HOW TO CREATE a Share site
Get started
Sharing your pictures is a great way to keep in touch with friends
and family. Now, you can connect and communicate with
everyone, all in one place, by creating a Shutterfly Share site—
secure, personal web pages that are easy to create and
customize. Share and collaborate with photos, blogs, calendars,
polls, team rosters, forums and more.
We’re going to show you how to make a Share site. It takes just
a few minutes to set one up. Here’s how it’s done.
To begin, sign in to your Shutterfly account. (If you don’t already
have one, click “Sign up” at the top of the page.) Select the
“Share” tab and from the “Share sites” box on that page, click
the “Create a site” button. (Figure 1)
Figure 1
Set up your site
The first step in creating your Share site is to choose a template.
What sort of site would you like? There are personal sites for
sharing family pictures, images of your new baby, great travel
memories or your photo journal. You can build sites for groups
such as your child’s class, a sports team, a wedding or any sort
of club. Shutterfly offers a wide variety of styles and layouts for
each type of site.
From the column on the left of the page, click on the category
that’s right for you. In the center of the page, you’ll see the styles
available in that category. Click the “See all styles” link at the
bottom to view the full selection, and select the “Preview” link
next to any style for a magnified view. When you’ve chosen a
style, click “Next.” (Figures 2 & 3)
Figure 2
Figure 3
HOW TO CREATE a Share site
Now, give your site a name and personalized web address. The
site title will be displayed at the top of the page, and the URL will
be used by visitors to access the site. If you enter the site name
first, the URL will share that name by default, but the web address
can be changed to something different. Make sure you click
“Check availability” to see if the URL has already been taken.
This is also where you, as the site owner, decide whether the site
will be open or members-only. With open Share sites, friends and
family don’t need to have a Shutterfly account to view it, but they
won’t get automatic notifications of site changes. In addition,
they’ll need to sign up or already have a Shutterfly account if they
wish to post comments or add pictures to the site. For an open
site, select the button next to “Only people who know my site
address.” For an extra level of privacy, click “Show password
option” to create a password that visitors must enter.
Figure 4
To create a members-only site, select the button next to “Only
people I select as Members of my site.” This site is closed to
general visitors. Only Members of your site who sign in to their
Shutterfly account can view it. Members can have special
privileges that regular site visitors don’t, including the ability to
add content and edit and customize the site. In addition,
members are notified of site updates. (Figure 4)
When you’re done with these steps, click the “Next” button to see
your newly created site and start adding pictures.
Add and edit pictures
With your Share site created, you now have a web address and
a site email address (“your share site web address”—
write them down and don’t forget them! Now it’s time to start
filling in the details on your site. Start by adding pictures.
(Figure 5)
Figure 5
HOW TO CREATE a Share site
There are a various ways to add pictures to your site. The first is
on the Share site itself. Either select “Add pictures” at the upperright of the page or mouse over the options pulldown menu under
“Recent pictures” and choose “Add album.” A pop-up window
will appear. Add pictures directly from your Shutterfly account,
clicking the “Add” button below the pictures you’d like to add to
your Share site, or select “Add all” to add an entire album.
You can also upload new pictures from your computer by clicking
the Upload tab and selecting the “Add Pictures” button. If you
want to add pictures while on the road, send an email to your
Share site email address with pictures (no text) attached.
(Figure 6)
Figure 6
The other way to add pictures is by clicking the “Share” button
under My Pictures. When prompted, choose “Add to my share
site” and select on which section and page the images will go.
(Figure 7)
Figure 7
Select viewing mode
To set how your pictures will be seen on the site, mouse over the
Options pulldown menu on the right side of the pictures section
you’ve just populated. Choose from a variety of viewing modes
including Thumbnail, Film Strip and Slideshow. If you choose
Slideshow view, go to the “Edit Section” option and navigate to
the Slideshow tab to change the settings for speed, height, order
and transition. (Figure 8)
Figure 8
HOW TO CREATE a Share site
Select marquee pictures
The marquee at the top of your home page is for showcasing
images that introduce visitors to the site. Set the marquee’s layout
using the “Options” pulldown menu in the upper-left and choose
from seven different layouts. To add pictures to the marquee,
select the “Change picture” links and add pictures from your
Shutterfly account or upload directly from your computer. You can
also mouse over the lower-right in any picture-box for a pulldown
menu—choose “Edit picture” to crop the photo or remove the
picture and replace it with another one. (Figure 9)
Figure 9
Edit pictures and albums
Pictures and albums can be edited by mousing over the upper
right of any thumbnail. If your view mode shows picture
thumbnails, hover over the arrow that appears on the thumbnail.
Choose “Edit picture info” to edit the file name and description
and “Arrange pictures” to alter the order of pictures within the
album. You can also copy or move a picture to another album or
section of the site; add a comment about a picture; order a print;
download a picture; or delete the image. (Figure 10)
Figure 10
In album view mode, hover over the arrow that appears on the
thumbnail. Choose “Edit album info” to edit the folder name and
description and “Arrange albums” to alter the order of albums on
the site. You can also copy or move an album to another section
of the site; add pictures to the album; order prints; create products
from the album such as photo books and cards; save pictures from
the album to your Shutterfly account; or delete the album.
(Figure 11)
Figure 11
You can always add and edit pictures and albums whenever
you’d like, but next up it’s time to choose features and add
sections to your site.
HOW TO CREATE a Share site
Customize your site
To customize your Share site, add some of our features. Create
blogs with journals, share favorite links, coordinate group events
with calendars, and much more. Depending on the site category
you chose, your site already includes default sections such as
Recent Photos and Latest News. You can add content to sections,
add or remove sections, add new pages, or rearrange the
placement of sections on your page using drag-and-drop.
