S Hunter Hayes • August 4 • 7:00 pm

Hunter Hayes • August 4 • 7:00 pm
Opening for Hunter Hayes:
ome are hailing 20-year-old Hunter Hayes as the future of
country music, but his present is looking pretty darned good, too.
His first major label album, 2011’s Hunter Hayes, jumped to No. 7
on the country chart and yielded the hits Storm Warning and Wanted.
That success led to a tour last year with Taylor Swift, followed by a
one of his own, and a two-month jaunt this year with Rascal Flatts,
who also recorded a song Hayes co-penned.
Though just out of his teens, Hayes has already had a remarkable
career, not just with his recent success, but going back to when he
was four years old, when the young Louisiana native appeared alongside Hank
Williams, Jr., singing and playing Cajun accordion on national TV. At age six, he took up guitar – a
gift from Robert Duvall, whose movie, Apostle, Hayes appeared in – and began writing songs.
Today, Hayes not only writes and co-produces his own material, but he plays all the instruments
on his album. His songs are influenced not just by his country heroes, but by the Beatles, Stevie Ray
Vaughan, John Mayer and other sources. He declares, “I hope people half my age and twice my
age will listen to my music – I want it to live forever and for my audience to feel like they have a
friend in my music.”
Hanson • September 1 • 7:00 pm
leon russell • August 18 • 7:00 pm
Stay for fireworks after the show!
ven if Rock & Roll Hall of Famer LEON
RUSSELL had never made a record of his
own, he would have a huge presence in
popular music. As a studio musician, he played
keyboards on many of the biggest hits of the 1960s
(from the Beach Boys to Frank Sinatra); he led
the Mad Dogs & Englishmen band that put Joe
Cocker on the map; recorded with Bob Dylan
and Beatles George Harrison and Ringo Starr, the
Rolling Stones and others; and as a songwriter,
he penned Cocker’s Delta Lady, the Carpenters’
Superstar, George Benson’s This Masquerade,
and B.B. King’s Hummingbird, among others.
All that is just the sideshow to Russell’s own career as a
performer. His albums and dynamic performances were hugely influential in
bringing rock and roll back to its roots after the psychedelic era, and brought
timeless hits like Roll Away the Stone and Tightrope to the table.
Russell’s songs and rollicking piano were a huge influence on the young
Elton John, who recently returned the favor in 2010 by recording the No.
3-charting duets album, The Union. Russell is an American treasure, and
that recent album and his live performances show that he’s still adding
to the trove.
Opening for Leon Russell:
These California boys have deep roots in the
tradition of the American South. Driven by
formative and familial experiences on their
Arkansas plantation, and raised on the beach
in Southern California, brothers Joel and
Scott Owen play American music with
equal parts rock, soul, and pop.
All CONCERTS are slated for Saturday
evenings at 7:00 pm. JAZZFEST &
TASTE OF THE LAKE begins at 4:00 pm.
All show times are approximate and artists
are subject to change without notice.
See Concert Entrance Procedures on page 3.
Though he has played many comedic
and dramatic roles as an actor,
LARRY BAGBY’S true passion is
music. Larry’s original songs have been
featured in films such as The
Day the Earth Stood Still,
and the The Break up Artist,
and on the hit television
show Cold Case. Expect
to see much more of the
actor on-screen as well as
the musician on-stage for
many years to come.
hen Hanson came
along with its
ultra-catchy 1997
hit MMMBop, the youthful
trio redefined the notion of
what a “boy band” could be.
Oklahoma-born brothers
Isaac, Taylor, and Zac
Hanson were indeed boys –
ranging in age from 10 to
15 when they first made waves – but they were a real, and
creative, group of musicians, not the boy band stereotype of cute,
disposable goods assembled by a marketing team. The brothers’
self-penned MMMBop went to No. 1 in the US and 27 other
countries, and was irresistible proof that music didn’t have to be
dumb to be fun.
The trio started in their pre-teens, singing a cappella versions of
’50s rock songs. Then they took up keyboards, drums, and guitar,
and graduated to writing their own songs, with blended classic
1960s-style pop with a contemporary verve. Hanson put out
two albums on their own before they became the sensation
of 1996’s respected South by Southwest music festival, which
led to a major label signing and the worldwide success of
MMMBop and seven subsequent Top 40 hits.
