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The Mission of Running Rebels Community Organization is to provide programs
that will assist Milwaukee’s youth in developing mentally, physically
and spiritually, while also promoting community unity.
• Create safe after-school and summer environments for at-risk youth
• Provide structured activities fostering a positive group experience
• Educate at-risk youth in life skills training, including AODA
education & job seeking skills to prepare them for adulthood
• Provide tutoring to improve academic performance and school attendance
• Avoid negative police contact by youth and no involvement in corrections system
• Provide mentoring for adult guidance and support
Dear Friends of Running Rebels Community Organization,
In 2009, the Running Rebels Community Organization (RRCO), like many of the neighboring non-profits in Milwaukee, experienced an economically challenging year. While the needs of the youth in our community increased, funding for many of our programs decreased. With
fewer resources, we were creative in ensuring that the youth that came to us for assistance were still served to the best of our ability through
partnering resources such as Feeding America (previously known as Second Harvest), as well as a summer grant through HeartLove Place.
Running Rebels Community Organization (RRCO) is a private, non-profit
youth agency established in 1980 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to provide
positive options for youth ages 8-19 coming mostly from single parentage,
low-income, and often volatile environments. These young people are often
turned away by other inner city youth serving agencies.
On the recreational and athletic programming side of our agency, RRCO responded to the needs of younger children by implementing
programming for youth 6-15 years of age, which was unprecedented for our agency. In its initial year and with the dedication of the youth,
volunteer staff, parents and coaches, our Major Football program finished 2nd place in the Quadrevion Henning League. Our track team was
expanded to include younger children. With the assistance of a Milwaukee Youth Sports Authority grant, our basketball teams continued to
travel and place nationally, with the 16 and Under Boys Team finishing 2nd place at the Wallace Prather Classic, and the 13 and Under 7th
Grade Boys Team finishing 10th place in the AAU National Basketball Tournament in Memphis, TN, and 2nd place in the Wisconsin State
AAU Tournament. We are grateful not only for our teams athletic achievements, but also for their commitment to serving their community while
excelling academically, physically and socially, aligning with RRCO’s core beliefs.
For 2009, we continued our Crime Prevention Program through a Safe & Sound Inc., grant. This program addresses aggressive behavior in youth through the implementation of Non-Violent Communication/Compassionate Listening. The purpose of this program
is to give students the behavioral skills to act in constructive, non-aggressive and self-satisfying ways in school, home and in the community.
They will learn solutions that promote mutual understanding, reconciliation and the rebuilding of relationships. This program will also teach
youth how to modify aggressive behavior, reduce anti-social behaviors, and offer compassionate listening.
I am very grateful to the foundations, corporations, governments, and individuals who donated their money and services this past year. I am
especially grateful to all staff, volunteers and the Board of Directors for their perseverance and support during these trying times.
Victor Barnett
Victor Barnett
Executive Director
We provide critical after-school services through our After-School/
Summer Program that have helped central city youth to make life affirming
choices that may not have been possible otherwise. These programs focus on
education and prevention that reinforce values by emphasizing achievement
in school and service to the community. During the early years, neighborhood
youth were persuaded to become responsible and accountable by teaching
these and other values through team sports such as basketball. Basketball
was our first after-school program that became the cornerstone for what we
are today.
RRCO continues to successfully reach and impact both “high at-risk” and
“potential at-risk” youth through programs targeting specific needs that other
agencies do not. Our qualifications are an established, proven track record
over its past 29 years of serving thousands of Milwaukee’s young people
while positively influencing many “high at-risk youth”. RRCO targets the
city’s most at-risk youth providing organized after-school/summer programs
to minority youth who face a scarcity of such programs. We have become a
leader in serving at-risk youth through our ability to connect with these youth
when others could not, which is our passion and strength.
• In 2009, RRCO had continued success with the Violence-Free Zone Program (VFZ). The Milwaukee Violence-Free Zone Program is a collaboration with
the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE), The Latino Community Center and Milwaukee Public Schools. The goal of VFZ is to reduce violent incidents,
reduce suspensions, reduce truancy, increase attendance (school and class), and increase grade point averages, empower the youth to increase self-esteem,
gain life skills and engage them in positive social activities.