Add a section
To add a new section to your page, click on one of the links within
a dotted box that reads “Add a section to this page,” or click
“Add new section to page” on the “Customize” pull-down menu at
the top. Then select the type of content you’d like to add from one
of the three tabs. You can keep the default title of the new section,
or rename it in the title field. Choose where on the page your new
section will be placed, then click the “Add Section” button.
(Figure 12)
Figure 12
Modify a section
To change details about the contents of a section, and whether
visitors and Members can modify it, mouse over the “Options”
pull-down menu within the section box and select “Edit section.”
(Figure 13)
Figure 13
HOW TO CREATE a Share site
Move a section
You can move sections to another place on that page, to other
pages on the site, or to another site you own. Move a section by
rolling the mouse over its background until the hand icon appears.
Click and hold your mouse button, drag the section to where
you‘d like it to appear, then unclick to “drop” the section in its
new location. Alternately, mouse over the “Options” pull-down
menu within the section box and click “Move section.” (Figure 14)
Figure 14
Add new pages
To add a new page to your site, click the “Create new page” link
located on the upper left of your homepage or select “Create new
page” from the Customize menu. A pop-up window will appear.
From the Details tab, choose the template and then give the page
a name, web address, link title and description. When you’re
done, click “Create” at the bottom.
(Figure 15)
Figure 15
To re-arrange the order that new pages (excluding the home
page) appear on the navigation bar, simply go to the “Customize”
pulldown menu, select “Change page order” and use the arrow
buttons on the right of the dialog box to move pages around.
HOW TO CREATE a Share site
Modify page layout
To modify page layouts, choose “Change page layout” from the
“Customize” pulldown menu at the top. Then select one of five
page layout options and click the “Save” button. (Figures 16)
Figure 16
Modify site style and info
To modify the visual style of your site, go to the “Customize”
pulldown menu at the top and select “Change site style.” Select a
new style and then click the “Save” button. (Figure 17)
Figure 17
To modify the site’s name or info, go to the “Settings” pulldown
menu and select “Edit site info.” You’ll see a field for “Site title”.
Enter the new title and click “Save”. (Figure 18)
Figure 18
HOW TO CREATE a Share site
Invite visitors and members
Once you’ve filled your site with pictures and customized it with
sections for collaborating and communicating, it’s time to invite
friends, family, teammates and classmates to view your creation.
To invite visitors to view your open site, select the “Invite” link
at the top-right of the page. Enter up to 50 email addresses or
choose existing contacts from your address book and then
customize the message that will accompany your invite. Then click
“Send message.”
Figure 19
To add members and invite them to view your site, go to the
“Members” pulldown menu at top-right and select “Add members.” Enter up to 50 email addresses or choose existing contacts
from your address book and then customize the message that will
accompany your invite. Then click “Add members.”
(Figures 19 & 20)
Figure 20
Set site notifications
There are several options for setting site notifications, which are
emails sent to members of your site. Under the “Settings” pulldown
menu at top-right, select “Change notifications.” Under the Invitations tab, enter default messages that will be sent to members.
Your site also comes equipped with its own email address—click
on the Incoming E-Mail tab to choose settings for receiving content
from members via email.
On the Outgoing E-mail tab, you’ll see a Notification Frequency
pulldown menu with four options:
• Never: no notifications of site updates are ever sent
• Individual: all members are notified each time another
member has made a change (you aren’t notified of your
own changes)
• Daily: all changes during the course of a day are
aggregated into one email and sent out later that night.
If there are no changes, no email is sent. This is the
automatic default setting.
• Weekly: all changes during the course of a week are
aggregated into one email and sent out at the end of the
week. If there are no changes, no email is sent. (Figure 21)
Figure 21
HOW TO CREATE a Share site
Set permission levels
Permission levels are a way for you to control the level of access
that visitors and members have to your site. Go to the “Settings”
pulldown menu in the upper-right and select “Change site
There are six levels of permissions:
• No Access: the contents of your site are not visible to anyone
but you
• Readers: visitors or members can view your site
• Commenters: visitors or members can view and enter
comments on your site
• Contributors: visitors or members can view, enter comments,
and add or edit their own content on your site
• Editors: members can view, comment, add and edit all
content on your site.
• Owners: can add and edit all content and customize your
site. As site creator, you’re automatically the site owner and
a site member.
Figure 22
Visitors and members can also download high-quality copies of
photos from your site to their computer. Just make sure to check
the box at the bottom of the Permission tab. (Figure 22)
HOW TO CREATE a Share site
Add comments
When you set your site permissions level to “Commenters” or
higher, site visitors or members can add their comment to any
picture displayed on your site. To add comments, click on any
picture thumbnail to navigate to the detail page view. Click on
the “Add a comment” link at the bottom of the page to enter your
feedback. Use the “Show text tools” link to change font size,
color, alignment and more. (Figures 23 & 24)
Figure 23
Figure 24
HOW TO CREATE a Share site
Order prints and create products
Visitors and members with Shutterfly accounts can save pictures to
their accounts, order prints and create products directly off your
site. Click “Order prints” at the bottom of any picture section and
a pop-up window appears. Check the boxes below the pictures
you’d like to order. All boxes are checked by default, so click
“none” in the upper-right to remove all the checks and choose
individual pictures or “all” to re-select the entire group. When
you’re done, click “Order Now” at the bottom of the page. At
this point you’ll be transferred to your Shutterfly cart where you
can complete your order. (Figures 25 & 26)
Figure 25
Figure 26
To create products, click the “Create Products” link and follow the
same steps for choosing which pictures you’d like to include. Then
choose the product you’d like to create from the buttons at the top
of the window. (Figure 27)
Figure 27