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in THiS
meSSAge FRom new ALUmni pReSiDenT
HomeComing AnD new pLAnS FoR THe
ReUnionS CLASSeS oF ’84, ’89, ’94, ’99, ‘04
Reunion is a time for classmates to come together, share memories about their La Salle experiences, and learn about La Salle
today. The main attractions at the Reunions this past May included a Phillies Game and Reception on Friday, May 29, Saturday’s
Class of ’54 luncheon, followed by the Class of ‘59 President’s
Reception, and that evening’s all class dinner and party for the
classes of ’59, ’64, ’69, ’74, and ‘79. Around homecoming on
saturday, nov. 14, 2009, the classes of ’84, ’89, ’94, ’99, and
’04, will celebrate their Reunions.
A Message from the
a l u m n i a s s o c i at i o n
Meg Kane, ’03
Dear Fellow Explorers:
One of my favorite ad campaigns currently is from Southwest Airlines. As you
may have heard, we are in a recession (Oh
good! I am not the only one that heard
this.) and this ad campaign states emphatically, “It’s on!” At its heart, the campaign is
about ignoring those who say “It can’t be
done,” and doing it. It’s about saying “Let’s
go!” when everyone else is standing still.
With alumni support, 2010 can be a
groundbreaking year for La Salle. We
Alumni Association Officers
were able to meet our fundraising goal
Margaret A. Kane, ’03
for 2008–09 Annual Fund in a struggling
economy. Were you part of this success? If
so, thank you for your generosity. If not, I
hope this is your year to start. Did you participate in the recruitment of new Lasallians
at college fairs? If so, be proud of the outstanding men and women we now count as
future alumni with the help of your efforts.
La Salle University Alumni—It’s on!
If not, this can be your year to start.
If there was ever a time to be active in the
There are so many ways for you to be
recruitment of students. If there was ever a
a part of La Salle—from the Volunteer
time to support the Annual Fund. If there
Conference on Saturday, Oct. 10, at
was ever a time to volunteer as an alumni
Normandy Farm (no, you cannot TiVo this),
speaker in your major. If there was ever a
to volunteer opportunities in Admission, to
time to come to Homecoming. If there was
attending the Alumni Association Awards
ever a time to enjoy a cheesesteak from the
Dinner on Friday, Nov. 13, to Homecoming
newly refurbished Explorers Den. If there
on Saturday, Nov. 14 (basketball tips-off!),
was ever a time to become reengaged in
there is “appointment” activity at La Salle.
the life of La Salle, THIS IS IT!
Make it your year to get involved!
As Lasallians, we know that a Christian
As I begin my tenure as President, I would
Brothers education is about action. We
be remiss if I did not acknowledge the
don’t just learn in the classroom, we
loss of an exceptional alum. Nick Lisi, ’62,
engage the world around us. We meet
set a wonderful precedent as Alumni
our students where they are and we do
Association President, member of our
the same for alumni. Lectures are not the
Board of Trustees, and patron of the Pre-
only things we take away from our time at
Law Society. He exemplified what it means
20th and Olney—relationships and experi-
to be truly Lasallian. When people said, “It
ences are what we take away and what we
can’t be done,” Nick did the impossible and
build our lives upon. We are at a precipice
ensured that the victory was shared. As we
of time where our action and support of
move forward, let us remember Nick Lisi
the University is more important than ever
and his effervescent spirit for La Salle—a
before. Consider this:
spirit that always said, “Let’s go!” when
•In 2009, we will welcome one of the larg-
others stood still.
est freshmen classes in the history of
In the next two years, let this be the alumni
La Salle University.
mantra—courtesy of a favorite airline
•In 2009, we will open the Hugh and
Nancy Devlin Center for Science and
Technology at Holroyd Hall.
