How does Running Start work? What is Running Start?

What is Running Start?
How does Running Start work?
Why participate?
You attend regular day or evening classes at one of
the nine participating UH campuses (except
UH Manoa).
Running Start is a program that allows high
school students to enroll in college classes and
earn credit toward high school graduation and a
college degree.
You will:
• Get a head start in earning
college credits.
After completing the course
requirements, grades are mailed to your
high school registrar and become a
permanent part of both your high school
and college transcripts.
What classes can I take?
• Pursue academic challenges
and courses that may not be available at your high school.
Any UH class at the 100 level or higher is eligible for
Running Start credit. Please consult with your high
school counselor.
• Experience a college campus.
Do the credits transfer?
College credits earned through Running Start are
transferable to any degree-granting institution
in the UH System. If you plan
to continue your schooling
out-of-state, contact the individual
college or university for their
policy on accepting Running Start
Since 2002, 86% of Running Start students
passed college courses and received both high
school and college credit for the courses.
Who can participate?
Any student enrolled in grade 11 or 12 in any
public high school in the state of Hawai‘i who:
1. Is under the age of 21 as of September 1st of the school year in which the college course
is taken.
2. Fulfills and complies with college campus
requirements such as:
• Complete admission forms
• Obtain health clearance
• Achieve appropriate math and English scores on placement tests at the UH campuses and/or meeting other
admission requirements
• Pay college tuition and fees
• Maintain acceptable academic standing
Is this option right for me?
The decision to begin college early is an important
one. Discuss it carefully with your parents/guardians
and high school counselor.
Motivated individuals, who take initiative, have good
study skills and responsibly complete assignments
through the semester are successful in the program.
How much does Running Start cost?
Running Start students pay UH tuition and fees.
Participants are responsible for purchasing
books and supplies, paying student fees, and
transportation to and from the campus.
Leeward Community College, Fall 2013
English 100 (3 credits)
Student Fees
•Student Activity Fee •Board of Student Communication Fee
•Student Health Center Fee *Estimated Total =
$106 per credit
$.75 per credit
Financial Aid may be available to
some students who meet specific
criteria for income level,
ethnicity, etc. Please check with
your high school counselor to see if
you qualify for any available
“Honestly, I like working with college students.
The way they think has inspired me.”
- Running Start student from Kaimuki H.S.
University of Hawai‘i System
Running Start Contacts
Where do I start?
1. Meet with your high school counselor
• Determine which classes to take and find out when you need to take your COMPASS placement test.
• Apply to Running Start online at
Honolulu Community College
Jean Maslowski, Counselor
808-845-9278, [email protected]
2. Work with your counselor on required forms
• Complete the UH System Application Form;
• Complete the online Running Start enrollment
form; specify selected “Running Start” class(es) and authorize UH to forward your grades to the high school registrar upon your completion of the class; and
• Submit the UH forms to your high school
counselor. Ask your counselor about the deadlines at the campus you wish to attend.
3. Watch for your notification letter
Hawai‘i Community College
Hilo – Glenn-Dee Kuwaye, Student Support Specialist
808-934-2518, [email protected]
Kona – Raynette Haleamau-Kam, Counselor
808-969-8816, [email protected]
Kapi‘olani Community College
Sheldon Tawata, Kuilei Counselor
808-734-9842, [email protected]
Get a
Running Start
on your College Career
Running Start!
Kaua‘i Community College
Frances Dinnan, Counselor
808-245-8381, [email protected]
Leeward Community College
Sharleen Chock, Counselor
808-455-0235, [email protected]
Windward Community College
Ann Lemke, Counselor
808-235-7448, [email protected]
University of Hawai‘i at Hilo
Curtis Nishioka, Interim Admissions Director
808-974-7414, [email protected]
University of Hawai‘i at Hilo Honoka’a Site —
North Hawai‘i Education & Research Center
Stacie Higgins, Academic Support Specialist
808-775-8890, [email protected]
University of Hawai‘i - Maui College
Colleen Shishido, Counselor
808-984-3497, [email protected]
Updated July 2013
University of Hawai‘i - West O‘ahu
Janice Takaki, Academic Advisor
808-689-2689, [email protected]
“I like the fact that you get college credit
and high school credit at the same time.”
- Running Start student from McKinley H.S.