Lose that belly bloat and last few pounds of fat

Lose that belly bloat and last few pounds of fat
just in time for summer…. Naturally!!
Summer is just around the corner. That means bathing suit season is almost
here. Losing a few more pounds and getting rid of that belly bloat is still
possible even though we are only a few days away from the hot weather 
Here are 5 easy steps to follow to lose a few more pounds in the next 2
weeks and look great naked!
*The information provided is not intended to diagnose or treat any
health condition. Please consult with your doctor or naturopathic
doctor before starting any new supplement program as they may
have interactions with certain medications. Avoid all diuretic
supplements and herbs if you have kidney disease or heart disease or
if you are taking diuretics.*
For the next 2 weeks avoid the following foods and lose a few more pounds:
1. Reduce your diet by around 500 calories a day. That is about 7000
calories in 14 days! For example, there are 350 calories in a
Starbucks muffin and 290 calories in a low fat Tim Hortons muffin;
compared to 150 calories in a cup of plain cooked oatmeal. Avoid
empty calorie sweets.
You have to burn 3500 calories to lose 1 lb of fat. So if you reduce
calories by 500 a day and exercise a little harder to burn off calories,
you can lose 4-6 pounds in 2 weeks… plus we are going to talk about
how to lose water weight which could be 3-4 pounds.
2. Avoid all soft drinks including diet soft drinks. 1 can of a soft drink
has about 12 teaspoons of sugar and 150 calories. It takes 208
tsps of sugar to gain 1 pound of fat! The average Canadian
consumes about 20 tsp of sugar a day.
3. Avoid all grains except brown rice and quinoa for 2 weeks.
Oatmeal is fine in the morning, especially steel cut oats! No
flavored oatmeal please as this contains a lot of sugar.
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4. ½ your plate should be vegetables, the more colors the better. Fill
yourself up first on these calorie poor, nutrient high foods and you
will have less room in your stomach for other foods.
5. Avoid all processed foods. If it comes in a box, can or bag, avoid it!
Avoid sugar, glucose, high fructose corn syrup and other
sweeteners. Alternative sweeteners that are fine include agave
nectar and stevia.
6. Avoid all sugar! This means the muffins, donuts, cookies, milk
chocolate, candies, etc. Choose healthy snacks instead such as raw
almonds, raw seeds (pumpkin, sunflower), hummus and fruit.
Remember, you are cutting back by 500 calories a day!
7. Exercise! Just 30 min a day of cardio exercise everyday will help
burn calories and help you lose weight. Just visualize yourself in
that hot new bathing suit when you are on the treadmill  Running
burns about 12 calories a minute, walking burns about 6 calories a
minute. So walking for 45 minutes can burn off 270 calories.
8. Sleep! Get at least 7 hours of sleep. Studies clearly show that
anything less than 7 hours will increase your risk of gaining weight,
and the risk gets higher for each hour of sleep you lose.
9. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Flush those toxins out of
your body!!!
Now that we are on our way to losing a few pounds before that bathing suit
goes on, how about losing that bloated belly! Start this program 7 days
before you bare your midriff, and be really good 2-3 days before!
1. Avoid salt! Boxed, bagged, canned and all processed foods contain
a high amount of sodium! Salt attracts water!!!!!
2. Eat only brown rice or quinoa for carbs. 1-2 days before restrict
carbs only before 11 am. Meals should be a combination of protein
and vegetables primarily. Especially after 1 pm.
3. Avoid all carbonated drinks. Definitely avoid all soft drinks. But
even sparkling water. Those bubbles have to end up somewhere!!!!!
They end up in your gut and make you bloat
4. Avoid chewing gum. This will trap air in your gut.
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5. Avoid drinking liquids with meals. Sip water about 30 min after
your meal to allow proper digestion and prevent air being trapped in
your gut. Sip drinks slowly as drinking large amounts at a time will
result in air trapping in your gut. . Drink 8 glasses of clean filtered
water in between meals. Keeping your kidneys stimulated will lead to
more fluid loss! Yes, you will pee all day, but that is the whole point
to get rid of extra water from your body!
6. Avoid xylitol or maltitol as sweeteners. Your body cannot break
these down. They can cause gas & bloating. They are usually found in
low calorie foods.
7. Avoid broccoli, cauliflower, beans, cabbage, onion and citrus fruits
as these tend to produce gas for many people.
8. If you do not digest milk well, now is the time to avoid all dairy
including cheese, ice cream, yogurt etc. If you cannot break down
the milk proteins or sugars, you will get bloated. If you are not
sure about how well you digest milk, Vitalia Health Care offers
tests that will determine this for you.