James J. Horan, ’90, MBA ’97
Elizabeth Harper Briglia, ’80
Council of Past Presidents
James J. Ahern, ’70
Representative to the Board
Board of Directors
Courtney Altemus, ’90, MBA ‘96
Jeffrey R. Boyle, ‘88
Anita L. Brooks, ‘04
Paul J. Burgoyne, Esq., ‘70
Arthur J. Culbert, Ph.D., ‘72
Joseph J. DeFelice, Esq., ’00
Eric J. Dorsey, ’00
Thomas E. Dougherty, ‘55
John R. Fenton, ‘81
AmyLynn Flood, ‘95
Kenneth B. Hankinson, ‘77
James G. Lauckner, ‘77
Christopher J. Niwinski, CPA ’95
Anita L. Plakans, ‘90
Dennis J. Reid, ‘70
Andrew R. Trella, Pharm.D., ’98
Edward M. Waddington, ‘81
Breanne A. Ward, ’05
Matthew P. York, ’02
Office of Alumni Relations
James K. Gulick, ’89
Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations
James R. Boney, ’02, M.A. ’04
Assistant Director, Professional Networking
Corynda Hagamin, ’07
Assistant Director, Class Programs
Leen Khalifa, ’00
Assistant Director, Communications
Mary Kay McGettigan, ’01
Assistant Director, Clubs and Chapters
Valerie Kenner
Office Manager
provider—“It’s on!”
Never Stop Exploring!
•In 2009, we will dedicate The Shoppes at
La Salle, our on-campus shopping center.
Meg Kane, ‘03
And that is just in the remaining months of
Maureen K. Metzger, ’02
Vice President
[email protected] • 888.4.ALUM.LU • 215.951.1535
Published quarterly for the alumni of La Salle
University by Alumni Relations and University
Alumni Association President
2009! What will 2010 bring?
Alumni Help Recruit
New Students to La Salle
Pr o f e ss i o n al
N e t w o rk i n g w i th
L a S all e A lu m n i
Thanks to alumni support, La Salle looks
It is said that up to 75 percent of positions
forward to one of its largest freshman class-
available are not advertised. How do people
es this fall. This year, alumni have played an
find them? Networking! Developing a strong
important role in securing the Class of 2013.
list of contacts is at the core of networking.
More than 150 alumni have represented
Recently, Joseph E. Trella, ’70, Director of
La Salle at college fairs throughout the
Human Resources at DeSales University, spoke
Mid-Atlantic and New England regions,
at the career panel discussion during June 18
continuing a tradition of alumni who have
networking reception in Conshohocken, Pa. At
long been participants in the Admission
process. Again this year, Alumni Association
volunteers have partnered with the Office
of Admission to host receptions that provide
At Day One, Steve McGonigle, ’72, speaks with Renaldo Bega,
a freshman at La Salle this fall.
the event, Trella spoke to alumni about transferable skills and how to use them effectively
when switching career paths.
A strong alumni presence has been proven
to help prospective students make bet-
He also emphasized the importance of build-
ter decisions in choosing a college that is
ing a personal career network. “In our ever-
a good fit for them. As a result, this year’s
changing world, we can no longer rely on
alumni support contributed to one of the
sending a resume and waiting for a phone call.
During the past year, alumni leaders were
most successful recruiting year’s ever for
Collective networking enhances our connec-
invited to participate at the fall open house,
La Salle.
tions and helps us find the career opportuni-
opportunities for undecided, accepted students and their families to meet with alumni
living in their area.
helping to welcome first time visitors and
prospective students to La Salle.
This spring, alumni reprised their role at
La Salle’s Blue and Gold Days. Again, loyal
graduates met with students and their families who were taking a final look at La Salle
before the May 1 deposit deadline. Also,
some Alumni Association Board Members
took part in a letter writing campaign to
ties we are seeking,” he said.
Here’s how you can get involved in attracting the brightest students to La Salle:
According to Trella, networking is one of the
best strategies to use during a career transi-
Refer and Explorer—Do you know someone
tion. “Even if you’re not in transition, you
who wants a quality Lasallian education?
should still be networking. You never know
Fill out and submit the form at
what opportunity may present itself,” he said.
edu/ReferAnExplorer. The prospective student will receive an introductory packet
Trella said that connecting with others and
from Admission.
sharing current information about job markets
helps keep you current.
accepted students explaining how a La Salle
Represent La Salle at a College Fair—Visit
education helped them professionally.
the Alumni Web site at
“Networking at a La Salle event is smart,
alumni to locate College Fairs near you by
because alumni come from different career
clicking on the Alumni Admission Network
backgrounds and levels of experience.
in the Communities menu.
Connecting with people of various back-
Finally, this summer, many Board Members
joined faculty and staff to welcome the
Class of 2013 at the summer orientation Day
One program.
grounds who have the common La Salle experience makes it easy for anyone to network,”
he said.
