Felopio Unblocking Kit

Unblocking Kit
Step 2 - Warm up and insert the tampon
a. Bring a small amount of water to a boil and dip
the tampon in for about 30 seconds as shown in
Image 7. Let the excess water drip off.
b. Stand, squat or lie down in a comfortable
position and insert tampon into the vagina as far
as you can without loosing the string inside. You
may use your finger or the end of the vaginal
syringe to push it in.
Image 7.
Image 8.
Image 9.
Image 10.
Image 11.
Image 12.
c. Leave the tampon inside for 24 hours.
Step 3 - Flush the vagina
a. Boil 2 litres of water. Put one camomile
tea bag in the boiling water and mix. Let the tea
cool down to a temperature that is comfortable to
you. The tea should be pleasantly warm. Bring the
tea and vaginal syringe with you to bathroom.
NEVER use tea that is too hot!
b. Slip end of tubing bottom of syringe bag.
The longer end piece is already attached to the
tubing. Image 9.
c. Close the clamp on the tubing. Image 10.
d. Transfer as much as you can from the camomile
tea into the syringe bag. Image 11.
e. Attach the syringe bag at around shoulder
height with the hook. Image 12.
f. Squat down with a dark colour pot between the
legs. Insert end of tubing in the vagina and open
the clamp on the tubing to release the tea.
Collect the tea in the pan between the legs.
Image 13.
Repeat these 3 steps every night beginning the last day of your period. Stop the treatment
when your next period arrives by just removing the tampon without flushing. If flushes are not
clear with the arrival of your period continue with the procedure after your period is finished.
After about 7 days of treatment you should start to see white colour particles in your flushes.
Image 13.
Your may consider your tubes unblocked after seeing 4 to 5 days of clear (no particles) flushes.
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