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“Made from scratch” taste and texture in just
minutes. Now in more flavors than ever before.
Lamb’s Supreme
1 1s Flavors
Mashed Potatoes
Serving Suggestions
MCashed Potatoes
o ll e c t i o n
We Make Them From Scratch So You Don’t Have To
There’s nothing like the taste of real mashed potatoes, made from scratch.
Rich, creamy texture. Full potato flavor. It’s a taste your patrons know and love.
That’s why Lamb’s Supreme Mashed Potatoes are made from scratch. We choose the
best potatoes, cook them just right, mash them to the ideal consistency and add a
delicate touch of seasonings for a taste that will satisfy the biggest “comfort food” fan.
When they reach the point of perfection, we quickly freeze them in portion-controlled
pouches, locking in their just-cooked freshness and flavor and maximizing food safety.
Lamb’s Supreme® Mashed vs. Fresh Preparation!
Save Time And Money
In addition to reducing labor and increasing the speed of service,
consider the costs involved. Raw potatoes may cost less per pound
than frozen, but Lamb’s Supreme Mashed is the more profitable
choice. With fresh, several “hidden” costs must be factored in
including trim, waste, yield, labor and other costs, to determine
the most profitable potato product. It all adds up.
Manage Food Costs
With food costs continually rising, one cost-saving, customersatisfying strategy is to build plate coverage with a signature mashed
product, while slightly reducing protein portions.
Potato Cost Labor Cost† ($ 9.00/hr)
Other Ingredients Cost (Dairy products and seasonings)
(50 lbs.)
Fresh Preparation Lamb’s Supreme®
$24.00* $49.58
$15.75 $ 3.00
$12.67 Included
Handling & Portioning Loss
Total Cost Peel, Trim, Cut Loss
Handling & Portioning Loss
Product Available for Serving
Finished Cost Per Pound
Finished Cost Per Ounce
*Based on $0.48/lb. for raw potatoes
$ 2.20 (6%)
34.5 lbs.
$1.58 $0.10
$ 0.52 (1%)
49.5 lbs.
† Includes washing, peeling, trimming, cutting, cooking and serving, as applicable.
Just Heat and Serve!
From frozen, the pouches can be heated in either a microwave, a kettle of boiling water, or a steam
cabinet in just minutes. Unlike other products, there’s no need to
add milk, butter or seasonings. Lamb’s Supreme
Mashed Potatoes are ready to serve,
straight from the pouch. And because
they are made with the very best
ingredients, they hold up longer
with a taste and appearance that
stays appetizing much longer than
dehydrated or refrigerated products.
Hours vs. Ours
All the preparation, time and
labor it takes to make mashed
potatoes from scratch is already
done for you. Just heat and
serve real rich and creamy
homestyle mashed potato taste
and texture.
Russet Potatoes
Redskin Potatoes
Lamb’s Supreme® Redskin (M22)
Lamb’s Supreme® Roasted Garlic Redskin (M62)
Lamb’s Supreme® Bistro Style Redskin (M24)
Lamb’s Supreme® Jalapeño Cheddar Redskin (M0013)
Lamb’s Supreme® Original (M16)
Lamb’s Supreme® Lightly Seasoned (M14)
Lamb’s Supreme® Seasoned (M12)
Lamb’s Supreme® Homestyle (N88)
Lamb’s Supreme® Roasted Garlic (M18)
Different And D
Lamb’s Supreme Redskin. Offer the colorful look and appealing taste
of an upscale comfort food with real redskin mashed potatoes.
Lamb’s Supreme Original. Simply delicious, they’re as original
as mashed potatoes get. Full of real potato taste.
Lamb’s Supreme Roasted Garlic Redskin. The taste that has set
the trend. Rich and creamy redskin mashed potatoes blended with real
roasted garlic.
Lamb’s Supreme Lightly Seasoned. With a light touch of seasonings,
this delicious variety has the creamy taste and texture that have made
mashed potatoes one of the country’s favorite comfort foods.
Lamb’s Supreme Bistro Style Redskin. Inspired by the bistros of Paris,
our rich and creamy “skin-in” redskin mashed potatoes feature a bold blend
of garlic, white pepper, Parmesan cheese and visible parsley. Bon appétit!
Lamb’s Supreme Seasoned. The fluffy, creamy texture of our
Seasoned Mashed Potatoes is accented by a tasty blend of seasonings
including garlic, for a more flavorful presentation.