Running Rebels Community Organization (RRCO) has occupied a 95+ year old building since 1999 and purchased it in 2005 fulfilling the vision of a
permanent home for our agency. A Capital Campaign Committee was created in 2005 which identified the needs and developed a strategic plan. The
fundraising campaign commenced on April 27, 2006. Since we are mostly funded by government sources, our campaign goal is to raise funds throughout
the Milwaukee metropolitan area from monetary donations from private foundations, corporations, and individuals to achieve the $3,690,000 overall
goal. Some of the benefits of this capital campaign will be to the 1300+ youth that we will serve annually, the local community we serve and our employees having updated facilities to do their work.
• Baylor University compiled a study of the Milwaukee Violence-Free Zone which contained yearly comparisons of the 2008/2009 school year to previous
years 2006/2007. The data showed significant reductions in Violent Incidents, Non-violent incidents and suspension rates.
• New youth programs included Pee Wee Football Program, Helen Bader Foundation Summer Enrichment Basketball Program, Milwaukee Area Workforce
Investment Board Learn & Earn Summer Enrichment Program, and State of Wisconsin Milwaukee Safe Streets Initiative Job Training Program.
• Phase I completed design/build plans, installed new roof, windows and sills; and installed new outdoor basketball court with new fence and gate in 2008
• Tasha Allen, a 2009 graduate of Milwaukee North High and VFZ Program participant, overcame an unstable family situation and special needs to win
five WIAA individual state championships, (three in 2009). She holds four state records and has run the best time in state prep history in the 100, 200 and
400 meter sprints. Tasha was named as the Journal Sentinel’s Preps Girl Athlete of the Year for 2008-2009 (“Righting Her Will”, Art Kabelowsky, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 28, 2009). RRCO organized a fund raising breakfast in her honor to generate monies to attend the US Junior Outdoor Track &
Field Championship in Eugene, OR. Though she did not win any events, Tasha’s fourth place finish in the 100 meters qualified for the US young women’s
400 meter relay team for the Pan American Games July 31-Aug. 2 in Trinidad and Tobago (“Allen Earns Spot on Relay Team”, Art Kabelowsky, JS Online,
June 29, 2009). At the Pan American Junior Championships, Tasha finished second in the young women’s 200m dash and was part of the 4x100m relay
championship team ( She is attending Butler Community College in Kansas and
will also run track.
• Phase II (fundraising in progress) will upgrade/replace primary mechanical systems including electrical, plumbing, fire protection,
and HVAC systems; also replace elevator
• Milwaukee Area Work Investment Board honored RRCO for their work in the Earn and Learn Summer Program.
• Victor Barnett receives the inaugural Super Supporter award from the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative.
• Milwaukee Area Work Investment Board honored RRCO for their work in the Earn and Learn Summer Program.
• The 16 and under boys basketball team finished in 2nd place in the Wallace Prather Classic.
• The 13 and under 7th Grade boys basketball team finished in 10th place in the AAU National Basketball Tourney in Memphis, TN.
• The 13 and under boys basketball team finished in 2nd place in the Wisconsin State AAU tourney.
• RRCO 6th grade youth boys basketball team finished in 2nd place in the Wisconsin Regional World Series of Basketball.
We continue to progress in achieving our goal of renovating our existing facility. The
economic downturn however, has made fundraising more challenging. Also due to the
cost of Phase I and other capital expenses, we had only $117,000 left to apply toward the Phase II goal of $929,516. However, we were fortunate to receive word of a
$300,000 grant from the Elizabeth Brinn Foundation before year’s end. We continue
our efforts to raise funds for this important phase of work.
• Phase III will complete floor-by-floor renovations
• Phase IV will construct a basketball/fitness center addition.
