and
heart to get that as far as they
did. They began rehearsals August 1st- a three week marching
camp where half of the show
was learned. Going into the
season, many of the returning
marchers had one goal- make it
out of districts, an unmet goal
of last season. Drum Major
Kristen Ahlenius recalled her
feelings those first weeks of the
season. “I was nervous. After the disappointments of last
season, we knew our expectations had to be raised.” Director Mr. Sutton was less nervous
though, with high hopes of the
show and group of kids. “My
goal is always first to create a
good musical performance. We
want a show the kids, the audience, and the judges will love.”
The band started off
strong. At their first competition, they received the highest opening week score Bremen had ever recieved. As the
season progressed, the band
continued to succeed. Nerves
were high going into the week
of districts, and the pressue
to move on was even higher. Yet, the band persevered,
making it on to Regional’s.
Even though this
dream of semi-state was not
met, the band was given a
new hope for the next season
and a renewed sense of pride.
Seniors look back fondly on
their memories of a successful season.
prepare for next year’s show,
with newfound goals of semistate.
Suit as their favorite
song this season, this marching band Won’t Stop Believin’.
------------------------------LaurieAnne Wickens
Staff Writer
Page 3
Student Profiles
to Know
Comic book Hero:
Comic book Villain:
Arnold Schwarzenegger
THE LION’S ROAR December 9, 2011
Sophomore Profile:
Cassie Sears
Favorite song?
Lip Gloss.
Favorite Teacher?
Mrs. Watts.
Guilty Pleasure Song:
California Girls
Favorite Sport?
Dream Job?
Kindergarten Teacher.
Ice-cream flavor:
Mint Chocolate
For upper classmen
we all can remember our irrational fears coming into high
school. Bullies, teachers, upper
classmen, and homework. Like
every other year you get new
classes and teachers, but unlike middle school your classes
will not always have students
in your grade. Many are forced
out of their comfort zones but
incoming freshman Griffith
Hertenstein has adjusted very
quickly. He is a member of the
swing choir, goes to many of
the sporting events and dances,
and is planning to audition for
this year’s musical Annie Get
Your Gun. Those are just a few
of the ways Griff is getting involved are Bremen. Please enjoy this quick look into his life:
High school experience thus
Going to the dances
If you…
Had a superpower what
would it be? Why?
X-ray vision so I could see into
Were a character in Star Wars
who would you be?
Darth Vader
What is your full name?
Cassie Sears.
When is your birthday?
September 23, 1995.
Evil Dead: The Musical
YouTube Video:
Angry Video Game Nerd
Page 4
What couldn’t you do to save
someone’s life?
Kill someone.
What would you do for a
Klondike Bar?
It depends, what’s a K- whatever you call it bar is?
Most embarrassing moment?
When I randomly snort when
Any Nick-names?
La Quisha.
Favorite senior?
Bethany Grove.
What is your favorite…
TV Show:
Walking Dead
Cassie Sears, known to
most as a hard working sophomore that is involved in school.
Cassie is a three sport atlete that
plays Volleyball, Basketball,
and Tennis. She is also involed
in the school’s music program
by being a member of the swing
choir and participating in the
spring musicals. In her free
time she can be found singing
to Superbass, randonly dancing,
and making up words for fun.
Biggest pet peeve?
When people wear pajamas to
What were you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?
I like tator tots!
What was your biggest fear
coming into high school?
Cafeteria food
What are you most excited
for this year?
Swing Choir
Taylor Sears
Staff Writer
------------------------------Jarred Fitch
Staff Writer
Student Profiles
THE LION’S ROAR December 9, 2011
Junior Profile:
Jacob Box
Where do you see yourself in
twenty years?
Married to Taylor
College Team
Ohio State
School Subject
Full Name
Jon David Lafferty
Open Lunch Location
My House
Youtube Video
Reggie Warren Jr.
May 1, 1993
Jon, I decided that I should test
his relationship with his “best
friend.” So, I found Darren and
asked him if he could try to
guess how Jon answered a few
of his questions.
What is Jon’s favorite college team?
Ohio State
Jacob Box is a Bremen
junior who is very involved.