Interesting Facts about members of the Class of 2013
•Participated in People to People Student Ambassador Program, two weeks in Europe
•Participated in Environmental Student Trip to Costa Rica
•Played soccer in the Galway Cup of Ireland in Dublin
•Built houses in Camden, N.J., New Orleans after Katrina, Cape Coast, Ghana, and Haiti
National Crew Champion
•Member of the first place winning team in Philadelphia Museum of Art’s
“Art Futures” Program
Contact Career Services at 215.951.1075 and
visit for La Salle networking opportunities including:
•Attending an upcoming event
•Getting involved in your regional alumni
•Mentoring students through the Explore U
•Joining La Salle’s LinkedIn and Facebook
•Won first-place for trumpet playing in New York State Music Association
Painted a mural at Rockefeller Center
Has been to 49 out of 50 states
Campus Development
B e th H ar p e r B r i g l i a , ’ 8 0 ,
su p p o rts th e A n n ual F u n d
This past year, the University raised more
than $2.1 million for student scholarships
and financial assistance. Successfully reaching this year’s goal during such challenging
economic times was due to many generous
and committed alumni.
Beth Harper Briglia, ’80, Secretary of the
Alumni Association, has been a consistent
supporter of the University for more than 20 years.
“La Salle has provided me and many of my family members with an
exceptional educational experience and the opportunity to pursue
our chosen goals,” Briglia said. Her La Salle education did not stop on
graduation day. Instead, she said it continued through the years due to
her lifelong connection with the faculty and as a volunteer in various
Holroyd Hall featuring the Hugh and Nancy Devlin Center for
Science and Technology
Holroyd Hall, featuring the Hugh and Nancy Devlin Center for Science and Technology, will
be open for the fall semester. The expanded and renovated building will feature several
“green” components, such as solar electricity that will augment standard electricity in the
facility and a roof that will be constructed of environmentally friendly materials. The building will be open for classes beginning Monday, Aug. 31, and the Holroyd Hall Dedication
Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 2.
University programs.
“As a beneficiary of the Annual Fund, I know first hand what the economic support means to me and my family,” Briglia said. By supporting
the Annual Fund, she said she is able to provide the students of today
and tomorrow with the same access to a La Salle education and opportunities she was afforded.
“As alumni, who are reaping the benefits of our own Lasallian educational experiences, we have a vested interest in providing significant
support to those students who follow in our footsteps and to provide
them with the educational experiences and opportunities that have contributed to our own successes,” she said. “I believe that supporting the
Annual Fund is an obligation of all alumni who have a continued interest in seeing their University and it’s students excel.”
Make a tax-deductable gift to the Annual Fund today by calling
215.951.1539 or online at
Explorers Den
La Salle University now operates the Explorers Den, located at 2160 Olney Ave. Plan to
revisit this longtime favorite for cheesesteaks and sandwiches when you come back for an
on-campus event such as Homecoming on Saturday, Nov. 14. Also, the grand opening for
the Fresh Grocer Supermarket at the Shoppes at La Salle takes place on August 21. Other
stores in the shopping center include America’s Best Eyeware, Dunkin’ Donuts, Beneficial
Bank, T-Mobile, and Rite Aid Pharmacy.
A LU M NI BO A R D ELECTION R e s u lt s
Thank you for voting in the 2009 Alumni
Board Election. This year’s election winners
are pictured above (from left) and will serve
three-year terms on the Alumni Association
Board of Directors.
Eric Dorsey, ‘00
Anita Plakans, ‘90
Jim Lauckner, ‘77
Glenmoore, Pa.
Management Consultant,
J*Lis Management Consulting
Andrew Trella, Pharm. D. ‘98
Joe DeFelice, ‘00
King of Prussia, Pa.
Clinical Pharmacist, Lehigh Valley Hospital
Christopher Niwinski, ‘95
Holland, Pa.
Registered Nurse, Neuro Stepdown Unit
Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience
Philadelphia, Pa.
Philadelphia Director, Republican Party of
Of Counsel, Law Firm of Cooper & Schall, PC
Westminster, Md.
Religion Teacher, Department Chair
Cardinal Gibbons High School
Jeffersonville, Pa.
Senior Consulting Manager, IMA Consulting
Conshohocken, Pa.
Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis,
Business & Decision Group
Breanne Ward, ‘05
Alumni Volunteer Conference
The Alumni Association has always empha-
and provides new information about how to
sized the importance of a vibrant alumni
integrate La Salle ideals into alumni partici-
network that engages volunteers and
pation and outreach programs.
involves more alumni in the life of the
Show Your Pride
by Wearing Your
Explorer Gear
If you can’t get to the bookstore on campus,
University. The impact that alumni leader-
there are two new ways to shop for the latest
ship has had is evident in the University’s
great Explorer gear.
accomplishments. The critical role alumni
leaders will have on the future of the
It’s now easier than ever to buy a La Salle
University remains important.
