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March 2015
Swedish Cultural Society’s Newletter
Preparations for Eurofest
Flea Market April 11th
If no other location is listed, all events
wwhappen at the Scandinavian Community Centre, 6540 Thomas Street,
24 South Book Club @ Astrid Switzer
at 7:30 p.m.
30 North Book Club @ Margareta Ericsson at 7 p.m.
11 Swedish Village Flea Market, 11
a.m.—4 p.m., Swedish Canadian Manor, Burnaby
11-12 Nordic Spirit Weekend
12 Easter sermon with baptism, 2 p.m.
at the Danish Church, Burnaby
16 AGM Scandinavian Community
Centre Society @7 p.m.
26 Walpurgis Celebration, Ambleside
Beach, West Vancouver @ 6 p.m.
28 South Book Club @ Laila Axén at
7:30 p.m.
3 SCC Flea Market and Plant Sale at
11 a.m.– 3 p.m.
4 North Book Club @ Gunnel Dahlquist
at 7:00 p.m.
9 SCC Cleaning Day 8:30 a.m.-2:00
9 Meeting Midsummer Volunteers 2:00
10 Movie Night ”Men Who Swim” @ 7
30-31 European Festival, Swangard
Stadium, Burnaby
The Swedish Canadian Village is arranging a flea market on Saturday,
April 11th at 11 a.m.-4 p.m. in the auditorium of the Swedish Canadian Manor located at 1812 Duthie Ave., Burnaby. Loads of objects up for sale,
also baby and children’s clothing.
There will be a café open for the ones
who crave a snack or fika! (Swedish
Canadian Village is a resurrected
name for the three buildings and their
operations managed by the Swedish
Canadian Rest Home Association.)
Nordic Spirit Weekend 11-12 April
Scandinavian Community Centre is
arranging the annual Nordic Spirit
weekend on April 11-12. If you have a
good idea regarding what Sweden can
contribute with, please contact the
board! Previous years we have, for
exemple. baked semlor and painted
wooden Easter roosters.
Eurofest is coming to Swangard stadium, Burnaby May 30-31. Please
stay tuned for information about
volunteer opportunities! If you want to
get involved right away, the next planning meeting is held at the Scandinavian Community Centre on Monday
April 13th at 7 p.m.
Scandinavian Community
Centre Society’s AGM
The Annual General Meeting of the
Scandinavian Community Centre Society will be held at the Scandinavian
Community Centre, 6540 Thomas
Street, Burnaby, BC, on Thursday
16th of April 2015 at 7:00 p.m. All
members of the Swedish Cultural Society are welcome to attend.
Easter Sermon
with Baptism
Easter sermon and
baptism will be held
on Sunday, April
12th at 2 p.m. in the
Danish Church. If
anyone is interested in baptism, please contact Katarina Low at
[email protected] The Swedish minister Tommy Svensson and
his wife Gun are coming from Toronto
to lead the sermon. Coffee and cookies after the sermon. Everybody is
welcome to come! Danish Lutheran
Church is located at 6010 Kincaid
Street in Burnaby.
Valborg (Walpurgis) April 26th
Come and join in the traditional festivities of Walpurgis on Sunday April 26th
at 6 p.m. on Ambleside Beach in West
Program: Spring Speech, Allsång and
traditional bonfire. Bring your own
picnic (hot dogs great to prepare at
the bonfire). Blankets, camping
chairs, beach toys for kids and
flashlights to read the Allsång lyrics
also recommended. Rain or shine—
dress appropriately!
KULTURNYTT middle page
Swedish Cultural Society’s Newletter
Contact SHS at [email protected] for more information on our scholarships and
SHS Scholarships 2015
There are currently three official scholarships of the Sweden House Society
(SHS) and one by the SHS member
organisation SWEA Vancouver:
Sweden House Society’s AGM
Sweden House Society held its AGM
on March 17th. The meeting participants elected the following board:
President: Carina Spencer
(Swedish Cultural Society)
Vice President: Yvonne Spence
(Swedish Cultural Society, SWEA)
Treasurer: Ron Spence (North
Shore Floorball Association)
Secretary: Dorothy Carlson
(Swedish Canadian Rest Home Association)
Members at Large:
Laila Axen (SWEA),
 Mia Logie (Swedish School),
 Annabelle Kergan (Order of Runeberg #124),
 Dianne Kilback (Runeberg Chorus),
George Nelson (Finlandssvenska
 Lena Normen-Younge (Swedish
 Rebecca Keckman (SWEA),
 Robert Oberg (Swedish Cultural Society),
 John Stuart (Scandinavian Cultural
 Magnus Ericson (Honorary Director)
The following members will represent
SHS at the Scandinavian Community
Centre Society (SCCS): Carina
Spencer, Robert Oberg and pending.
Alternates: Lena Normen-Younger,
George Nelson and Dorothy Carlson.
The SHS Karl Ståhl Award. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist a
British Columbia student with the cost
of his/her post-secondary education.
Value: $1,000 CDN. Deadline March
31, 2015.
