For Over 55 Years - Providing • Durable • User-Friendly

For Over 55 Years - Providing
• Durable
• User-Friendly
• Cost Effective Foodservice Equipment Solutions
The Fried Chicken Experts
All You Need
For Fried Chicken Success,
Except The Chicken.
Your Complete Chicken Center
Giles is your Single Source for service and support on all the equipment you need for a successful Fried Chicken program!
The Fried Chicken Experts ... since 1952
Committed to providing Quality, Durable and Easy to Use Foodservice Equipment
designed specifically for producing and selling great tasting fried chicken products.
Giles Breading & Batter Table (BBT)
Practical design for simple
and easy preparation of
fresh chicken.
• Spring loaded, hinged dunking basket fits in batter dip pan, making product
preparation quick and easy.
• Includes manual sifter to reclaim breading for reuse.
• Staging tray holds breaded product prior to loading into fryer.
• Stainless steel pans for easy clean-up.
• Counter-Top model also available.
Giles Fry Kettle - Electric (GEF-400, GEF-560 & GEF-720) or Gas (GGF-400 & GGF-720)
Durable, easy to use roundpot fryer ... Choose electric
or gas model.
• Computer control with Automatic Basket Lift.
• Self-Contained Oil Filtration System for increased shortening life.
• Heavy-duty casters provide for easy mobility.
• Easy to clean and simple to maintain.
• Giles also manufactures a line of Ventless Electric Fryers, that require no conventional ventilation system (no duct work or roof
Giles Portable Landing Table/Dump Station (LT)
Versatile work table-cart
combo provides extra and
handy workspace.
• Open-front pan allows for easy loading and unloading.
• Optional side racks available for extra storage capacity.
• Complete stainless steel construction makes clean-up easy.
• Locking casters make cart stable for use as a work station.
Giles Heated Merchandiser (GHM-4, GHM-6 & GHM-8)
Display menu items for sale
while keeping them fresh
and at proper serving temperature.
• Display options: full-service or part customer self-serve.
• Easy to operate temperature & lighting controls.
• European-style glass provides maximum product visibility.
• Pneumatic struts hold glass open for easy cleaning.
• Can be mounted on a cabinet base, or use the included legs for a stand
alone countertop unit.
Giles Portable Oil Caddy (GOC)
Container for safe and easy
handling (removal and disposal) of used shortening.
• Capacity for up to 80 lbs. of waste shortening.
• Can be used to extract used liquid shortening.
• Easily portable, even when full.
• Sight glass provides for easy viewing of fill level; helps prevent messy
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