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here nor there, neither fish nor fowl
Sonntag, 31.5.2015, 17h
Schloss Ringenberg, Schlossstraße 8, D-46499 Hamminkeln
2852 9229,
Every Sunday, a lunch or dinner will be served in the gallery
spaces. We will be joined on June 28 by participating artist Ingrid
Hora and on July 5 by participating artist Will Holder.
For details or a reservation, please contact us via
[email protected] or +49 2852 9229. The schedule of
these weekly meals will be posted on http://www.schloss
Every Sunday between 17 – 18h, two performances will happen:
On Information by Olivia Dunbar
Wurfskulptur (Throwing Sculpture) by Ingrid Hora
From June 14 – 28, 2015 the following work will be on display:
A Needle Walks into a Haystack
Chris Evans
and yellow gold ring with diamonds, sapphires, and
heliodor (“Flowergirl”) commissioned from Boodles responding to
Liverpool Biennial’s press release as a brief; displayed on
jesmonite tablet encased in rosewood and powder-coated steel
vitrine. Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2014. Courtesy of
Markus Lüttgen.
We invite you to come visit during these special occasions, and also
regular open hours. During most open hours of the exhibitions
(Fr & Sa 14 – 18h , Su 11 – 18h), the curators will be in the gallery
We can answer questions, offer a tour, or have a coffee with
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