Cambridge Talent Show

Do you want to be in the Cambridge Talent Show?
Auditions will be in two parts:
1. Audition for your Grade Group.
2. Shortlisted acts will audition for
the school wide performance.
Some ideas for your talent:
Dance Routine
Musical Performance
Martial Arts
Acting Skit
Extreme Hula Hooping
or some other talent.
1. Grade Group Performances:
May 4-8, 2015
2. Show Auditions:
May 11-22, 2015
3. School Wide Performance:
May 29, 2015
Dress Rehearsal
Thursday, May 28, 2015
Cambridge Elementary Talent Show
School Wide Performance: Friday, May 29th
Please look carefully at the Talent Show rules and required dates of attendance before signing
and returning the registration form.
To be Eligible
The show is open to all Cambridge Elementary students in grades K-7.
Soloists and groups of up to six students are eligible.
Students may perform in only one solo and/or one group act.
Each student must return a completed and signed Talent Show Registration Form to their
classroom teacher by Wednesday, April 22, 2015.
Planning your Act
Rated G please! Lyrics, costumes and performances should be compliant with school
policy and appropriate for all audiences. Music and performances will be screened for
All acts will be limited to 3 minutes maximum time. Please plan accordingly.
A copy of the words for all songs you use for singing or dancing must be attached to your
application form (you only need one copy per group)
All equipment for the student’s act must be provided by the student. If your act requires
recorded accompanying music, the music must be: • Provided at the time of the auditions.
• Brought to the auditions on a CD labeled with the student’s name(s), song name, and
artist\composer. • Edited to be no longer than 3 minutes in length. • Recorded as an MP3.
Auditions and Rehearsals
Singing acts must use karaoke or instrumental version of song.
Music, costumes, and props must be ready at auditions. Piano and sound system will be
All students will perform in front of their grade group first. Then, a certain number of acts will
be selected to audition in front of the Talent Show Committee (shortlisted).
Dates of Attendance
Grade Group Auditions: Monday, May 4th to Friday, May 8th (during school time)
Show Auditions: Monday, May 11th to Friday, May 22nd (during lunch hours)
Dress Rehearsal: Thursday, May 28th
Talent Show: Friday, May 29th (School Wide Performance)
Cambridge Elementary Talent Show
Registration Form
General Information
Student Name _________________________________________ Grade __________ Division____________
Teacher ____________________ Parent Name________________________ Phone #_________________
Others in Act (maximum 6 students per act):
(All members of a group must submit their own forms stapled together as one package.)
Please practice your act on your own time at home. There will be no time available to practice at school. Your act
must be ready and polished by the time of your grade group audition.
Act Details
Act Name (if known): ___________________________
Song Name and Artist:_________________________
Type of Act
Martial Arts
Dance Routine
What will you need?
1 or 2 microphone(s), mats, audio support, piano, other)
Acting Skit
Musical Performance
Hula Hoop
What will you be wearing? (costume/clothing)
We will be looking for: talent, audience interest,
personality, preparedness, and creativity.
Parent Authorization
I have read and agree to ALL of the Cambridge Elementary Talent Show Rules and I give permission for my child
__________________________ to audition and participate in the Cambridge Elementary Talent Show. I understand
that my child must attend the practices and dress rehearsal or will be eliminated from the program. I understand
that because of time, a desire to have a variety of talents and groupings (individual, partners, small groups), and
grade levels represented during the showcase, not everyone who auditions will be chosen to participate in the
School Wide Assembly.
Print Name____________________________________ Sign X________________________________________
I understand that I am giving permission to the school to use my child’s name, photo and video to be published on school
social media sites.
I have included a copy of the lyrics for any song that I am singing or using for my act. Only one copy per group is required.
For more information contact: Ms. P. Sharda ([email protected]) or Ms. S. Sharda ([email protected]
Thank you from The Talent Show Committee:
Ms. P. Sharda, Ms. S. Sharda, Ms. Steeves, Ms. Padam, Ms. Lourenco, Ms. Jennings, Ms. Burwash, Ms. Watson, Ms. Li
and Mr. Vendramin.