Sushi cooking guide in Princeton! So Kubota

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November 29, 2013
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Sushi cooking guide in Princeton!
So Kubota
Don’t you believe that you can cook sushi even better than Ajihei?
Yes, you can! Sushi cooking is easy and fun. What you need to
know is just ingredients and tools. Let’s make sushi with this short
My favorite conveyor belt sushi
restaurant in Japan
Be very careful about raw fish!
The most important thing is the treatment of raw fish. It may
cause serious health problems. !
Don’t eat non-certified raw fish!!
You MUST ask a fish dealer like “Do you have sushi-quality fish?”
In general, you cannot eat raw fish because of parasitic worms. You
must choose certified fish for sushi and sashimi. Always ask!!
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November 29, 2013
Raw fish is easily spoiled!!
It lasts for only one or two days. I recommend to buy it in the
morning for lunch or dinner in the same day. !
You can also freeze fresh fish and store up to three months. !
How to collect ingredients?!
from wikipedia
Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.
The world largest wholesale market.
Nassau Street Seafood and Produce Co. !
You can get fresh raw salmon and tuna here!!
Wegmans It has nice Asian food shelves. !
Asian Food Markets in Plainsboro !
It provides enough Japanese foods, but the quality is far
poorer than Japanese average. 15 min from Princetion!
Good Fortune in Franklin Park !
Similar asian grocery. The quality is slightly better, but still
poorer than Japanese standard. 20 min from Princeton!
H mart in Edison !
from H mart webpage
A big Korean super market. Clean and safe! Food quality is
good. 40 min from Princeton. !
H mart
Mitsuwa in Edgewater,!
The biggest Japanese supermarket in the east coast.
A fun place to go! more than 1 hour from Princeton.!
from Mitsuwa webpage
Japanese rice is slightly different from other Asian countries’ rice.
In the U.S., short grain rice is typically Japanese one. The most
famous breed is called Koshihikari. Fortunately, it is grown in
California, so you can buy it in many places. !
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November 29, 2013
Rice brands!
Koshihikari brand names!
Tamaki (田牧), Tamanishiki (玉錦), Kagayaki (かがやき),
Nozomi (望), Koshihikari (こしひかり)!
Other nice brand names: !
Yume (夢), Akita Otome (あきたおとめ),
Hitomebore (ひとめぼれ)!
Not for sushi! (medium grain rice with confusing Japanese names): !
Kokuho rose (國寶), Nishiki (錦), Sekka (雪花)!
by the author
Tamaki rice
probably the most famous and
prestigious Japanese rice in US
Where to get!
Asian Food Markets, Good Fortune, H mart, Amazon also
provides some brands.!
Do I need a rice cooker?!
No, you can make it by your pot. In general, pot cooked rice has
better taste. I recommend to follow the youtube video below.!
Quick rice?!
rice cooked by a Japanese
traditional pot
In case you want to cook just a
little, quick rice is convenient. You
need only a microwave. Taste is
Quick rice
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November 29, 2013
I recommend to go to Nassau seafood. It provides at least raw
salmon and Tuna. There are also frozen crab stick and Japanese eel.
These are very expensive, but the qualities are good. H mart also
provides raw and frozen fish. For other fishes, you may need to go
to Japanese supermarkets.!
Nori (dried seaweed sheet)
Tuna dissect show in Mitsuwa
This is a tool to wrap fish and rice. You can get it in Wegmans and
Asian groceries.!
by the author
Soy sauce
Kikkoman’s soy sauces
You may be confused with Korean or Chinese soy sauces. I
recommend to choose Kikkoman, the most popular Japanese soy
sauce. Kikkoman’s soy sauce is available in any supermarket. Less
sodium one is a healthy choice, and the taste is almost similar.
Tamari is another variant, which has thicker taste. People in Tokyo
use basic one, and in Osaka tend to use Tamari. !
Sushi vinegar
rice and sushi vinegar
It is a seasoning to cook sushi rice. The most famous brand is
Mizkan (or Mitsukan). You can buy it every super market. If you
already have rice vinegar, you can easily make sushi vinegar. You
just mix rice vinegar, sugar and salt with the ratio of 6:6:1.!
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November 29, 2013
It’s just an option. You can get toothpaste style wasabi in Wegmans
and Asian groceries. Unfortunately, popular wasabi sold in US are
made from western horseradish. The taste is mild. Pacific Farms
seem to provide real wasabi in US, but I’ve never tried. !!
Fresh Wasabi
Cooking tools!
Sushi rolling mat
It is a convenient tool to roll sushi. A Sushi rolling mat is often
bundled with a rice paddle.!
Available in many supermarkets and kitchen stores including
Kitchen Kapers in Palmer square.!
by wikipedia
A traditional style sushi
Sushi Press Mold
restaurant in Japan
Pressed sushi is popular in western Japan. A wooden mold is a
traditional tool to make it. It is occasionally available in kitchen
stores. I purchased mine in Sur La Table in Quaker Bridge mall.
Sushi press mold,
rice paddle,
rolling mart
by the author