Rebelling against their record label’s interference with their
creative freedom, the trio began releasing their own music again.
Their most recent album, 2011’s Shout It Out, hit No. 2 on the
Indie chart, and the world tour that followed – along with a tour
with Conan O’Brian and a stellar appearance on Dancing With
the Stars, reaffirmed Hanson’s status as one of the most delightful
and inventive bands around.
Opening for Hanson: KINA GRANNIS
Born and raised in Mission Viejo, KINA GRANNIS started
playing shows at the age of four in front of stuffed animals.
After winning the Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl Contest, Kina
performed Message from the Heart in front of 97 million viewers! Kina
has been busy touring the US, Canada, and Europe garnering numerous awards and
television appearances. The Greg Jordon-directed, stop-motion video of In Your Arms,
featuring 288,000 Jelly Belly jelly beans, landed Kina on The Ellen Degeneres Show.
From a World Tour to the Lake Stage – welcome home, Kina!
Board Actions
Movies in the Moonlight
The following is an informal account of LMV Board of Directors
proceedings, not the official Board meeting minutes. Board
Members present for the June 12, 2012, meeting included: Dale
Tarkington Diane Lincoln, Alan Virdinis, Sid Wittenberg, and
Fred Mellenbruch.
his summer LMVA members will once again enjoy some of the
best family movies ever made, outside of their own private theater,
located under the stars and along the shores of LMV. Come on
down to Lake Mission Viejo on Wednesday or Friday evenings for a
lakeside showing of popular feature films on our BRAND NEW BIG
SCREEN. Our new projection system and screen promise to provide
an even better experience for LMV movie buffs.
New Business
Approved: Purchase of Two Honda Generators. Diane
Lincoln made a motion to purchase two model EG5000 Honda
generators for a not-to-exceed expense of $2,170.00 with
expense to come from Reserve Account 2046. Second, Fred
Mellenbruch. Vote carried 5-0-0.
Approved: Purchase of One Mini Flatbed Tipper Truck.
Alan Virdinis made a motion to approve a not-to-exceed
expense of $13,816.00 for purchase of a Mini Flatbed Tipper
Truck from Vantage Vehicle International with expense coming
from Reserve Account 2046. Second, Diane Lincoln. Vote
Carried 5-0-0.
Approved: Additional Expense for the North Beach
Entrance Signage. Diane Lincoln made a motion to approve a
not-to-exceed expense of $2,625.22 to be added to the Outdoor
Sign Systems contract approved at the March 2012 meeting
with expense to come from Capital Expansion Account 2045.
Second, Fred Mellenbruch. Vote carried 5-0-0.
The LMVA Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of
each month at 7:00 pm in the LMV Administration Building.
All Lake members are welcome to attend.
To provide you with the best possible picture on LMV’s giant screen,
shows will begin once it gets dark, generally between 8:15 and 8:45 pm.
The first movies will be shown later due to the longer summer days.
Please bring low- backed chairs as a courtesy to those sitting behind you.
Movies in the Moonlight are free for members to enjoy.
For specifics about the content in each of the feature films, visit
www.Screenit.com. Movies are subject to change without notice.
THE muppets
Wed, Aug 8 • Fri, Aug 10
n vacation in Los
Angeles, Walter, the
world’s biggest Muppet
fan, and his friends Gary and
Mary from Smalltown, USA,
discover the nefarious plan of
When submitting a guest list for a weekday in the summer,
fees must be paid at the time the list is submitted. These
guest policies apply to both North Beach and East Beach.
Guest lists will be allowed seven days a week starting again
mid-September through mid-May 2013.
Wed, Aug 22 • Fri, Aug 24
his animated adventure
follows the journey of a
boy as he searches for the
one thing that will enable him to
win the affection of the girl of his
To find it he must discover the
story of the Lorax, the grumpy
yet charming creature who fights
to protect his world. Animated
feature with voiceover by Zac
Efron, Danny Devito, Taylor Swift.
Rated PG; 86 minutes.
Summer Guests
o prevent overcrowding on weekends during the
summer months, specific guest policy rules are
in place. LMV does not accept guest lists on the
weekends from mid-May through mid-September. This
means that only 10 guests per membership household will be
allowed on Saturdays and Sundays. Lists of up to 15 guests per
member household are still allowed Monday through Friday.