• Renovate existing building
• Construct new building addition
Our After-School/Summer Program consists of:
EDUCATION PROGRAM This program emphasizes improving academics.
• Mentoring- one to one guidance, role modeling, and oversight by an adult staff person; one of our longest running programs
• Academic achievement- tutoring, literacy and academic assistance
• Course Curriculum - computer training, life skills, cultural awareness, AODA education, home economics, financial literacy, social and relationship classes
• Community Involvement- service, projects, and cultural awareness
This program provides structured positive activities as alternatives to crime, delinquency, substance abuse and teen pregnancy.
• The Violence Free Program (VFZ), in conjunction with Milwaukee Public Schools, The Center for Neighborhood Enterprise and Latino Community Center
was expanded from a pilot program in 2006 to 6 high schools in 2007. RRCO provides on-site intervention services at Washington, Vincent, North Division and Custer High Schools to reduce violence and classroom disruptors.
• We also administer these programs: Milwaukee City Aftercare; State of Wisconsin Aftercare, and Safe & Sound, Inc.
These Programs reinforce values such as accountability,
integrity and recognition while emphasizing achievement
in school and service to the community.
• Entrepreneurship - employment training, job-seeking skills, vocational opportunities, career options, small business opportunities
• Recreation - indoor/outdoor games, team sports including a nationally recognized basketball program
• Music/Performing Arts- music, dance, vocals, instrument lessons, art, sketching, painting, sculpturing
• Gang Prevention- anger management, ethics, jobs, social skills, music
This program is a merger of the two programs listed below that treats youth assigned by the Milwaukee County Children’s Court.
• Firearms Program (FA) is a special program, beyond a probation officer, that gives daily supervision to youth having a non-violent gun offense through
the Milwaukee County Children’s Court Center.
• Serious Chronic Offenders Program (SCOP) provides strict supervision, support and guidance, life skills training, AODA education and positive alternative activities funded by the Milwaukee County Office of Justice.
• Successful completion of the current school year
• Satisfactory school and classroom attendance
• Satisfactory GPA and test scores especially in math and reading
• No incidence or suspensions and/or classroom disruption
• No negative police contacts or involvement in the correctional system
• Development of cultural pride and self-esteem
• Development of a feeling of community and helping others
• Development of relationships with positive, caring adult role models
Amos Ashford, Maurice Brown, Gerald Donley, Ed Easley, Victor Edwards, S. Capollo Free, Marlon Grice, Katina Jackson, Michael Jackson, Vernita Jones
(Rock County), Michael Lindsey (Rock County), Richard Love, Jarrett Luckett, Dummanick Patterson, Damon Shoates (Lead), Richard Sparks, Antonio Thomas,
Darin Ware, Eric Weaver, Timothy Wood
Glenn Coleman (Assistant Program Director), Liddie Collins, Darsha Currin, Christopher Daskam, Caura Fitten, Chaz Gary, Michael Gray, Ikia Hardiman,
Michael Hopkins, Cynthia Johnson, M. Floyd Jones, Brandy Lawrence, Donald Moss, Sedric Murphy, Clifton Phelps, Melissa Rasmussen, Dennis Spears, John
Sumlin, Jr., Vincent Toney, Ledi Walusayi, Marshall Williams
Lizzie Addison, John Rakowski
Sheila Chapman, Ewell Clinton, Antuane Coleman, Jenny Marie Farris (Lead), Kevin Gaines, Lamar Gordon (Lead), Raven Henderson, Tai Hooper, Larry
House, Maypahou Ly, Jewelletta McLemore, Demetrius Moore, Edward Rand, Charles Robinson, Jr. (Lead), Aaron Smith, James Sokolowski (Lead), Chantell
Spears, Shawna Thomas, Walter Trigg, Jr., Billy Williams, Lloyd Willson, Maronnia Willson, Lena Zinuticz
Victor Barnett - Founder and Executive Director
Dawn Barnett - Associate Director
Robert Wollner - Deputy Director, Intensive Monitoring Program
Amanda O’Day - Deputy Director / Mentoring/Youth Services Director
Mojishola Mason - Violence Free Zone Program Manager
Branden Joseph - Violence Free Zone Supervisor (Custer H.S.)