Lamb’s Supreme Jalape˜no Cheddar Redskin. Now with even
more creamy cheddar cheese flavor and real bits of jalape˜no peppers,
these “skin-in” redskin mashed potatoes give any menu a tempting,
award-winning taste of Tex-Mex.
Lamb’s Supreme Homestyle. These exquisitely smooth mashed
potatoes provide a perfect base for blending with other signature
ingredients to create a truly one-of-a-kind dish.
Lamb’s Supreme Roasted Garlic. The taste that has set the trend.
Rich and creamy bistro-style mashed potatoes blended with real
roasted garlic.
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Things® Original (M0007)
Golden Potatoes
Lamb’s Supreme® Gold (M0011)
Distinctive Varieties
Sweet Things Original. The natural goodness of sweet
potatoes enhanced with the traditional flavors of brown sugar,
molasses and sweet butter for a homestyle favorite.
Only the Lamb Weston brand gives you so many
choices, from the basics in mashed potato goodness
to our creamy, enriched varieties made with flavorenhancing ingredients... salt, pepper, onion, garlic
and more. As a side dish, or an innovative way to
give your menu more variety, there’s one just right
for every operation and every menu.
Lamb’s Supreme Gold. Made with premium golden potatoes and our
creamy dairy blend, the appetizing, golden color and buttery, almost
nutty, flavor adds premium appeal to your sides.
Perfect As A Complement To Your
Signature Entrées Or As The Ideal
Base To Create A Signature Side.
Our full collection of mouth-watering flavors pair perfectly with any entrée,
from the most traditional to the most trendy. Their rich, creamy texture
and savory goodness complement your special center-of-the-plate attractions.
Fish, poultry, beef, pork, wild game and so much more are perfect partners to
the great tastes of Lamb’s Supreme® Mashed Potatoes.
And, as the ideal base for your signature sides, their combination of quick prep
convenience and great taste lets you easily top or use them in an endless variety
of innovative ways, where the only limit is your culinary creativity.
Comfort Meets Creative
Other great menu pairing ideas include:
• Chicken Marsala with Bistro Style Redskin
Mashed Potatoes
• Italian Herb Crusted Rib Eye with Lightly
Seasoned Mashed Potatoes
• Red Wine Braised Short Ribs with Gold
Mashed Potatoes
• SW Spiced Pork Tenderloin with Jalapeño
Cheddar Redskin Mashed Potatoes
• Blackened Tilapia & Cilantro Sauce with
Original Mashed Potatoes
• Herbed Panko Breaded Chicken Half with
Homestyle Mashed Potatoes
Make The Most Of Your Mashed
America’s love affair with mashed potatoes
opens up opportunities for you to expand
creative and profitable offerings:
• Offer a multi-mash menu. Let customers
pair entrées with their favorite.
• Create a flight of different varieties and
complementary sauces.
Whatever your operation, whatever your
menu, maximize customer satisfaction
and profits with the incredible taste
and convenience of Lamb’s Supreme®
Mashed Potatoes.
MCashed Potatoes
o ll e c t i o n
Mashed Merchandising Maximizes Profits
We offer an assortment of eye-catching, customized merchandising tools to
generate excitement and sales. Ask your Lamb Weston representative to help you
make the most from menuing Lamb’s Supreme® Mashed Potatoes.
heatING Instructions
Frozen TimeDirections
1. Cut 1” slit in center of bag.
on medium high for half the total heating time.
4 or 5 lb. pouch
20-24 minutes 3. Rotate bag. Push corners inward. Finish heating.
Note: Ovens may vary, adjust heating times as needed.
4 or 5 lb. pouch
20-26 minutes
1. Place bag (unopened) in boiling water.
Steam Cabinet
1. Place bag (unopened) in full size perforated pan.
4 or 5 lb. pouch
24-28 minutes
2. Heat as directed.
NOTE: FOR OPTIMUM PRODUCT QUALITY, COOK FROM FROZEN state. always heat thoroughly (170°-180°F.) and mix before PORTIONING AND Serving.
IF FIRMER PRODUCT TEXTURE IS DESIRED, CONTINUE HEATING AS NECESSARY. Mashed Potatoes will be hot after heating; handle with care.
All products below have Zero Grams Trans Fat per serving.
All products below are Kosher with Dairy.
Try the fast and easy way to whip up profits.
Call for more information and creative recipe ideas today.
1-800-766-7783 or visit www.lambweston.com
In Canada, call 1-888-593-7866 or visit www.lambweston.ca
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