T-shirt. Starting this summer, three Delaware
Valley Champs Sports locations will carry
Every two years, the Alumni Association
La Salle T-shirts. Pick up yours at:
hosts the Volunteer Conference, a gather-
• Deptford Mall, Deptford, N.J.
ing of current and future alumni volunteers,
• Plymouth Meeting Mall,
who think strategically about how their
Plymouth Meeting, Pa.
efforts impact each other and the mission of
the University.
Bill Wegman, ’03, Bobby Newmeyer, ’03, and Ricky Palladino,
’03, at the 2007 Volunteer Conference
• Springfield Mall, Springfield, Pa.
Also, the Campus Bookstore Web site now
Previous conferences provided an opportunity for alumni leaders to focus on growth,
This year’s conference will be on Saturday,
share best practices, and connect with oth-
Oct. 10, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Normandy
ers who are passionate about their lifelong
Farm in Blue Bell, Pa. To participate, please
association with La Salle. Our 2009 confer-
contact the Office of Alumni Relations at
ence continues to build on that momentum
215.951.1535 or [email protected]
features a new line of Cutter and Buck apparel
in addition to many items for alumni at www.
Q&A with Coach John Giannini, Ph.D.,
Head Coach for Men’s Basketball
Join Giannini on Sunday, Aug. 30, for the
on Homecoming day to take another step in
will accomplish
Explorers at the Jersey Shore Reception at
restoring La Salle's proud basketball tradi-
this upcom-
Deauville Inn, Strathmere, N.J.,
tion, and I know our alumni will want to
ing season, so be sure to root them on. We
from 2–4 p.m.
help us get our season off to a successful
have many other good players and two very
talented freshman, Devon White and Aaric
This year’s Homecoming will be held on
Saturday, Nov. 14, and will be the first time
Who should Explorer basketball fans be
it coincides with the kickoff of basketball
excited about this season?
season. How do you feel about it?
We return with most of our team that fin-
Murray. We feel very optimistic about next
season and beyond.
Who are you looking forward to seeing
Sunday, Aug. 30 at the Explorers at the
Homecoming means carrying on traditions.
ished second in the Philadelphia Big 5 and
Having a basketball game for Homecoming
fifth in the 14-team Atlantic 10. Last year’s
makes perfect sense because La Salle has
team was the first fully recruited by our
I love to see people who love La Salle as our
one of the best basketball traditions in the
staff and we want to build on our initial
coaches and student-athletes do. La Salle
nation (an NCAA championship, two Final
success. We will be a veteran, talented team
has made a positive difference in my life
Fours, 11 NCAA tournaments, numerous
with good size and athleticism. Our first
and I see our student-athletes growing in
NIT's, three National Players of the Year—
full recruiting class is Rodney Green, Ruben
many ways on campus. I enjoy sharing
third only to Duke and Ohio State—and
Guillandeaux, Kimmani Barrett, and Yves
La Salle stories and talking about the consis-
nearly 30 NBA alumni). We have a very good
Mekongo-Mbala who will all likely leave
tent improvement in our basketball program
team returning this season and we need
La Salle as 1000-point career scorers and
(we have finished in the top half of the A10
to build a home court advantage for our
receive as other accolades. Rodney is already
three of the last four years while building
team in Gola Arena with full crowds and a
an All-A10 and All-Big 5 performer. Yves
with young players). Let's have a great time
lot of enthusiasm. We want to bring forth
has already been named an Academic All
in Strathmere and look forward to an excit-
a great effort against Hampton University
American. There are other things this group
ing year!
Jersey Shore Reception in Strathmere, N.J.?
A M e s s A g e f r o M t h e A l u M n i A s s o c i At i o n P r e s i D e n t
r e Ac h i n g o u t to
young Alumni
This past year, Maureen A. Metzger, ’02 chaired the Young Alumni Committee
of the Alumni Association. Metzger will serve as Vice President of the Alumni
Association for the next two years.
The legacy of La Salle is constantly evolving, and alumni play a crucial role in
shaping the Lasallian tradition and
demonstrating the continued value of a
La Salle education. To meet the needs of all
its members, the Alumni Association
Fieldhouse in May.
