1 Вариант 1. I. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на следующие

Вариант 1.
I. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на следующие вопросы, обведя
правильный ответ кружком.
I always enjoy the drive into Marley. It is a good straight road, with some pleasant
views of the countryside on either side. There are woods and hills, villages and farms
and, about halfway, a large lake. And because there is rarely much traffic on the road, I
can usually enjoy the view as I drive along.
I was rather annoyed the other morning, therefore, when a small green car began
to drive very close behind me. I went a little faster, hoping to leave the car behind. But
whenever I slowed down, the little car caught up with me. The driver, a middle-aged
man, was grinning and waving to me. However, I did not recognise either him or the car.
Again I began to drive a little faster but the little car caught up with me whenever
I slowed down. " Perhaps I am doing something wrong, " I thought. I checked my lights
and my indicator, but they were both in order And I certainly had not got a puncture. The
man was a lunatic, I decided. Feeling rather cross, I drove off very fast, leaving the
small green car behind. I did not slow down until I got to Marley.
There are some traffic lights just before you cross the railway bridge into Marley
and, as it happened, the lights turned red as 1 approached. I was still waiting there
when the little green car caught up with me.
The driver got out and tapped on my window. I opened it. "Can I help you ?" I
asked rather coldly. "I'm trying to help you ! " the man said. "You see, your number plate
fell off about fifteen miles back. I tried to attract your attention, but you didn't take any
notice !"
1. The driver of the small green car annoyed Alex because he wanted to:
a) drive slowly;
b) enjoy the view;
c) stop halfway.
2. Alex got away from the green car by:
a) driving very fast;
b) checking his lights;
c) waving to him.
3. Alex checked his lights and indicator because:
a) he thought that something was wrong;
b) the driver of the small green car told him that he had got a puncture.
c) he wanted to get away from the green car.
4. Alex stopped at the bridge because of:
a) a train;
b) the traffic;
c) the traffic lights.
5. The driver of the small green car wanted to:
a) leave Alex behind;
b) help Alex;
c) annoy Alex.
II. Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в нужную видовременную
1. After three days of rain, I'm glad that the sun (shine)______________
2. He
(sell) ____ .
I (not see) __________ him for 3 years. I wonder where he is.
4. I wonder if my car (repair)__ ______ next week.
5. Many accidents usually (cause)
by dangerous driving.
6. Somebody (phone)_ _______ me today.
7. They asked us why we ( not come) ______ to their place the day before yesterday.
8. We’ll
9. What will we do, if he (be) ____________ late?
10. Your friends (speak) __________ in the corridor when we saw them.
III. Обведите правильный вариант ответа кружком.
1. Mount Everest is _________ mountain in the world.
a) high
b) highest
c) the higher
d) the highest
2. Save your money but don't put__________in the bank.
a) them
b) it
c) its
d) they
Вариант 2.
I. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на следующие вопросы, обведя
правильный ответ кружком.
It was a cold winter's afternoon. Robert paused for a moment as he crossed the
bridge and looked down at the river below. There were hardly any boats on the river.
Near the bridge, however, almost directly below, there was one small one. a canoe, with
a boy in it. He was not even wearing many clothes, Robert noticed. He shivered and
walked on.
Just then he heard a cry. "Help! Help!" The cry definitely came from the river.
Robert looked down. The boy was in the water and his canoe was floating away. "Help!
Help!" he called again.
Robert was a good swimmer and he hesitated for only a moment. Taking off his
coat, he dived into the river. The icy water almost took his breath away, but in a matter
of seconds he reached the boy. "Don't panic!" he said as he caught hold of him. "Just
relax-and I'll soon get you out of the water."
But the boy began to struggle and shout something at him. Robert could not
make out his words. "Don't panic!' he said again and started to swim towards the bank,
dragging the boy with him. But at the moment he noticed a large motor boat under the
There were several people on board, all looking in his direction. Robert decided
to swim towards the boat.
"Give me a hand," he shouted as he got near the boat. He looked up into a row
of faces. "It's funny," he thought. They look angry. "Silently the people on the boat
helped the boy aboard and wrapped him in a blanket. But they made no move to help
"Aren't you going to pull me out too?" Robert asked.
"You!" said one of the men. Robert noticed that he was standing next to a large
camera." You! Why, we were making a film and you spoilt a whole afternoon's work!
You can stay in the water!"
1. When Robert heard the cry for help, he was:
a) still on the bridge;
b) looking at the river;
c) taking off his jacket.
2. Robert dived into the river:
a) to have a swim;
b) to get his coat;
c) to save the boy.
3. The people on the boat:
a) laughed at Robert.
b) didn't speak to Robert;
c) left Robert in the water
4. The people on the boat wanted to make a film of the boy:
a) with Robert.
b) in the water.
c) in his canoe.
5. The people on the boat didn't help Robert out of the water because:
a) he didn't ask them for help;
b) he was a good swimmer;
c) they were angry with him.
II. Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в нужную видовременную
1. Don't worn'. The luggage (take) ___ ___ to the train by the porter in a few minutes.
2. He said that he already (see)______________________ this film.
3. He won't pass his exam unless he (work) __ ____ much harder.
4. I (know)_____________ him for a long time and I can say that he is an honest man.
5. It was the most beautiful place I ever (visit) _____ .
6. My bicycle isn't here any more. Somebody (take)______it.
7. She was very upset because she (break) _____ her new bicycle.
8. Take your umbrella, it (rain) _________ hard.
9. We wonder if he (go) _________ to London next week.
10. Yesterday when I (drive) __________ a car the policeman stopped me.
III. Обведите правильный вариант ответа кружком.
There will be a football match on TV tomorrow,_____________ ?
a) will it
b) will there
c) won't it
d) won't there
2. It never _________ in Sakhara.
a) is snowing
b) snows
3. Fresh fruit ________
a) is
c) doesn't snow
d) had snowed
very useful.
b) are
c) were
d) had been
4. His homework was ________ than 1 had expected.
a) bad
b) more bad
5. 1 don't know _____
a) something
b) anything
c) more worse
d) worse
about him.
c) none
d) nothing
6. In some countries ____________ very hot all the time.
a) there is
b) is
c) it is
d) has been
7. Our house is smaller than ______ .
a) your
c) their d)you
8. You must have as _____ sugar as possible. It's bad for you.
a) few
b) a little
c) little d)much
9. Which of you _______ to go to the Tretyakov Gallery next Sun-day?
a) does want
b) do want
c) wanted
d) wants
10. Yesterday we were very surprised, he did his homework____________.
a) well
c) worse
Вариант 3
I. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на следующие вопросы, обведя
правильный ответ кружком.
When Sebastian was a boy at school, his favourite lesson was art, and he won
several prizes for it. Once he left school, he got a position as a clerk in a bank, but three
times a week he went to evening classes in art, and whenever he had time all the
weekends, he painted.
He painted in a very modern manner - mysterious objects and shapes, women
with three pink eyes, large blank areas, and so on.
After a few months he thought, "Perhaps I can sell some of my pictures and get
enough money to afford to leave the bank and become a real artist. Then I can travel
around as much as I like, and go to foreign museums, and see other artists' paintings,
and study in other countries when I feel like it. Though I try to make the best of the job
and 1 don't regard the work as difficult - at least not at present - don't like life in a bank. I
only enjoy painting."
In the bank, Sebastian sometimes had to deal with a man who owned a picture
shop, and after he had had a few conversations with him, Sebastian invited him to his
home one evening to see some of his work. "Then perhaps you could tell me whether I
can really be a good artist and get some money from my painting," Sebastian said
The man said he was prepared to come and see what he thought of Sebastian's
work, so he arrived one evening at Sebastian's home. Sebastian took the man to Ms
studio and started to show him some of his pictures, with some pride and hope.
The man looked at them one after the other while Sebastian watched his face,
but to Sebastian's disappointment the man did not say anything, and his expression did
not change at any of them either.
Then, when he had finished, he looked around, and his glance fell on something
else. A happy look came over his face for the first time, and he said, "Now I like this one
very much! It's so full of deep feeling! I'm sure I could sell this one for you!"
"That," said Sebastian, "is the place where" I clean the paint off my brushes."
1. What was Sebastian's job?
a) He was an artist.
b) He was a clerk.
с ) He taught in evening art classes.
2. Why did he want to sell some of his pictures?
a) Because he wanted to be an artist all the time.
b) Because he wanted to buy some brushes.
c) Because he was very poor.
3. Why did the man visit Sebastian's home?
a) To see his house.
b) To get some money from his painting.
c) To give him some advice.
4. Why was Sebastian disappointed when the man looked at his pictures?
a) Because the man was too proud.
b) Because the man had no money.
c) Because the man did not seem to like them.
5. What did he like most in the house?
a) A picture which someone else had sold Sebastian.
b) The place where Sebastian cleaned his brushes.
c) The prizes Sebastian had won.
II. Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в нужную видовременную
1. As soon as the rain (stop)____________, we'll go for a walk.
2. Don't open the door. The students (write) _________ a dictation there.
3. He asked me what questions I usually (like) ___ to discuss with my friends.
4. He broke his leg while he (play) ______ football.
5. It was our first trip to Holland, we never (be)___________ there before.
6. Tell me when you (come).______________to the institute tomorrow.
7. The English language (speak)_______ all over the world.
8. The weather forecast said that it (rain)________ the next day.
9. There is nobody in the house. Everybody (leave)______________.
10. When 1 was 16 years old I (teach)_________ to drive a car by my father.
III. Обведите правильный вариант ответа кружком
1. _____________________a lot of sheep in the field.
a) There are
b) It was
c) There is
d) There was
2. Camping is _______ than staying at a hotel.
a) more cheaper
b) cheaply
c) cheaper
d) cheapest
3. He has never been to ______ foreign country.
a) some
b) no
c) anywhere
d) any
4. Bad news________________people happy.
a) don't make
b) make
c) doesn't make
d) are made
5. They had to finish the work,___________?
a) had they
b) hadn't they
c) did they
d) didn't they
c) rains
d) is rained
6. It often _______ in autumn.
a) is raining
b) was raining
7. This is my dictionary and where is ___________?
a) your
c) their
d) yours
8. There ______ a telephone and some magazines on the table, when I came into the
a) were
b) are
c) is
d) was
9. Who______________America?
a) did discover
b) discovers
c) discovered
d) was discovered
10. I'd like to buy this dictionary, but I haven't got___________money.
a) many
b) few
c) much
d) a few