What’s your Ombre style?

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Ombre style?
Subtle Ombre
Superior Preference Ombré Touch adds a touch of dimension
for a luminous, sophisticated ombre effect with delicate strands
of colour. Formulated for natural or colour-treated hair, it puts the
glamour of ombre at your fingertips, featuring:
• N
ew pro-touch applicator fits
on your index finger so you
can precisely select and lighten
different hair lengths.
• S
horter development time
vs. other Ombre at-home
Available Now | SRP: $12.99
3 Shades: OT4 – Medium to Dark
Brown Hair, OT5 – Light Brown to
Medium Brown Hair, OT6 – Dark
Blonde to Light Brown Hair
Bold Ombre
Féria Coloured Ombré delivers vivid, ultra-bold, two-toned results
with one easy stroke of its expert applicator brush. Created for
darker, natural hues or previously bleached hair to provide an extra
intense Ombre effect, Féria Coloured Ombré features an exclusive
and advanced Triple Technology System. Other features include:
• L’Oréal’s
patented expert applicator
brush for ease-of-use and precision.
• Intense P5 Colour for
rich, vibrant results.
• M
ax-Lift Developer
for more vibrant
colour results – even
on the darkest of
Available Now
SRP: $13.99
2 Shades: C74 Copper
& R50 Red
Classic Ombre
The classic ombre look is a constant,
glamorous accessory on International
catwalks and red carpets. In 2013,
L’Oréal Paris launched its first ever
DIY-ombre at-home haircolour –
Féria Wild Ombré. With the stroke of
its innovative applicator brush, women
can easily achieve a true ombre effect in
the comfort of their own homes.
Ombre at-home
haircolour kit
in Canada
Féria Wild Ombré includes:
• E
xpert applicator brush provides precision and ease of
application so you can customize your ombre look.
• L
ightening Technology in the
formula blends naturally
with each unique haircolour
– whether natural or colourtreated – without leaving any
pesky lines.
• H
ydrating Conditioner deeply
hydrates hair leaving it soft,
shiny and nourished.
Available Now | SRP: $13.99
5 shades: Including the New!
050 – Darkest Brown to Soft
Black Hair.
For more information, contact: Kristina Argento | [email protected]
LorealParisCan | www.lorealparis.ca