The SHS Trade Award (NEW!). The
purpose of this scholarship is to assist
a British Columbia apprentice with the
cost of his/her apprenticeship in of the
following industries: construction,
transportation, mechanical or
electrical. Value: $1,000 CDN. Deadline April 30, 2015.
The SHS Culinary Award (NEW!).
The purpose of this scholarship is to
assist a British Columbia culinary student with the cost of his/her studies in
a local culinary school or one in Sweden. Value: $1,000 CDN. Deadline
April 30, 2015.
The SWEA Vancouver-University of
British Columbia Scholarship for undergraduate studies in Sweden. Find
out more on SWEA Vancouver’s website. Value: $3,000 CDN. Deadline
March 31, 2016.
For all scholarships, applicants have
to demonstrate and prove a strong
interest in Sweden and the Swedish
community in BC. Volunteering at the
Scandinavian Centre or in any of the
member organisations weigh heavily
in the decision made by the scholarship committee.
Membership Fees
This year’s member list with active
members contact information will be
issued in April. Every member that
has paid membership for 2015 before
March 31st will be included in the list
and will receive a copy.
Annual Family Membership is $30 and
Single Membership (19+) is $25.
E-transfer to [email protected]
Payment by cheque or cash can be
sent to AnnaKarin Tornqvist, 315
Moyne Drive, West Vancouver, BC
V7S 1J6, or alternatively to Scandinavian Community Centre, 6540 Thomas Street, Burnaby BC V5B 4P9.
Want to Sing Nordic Songs in
a Choir?
The Runeberg Chorus is a sough-after
choir that does performances throughout the year. The Chorus is always
looking for additional, enthusiastic
singers to join. The repertoire is Nordic songs sung in their original language. If you would like to find out
more, please contact Dianne Kilback
through email [email protected]
KULTURNYTT last page
Swedish Cultural Society’s Newletter
Scandinavian Community Centre’s
Plant Sale and Flee Market
The Scandinavian Community Centre
is hosting its annual fundraiser “Plant
Sale and Flea Market” on May 3rd
from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Donations can be left at the Centre up
to one week before the event.
Everybody is welcome to come out on
the day and check out all the bargains
that can be had. Café will offer hotdogs, doughnuts, waffles, coffee, tea
and pop.
If you have any questions or would
like to volunteer, please contact Gun
Pennink, phone 604- 921-9903 or
email [email protected]
Day at the
Scandinavian Centre
Although the
Centre has hired cleaners doing the
day-to-day cleaning of floors and
washrooms, and volunteering “inhouse” fixers doing carpentry, painting
and other maintenance, we do need
lots of extra hands twice a year to really get the Centre cleaned and tidied
up from top to bottom.
Help at the Midsummer Festival!
birds get free breakfast, and after
working a couple of hours, all helpers
get free lunch as well! Doors open at
8:30 a.m.
Chose what tasks you want to do
from a list and stay as long/short as
you can, ALL help is highly appreciated! Don’t forget to sign in when
arriving so that we have a complete
and accurate name list of persons to
thank afterwards!
Movie Night
May 10th
On May 10th at
7 p.m., we will
show the movie
“Men Who
Swim”. This
movie has English sub-titles!
This is a humorous and poignant film
about a group of middle-aged men
who find unlikely success as members of Sweden's all-male synchronized swim team.
The movie nights are free of charge
for all members. We serve popcorn to
all that indicate that they will be
coming. Please let us know if you are
planning to come to the movie
showing by emailing Anita Hassan,
[email protected] or phone 604946-6778.
This is a message
from Robert Oberg,
volunteer coordinator
for the Midsummer
Festival. Please read
“The need for volunteers is greater this
year than last year. One reason is because of retiring volunteers from past
years. Without you the festival would
not be the success it is. This is our
(Scandinaivan Community Centre’s)
biggest fundraising event of the year.
It is never to early to sign up for this
year’s event, so please look over the
positions available and if you feel you
are qualified and want to volunteer
please don’t hesitate.
I will holding an orientation meeting on
May 9th, 2015 at 2pm. at the Scandinavian Centre. This is a great time to
clarify any concerns that you may have.
AND, no, the bar will not be open.
Here are 3 ways you can register:
By email to: [email protected]
Calling Robert Oberg (Volunteer Co
-ordinator) at Cell: 604-813-4346
Email Robert Oberg by email:
[email protected]
So, please email me or phone me and
let’s make this year’s festival the great
success it deserves to be!”
This year’s Spring cleaning takes
place on Saturday, May 9th. Early
Ordförande: AnnaKarin Törnqvist, 604-913-7747, [email protected]
Sekreterare Monica Olofsson, [email protected]
Alla medlemmar är hjärtligt välkomna till Svenska Kulturföreningens styrelsemöten som hålls den
andra tisdagen i månaden kl. 19.00 på Scandinavian Community Centre, 6540 Thomas Street,
Burnaby BC.
För mera information om vår förening och aktiviteter besök vår websida