When he is not dreaming about
Taylor Swift, he finds himself
balancing his time between
basketball, soccer, and baseball. Even when he isn’t playing sports, he is also a member
of the Bremen Swing Choir, a
member of Student Council,
a part of the National Honor Society, and many more.
Full name:
Jacob Clayton Box.
July 23, 2011.
How many siblings do you
Two, one brother and one
Tell me your best pick-up
Can you give me a map?
Because I just got lost in your
Food: Chinese.
Movie: All Harry Potter
TV show: That 70’s Show.
Teacher: Mr. Rhode, Mr.
Board, Mr. Yoder, and Mr.
Car: Yomaha Razz (Scooter).
Subject: Elective P.E.
Drink: Mountain Dew.
Holiday: Christmas.
What is the weirdest thing
you have ever done in class?
Freshmen year, Tim Zimmer
taught math class instead of
Mr. Rhode.
Brad Foster
Staff Writer
What is Jon’s favorite school
Does Elkhart Count?
What is your dream career?
You are on a deserted island
with a student and a teacher
from BHS. Who would you
want with you and why?
Mrs. Newcomb, so she can
read to me and Janelle Esparza so that she can translate
if I need someone.
What did Jon say his favorite
appetizer is?
Fried Pickles
If you had to be a character
in a movie, which character
would you be and why?
Alice in Wonderland, I want to
see Wonderland.
What is your best feature?
I love school.
Do you have a hidden talent?
I can wiggle my ears.
Who is your best friend?
Darren Miller
Fried Pickles
As you can see, Darren and Jon obviously have
a one-of-a-kind relationship.
Darren claimed to have many
fun memories with Jon. So say
hello to your future dentist, and
while you’re at it—give him
some fried pickles.
------------------------------Chelsea Anglin
Staff Writer
------------------------------Page 5
Fall Review
Lizzi moving to Los Angeles, times four. The hilarity that would inevitably ensue is all wrapped into one
play, The Beverly Hillbillies.
This play is about a
group of country hicks that become millionaires after an oil
company discovers oil on their
land. The hillbillies, the Clampetts, are convinced to move to
the Beverly Hills. They go from
living in a shack that resembles
a pig sty to an enormous mansion. After several run-ins with
firefighters, love-struck girls,
and stuck-up rich people, the
Clampetts feel that they finally
got the hang of Beverly Hills.
This is all turned
around when a scheming, money-hungry duo comes to rob the
Clampetts of their money and
their innocence. While all of
this is going on, the audience is
enticed with the hilarious misunderstandings of the Clampett
family, including their belief
that a pantry is a tree for pans.
In the end, the thieves are caught
and the Clampetts live happily ever after in La-La Land.
In order to get a better
feel for what really goes on in
the creation of a play, I interviewed some members of the
cast and crew. Taylor Sears
played Granny, a lead character
in the play. Sears will explain
the play through a senior’s eyes
and reminisce on her four years
of high school performances.
What was your favorite part
of the play?
My favorite part is also my
least favorite. I loved the last
show because we had a lot of
fun and we were more relaxed,
but it was my least favorite
because the show was over.
Page 6
THE LION’S ROAR December 9, 2011
The Beverly Hillbillies
How do you feel now that
you are done with all high
school plays (besides the
It is a little bittersweet. I
am really going to miss my
castmates, especially the
ones I have worked with for
four years now, but I am also
excited knowing that the next
play I do will be in a college
Do you want to continue to
perform after high school
plays (besides the musical)?
Most definitely. I plan to
major in theatre with a minor
in film or directing. After college, my plan is to focus more
on acting for film rather than
What would you tell other
students that may be interested in trying out for
If you are feeling anxious
about being on stage the
directors always need help
behind the scenes. Whether
it is make-up, sound, or stage
crew, there is always a way to
McKennan Getz was
another person I interviewed.
She played the Clampett’s
cousin, Pearl. This was Getz’s
first high school performance.
I hoped that by interviewing
her, other freshman would be
encouraged to get involved in
productions. In Getz’s interview, you can see what The Beverly Hillbillies was like through
Why did you want to try out
for the play?
I wanted to try out for the play
for something new and something out of my comfort zone.
What was it like trying out as
a freshman?
Trying out as a freshman, I was
very nervous and very intimidated by the upperclassmen. I
would of never guessed that I
would make it.
