issue update date City Manager`s Report April 27, 2015

City Manager’s Report
June 8, 2015
Below are issues of interest to the Commission and community that are currently being worked on by
staff, but do not currently require action on the Commission agenda. These items are being tracked to
provide the Commission and community the most up to date information regarding the status of the
various issues. The City Manager will be happy to answer questions or provide additional updates at
the meeting.
Grant funds agreement received, are being
reviewed and negotiated.
Engineering cost estimates indicate that the
project can be completed within FDOT’s
available funding. Contracts among Duke,
the City, and FDOT in final draft form.
Pastor John Phillips continues pursuing
licensing for the day care and school through
DCF and obtaining required certifications for
staff. Exterior construction and landscaping
Agreement to be executed by June
Railroad crossing
Grade crossing repairs included in a CIP
managed by FDOT.
Contracts to be awarded by August
Future tree
FY 2015 to date – 220 trees planted.
Street tree inventory has started.
MLK (Rollins)
Plans complete. Rollins will be contracting.
Project in for permitting.
Contractor anticipated to break
ground by end of June.
Construction will take
approximately (four) 4 months.
Historic Preservation
Draft approved by the Historic Preservation
Board. Work session scheduled for June 17
at 9:00 a.m. to review with citizens group.
To be determined based on work
session outcome.
Underground electric
Refinement/update of policies re:
undergrounding of overhead electric service
TBD – June 2015
Lake Lillian
This project is underway at Mead Botanical
Pond excavation is complete and
boardwalk replacement and
planting will be complete by end of
Visioning Steering
Meeting scheduled for June 9 at 3:00 p.m.
in Community Center.
On-going activities.
Quiet Zones
Fairbanks electric
transmission and
New Hope Baptist
Church Project
Completed. On June 8 agenda.
Approved Conditional Use will
expire in September 2015.
Once projects have been resolved, they will remain on the list for one additional meeting to share the
resolution with the public and then be removed.