During the summer weekends, all guests must enter the
facility with a Lake Member. A fee will apply to all guests ages
eight or older, and must be paid at the time of entry. Guests
under eight years old can enter the facility for free, but still
count towards the number of guests allowed in total.
oilman Tex Richman to raze the
Muppet Theater and drill for the
oil recently discovered beneath
the Muppets’ former stomping
grounds. To stage The Greatest
Muppet Telethon Ever and raise
the $10 million needed to save the
theater, Walter, Mary, and Gary
help Kermit the Frog reunite the
Muppets, who have all gone their
separate ways. Amy Adams,
Jason Segel, Chris
Cooper. Rated PG;
98 minutes.
2012 Annual Regatta
The 2012 summer season is sailing right along. After
several weeks of relaxed sailing on Wednesday and
Friday afternoons through all of July and early August,
the competitive spirit will once again be evident on
Sunday, August 19th, when LMVYC sailors will
be out on the lake to race in the Yacht Club’s 35th
Annual Regatta. The post-race celebration will once
again celebrate the LMVYC birthday with plenty of
food and refreshments.
The Yacht Club, founded in 1978, has sailed for 35
consecutive years and has grown considerably since
inception. Stop by on August 19th and check out all
the fun. Membership is open to all LMVA members.
Free Concert Tee Shirts!
on’t miss your chance to score a free concert tee shirt at the
Lake this summer. Just stop by the LMV kiosk on concert
nights, located by Lifeguard Headquarters, to enter the free
Tickets will be drawn at 6:30 pm on the Lake stage, and winners must
be present to win. If you are not one of the lucky winners and want
to own one of this season’s special edition tee shirts, they may be
purchased for $10 each.
Concert Rules
to Play By
1. No glass containers for drinks
or food. All coolers, baskets, and
bags are checked upon entry to the
concert/park area.
2. CONCERT guest policies apply:
limit of 4 guests; $10 per person
guest fee. All LMVA members
must have ID card.
3. Bring short and low-back beach
chairs only…please.
4. Get your spot early. These events are
very popular.
5. Remain seated once the concert
6. No tents or canopies after
6:00 pm.
7. Be courteous to those around you.
No smoking in the center bowl area.
8. No personal barbecues. Use
barbecues in designated areas only.
9. Please pick up after yourself. Trash
cans are available.
10.Use minimum space on lawn, as
there are many people to seat.
Use small blankets and towels.
No ground tarps allowed.
11.The area in front of the stage is
not opened until stage set-up is
12.When parking lots fill, cars will
be allowed to drop off passengers.
Overflow parking is available on
public streets.
13.No pets are allowed.
Thank you for your consideration of
others. Your cooperation with the
LMVA concert rules makes concerts
enjoyable and safe for everyone!
Share LMVA
with Guests
on Concert Days
1. During summer concert days at
North Beach, LMVA members
may bring up to four guests per
household; this includes children.
Guests must enter with the member.
2. Fees are $10 per guest, including
children, on concert days at North
Beach only. Cash only!
3. East Beach guest fees continue to be
$2 on concert days.
s the
sun sets on LMV,
members should
make plans for
another great
evening of music
on Saturday,
September 15
at the annual
Jazzfest. The following
artists are scheduled to appear:
Bettye La Vette
Slim Man
Brad Rambur
James Torme
7:00-8:00 pm
5:30-6:30 pm
4:00-5:00 pm
8:30-9:30 pm
Tasty Treats at Taste of the Lake
The following restaurants are excited to participate in the 2012 Taste of the Lake on Saturday,
September 15. Don’t miss this LMV tradition great food and fun.
Published by
Lake Mission Viejo Association
22555 Olympiad Road
Mission Viejo, CA 92692
(949) 770-1313
U.S. Postage
Anaheim, CA
4Concert IV
Hunter Hayes
7:00 pm
8/10 Movies in the [email protected]
The Muppets
Board Meeting
7:00 pm
18Concert V
Leon Russell
7:00 pm
LMVYC Annual Regatta
1:00 pm
For the Best Concert Seats,
Come to the Early Morning Lottery
he entrance gate to the North Beach facility will open as usual at 6:00 am. Access to the
Concert Bowl area will commence at approximately 6:30 am. Members accessing the
facility by car will be allowed to park in the Fisherman’s parking lot and assemble in the
Administration lot along with the pedestrian traffic prior to 6:30 am. Members arriving by boat
will be allowed to tie up to the dock in front of the Maintenance building. Access to the Concert
Bowl area will be conducted by a lottery style system; therefore there is no advantage to lining
up prior to 6:00 am.