What would you tell other
freshmen that may be
interested in trying out for
I would tell other freshman
that may be interested in trying
out not to back out if you make
it because we will need you
one way or another. We do
not want you telling us a week
before the show that you quit.
I would also tell them to make
sure that they come to all the
practices.This way they can
learn their lines as quickly as
possible. It will be a lot easier
to get your stafe directions
down if you do not have your
script in your hand the whole
Mrs. Watts directed
The Beverly Hillbillies and this
was her first time ever directing
a production. Although this was
her first time as director, she
helped with choreography on
last year’s musical and has experience on stage as a ballerina.
I asked Mrs. Watts how she felt
about directing the play and if
she wanted to continue to direct.
What made you decide to
direct the play for the first
time this year?
I have been involved in plays
for most of my life and I missed
it. I have not done a show
since high school.
What challenges did you face
while directing the play?
Time! There is so much to do
and so little time to do it all.
What was your favorite part
about directing the play?
My favorite part is watching
the show with the audience. I
am so proud of my students
and to hear the audience enjoy
it makes it all worth it.
What was the most memorable experience?
We had so many fabulous
experiences, but some of my
favorite are from Sara Spellerberg working on her lines with
her accent.
------------------------------Michelle Garl
Staff Writer
Fall Review
Nate Leeper
1.What position do you play
on the team?
Quarterback and starting
2.How do you think you did
during the season?
Alright I guess. We did win 13
3.What did you do best during the season?
Practice hard every day and
talk to Kai on the sideline.
4.What do you think you
could have improved on?
Stand on the sideline with
more tenacity.
5.How much pressure is it
being the quarterback of the
6.What advice do you give
future players?
When Coach DePalma says
“get back” then get back!
THE LION’S ROAR December 9, 2011
The Long Green Line:
The Leaders
“We want Simmons.”
4.What would be some
improvements you would
Win state.
5.What would you say was
your best quality as a player?
Being an example to follow.
7.Any last comments?
Clear eyes, full heart. Can’t
1.What position do you play
on the team?
Nose tackle and Guard.
2.Who was your favorite underclassman on the team?
Dylan Shumaker.
2.What was the best part of
this season?
Winning conference.
3.What memory from the
season will you always re
3.What was your favorite
part of the season?
Finally beating Josh Anderson.
4.What would you improve
on from the season?
Winning state would have been
5.What did you do best as a
team player?
Sacrifice my body in the
Coach Holmes
1.What was it like coaching the first ever undefeated
team in Bremen history during regular season?
2.What words can you use to
describe your team?
Great group, Extremely Motivated!
3.What are you going to miss
from this Senior class?
Everything, they were great!
1.What position do you play
on the team?
Abe Hall
1.What position do you play
on the team?
Wide receiver, defensive back,
and punt return.
7.Any last comments?
Coach Holmes should have let
me run the ball.
6.What advice would you
give future players?
Never take it for granted, it is
the best time of your life.
7.Any last comments?
Don’t make Coach Holmes
mad. That’s my job.
Ben Hueni
6.What advice would you
give the future players?
Constantly work toward bettering yourself.
2.What will you always remember from this season?
Playing the Luers at their field.
3.What improvement would
you make on yourself?
Pushing a little harder during
individual drills.
4.What was the best part of
your season individually?
Finally settling over my injury
and playing better.
4.What did your team do the
best during the season?
Play hard and believe in this
5.What could they have improved on?
Details! They always made a
6.What are your expectations
for next year?
Continue to improve Bremen
Lions Football.
7.Any last comments?
Play every down like it is your
last, because you never know
when that will be!
5.What advice do you pass
down to the future players?
Believe in the program and
each other.
6.What was the best thing the
team did as a whole?
Encourage my teammates.
7.Any last comments?
Go Lions!
------------------------------Brad Foster
Staff Writer
------------------------------Page 7
Big Deals,
Bigger Accidents
Cecelia Brannon was
pushed while trying to get her
hands on a laptop that was
marked down $100. Little did
she know that her life would
change forever. After hitting
the floor and being taken to the
hospital to be checked out, it
was determined that she would
be permanently disabled. In total, this victim of Black Friday
sustained a concussion, back
injuries, and memory problems.
