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DQ-Track guide
Discovery Insure wants you to be a better driver. We use the latest technology to measure and encourage good driving, improve your
driving knowledge and awareness and promote greater vehicle safety.
We do this with DQ-Track, which measures your driving behaviour and provides you with unique safety features and services. It’s optional,
and provided through Vitalitydrive, which is available at an additional monthly premium. Installation is free, there’s no monthly cost, and
no contract or minimum term.
safety features
Your DQ-Track is a small device that fits into your car and uses an accelerometer, a GPS receiver to find your car’s location and a cellular
component to transmit your driving data to us. Here’s an overview of its safety features:
Stolen vehicle tracking and recovery
DQ-Track is a stolen vehicle tracking and recovery device which is used to track your car if it has been stolen or if you are lost.
If your car battery is disconnected or DQ-Track loses external power, we will alert you to a potential incident of tampering or theft. We
give you peace of mind that your DQ-Track is always in working condition. It automatically performs a daily health check that lets us know
it is functioning properly.
Real-time vehicle locator
You can track your car in real time by simply sending an SMS and being notified immediately where your car is. If you are worried about
family members, you will be able to find out where their cars are located in real-time.
safety features
Unique driver profiles
The information collected by DQ-Track allows us to create a unique driver profile, enabling us to identify when someone other than the
primary driver is driving their car. This allows us to detect if a car has been stolen or hijacked as the driving behaviour in such instances
differs significantly to that of normal driving behaviour. In such instances, we will immediately call you and provide assistance if you need it.
Through ImpactAlert, DQ-Track is able to pick up if your car has been in a severe accident. When it detects a severe G-force, it immediately
sends us a notification. We’ll monitor your car to determine if it’s stationary or if you continue driving normally. If the car suddenly stops,
we’ll try to call you on your cellphone. If we can’t reach you, we’ll send assistance to the accident scene. We’ll send medical assistance if
you need it.
A severe impact to your car could damage the DQ-Track, preventing ImpactAlert from working. So in the event of an accident, you should
always call Discovery 911 on 0860 999 911. By calling us immediately you are assured of receiving correct care and assistance in the
quickest manner possible.
DQ-Track safety features will work provided your DQ-Track is in working order and in an area with cellular network coverage.
DQ Mapper
DQ Mapper is our tool that allows you to track the location of your car in real-time and monitor every trip. You can draw various trip
reports for private or business use, among other useful features.
DQ Mapper provides far more detailed information regarding a car’s whereabouts and trip history than one would receive from standard
tracking devices.
Monitor every trip
Your trip history is stored
on DQ Mapper and you can
access it at any time.
DQ Mapper is available on
Measuring your
driving behaviour
Each month, you can earn up to 750 DQ Points
based on your actual driving behaviour. The
better you drive, the higher your DQ Points.
For each element of driving behaviour we measure, the more
extreme the event the lower your driver performance score.
For example, the higher the G-forces exerted on your car when
cornering, the lower your score will be.
Your monthly driver performance score is based on your last three
months of driving activities. When you install DQ-Track, you will get
400 driver performance points per month until we have collected
enough credible driving information. This usually takes between
four to six weeks following installation.
We use the following factors when
calculating your driver performance score:
•Late night driving (between 23:00 and 4:30).
Your driver performance points are added to your overall Driver
Quotient (DQ) Points score, which determines your Vitalitydrive
status and rewards.
Guidelines for your DQ-Track
The following are guidelines for your DQ-Track appointment should you install, repair or remove
the device:
•You must be available for 15 minutes before and after
installation for a pre and post inspection of your car. When
you sign the pre and post inspection report, you agree to our
assessment of the vehicle.
•The car needs to be parked on a level surface and all doors
must be able to open fully.
•The car must not be parked in a basement or public area.
•The technician is not allowed to drive your car under any
•If you are trading your car in and/or cancelling your plan, you
need to let us know so we can arrange for the DQ-Track to be
removed as we may hold you liable for a R1000 penalty if the
device is irrecoverable.
•We confirm coverage for theft and/or hijacking for the time
that the DQ-Track is not installed in your car, subject to our
claims processes and procedures.
•If you need the device to be fitted as part of the conditions
of your cover, failure to honour your appointment may result
in your cover being amended to exclude theft and hijacking.
•Failure to have a DQ-Track installed will result in reduced DQ
Points, affecting your rewards, like receiving cash back on
your monthly BP fuel spend.
•If you reschedule your appointment, we can’t guarantee an
earlier time slot due to the availability of our technicians.
This may affect your cover. In addition you will need to
provide us with proof of vehicle pre-inspection within five
days of cancelling your original appointment. Pre-inspection
can be done at any Glasfit centre.
How to check your DQ-Track
is working properly
Your DQ-Track will be operational within 48 hours of installation. To check its functionality, you must follow these steps:
reate a new SMS on your cellphone.
T ype in the letter T (capital T for Test), and send it to the DQ-Track cellphone tracking number (this will have been given to you after
installation and you’ll also see it next to your vehicle registration number on DQ Mapper). When entering the DQ-Track cellphone
tracking number you need to remove the first 0 and replace it with +27.
T he location and status of your car will be sent to your cellphone as an SMS from DQ-Track within a few minutes, provided that it is
in an area with good cellular reception and the cellphone number the SMS is sent from is linked to the vehicle. If the number has not
been linked, call us on 0860 7451 751.
asked questions
What happens if I need to
de-install DQ-Track?
How often does DQ-Track
You don’t have any minimum lock in
periods when installing DQ-Track. If you
replace your car or remove a car from
your plan, you can contact us and we’ll
remove the device at no extra cost. If
you don’t allow us access to your car to
remove the device, you will be liable for
a penalty of R1 000.
DQ-Track sends an update every two
minutes or when a harsh event occurs.
The details of these events will be
registered on DQ Mapper.
If you cancel your Discovery Insure plan
but would like to keep the DQ-Track,
you’ll be able to enter into a contract
with Ctrack for ongoing stolen vehicle
recovery services.
Does DQ-Track work
across borders?
DQ-Track can function with another
tracking device in your car. However, we
recommend that you remove any other
tracking devices as each device uses the
car’s battery power. You can save money
by removing your other device, or you
can keep it if you want to.
Yes, DQ-Track can lose signal. All tracking
devices incorporate GPS technology
that connects to a satellite to give us
coordinates. If your car is parked out of
a satellite’s range, such as a basement,
the signal can be lost. DQ-Track makes
use of a cellular component to transmit
the data – where there is poor cellular
reception, DQ-Track will not be able to
send its location.
If you have any questions about DQ-Track, please call
0860 751 751 or email [email protected]
No, we do not monitor your car if you
cross into a neighbouring country and we
are therefore unable to offer any support
in the event of an emergency.
Can I have two tracking
devices in my car?
Can DQ-Track lose signal?
If so, where is this likely to
Limits, maximum fuel limits, terms and conditions apply. Go to www.discovery.co.za or contact us on 0860 751 751 for additional information.
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