Bachelor of Genetics - Science, Medicine and Health

Program duration 3 years full-time
Preparation in year 12
Course prerequisites Year 12 Chemistry
or equivalent; a chemistry bridging course
is available
This program includes first year chemistry
and requires a passing grade in chemistry
to the level of a major in the ACT or NSW
HSC Chemistry, or equivalent. A bridging
course is offered at the beginning of
February; for more information, please visit
Admission requirement The ATAR score
for entry to this program in 2014 was 90
Genetics now impacts on all major fields of
biology, from neurobiology and physiology
to ecology and conservation biology. The
Bachelor of Genetics gives students a solid
grounding in the principles of inheritance
and the structure and function of genes,
as well as the theory that underpins
population genetics, evolutionary genetics
and genomics. Bachelor of Genetics
students learn to apply modern techniques
of genomics, bioinformatics and molecular
genetics, that are now essential to fields as
diverse as medical biology, plant science
and conservation.
A Genetic Counselling internship is available
with the Genetic Counselling Unit of The
Canberra Hospital. It is aimed at those
with a special interest in the field of human
genetics, specifically in the area of genetic
ANU College of
Medicine, Biology
& Environment
The Bachelor of Genetics prepares
graduates for careers in a range of
organisations such as:
Department of Health and Ageing
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries
and Forestry
Educational institutions
Honours in Genetics
Students who meet the requirements may
be admitted to the Bachelor of Science
Honours program with specialisation in
genetics. This full-time, 10-month program
consists of a research project, in which
the student writes a short thesis along
with other written work, participates in
seminars, meetings and workshops. The
Honours program enhances employment
opportunities, provides a pathway to
graduate studies and gives students the
opportunity to experience genetics research
Pharmaceutical companies
Office of Gene Technology Regulation
Therapeutic Goods Administration
University research laboratories
Career opportunities
Genetics graduates are highly sought
after by employers for positions in
medical science, agricultural science and
conservation biology. An understanding
of genetics is also becoming essential in
policy making in relation to the exploitation
of natural resources such as fisheries and
forestry, as well as conservation, land
management and medicine.
Many graduates proceed to further studies
in order to retain a competitive edge.
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