Wal-Mart employee
Jdimytai Damour of Valley
Stream, New York was trampled to death by dozens upon
dozens of frantic shoppers on
this tragic day. Most shoppers
did not notice that there was a
man on the floor because they
were in too big of a rush to
get the best deals in the store.
After a successful
day of Black Friday shopping,
64 year old Bently White now
had a 47” television. The same
night that he bought the television, three thieves broke into his
house, shot him in the stomach,
and made an attempt to steal
his new television. The thieves
overlooked one minor detail;
their get-a-way car was too
small! After arguing for several
minutes, the robbers abandoned
the television and drove off.
Keith Krantz, a customer at a local Target in Buffalo, New York received the
scare of his life on this fateful
Black Friday. After the doors
were opened, he was effectively pinned to the ground
while overzealous customers
climbed over him. His cries for
help could be clearly heard, but
ended up falling on deaf ears.
He was finally rescued by a security guard who had to wade
through the crowd to get to him.
After the incident he was taken
to a local hospital for treatment.
Uprisings and Unrest:
Around the World
The protests in Egypt,
Libya, and the United States
seem to have come out of nowhere. People have started riots, uprisings, and campaigns
against the government in order
to better their countries. What
made all of this opposition come
about? Have the uprisings in
Libya and Egypt influenced the
protests in the United States?
An unknown woman
pepper-sprayed ten different
people in a pursuit to get her
hands on a cheap Xbox at a local Wal-Mart this most recent
Black Friday. Reports say that
the woman’s identity was never discovered and that it was
never sure if the attacker actually got her hands on the Xbox.
Many eager shoppers
line up outside of local electronic stores to get the hottest
deals of the season. Some customers arrive at stores as early
as a day before the actual event.
These die-hard shoppers brave
the weather for hours, but in
their opinions, it’s all worth it.
------------------------------Jarred Fitch
Staff writer
------------------------------Page 8
THE LION’S ROAR December 9, 2011
Let’s start with the uprisings in Libya, which started
approximately nine months ago.
According to, the
people of Libya were tired of
Muammar el-Qaddafi’s rule; he
had been in power for over forty years, and he was very controlling of the people. He was
pushed out of power in August
of this year; however, the country was not liberated until Qaddafi was killed on October 20th.
After unrest and almost total
chaos, the country is becoming
a democracy with a new cabinet and future 2012 elections.
The unrest in Egypt,
which started in January, led
to the resignation of President
Mubarak in February. Even
though the president resigned,
the people of Egypt were still
not happy. They were unsatisfied
because the militia in Egypt had
promised to re-make the government and cabinet of Egypt,
but they were still going to keep
the previous government and
parliament. Because of this, the
people protested in Tahir Square
in November, leading to
deaths and injuries of Egyptian
people. Because of their persis
tence, the government allowed
a new cabinet to be formed and
they agreed to future elections.
The recent Occupy
Wall Street protests, which
started on September 17th,
have been a big topic of interest in the last few months. Ac
cording to,
the protests are fighting against
the “rich” in our country who are
“destroying the economy.” The
protests are fighting for a better
economy and empowerment to
the people. These protests could
have been caused by the unrest
in Africa. According to, protesters are using the “Arab Spring” tactic to
revolutionize the United States.
While these places are
the most famous, many other
places in the world are going
through unrest. What I don’t
understand is what could be
causing all this anarchy in places that are relatively peaceful.
Maybe people are just sick of
government bullying, or maybe
the people just want total chaos.
Either way, the world is crazy
right now and nobody knows
where all this madness will lead.
------------------------------Sara Krieger
Staff Writer
Connect the Dots!
David Letterman’s Top Ten Signs You
Ate Too Much At Thanksgiving Dinner
F u n P age
10. You’re sweatin’ giblets.
9. By the time everyone finished saying
grace, you were having seconds.
8. Like parade balloons, you require a
dozen handlers to nagivate you to the
7. To pry you from your chair, family
slathers you in Crisco.
6. Asked yourself, “What would Chris
Christie do?”
5. Pants button popped and knocked out
4. You’re visible from the international
space station.
3. Your skin has taken on the hue of ham
2. Your butt went from Kourtney to Kim.
1. You have to loosen the buckle on your