Stanley Shelton - Violence-Free Zone Supervisor (Vincent H.S.)
Shelby Parrish - Violence-Free Zone Supervisor (North Division H.S.)
Andre Burnett, Valentino Gray, Edward Kurhajetz, Jacqueline Spence, Exie Tatum III
Africa Banks - Violence-Free Zone Supervisor (Washington H.S.)
Traci Amos - IMP Team Supervisor
Craig Greene - IMP Team Supervisor
Natasha Coe - Office & Public Affairs Director
Michael Peeples - Executive Assistant
Cozette McLemore - Event Coordinator & Administrative Assistant
Rolunda Dixon - Comptroller
Robert Matuszak - Development
Ingrid Jagers, Chair - United Healthcare
Mia Lott-Rogers, Vice-Chair - IndependenceFirst
Delbert Williams, Treasurer - Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative
Karen Avery, Secretary - IndependenceFirst
Heather Aldrich- Serve Marketing
Cecilia Smith-Robertson- Cecelia Smith-Robertson Consulting LLC
Victor Barnett - Founder & Executive Director
Faithe Colas - Salvation Army
Larry Hisle, Sr. - Milwaukee Brewers Baseball, (Ret.)
Martha Love - Martha Love & Associates
RRCO’s Philosophy is to nurture the development of youths’
human potential and reduce violence, drug usage, and gang activity by
• keeping young people involved in wholesome, fun activities including money earning potential
• tapping into–or sparking–each youth’s deeper motivations, hopes, and dreams, and helping the youth to achieve them
• emphasizing successful academic achievement essential for responsible adult functioning and citizenship
• employing supportive, caring adults who inspire trust and model the values, skills, and mores that we want at-risk youth to develop.
Wallace White - W2Excel, LLC
(For Grants/Gifts received from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2009)
Milwaukee County
State of Wisconsin
City of Milwaukee
Rock County Grants Donations
Workforce Development Board
Center for Entrepreneurship(Violence Free Zone)
Safe & Sound, Inc.
1,094,808 20,000
Total Revenue
$3,589,365 $3,560,881
Running Rebels Community Organization is truly grateful for receiving contributions and Grants/
Gifts donated to our agency. Your donations assist us in implementing our mission statement to atrisk youth.
Grant/Gifts of $50,000 to $99,999
The Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation
Daniel M. Soref Charitable Trust
Grant/Gifts of $1000 to $49,999
Helen Bader Foundation
Krause Family Foundation
David & Julia Uihlein Charitable Fdn.
Wisconsin Energy Foundation
Joseph & Vera Zilber Family Fdn. Inc.
Net Assets Beginning of Year
Change in Net Assets
635,182 (32,945)
Net Assets End of Year
Grants/Gifts of $1,000,000 or more
Milwaukee County Department of Human Services
- Aftercare Program
Fire Arms (FA) Program
Severe Chronic Offenders (SCOP) Program
Grants/Gifts of $500,000 to $999,999
Center for Neighborhood Enterprise
- MPS Violence Free Zone Program
Grant/Gifts of $100,000 to $499,000
Forest County Potawatomi- Miracle on Canal Street
Milwaukee County -1st Time Juvenile Offenders Program
- Wraparound/Safenow Program
Grants/Gifts of $10,000 to $99,999
City of Milwaukee- Community Development Block Grant
- School Safety Program
State of Wisconsin- Office of Justice Assistance
- Department of Corrections
Milwaukee Renaissance Academy
Safe & Sound, Inc.
