Black Jack Here’s how to play your game.

Black Jack
Here’s how to play your game.
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In this brochure, we have concisely summarised the most important things for you to know about Blackjack: card values and card
combinations, the most important terms, as well as useful information about “busting”. Of course, our on-site team is always happy
to answer your questions.
Bust Card values and combinations
Important terms
Black Jack
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Card values and combinations
The fundamentals of Black Jack.
The game is played with 6 packs of 52 cards.
You win when the value of your cards is closer
to 21 than those of the croupier.
Card values
2–10: The value of the card is the same as the number
at the top of it. For example, the 9-card is worth 9 points.
Picture cards: King, Queen and Jack count as 10 points.
Ace: Can be counted optionally as 11 or 1.
Card combinations, a few examples:
Ace + picture card or
Ace + 10: Black Jack
This is the highest
Queen + 5 + 3 = 18
Jack + 6 + 1 = 17
Ace + 8 = 9 or 19
3 + 10 + 8 = 21
Important terms
Important terms
Understanding the game being played.
Understanding the game being played.
Black Jack
This is the highest combination of cards and beats all
other combinations. The Black Jack consists of an ace and
picture card or an ace and 10 as the first two cards.
You can double your wager after you have received your
first two cards. You will receive only one additional card
from the croupier. If you are not a box owner, you
may only double when he/she doubles his/her stake.
Doubling is also possible after splitting.
This is the name of the playing area. Seven boxes are
arranged in a semi-circle on the Black Jack table.
Box owner
This is what the players sitting at the gaming table are
called. Players standing have to accept the decisions
of the box owners.
Black Jack
Gaming table
If the croupier’s first card is an ace, you can insure yourself
against a possible Black Jack for the croupier
by placing the appropriate stake on the insurance field
Should the croupier draw a Black Jack, the insurance is paid
out at the rate of 2:1, if not, it is withdrawn.
Triple Seven
This consists of three sevens and is paid out immediately –
independent of the cards in the croupier’s hand. The payment
is made at the ratio of 3:2; that means that you
receive 1.5 times your wager. For example, if you had bet
10 euros you would be paid out winnings of 15 euros.
After the winnings have been paid, the game is finished
for the respective box.
You can split if your first two cards have the same value
or the same number; for example, a Jack and a Queen or two
sixes. You then play with a “split hand”, that means you
continue playing with two separate stakes. Repeated
splitting is possible. It is necessary to place an additional bet
at the same amount as the first, for each split hand. You now
receive any number of cards for the rest of the game. One
exception: If you have two split aces, you only receive one
additional card. In this case, an ace and a picture card or an
ace and 10 do not count as Black Jack because this combinationwas not reached with the first two cards.
Black Jack
The Classic Card Game.
In Bust you bet that the croupier’s
cards will exceed a value of 21.
Black Jack, also known as “21” or “17+4”, is pure
suspense. The aim of the game is to come
closer to 21 than the croupier.
At many Black Jack tables you have an additional
chance to win by playing the extra game “Bust”.
The game
The game
Sit down at one of the seven boxes of the Black Jack table.
After all the players have placed their bets, the
croupier gives each box owner two cards and himself
one. The box owners, beginning on the croupier’s left,
now take their turn. Each can request additional cards
until he/she believes to be close enough to 21.
But, be careful, the wager of any player who exceeds
21 will be withdrawn by the croupier.
In Bust you bet that the croupier’s cards will
exceed a value of 21.
After all box owners have reached their decisions, the
croupier draws a second card for himself. If his cards
have a value of 16 or less, he has to draw an
additional card. He is not allowed to draw
any more cards above the value of 17.
If the croupier exceeds 21, all other players remaining
in the game have automatically won. If he has less
than 21, only those players, whose cards are closer
to 21 than the croupier’s, win. If the player and croupier
have the same number of points, this is seen as
a “stand off”, this means undecided and the
player keeps his/her stake.
If the croupier has more than 21, you win at the ratio of 5:2.
For example, if you bet 10 euros, 25 euros will be
paid out as your winnings. If 21 is not exceeded,
the stakes placed on the extra game Bust go to the bank.
Wagers must be placed before the cards are drawn.
The smallest possible stake is the same as the table
minimum. The maximum is the total amount the player has
placed on all boxes. For example, at tables with a 5 euro
minimum, wagers may be placed in steps of 5.
Card combination, Bust:
10 + 2 + 10 = 22
You win the amount of your wager (1:1) if the number
of points of your cards does not exceed 21 and has a
higher value than those of the croupier. If you win
with a Black Jack, your winnings are paid out at the
ratio of 3:2; that means that your receive 1.5 times
the amount of your wager. For example, if your bet
was 10 euros, you receive 15 euros
as your winnings.
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