9. Exercise at least 30 min a day. Using your muscles to help pump
extra fluid back toward your heart will result in less fluid retention
in your legs and stomach. You will also be burning those unwanted
fat cells!!!
10.The following vitamins will help to reduce bloating and puffiness:
1. Vitamin B6. 50 mg 4 times a day will result in a diuretic
2. Digestive enzymes before each meal will ensure you digest
your food well.
3. Drink 2- 3 cups of green tea or dandelion tea throughout the
day. These herbs act as diuretics.
4. If constipated magnesium citrate at 400 mg at bedtime will
help you have a good bowel movement and have a flatter
tummy in the morning.
5. L-Carnitine: 500mg three times a day will help to reduce
puffiness and bloat.
So from diet alone (cutting back 500 calories a day) you can lose 2 pounds.
Add exercise daily and you can lose another 2 pounds. And drop 2 pounds
water weight. That is 6 pounds in 2 weeks.
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Now we look great in a bathing suit. Our tummy is flat for that hot new
bikini. We are all looking forward to the sunshine and sun-tanning. But it is
easy to forget about the harmful effects of the sun. The same rays that tan
us also age our skin, including wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. There is
also the increased risk of skin cancer.
Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer among Canadians. With our
thinning ozone layer that normally protects us from this UV radiation, the
incidence of skin cancer is rising dramatically! So, we all really should think
about protecting ourselves now, to prevent the damage from happening.
Here are the top 5 nutrients to add daily. They really work in protecting your
skin from sun damage, wrinkles and cancer.
The top 5 nutrients to add daily:
1. Grapeseed Extract: from grape seeds! 50X stronger than many other
Dosage: 150mg 1-2x/day
2. Resveratrol: found in the skin of red grapes, red wine and peanuts.
Dosage: 200mg/day
3. Vitamin E: found in avocados, almonds and sunflower seeds. As a
supplement use mixed tocopherols. Dosage: 400 IU/ day
4. Vitamin C: found in tomatoes, red/green peppers, melons, citrus fruits,
Dosage: use buffered vitamin C without sugar: 1000 mg/day
5. Green tea. At least 2 cups per day... Studies clearly show that the
polyphenols in green tea help to prevent skin tumors and skin damage.
I personally recommend Nasobih Ultra Caps, 1-2 capsules per day. It
contains all of the above listed ingredients plus more! I use Nasobih as a
night cream, day cream and the take the capsules daily. I am very
impressed with the results. For more information please visit
The top 6 foods to eat:
1. Broccoli sprouts. An amazing study out of John Hopkins University just
came out. They fed mice broccoli sprouts twice a week for 17 weeks and
saw a 70% reduction in the formation of skin tumors. So add broccoli
sprouts to your diet! Sprinkle ½ cup daily on your salad or in a sandwich.
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2. Beta – carotene found in leafy greens and bright vegetables. Research
shows that eating 5 servings of foods that contain Beta-carotene for 1
month is enough to protect your skin from sun damage.
Foods high in beta-carotene include carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots,
squash, pumpkin, cantaloupe, mangoes, dark green leafy vegetables (kale,
collard greens, spinach, leaf lettuce) and broccoli. Beta-carotene becomes
most available to the body when vegetables are cooked, chopped or pureed.
3. Tumeric has excellent antioxidant properties. Use in cooking. Great in
Indian dishes!
4. Dark chocolate. Choose chocolate with greater than 70% cocoa. Enjoy 2
squares/ day. 
5. Lycopenes found in tomatoes and watermelons are excellent skin
6. Fish oil. These Omega 3 oils have strong anti-inflammatory properties and
are great for skin appearance. Have 2 serving a week of wild salmon,
snapper, cod, mackerel and sardines. Avoid larger fish such as tuna and
halibut due to concerns with mercury levels.
Start now for summer protection. Focus on increasing antioxidants in the
body to protect from sun damage and follow the tips above to lose weight
before swimsuit season. One more thing, of course, sun screen is a must
with sun exposure. Health Canada recommends a 15 SPF minimum!!
At Vitalia Health Care, we develop individualized programs to meet your
specific health needs. We understand that no two people are the same.
From a 1 hour initial evaluation, we can customize a “get ready for summer
plan” that is specific to your goals. This includes our weight loss programs,
specific nutrition evaluations and consultations, and developing a
supplemental program specific to your health needs. Call us today at
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