United Way of Greater Milwaukee Healthy Girls Program Grants/Gifts of $5,000 to $9999
Milwaukee Youth Sports Authority
Rock County Firearms Program
Grants/Gifts of $1000 to $4999
Victor Barnett
Gruber Law Offices
William Jollie
Universoul Circus
Robert Woodson
Grants/Gifts of $500 to $999
Karen Avery
Seder Family Foundation
Benjamin Wesson & Brittany Fondrie
Gifts of $100 to$499
Albany Park Neighborhood Council
Caroline Cline-Crewe
Lewis & Patricia Chamoy Family Donor Advised Fund
Justin Ponder
Urban Praise Ministries
Gifts of $99 or less
Stephen Adams
Edward Doemland
Jeff Edwards
Rachel Eide
Robert Gorman
Richard Greene
Joan Pendergast
Sarah Willis
Maurice Edwards
Denise Garczynski
Gathering On the Green
Patti Groh
Brian Hardrath
Klements Sausage Company
Dennis & Kim Larkin
Mayor Tom Barrett
Milwaukee Admirals Hockey Club
Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
Milwaukee Bucks Basketball
Tarnett Morris
PepsiCo Terrence Ray
Repairers of the Breach
Safe & Sound, Inc.
St. Mary’s Parish, Elm Grove
Rolunda Tatum
Joe Tillman
Uptown Auto Body
Melinda Verduin
Walnut Way Conservation Corps
Dennis Wilson
Robert Wollner
Chuck Adam MSW, Life Coach
Ansay and Associates
Bernard Alberg
Victor and Dawn Barnett
Louis & Janet Burrell
Michael Butzin
Byneset Consulting, LLC- Gold Sponsor
Campaign Against Violence
Capital Grille
Consulting On Wireless
Nathan Cooper
Susan Day
Lindsay Draper
Express Yourself Milwaukee
Family House Inc.
Bernadette Graves
Maryanne Harry
Health Center Medical Supply
Essie Hill
Import Design
Indevox Studios
Independence First Inc. - Gold Sponsor
JCP Management Group
Anwar Jenkins
Sharon Jordan
Kingdom Financial Services Inc.
Tim & Julie Klug
Edward Kurhajetz
Latimore Family
Angela Leeper
Kathy Malone- Juvenile Justice Strategies LLC
M&I Bank- Angel Sponsor
Jennifer Morrison
NAI MLG Management- Gold Sponsor
Clifton Phelps- Scholarship Sponsor
Pizza Shuttle
RC Insurance Services
Rebel Life Entertainment
Ritz Holman CPAs- Angel Sponsor
Running Rebels Catering
Cecelia Smith-Robertson LLC
Spa Cards
Swick Technologies
Mrs. Walker
Ken & Robbie Ward
Wisconsin Energies- Silver Sponsor
Marshall Williams- Gold Sponsor
Youth Entrepreneur Program
Please notify us in writing of any corrections at:
Running Rebels Community Organization
Development Office
1300A W. Fond du Lac Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53205
Gifts of $1,000 to $10,000
Ralph Evinrude Foundation
Gardner Foundation
Bert & Patricia Steigleder Trust
Chester Oszkandy, MLG
Troy Reese, T. L. Reese Corporation
Doug Reiske, Marshall & Ilsley Bank Steve Smith, Stephen Perry Smith Architects
Margene Zimmer, MLG
Cecelia Smith-Robertson, Cecelia Smith-Robertson Consulting LLC
Gabriele VanderVeen- Prochnow, Couri Financial Services
Mike Zimmer, MLG
Victor Barnett, RRCO
Gifts of $500 to $999
Dawn Barnett, RRCO
Natasha Coe
Robert Matuszak, RRCO
Edward Kurhajetz
We acknowledge and give special thanks to our Board
Gifts of $100 to $499
of Directors for their continued support and dedication
Chuck Adam
Michael Peeples
to our Capital Campaign:
Amos Ashford
Stanley Shelton
Frederick Caulder
Damon Shoates
Glenn Coleman
Dennis Spears
Gerald Donley, Jr.
Robert Wollner
Tasha Jenkins, President
Karen Avery, Secretary
Edward Easley, Jr. Ingrid
Mia Lott-Rogers
Robert Matuszak
Cecilia Smith-Robertson
Donald Moss
Amanda O’Day
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[email protected]
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