Another initiative implemented this spring
was an online presence for young alumni
and recent graduates located on the Web
has renewed its focus to reach out to
This new site features our traditional ben-
young alumni. We celebrate the alumni
efits and services, together with upcoming
friendships and connections that started at
events and new initiatives. For our newest
La Salle and that, for many of us, will last a
graduates, the Class of 2009, we created
the “Life After La Salle” site providing
If we can help our newest alumni find
ways to maintain those connections—
both professional and social—then we
are building a more vibrant and active
Alumni Association.
valuable resources for life beyond
20th and Olney. Our Young Alumni
Committee also led the effort of
the Alumni Association to welcome our newest members at the
Commencement Gala.
In the upcoming year, the Young
This past year, we brought alumni in the
Alumni Committee will be working to
Philadelphia area together through Young
enhance these resources and create new
Alumni Happy Hours on the third Thursday
programs and services of interest to young
of each month. We hope these relaxed
alumni. We want the new Web sites to be
and fun events, along with additional
a “favorite” bookmark that alumni check
networking opportunities in the coming
regularly, so tell us your programming
year, will help to connect more alumni with
ideas and the information most useful to
one another and La Salle. We appreciate
you. E-mail us at [email protected]
all those alumni who came out to our last
event, the Young Alumni Reunion at the
—Maureen A. Metzger, ’02
Join us for the annual young Alumni
Beach party at La Costa Bar and grill
in Sea isle City, n.J., Saturday, Aug.
29, from 6–10 p.m.
Join the Explorer Club in support of student
athletes for their annual auction that includes
sports memorabilia, golf packages, tickets,
restaurant certificates, autographed items, and
vacations. Reception and silent auction begin at
6 p.m. and the program and live auction begin
at 8 p.m. in the Tom Gola Arena.
stay connected online
The monthly alumni e-newsletters is a quick
and easy way to keep up with La Salle. If you do
not currently receive the e-mails from, “La Salle
Alumni,” sign up for these campus-wide news
bytes at
Also, get LinkedIn to La Salle professionals by
adding the group, “La Salle University Alumni
Network.” Join the Facebook group, “We are
La Salle Explorers!” for upcoming event details
including Homecoming and Reunions.
ALUmni BeneFiTS
Go to to apply for the benefits listed here and to learn about others
including CareerPath, International Adoption Advice, Library Services, La Salle Pennsylvania License Plate, Nonprofit Center Education
Courses, and Prepaid Tuition Plan. Every time you use one of the partner services listed below, a contribution is made to your Alumni
Association at no additional cost to you.
Auto, home, and renters insurance through group savings
Plus® from liberty Mutual
La Salle alumni and parents
qualify for a special group discount of up to 20 percent on
their auto, home, and renters
insurance. Request a free quote
online or local residents can call
Dan Sullivan at 215.641.0400,
ext. 50926. All other alumni, call
short-term Medical and other
products from Marsh insurance
the World Points credit card
from bank of America
travel opportunities from
gohagan & company
Short-term medical insurance is ideal for alumni waiting for employer-sponsored
medical coverage to start, those
between jobs, or part-time
workers. Marsh Insurance also
offers life insurance, various
health care products, and longterm care insurance.
The World Points Credit Card
from Bank of America is the
only credit card that supports
your Alumni Association and
earns points towards, cash back,
air travel, merchandise, and
more at no additional expense
to you. Apply online or call
800.932.2775 and mention
priority code FAC2TM.
Experience outstanding travel
destinations and take advantage
of group rates and discounted
fairs for all-inclusive travel trips.
Visit the Alumni Web site for a
preview of trips. For complete
brochures, including the reservation forms, please call the
Office of Alumni Relations at
Share your news with us! Complete this form and send to: Office of Alumni Relations, La Salle University,
Box 830, 1900 W. Olney Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19141, or visit
This is a new address:
Work Phone:
Job Title:
Name of Employer:
Privacy statement:
We use several sources to gather information for
Alumni Notes. If you prefer not to have information
about you appear in La Salle Magazine or the newsletter, please let us know by checking this box:
ZIP Code:
Work Address:
Please send the following information on:
planned giving
chapter activities
volunteer activities
1. Would you prefer to read this newsletter online?
2. How can we better use our Facebook group to communicate with you?
3. Would you be interested in a La Salle social network site that would provide you with the opportunity to connect to other alumni, register and
pay for events, and set preferences for La Salle information you wish to receive?
