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An innovative breakthrough
for baking manufacturers.
Historically, caramel has not been a viable ingredient for baking manufacturers due
to evaporating, cracking, bleeding, and hardening during the baking process. This
lack of usability in baked goods has left manufacturers with little choice but to
exclude caramel from their baked product lines. However, over the past several
years demand for products including caramel has increased leaving baking
manufacturers looking for a caramel that works. Finally, the search is over.
As demand for caramel has
grown, manufacturers have
incorporated it into a wide
variety of product categories.
Caramel has become a popular flavor
in chocolates, ice cream, sports bars
and coffee. Oringer has been a leader
in developing innovative caramel
ingredients, creating one of the first
high protein caramels and formulated
caramels for layered bar applications.
Building upon experience, Oringer
has created a caramel that maintains
taste and consistency during the
baking process - Bake Stable
Time to add caramel to your baked
goods! Bake Stable Caramel is the first
caramel to maintain taste and consistency
during the baking process. Imagine the
possibilities. Cookies, muffins,
cheesecakes and brownies will never be
the same!
Use our breakthrough ingredient as a filling,
drizzle or layer to delight your customers!
Best of all, we can quickly and costeffectively customize our Bake Stable
Caramel to meet the needs of your product
How did Oringer make a caramel that works?
Oringer’s Bake Stable Caramel provides a breakthrough in utilizing this popular
ingredient across baked good product lines. Our R&D division uncovered and
matched various properties of caramel with those of popular baked goods. By
aligning several variables, Oringer has created a range of caramel formulas which
maintain their character, texture, and appearance throughout the baking process
What are some key characteristics of the Bake Stable Caramel?
• The unique texture and viscosity helps maintain a tight standard deviation
• Excellent cut-off abilities prevent caramel from dripping
• Spreadable under heat
• Freeze thaw stable & shelf stable
• No refrigeration required
• Resists cracking, bleeding and peeling. Retains satin finish.
Can you customize the Bake Stable Caramel based on your needs?
Our line of Bake Stable Caramel products is notable, but we are able to respond
to custom requests. Oringer’s highly skilled R&D team is willing to collaborate with
you and can meet your texture requirement, flavor profile, nutritional or dietary
preference. Our R&D team understands the interaction and blending of
ingredients, as well as water activity, and can solve even the toughest challenges.
We know the properties of food science and can make the product you want
quickly, accurately and cost effectively - every ingredient, every delivery.
How is the Bake Stable Caramel deposited?
Frequently Asked Questions
The Bake Stable Caramel can be deposited in spot, strip and continuous rope.
Use with depositors such as:
• Piston
• Gearwheel
• Mohno pump
• Servo-driven piston
• Pneumatic powered
What are the optimal baking temperatures for this product?
Within convection, radiation and conduction ovens, the Bake Stable Caramel
product is stable up to 400°F
For questions and a complete
product listing, please contact
Oringer at 508-580-1700
or visit our website at
Satisfy your customers’ desire for new flavors and innovative products
with a new Bake Stable Caramel ingredient from Oringer. Your customer
tastes are constantly changing while they still expect high-quality baked product
offerings. With Oringer’s Bake Stable Caramel, you will be able to incorporate an
already popular flavor, caramel, within your baked goods - cookies, cheesecakes,
brownies, and/or muffins.
Your cookies will take on a unique and
flavorful dimension with the addition of
Oringer’s Bake Stable Caramel. You
now have the ability to incorporate
caramel within your baked cookies in a
variety of different ways: layering,
injection, drizzled, or latticed with our
caramel maintaining its texture, flavor,
and viscosity.
Recommended cookie production
machines include:
• Wirecut
• Co-extrusion
• Rotary
• Sheeting/cutting
• Deposit
• Fold over
Recommended Applications
Adding the sweet, buttery flavor of
caramel to your cheesecakes will bring
a surprising delight to your customers!
Caramel blends extremely well within
cheesecakes as a complementary, yet
sweet ingredient to your cheesecake
Imagine a warm brownie
with caramel inside! For
brownies served with ice
cream or eaten by hand,
you now have the ability to
include a rich, creamy
caramel complement.
Whether you inject or layer it
during the baking process,
Oringer’s Bake Stable
Caramel product maintains
its character, texture, and
appearance all the way to
the tabletop.
Recommended Applications
Muffins and Cakes
Whether eaten for breakfast,
snack, or afternoon tea, muffins
are made with a wide variety of
flavors and ingredients. Our
new Bake Stable Caramel
enables you to add caramel to
your muffin either as a topping
or injected to create a rich and
buttery center.
10 Minuteman Way, Brockton, MA 02301
Tel. 508-580-1700
10 Minuteman Way, Brockton, MA 02301
Tel. 508-580-1700