12 Prom is Almost Here! Feature

April 11, 2013
Page Editor: Breanna Vargas
Places to go eat!
•You can have a pot luck at
someone’s house before going
to enjoy each others company
Prom is Almost Here!
•Give her a ring that has Prom
engraved in it and ask her!
• Go to the beach; when it starts
getting dark, spell out Prom in
candles and light them up. The
boy should stand next to it with
flowers in his hands
• Since prom is going to be in
Gilory you can go eat at Famous Dave’s
Prom Hair Styles
•Headband Twist
• Glam Curls
How to Get the Look:
Step 1: Starting in front, wrap two-inch
sections of hair around a large-barrel
curling iron. Hold for three seconds, then
slip the iron out and bobby-pin the curl to
your head.
Step 2: Continue to curl all over. Once all
your hair is in pin curls, mist your entire
head with a strong-hold hairspray. Let
hair cool in curls for 20 minutes.
Step 3: Remove the bobby pins from your
hair, then spritz a lightweight shine spray
all over (avoiding the roots). Rake your
fingers through the curls to soften them.
• Old Fashion Curls
How to do it: Use a curling iron to create
Swift’s spirals. For loose waves, choose a
large-barrel iron. For tighter ringlets, use
an iron with a smaller barrel. (Or, try using both sizes to create a combination of
curls.) Then, sweep curled hair back into
a loose bun. Secure with plenty of bobby
pins, preferably in a matching color so
they blend right in. If your teen wants to
switch up her look later in the night, she
can just remove the pins and tousle.
•Frenchy Fringe
How To Style:
1. Prep clean, dry hair with a light hold working hair spray.
2. Create a side part. Brush hair smooth and
lightly curl large, 2 wide strands towards the
face using a large barrel iron. Continue until
all hair is curled.
3. Allow curls to cool then rake fingers
through to slightly break up curls.
4. Take the fringe area and begin a French
braid, working along the side toward the
back. Secure with a small rubber band and pin
behind the ear.
5. Set this look with a medium hold hair spray.
Limos and Party Buses
•Black Tie Transportation world wwide
•Website: http://www.blacktietrans.
- Salinas California
Cute Ways to Ask Girls
To Prom!
• Hang Man in front of the whole
•You and your group of friends
can go eat at a restaurant like
Red Lobster or Olive Garden
How to Get the Look:
Step 1: Take a 3-inch section from behind
your ear.
Step 2: Divide in half; twirl each piece,
and spritz with hairspray.
Step 3: Crisscross the pieces into a long
twist, and fasten with bobby pins.
Seniors prom is just around the
corner and there is so much to do and not
enough time. This is the night that you
will always remember. You get to dance
the night away. You also get to spend time
with all your friends and enjoy each
others company.
Prom is an elaborate event that young
adults attend during their high school
years. It can be one of the most
memorable nights of a teenager’s life, and
to get ready for it, there is a lot of
organization, preparation, and excitement.
Limos are typically rented to take the
teenagers to the prom and several
attendees ride in each one.
Prom is located at Gilroy Gardens. It
starts at 7 p.m. and ends at 11 p.m. At this
location, formal pictures are taken by a
professional photographer and a
Professional DJ plays music. The school
never allows alcohol to be present and if
someone disobeys the rules there, it can
lead to severe consequences.
While many attendees select someone
from their grade level to take as their
date to the prom, there are those that go a
different route. The junior and senior students can, not only, decide to take those
from the freshman or sophomore classes,
but they may also choose to take someone
who doesn’t go to their school. It helps
the students have more options of who
they can share their special evening with.
Prom can end up being quite expensive.
The teenage boys attending usually pay
less for the cost of prom then the girls.
They have the cost of renting the tuxedo
and shoes, the prom ticket, a corsage for
their date, their seat in the limo and their
share of pictures.
The teenage girls attending will usually
have to pay more because they have the
cost of their prom dress, which can
sometimes be hundreds of dollars.
Hopefully nobody has the same exact
dress! Us girls want to look our best and
will do whatever we can do to make it
happen. In addition, each girl has to pay
the cost of the prom ticket, her seat in the
limo, her share of pictures, a boutonniere
for her date, the cost of getting her hair
and nails done and a few other additional
If someone from the junior or senior class
decides to take a date that is a
lower class man or someone who doesn’t
attend the same school, his or her prom
costs can increase. He or she may then
end up paying for most, if not all, of the
expenses instead of them be relatively
split down the middle. For example, he or
she may have to pay for two seats in the
limo, two prom tickets, and the full price
of the pictures in order to cover personal
costs as well as those of his or her date.
Due to all of the preparation that takes
place to get ready for prom, the attendees
usually start several months in advance,
whether it is to pick out what they will be
wearing or who their dates will be. While
it can be an expensive night, it doesn’t
have to be. Cutbacks can be made and extras can be skipped to have the total cost
be much less than otherwise planned.
Despite all of the preparation that goes
into prom and how much stress may be
involved, it is usually found to be very
much worth it. The students have the
opportunity to enjoy themselves in a way
that they aren’t normally able to. It can
end up being a night that they
remember for the rest of their lives.
Prom Dresses
Girls, Prom night is just around the corner
and will be here as soon as you know it.
It takes time to find the most perfect dress
that you will love. Every girl hopes to
wear the most gorgeous prom dress for
the big night and become the center of all
attention. That is why you girls should
already be looking for your prom dress.
The worst thing that you don’t want to
happen is showing to prom and having a
girl show up with the same dress. If you
go to Trudy’s in San Jose and get your
Prom dress there, I know that they will
right down your name and what school
you go to and not let a girl that goes to
the same school get the same dress as
you. Knowing what dress you are going
to wear is the main concern about prom.
Juniors shouldn’t be that worried about
what kind of dress they get until they
are in their senior year. For juniors, they
can wear a short dress but seniors are
excepted to wear beautiful, long dresses
and look their best! Since prom is held at
Gilroy Gardens we are going to be
surrounded by pretty flowers and trees, so
you want to wear a light color based on
the scenery.
A traditional ball gown that features
lovely contemporary details is always
favored by young girls at the first sight.
Pastel hues are definitely the optimal
choice for girls who want to be a princess
on that night. A strapless ball gown with
the sweetheart bodice is quite
flattering and sweet. However, if you want
to be set apart from the others and hope to
show your unique character, you can try
non-traditional dresses that have nothing
to do with the princess style. Bold printed
dresses are worth trying. Or you can wear
an edgy cut dress that features an
eye-popping open back and dramatic
embellishments. This season, bright
colors lead the trend. Neon colors will
definitely make you pop out in the crowd,
if you have the courage to wear them. Of
course, if you are stuck in between, you
can try the kind of dress that is
seemingly of traditional style but with
the bold adornments or a dress that looks
quite unique but keeps in simple style.
No matter what kind of prom dress you
would like to choose, just remember to
pick one that best fits your body type and
will give you the shape!
• Go to the hill in seaside and
spell out Prom? With her name
• At a rally, with a big sign, so
everyone can see it and hopefully he has flowers with him
•Get the girl’s/guy’s friends
involved with it and make it be
• You can ask a girl to prom in a
really cute and cheesy way
• You can do a scavenger hunt
and leave clues with things she
likes. At the end, be there holding a sign saying Prom?
•For the girls that are shy, you
can do it somewhere private, in a
cute way at her house.
•You can make her friends take
her out somewhere and when
she comes back you can be
in her drive way with candles
spelling out Prom? and the guy
should be standing there, really
cute, with chocolates or
Nails for Prom
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