Permission Slip Form - Michigan State Science Olympiad

Last updated 4/24/2015 Permission Slip Information 33 rd Michigan Science Olympiad State Tournament – May 2 n d 2015 In order for your team to compete at the State Tournament on May 2, 2015, you will need to bring a signed permission slip for each student that will be participating that day (this includes alternates who accompany the team). Any student that does not have a permission slip will not be able to compete that day. This is required by Michigan State University. Please take the necessary steps to distribute and collect your team’s permission slips, and make sure you have them before coming to East Lansing. Below is a sample permission slip with the minimum information that is required by MSU. Do not use this sample as your actual permission slip, but rather your district’s form. The permission slips should be in the same order as your Team Roster (this speeds up the check-­‐in process). The permission slips will be collected at registration and not returned. Make copies for your records if needed. Sample Permission Slip Parental or Guardian Permission: Education Field Trip Form _____________________________ has my permission to accompany his/her school on a field trip to ________________________________ on ________________________. (Destination) (Date) Our mode of transportation will be (circle one): School Bus Commercial Carrier City Bus Private Automobile Driver’s Name: _____________________________ Age of Driver: ______________ Parent or Guardian Signature: _______________________________________ Emergency number where parent or guardian can be contacted: ____________________________________________________