Carewest Dr. Vernon Fanning

Carewest Dr. Vernon Fanning
722 16th Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta, T2E 6V7
Ph: 403-230-6900
Summary of Site and Services
Carewest Dr. Vernon Fanning opened its doors to the Calgary community in 1978 and has since grown to offer programs
and services for 289 long-term care residents and rehabilitation clients. Its programs are as follows:
EQuaL Program (Enabling Quality of
For residents under the age of 65
with physical disabilities and complex
care needs with a focus on fostering a
sense of home, family and community
for residents (three units).
137 beds
RCTP Unit (Regional Community
Transition Program)
To support frail individuals who do
not require acute care but have a
variety of medical conditions that
require further assessment and/
or rehabilitation in order to return
home or another care setting.
49 beds
Younger Adult Day Program
For adults 18 to 65 with chronic illnesses or physical disabilities, who
would benefit from a social, leisure
and health promotion program and
whose families would benefit from
respite care.
18 spaces per day
Neuro-Rehabilitation Unit
For people over the age of 18 who
have had a neurological injury, such
as a stroke, and require rehabilitation
once they are past the acute phase of
their illness before they return home
or move to another care setting.
49 beds
Chronic Complex Care Unit and the
AHS satellite Renal Hemodialysis Clinic
For residents living with a complex
disease or life-threatening illness
including people on hemodialysis or
peritoneal dialysis, and those who
need specialized respiratory support.
54 beds
The Adult Regional Seating Clinic
(Regional Community Program)
A specialized community service
where individual needs of clients are
assessed and special equipment prescribed and fabricated to make clients
safer, more comfortable and independent in their wheelchairs.
Carewest Dr. Vernon Fanning also offers one respite bed for people with disabilities under the age of 65, a full-service Commissary kitchen that
supports all 13 Carewest locations (1,394 beds) and a full-service Pharmacy that supports all 1,394 inpatient residents and clients.