ADDENDUM 2 JUNE 9, 2015 Canadian Building Trades Monument, Request for Qualifications Questions and Answers Q8. Do you have to belong to a union? A8. There is no requirement for design teams to belong to a union. However, we strongly encourage the winning proponent to employ unionized subcontractors when appropriate. Q9. Can we include a sketch as part of our concept note? A9. Yes, design teams may include images as part of the 2-­‐page concept note. Images must be embedded within the document though, and cannot be submitted as part of the 10 images of previous (realized) work. Please ensure that the concept note does not exceed the page limit. As noted in last line of page 10 of the RFQ: The concept note may include images, if deemed relevant to the design team and stays within the two-­‐page limit, but this is not a requirement. Q10 The budget is $660,000 minimum; is there a maximum? A10. The final budget will be set during the next phase to allow shortlisted design teams to prepare their monument proposals and budgets. Q11. To what extent can the existing site be modified? Could the paving, benches and plant material be removed or modified? A11. Yes, the site may be modified, and a plan for the surrounding landscaping may be proposed within the budget. Q12. With respect to the 10 images (of previous work), can these be composites of several images of the same thing – eg. two views, front and back, etc.? A12. No. We would like to present to the jury 10 separate images of your work, in as good a resolution as possible (300 dpi max). If you have multiple images and details for one project, you may submit a link to that project. Q13. For project examples, you will allow a total of 10 images, ie. 1 image per project, plus a brief description and statistics as listed on page 11 of brief? Is there a word limit for each project description? A13. The description of each image should be a few sentences only. The jury has a lot to review, please stick to the essentials. The relevant information is the team member name; project title; date completed; budget; location; materials; dimensions; team member’s roles. Q14. It appears based on the file naming protocol that the requirement is to submit separate files for each section. Is this correct? As opposed to one consolidated file? A14. Yes, please submit separate documents, not a single file. For example, one file for the concept note, one file for each CV, 10 separate files for each image (numbered) plus one corresponding image list, etc. Q15. I am a recognized artist, and I am also an architect. Can I submit to this project alone, assuming both roles, as I would like to have the two disciplines quite integrated in the idea. A15. No, we believe that a team-­‐based approach is more likely to yield a successful project. A team is made up of a minimum of two professionals, an artist and either an architect or a landscape architect. Contact: Annie Hillis, Public Art Consultant Email: [email protected] Telephone: (613) 263-­‐9436 Website EN: Website FR: Twitter: @CBTMonument @CDNTrades #cbtmonument #buildingtrades #CBTU