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Akron Art Time Capsule
Special Collections – Akron-Summit County Public Library
ACCESSION # 2015.64
ACQUISITION: Donated by Terry Klausman, April 13, 2015
ACCESS: Restricted access; Not to be opened until April 13, 2065.
VOLUME: one wood crate: 26l x 20w x 17h
BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: Terry Klausman conceived and executed this project. He is a regional artist
working in many media. Of particular interest are found object assemblage sculpture, welded steel
sculpture, and colored pencil drawings. He has won numerous local, state, and national awards for
his work. Mr.Klausman is represented by the Harris Stanton Gallery in Akron and Cleveland.
The contents of this time capsule includes materials submitted by Akron area artists, art collectors
and art lovers during the years 2014-2015. Included are works of art, writings, books,
correspondence and documents. The capsule was conceived and created by artist Terry Klausman to
conduct an “anthropological survey” of the Akron art community during this time. Anyone with a
connection to art, including artists, art collectors, arts organizations, and art lovers were invited to
contribute items. It was created to coincide with Time Capsules, a related exhibit of art by Terry
Klausman, Bret Hines, and Gwen Waight. The exhibit was installed at Summit ArtSpace during the
months of February and March 2015.
The capsule was closed on April 13, 2015 at a ceremony at the Akron-Summit County Public Library
attended by many of the contributors. It will remain in the Special Collections Division of the AkronSummit County Public Library until 2065 upon which time it will be opened.
ARRANGEMENT: 1 wooden crate + 1 document box
SERIES 1: Time Capsule
Time Capsule includes items donated by the following individuals:
Carol Adams
Akron Art Museum
Akron Society of Artists
Laura Aman
Artists of Rubber City
John Aylward
Tom Baldwin/Barbara Sabol
Barberton Arts & Entertainment District c/o
Emily Speelman
Margaret Benner
Gretchen Bierbaum
Susan M. Birgeles
Pat Bishop
Connie Bloom
Annette Boncek
Marilyn Rett Bradach
Steve Brightman
Courtney T. Cable
Akron Art Time Capsule
Special Collections – Akron-Summit County Public Library
April Cameron
Dominic Caruso
Lawrence Churski
Deanna Clucas
Joan Colbert
Maria Copetas
April Couch
Claire Cressler (posthumously)
Judy Crow
Pam Darkow
Nancy Richards Davis
Jerry Domokur
Downtown Akron Partnership
Don Drumm/Don Drumm Studios
Leandra Drumm
Meara Emanul
Joe Feltes
Carol Bailey Floyd
Greg Frohnapfel
Sophia Golina
Bill Hall
Kathleen Harrington
Harris Stanton Gallery
Bradley Hart
Hazel Tree Interiors
April Helms
Sally Heston
Bret Hines
Miller Horns (posthumously)
Alice Houser
Manna Huang
Leslie Edwards Humez
Josh "Ja-key" Hurd
Judith Gaiser
Clarissa Jakobsons
Barbara Krans Jenkins
Meghan Jodoin
Ann Ferguson Kah
Sue Kalgreen
Lee Kirschbaum
Terry Klausman
Matthew Kolodziej
Phyllis Lawicki
James Leslie
Carolyn Lewis
Jack Liberman
Susie Lilley
Log Cabin Gallery/Diane Seskes
Michele Longstreet
Andrew Lowder
Tim/Rachel Marszalkowski
Marcia Mazak
Laureen McGarry
Ms. Madeline E. Milford
Cari Miller
Kimberly S. Moore
Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation
Ardyse Mund
National Collage Society
Michael Nevin
Amy Jean Nichols
Russ O'Brien
Michael Owen
Don Parsisson
Stephen Paternite
Vicki Paternite
Karen Pierson
Frank Pitts
Carole Pollard
Katina Pastis Radwanski
Tom Reiderman
George Reuter
Jack Richard (posthumously)
Gladys Hall Rossi
Ruppel's Art and Paint
Frances Ryan
Judith (Bogan) Blackburn Salamon
Mary "Mimi" Sandmann
Betty Sanowick
Shirley Ende Saxe
Donna Sedmock
Isin Sezer
Dorothy Gray Shinn
Paula Singleton
John Sokol
Mark Soppeland
Summit Artspace
Diane K. Talmadge
Make/Karen Taucher
Pam Testa
Jennifer Thomas
Debra Thompson
Mindy Tousley
Akron Art Time Capsule
Special Collections – Akron-Summit County Public Library
Cheryl Townsend
Brinsley Tyrrell
Lillian Tyrell (posthumously)
Francisca Ugalde
Mike Veesart
Jana Volkmer
Sharon Wagner
Gwen Waight
Larry Walker
Ron White
Laurel Winters
Ardath Wise (posthumously)
Women's Art League
Kathleen R. Worgul
Steve Yackey/Angeline Smith Yackey
Jay Zarkovacki
BOX 1:
SERIES 2: Supplementary Materials.
Folder 1: News articles published at the time of the project
Folder 2: Photographs of the items contained in the capsule
Photographs taken at the time of the closing on April 13, 2015
Folder 3: Hand-written list of contributors and message from Terry Klausman
Folder 4: Copy of Deed of Gift
Finding Aid