2015-16 Dance Company Audition Packet

Cottonwood High School
Performing Art Dance Company
Audition Packet
Audition Dates:
May 7th 3:30-5:30 Clinic
May 8th 3:30 - ? Audition
*Will take place inside the CHS Dance Studio, must be present at clinic
and audition to be considered.
*Wear all black and have audition packet complete at audition.
Please bring the following to the audition:
 Application Form
 2 Teacher Evaluations
 Copy of your 3rd quarter grades
 Picture/Headshot of yourself (4x6 or bigger)
*Staple all together
*These items will not be returned to you.
Dear Parents/Guardians and Prospective Company Members,
I am pleased that you are interested in being involved in the Performing Art Dance Company at
Cottonwood High School for the 2015-2016 school year. I feel that you and your daughter/son
should be made aware of the requirements that must be met in order to participate on this
company. The following is a brief description of the rules and requirements for all members of
this company.
Please read carefully before consenting to your student’s participation.
Thank you,
Angela Gagliardi-Campos
Artistic Director
To partake of the inner satisfaction and mutual stimulation that is received from
working together and from participating in dance as a form of art expression.
To provide a favorable environment for the creation of dances by members of our
company, advisors, and professionals; this may be performed for our own artistic growth
and for the enjoyment and education of others.
Membership Qualifications and Responsibilities
Regular members are admitted to the company through audition and acceptance
by a selected group of judges.
Regular members must be actively enrolled/accepted students of Cottonwood High
School or AMES (grades 9-12).
Once a member has been auditioned and accepted, she/he is then required to have
a 2.5 GPA at the end of every term. If this is not achieved she/he will be placed
on probation until the next midterm if grades have proven satisfactory. Failure to
achieve a 2.5 GPA the following term will result in a dismissal from the company.
A GPA of 2.5 or higher on third term report card is expected for audition.
Once selected as a Cottonwood High School Dance Company Member you are
expected to fulfill the duties and commitments for the entire year. It is mandatory that
members perform/participate in every event dance company has planned.
Dance Company should have precedence over outside jobs and other school
As a role model of CHS, each company member will be expected to conduct their
selves in a highly respectable manner. No drinking, smoking, use of drugs, or
immoral activity will be tolerated.
Students should be aware that they may not dance in every performance, but are
expected to attend every performance. Also, attitude problems, unexcused
absences, excessive tardiness, lack of respect to company members and advisor,
failure to pay fees or fund raise, will justify a company member being removed
from any routine or company altogether.
Once selected, a team member should not quit. It is assumed that those students
selected will fulfill the duties and commitments for the entire school year. By quitting
once selected, you take the spot of someone else that may have been more dependable.
Each member will enroll in the Dance Company class during 4th period on B days.
Credit and grades will be received for this class. Rehearsal will follow each B day
class until 3:30pm all year.
Each member should enroll in a dance class at Cottonwood (Beginning, Intermediate, or
Advanced), unless they are attending an outside studio all year, or are already a member
of drill/song.
Each member is expected to attend dance camp as a company near the middle
of the summer vacation. It is expected that all members attend camp. We will learn our
first performance at this time. If you do not attend, you do not dance in the first
After camp Tuesday and Thursday technique classes will be held at CHS from 12
to 2pm until school starts.
Evening and A day rehearsals will be announced as concert/performance times approach.
It is expected that all company members buy warm-ups/articles of clothing for dance, as
we use these to be uniformed as a company at festivals, school, and performances.
It is expected that all company members attend tour this year.
All performances, activities, afterschool commitments, rehearsals will be tied to the
dance company grade.
Financial Commitment
Each member will be responsible for a $220.00 general fee. This will help
pay the cost of stage and tech fees, costumes, choreography, festivals, etc. (Not optional)
Each member will be responsible for paying for camp and fees associated with
camp ($150.00-$250.00). (Optional, but highly expected)
Each member will be responsible for paying $160.00 for warm-ups, day tops and
pants, and bags. (Optional, but highly expected)
Each member will be responsible for paying for dance pictures. (approx. $25.00)
Each member will be responsible for the dance tour deposit of $100.00. (Not optional,
unless not attending)
Participation from each member in all fundraising activities is necessary in order
to raise thousands of dollars needed for costumes, stage fees, music,
choreographers, gifts, parties, tour and all other necessary supplies to run our
*If you have thoroughly read and understand the contents of this packet, and feel that you
can abide by all the rules and commit to the CHS PADC for the 2014-2015 school year,
please fill out the enclosed forms and return at audition.
Thank you.