CINE Launches Revamped Awards Program Now accepting entries

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CINE Launches Revamped Awards Program Now accepting entries for the Golden Eagle Award for Professional Media Washington, DC ­ Since 1957, CINE has honored hundreds of film, television and marketing projects with the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award. For some, the Golden Eagle kickstarted new careers; for others, the honor solidified reputations as industry powerhouses. The CINE Golden Eagle Award has now been reimagined, and CINE has committed to a new vision: honoring excellence in media making through a new set of criteria focused on storytelling, originality and meeting the needs of the audience; and forging career­making connections between CINE award­winning media makers. The revamped CINE Golden Eagle Awards for Professional Media are now accepting submissions, with Golden Eagle Awards cycles for Independent & Emerging Media and Student & Youth Media opening in 2015. CINE has analyzed the ever­changing media landscape to create a category system that is flexible, streamlined and inclusive. ​
The CINE Golden Eagle Award is one of the first major industry awards to categorize professional media purely by content—episodic, feature or short, narrative or nonfiction—without regard to distribution platform.​
Whether the production was distributed online, VOD, on TV/cable or in a theater, it has a place. CINE is also committed to complete transparency in award selection. Every submission into the CINE Golden Eagle Awards is evaluated by a review team of media professionals; review criteria is published online, and entrants can access their reviewer comments. Distinguished jurors — who will be posted on CINE’s website, ​​
— will select three to five CINE Golden Eagle Finalists, and one CINE Golden Eagle Award recipient in each category. No lobbying. No popularity contests. Just merit. ABOUT CINE CINE was created in 1957 as a private­public partnership with the USIA branch of the State Department as a way to accredit U.S. documentary and industrial films to send to large foreign festivals (Berlin, Venice, Rotterdam). The CINE Golden Eagle Award was created as the method to choose films for submission to the overseas festivals. Over the years, the CINE Golden Eagle Competition expanded to include student, independent, narrative and television productions. By the mid­1990s ​
CINE’s partnership with the State Department ceased, and the Golden Eagle Awards were presented as a symbol of peer­reviewed media excellence rather than as a conduit to foreign film festivals. CINE Golden Eagle Award­winning alumni are working throughout the industry. For some, such as ​
Steven Spielberg​
(1969) and ​
Ken Burns​
(1981), it was their first major industry recognition; others, such as ​
Martin Scorsese​
(2006), ​
Barbara Kopple ​
(1992) and ​
Spike Lee ​
(1999) were honored well into their illustrious careers. CINE Golden Eagle Awards for Professional Media **NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS** Early Deadline: November 30, 2014 Late Deadline: January 31, 2015 Finalist and Awards Announcement: April 30, 2015 CINE Golden Eagle Awards for Independent & Emerging Media Call for Entries: January 2, 2015 Early Deadline: February 17, 2015 Late Deadline: March 30, 2015 Finalist and Awards Announcement: August 27, 2015 CINE Golden Eagle Awards for Student & Youth Media Call for Entries: May 1, 2015 Early Deadline: June 15, 2015 Late Deadline: July 31, 2015 Finalist and Awards Announcement: October 30, 2015 ###