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PaulOkoye of theNigerian
R&B duoPSquareknown for
the hit No OneBe Like vouis
reported byNigerian media
to be set to walk down the
Paul hasapparentlymet his
longtime girlfriendAnita's
familyand she too,has been
welcomed in his home and
plansfor aweddingare
The two have been spotted
severallyon romantic
getawaysand Paul has been
spoilingoil industryemployee Anita with
expensive gifts and tripsabroad.
Paul is surely livinghis plans as he once
said that he wouldn't liketo go the way
of his identical twinbrother Peter and
partner in PSquare. when Petergot a
baby out of wedlock.
"It's agreat thing, but ithas to be done the
Wednesday, September 26. 2012 / TheStandard
t. ,
proper way;theright way.For me.myown
plan will haveto wait till Iget married,"
saidPaul in apreviouspressinterview.
Peter already hasachildwithgirlfriend
Lola Omotayo.and they are currently
expecting another one.
Peter has. however.statedmorethan once
that he is not yet ready for marriage.
Lola, 35, five years Peter's senior seems to
be okay with it.
"There isso muchthat completes a
woman and marriage isnot it. I'venever
focused on that. I'mnot afraid to be alone.
I pray. Iam not going to end up alone for
therest of my life.Iwant alifepartner. But
thetag'marriage' is not something Ithink
isthe ultimate. Iwould rather take my
time thanrushinto marriage only to later
discover that it isnot what Iexpected.
And Peter, as well, is dealing with hisown
careerand wantsto focus onthat and
you know, maybe in ayear's time. I'd be
readytoget married andif he's not, then
we may get to go our separate ways. The
truthof the matter is that marriage isnot
inthe picture for me now," Lola was once
Lola and Peter have been dating for three
years now.
Kendall and
~ Kylie Jenner
The hit reality television show Keeping up
with the Kardashiansmade its debut in 2007
and has grown to be amust-watch in many
homes worldwide. While it has turned Kim.
Khloe and Kourtney into mega stars, their
little sisters Kendall and Kylie have not been
left behind. They were little girls when the
show began, but now they are teenagers
and making waves in Hollywood's fashion.
The two famous teenagers are the
daughters of Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner,
who wed in 1991. Through their mother,
they have three older half-sisters. Kourtney,
Kim and Khloe and a half-brother. Rob.
Through their father. they have three older
half-brothers, Burton, Brandon, Brody and
an older half-sister. Casey Jenner.
Kendall Jenner was born on November
3. 1995 and is the oldest daughter of Kris
and Bruce Jenner. She loves modelling and
has modelled for Forever 21. Lura Couture,
Nordstrom Teen Vogueand PaperMagazine.
Kylie Jenner, who was born on August 10.
1997, is also a model and first featured in
Paper magazines Beautiful People article
series with Kendall. She has done photo
shoots with OK! magazine. Teen Vogue and
also modelled for Avril Lavigne collection,
The two sisters are currently the Style
Ambassadors for Seventeen magazine and
earlier in the year were both featured on
the cover of Teen Vogue.
The sisters are currently working on anovel
aimed at the young-adult audience. The
book will be in the same genre as books
like: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and
Twilight They story is ascience-fiction story
that isset 200 years in the future.
Fan Fad
While Kendallis acheerleader. Kylie prefers
- Shirley Genga