The Lottery process is as follows:
22/24 Movies in the [email protected]
The Lorax
1. Randomly numbered wrist bands will be distributed upon the opening of the facility.
Members only! You must show your ID card to get a wristband.
2. Wristband pick-up will be at a designated location in the main parking lot.
3. One wristband per person. It must be attached and worn.
4. Distribution will continue until management determines a designated time to end it.
Board of Director’s Candidates Statements Available
1Concert VI
7:00 pm
Labor Day
Guests allowed all day
Board Meeting
5. One blanket per person allowed in the park. No chairs allowed until after the process is
6. At the designated time, randomly selected groups of numbers will be called. Once called,
members will proceed to a holding area. Wristbands will be verified and then the group will
be allowed to set up in the park.
7:00 pm
7. This process continues until all groups have been called.
Jazzfest & 4:00-10:00 pm
Taste of the Lake
8. The stage set-up area will limit seating access to a portion of the concrete pad until show loadin is completed.
LMVYC Fall Regatta
Board of Director’s Candidates Statements Due
9. At the conclusion of the set-up process, the park will open to general use and chairs may be
brought in at this time. Chairs abandoned along the sidewalks adjacent to the North Beach
facility entrance will be confiscated. Please bring one blanket only for the initial entrance into
the bowl. Chairs will be allowed after the initial entrance process is complete.
1:00 pm
Thank you for your patience and cooperation in helping make access to LMVA concerts a safe
and pleasant experience for members and guests alike. For updates or other information, call
the Concert Hotline at (949) 770-1313, ext. 311.
August Hours
North Beach
8:00 am-11:00 pm 6:00 am-11:00 pm Mon-Fri
East Beach
10:00 am-10:00 pm
Market on the Lake
8:00 am-10:00 pm With Market Dock Access Card
North Beach Snack Bar
11:30 am-4:00 pm
11:30 am-5:00 pm
Fri, Sat, Sun
East Beach Snack Bar
12:00-3:00 pm Fri, Sat, Sun only
Membership/Billing Office
8:00 am-5:00 pm Daily
6:00 am-11:00 am Concert Saturdays
Clubhouse Rental Office
1:00-5:00 pm
Beach Bag Store/Lake Services
8:00 am-5:00 pm Daily
Tackle Box/Boat Rentals
8:00 am-8:00 pm 6:00 am-8:00 pm Last boat rented at 7:00 pm,
due in at 8:00 pm.
Election News
Once again the annual process of electing members to the LMVA Board of Directors is upon
us. Interested Lake members are encouraged to follow the procedures outlined here to
attain a leadership role and become active in the LMVA community.
The Lake Mission Viejo Association Annual Election process begins on September 1 when
Board of Directors Candidate Declaration forms are available to prospective Board Candidates.
Candidate Declarations can be downloaded from the Lake website at www.lakemissionviejo.
org and will also be available in the LMV administrative offices.The deadline for submission is
Monday, September 24 at 5:00 pm. All potential Candidates must fill out the application form,
“Declaration of Candidacy.” Candidates for the Board must meet the requirements as outlined
in the Election rules. Once the potential candidate has been determined to be qualified and
meets the requirements stated in the Election Rules, he or she may be considered a “Candidate”
for the Board of Director’s Election.
A Candidates Forum will be scheduled for Tuesday, October 23 at 6:00 pm in the Lake
Clubhouse for candidates to introduce themselves to the Delegates and answer any questions
they may have.
The culmination of the election process occurs following the Candidates Forum on
Tuesday, October 23 at 7:00 pm with the Annual Meeting of the Lake Delegates.
The election of the Board of Directors takes place at this meeting.
Three Board positions are up for election in 2012. A quorum of District Delegates representing
fifty-one percent (51%) of the membership is required to conduct the election. The District
Delegates will then cast votes to elect Board positions. Look for information in the September
issue of the LMVA Newsletter on how to become a District Delegate or call LMVA at
(949) 770-1313, ext. 213.