Homecoming adds a few new twists to the traditional all-you-can-eat and drink party at the Alumni Tent. On Saturday, Nov. 14, Men’s
Basketball Head Coach John Giannini, Ph.D., invites everyone to join faculty, staff, students, and fellow alumni for Homecoming and the basketball season kick-off as our La Salle Explorers take on the Hampton University Pirates.
saturday, nov. 14
Alumni party—noon to 2:30 p.m.—main Campus tennis Courts
la salle men’s basketball Explorers vs. hampton pirates—3 p.m.—gola Arena
Homecoming Rally
Class Reunions
Eat, drink, enjoy live music with the Matt Gauss, ’03, Band, and rally
The Classes of ‘84, ‘89, ‘94, ‘99, and ’04, reunite around
up for the game with fellow alumni and the La Salle Community.
Homecoming activities. Class committees are making plans now.
Student Carnifall
Meet up with students and participate in carnival games sponsored
Give them your input by joining their discussions. Contact Candy
Hagamin, ’07, at 215.991.3629 or [email protected]
by the Resident Student Association’s (RSA) Carnifall located at the
Additional Homecoming Week events
Tennis Courts near the Alumni Tent.
In addition to the events listed here for Saturday, Nov. 14,
Kidsfest for Families
Traditional activities continue this year with face painting and The
Putting Greens sponsored by the President’s Cup Golf Tournament.
New for this year, create and accessorize your very own Build-anExplorer-Bear.
Homecoming Week include:
• Information Technology Leadership Award and Presentation on
Thursday, Nov. 12
• Alumni Association Annual Awards Dinner on Friday, Nov. 13.
Look for details about everything listed here and more at www.
Giving Thanks at Homecoming
Are you receiving e-newsletters from La Salle? Stay up-to-date by
Keeping up with our community service tradition, take the oppor-
giving us your e-mail address and don’t miss developing details for
tunity to participate in our Homecoming activities to help others in
Homecoming. Fill out the form above or go to
need. Visit the Homecoming Web site at
ing for details.
Never stop exploring
Alumni News
1900 West Olney Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19141
S P R I N G / S U M M E R
to coordinate outreach and share needs, interests, and best practices. To attend, see details on page 5.
2 0 0 9
Homecoming Week
Coming Up …
The La Salle University Alumni Association looks forward to seeing you at an upcoming event. To learn more, please visit www., or contact the Office of Alumni Relations at
215.951.1535 or [email protected]
August Club Events
hursday, Aug. 13, Bucks County Alumni Club: Trenton Thunder vs.
Reading Phillies
Information Technology Leadership Award and Presentation—
Thursday, Nov. 12
To learn more, visit
Alumni Association Awards Dinner—Friday Nov. 13
During their annual dinner, the Association awards its highest honor,
the Signum Fidei Medal, and presents an alum with the John J.
Finley, ‘24, Award.
Homecoming and Basketball Season
Kick-off—Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009
• Sunday, Aug. 30, Explorers at the Jersey Shore Reception
New celebrations mix with old traditions, this fall when
Homecoming coincides with the opening of the 2009–10 Basketball
season. Make plans to come back, meet with friends, enjoy live
music, see campus, and watch our beloved Explorers in action. See
page 7 for details.
Alumni Law Society CLE Event—Thursday, Sept. 17
Fall Reunions for the Classes of ’84, ’89, ’94, ’99, and ’04
Join the Alumni Law Society for a luncheon at Ballard, Spahr,
Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP. La Salle’s Jordan Copeland, Ph.D., assistant
professor of religion, will examine the professional obligations of
lawyers and judges to be empathetic and impartial at the first in a
series of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) events.
Alumni Volunteer Conference—Saturday, Oct. 10
Reach out to classmates by joining your reunion committee now and
help decide the location of your reunion. Contact Candy Hagamin,
’07, at 215.991.3629 or [email protected] E-vites and invitations
will be going out soon, so make sure La Salle has your current e-mail
and mailing address by submitting the form at
Alumni volunteers who represent our campus-wide programs help
Never stop exploring!
• Saturday, Aug. 15, Baltimore Alumni Club: Orioles vs. Angels
• Saturday, Aug. 29, Young Alumni Beach Party
Alumni with active La Salle student e-mail accounts or alumni with e-mail forwarding accounts ([email protected]),
go to for important information before Wednesday, Aug. 26!